Friday, 2021-05-21

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: [watcher] Transition Train to EM
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hberaud#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
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hberaudPing list: elod armstrong14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'releaseteam'14:00
ttxre o/14:00
hberaud#link Agenda14:00
hberaudWe're way down on line 115 now14:00
hberaudttx: re14:00
hberaudWill just wait a couple minutes for folks.14:00
funginot sure if you were waiting for me, but if you were i'm around14:01
hberaudthanks fungi14:02
hberaudok let's go14:03
hberaud#topic Review task completion14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Review task completion (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:03
hberaudReview cycle-trailing projects to check which haven’t released yet. => Done14:03
hberaudHere is the ML thread =>
hberaudAnd that was all for this week14:03
hberaud#topic Assign R-19 tasks14:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Assign R-19 tasks (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:04
hberaudEnsure that all trailing projects have been branched for the previous series.14:04
hberaudI take it14:04
hberaudthanks ttx14:04
ttxI'll do the aclcheck14:04
hberaudas usual :)14:05
hberaudOk next topic14:05
hberaud#topic Review countdown email contents14:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Review countdown email contents (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:05
ttxLGTM, ship it14:08
hberaudok thanks14:08
hberaudI'll send it after your meeting14:08
hberaud#topic ocata-eol status14:08
*** openstack changes topic to "ocata-eol status (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:08
hberaudelod: the floor is yours14:08
elodfirst of all, I'm planned to continue with the delete already *-eol tagged branches14:09
elodso far ocata-eol and pike-eol branches were deleted14:09
elodtoday will come queens, rocky and stein14:09
elod+ the ones that had patches on top,14:10
elodbut agreed to delete anyway14:10
hberauddo you need help somewhere?14:10
elodhberaud: no, i think i can manage that with the script :)14:10
elodbut thanks :)14:11
elodand the next is horizon's ocata-eol14:11
hberaudI followed the ML thread and everything seems smooth14:11
elodyes, fortunately14:11
elod( the horizon patch: )14:12
hberaudyes I planed to discussed a bit about the horizon topic14:12
hberaudDo we want to wait for Akihiro?14:13
hberaudI think yes14:13
elodmaybe i can ping him, but Ivan, Radomir have +1'd14:13
elodI'll ping him14:14
hberaudAs you want, but yes can't hurt to ping him14:14
hberaudthank you14:14
hberaudAnything else for ocata?14:14
fungiis there a feeling for when we'd want to consider integrating the manual script into release jobs?14:15
fungilike, maybe in roughly a cycle? two?14:15
fungithe mechanism seems to be working out well, at least14:15
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elodfungi: good question. the script requires now to enter some password, so it needs some refactor :)14:16
fungisure, presumably we'd authenticate it the same way we do branch creation14:16
hberaudAFAIK we didn't considered to integrate this script into a job but why not14:16
fungii just hate to think of release managers constantly manually running the script in coming years14:17
elodI'll add that to my todo list :)14:17
fungiit's not urgent, just something to keep in mind as you're grooming the rest of the release automation over time14:17
hberaudit can be a hook triggered by eol tag or something14:18
hberaudin our machinery14:18
elodthat should do the trick14:18
fungialso are externally added periodic jobs being cleaned up once the eol branches get deleted?14:18
fungii do still see over a hundred job failure notifications every day to the stable list14:18
elodi've discovered some failing periodic job,14:19
fungiif there are project-config changes which need reviewing to remove some, please give me a heads up and i'm happy to take a look14:19
elodfor projects that wanted to use neutron's stable/ocata,14:19
elodwhich was deleted ~ a week ago14:19
elodI've sent a mail to the team14:19
elodfungi: thanks, will remember if we need such changes14:20
hberaudwhere are defined periodic jobs? in project-config too?14:21
fungimany are14:21
fungiif the jobs are defined in the repositories themselves then they disappear when the branches do, of course14:21
fungidefined or added to pipelines14:21
armstrongttx I will like to assit in your task for this week, of you don’t mind14:22
elod(i've added a reminder to look into projects-config's periodic job definitions :))14:22
ttxarmstrong: ok let em see when i could do it14:22
ttxarmstrong: would Wednesday 1300utc or 13:30utc work for you?14:23
armstrongOk sounds good14:23
ttxwhich one? 13?14:23
ttxI'm trying to block the time to be sure14:24
ttx\ok noted, I'll ping you here14:24
elodand about general/"mass" ocata-eol - I will get there next week I think to check the activities in projects, and will propose ocata-eol patches (i guess multiple ones?) + mail to ML14:25
elodif this is OK for you ^^^^14:25
elodi think that's it for ocata-eol/*-eol14:26
hberauddo you plan to propose patch per team?14:26
hberaud(multiple ones)14:26
elodhberaud: i think that would be the best14:26
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hberaudfungi: I just have a question concerning the periodic jobs, can we identify if they are bound to series?14:28
fungii'd have to look at some example failures14:28
fungiprobably easiest to approach from concrete examples14:29
elodthere is a periodic template, with the branches listed in it14:29
elod(actually multiple templates, but anyway)14:29
hberaudI suppose that's depends on the job, some could be for all series, some could be specific14:29
eloduntil ocata is not fully EOL we should not touch that, only if there are such that would run especially only against branches that are already eol'd14:30
fungiyeah, part of the challenge with project-templates is that if you remove a branch from a multi-branch template then you stop running it for all projects rather than just those which have eol'd those branches, and if you remove the template from the project then you likely stop running the jobs for active branches too14:30
hberaudI see14:30
hberaudelod: yes14:30
fungian alternative would be to make branch-scoped project-templates and add or remove them separately14:30
fungisimilar to how we do with the pti jobs14:31
fungi(victoria template, wallaby template, and so on)14:31
hberaudI see14:31
hberaudbranch-scoped could be a good thing14:32
elodi think ocata can be removed from the branches list later on, that should not disturb other branches. but I might miss something14:32
elod(from the periodic templates)14:32
fungiso depending on where/how the jobs are currently getting added, it might not be a simple matter of just deleting some lines, we may need to refactor how that's being done instead14:32
fungiwhich is why i say specific examples matter14:32
hberaudthanks for these details14:33
fungialso the job failures are obviously not just noise on a mailing list, they represent a lot of wasted ci resources14:33
fungiwhich is a big part of why i keep checking up on the situation14:34
elodthat's true14:34
elodactually right now most of the failures are the non-SNI client related ones14:34
fungiif we expect the jobs to start working again at some point then it's probably okay to keep running them for now, but if they're never going to work again we should stop running them14:34
elodhmmm. yes.14:35
fungiis someone working on getting a workaround figured out for the sni support issue on those?14:35
elodthere are projects that are quite abandoned, so maybe we can remove the periodic for those14:35
elod(like *-powervm)14:36
hberaudthat could be a way to start to reduce the resources usage14:36
elodfungi: It's on my todo as well o:)14:36
elodfungi: and did some fix already, but for grenade jobs14:37
elodanyway, I'll propose some periodic removal patches as well for inactive projects (hope someone will review + approve them)14:38
fungii'm happy to review any for project-config and openstack-zuul-jobs14:38
fungijust let me know when you push them so i can prioritize14:38
elodfungi: nice, thanks!14:39
elodfungi: some are i guess in the project's repository14:39
elodbut we will see14:39
fungiyeah, if you can put together a list of the ones which are inside abandoned projects, i can also come up with a strategy there14:40
elodfungi: ok, thanks!14:40
fungithe opendev sysadmins are free to exercise control over the repository hosting to remove job configuration when it's problematic14:40
elodsure, then it won't be a problem :)14:41
elodmaybe i can use my stable-maint-core power as well, but we will see14:42
hberaudI think that we can continue on the next topic14:43
hberaud#topic train-em status14:43
*** openstack changes topic to "train-em status (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:43
elodit's less than a page \o/14:43
elodsome have -1 that we should wait for the teams14:44
hberaudI don't expect PTL responses for a couple of them14:44
elodyes, some don't seem to get responses14:44
fungiare those situations we need to relay to the tc?14:45
hberaudlet's wait one more week for those without response14:45
fungiprojects not at least acknowledging release changes and blocking series transitions due to inactivity are probably signs the project is mostly defunct14:45
hberaudhm... usually, for the current series we force patches without response (depends-on the topic of these patches)14:46
elodi don't know whether we should relay to the tc or simply just force the train-em transition there14:46
elodoh, i see14:46
hberaudI think that in this case we should force14:46
elodwhat fungi says is right, though14:47
hberaudthese project should follow the life cycle of the series14:47
elodthe question is whether the projects just missed the release patch,14:47
fungiyeah, not saying to ask the tc for permission, just letting them know so they can check on whether the project is still active14:47
elodor inactive...14:47
ttxneed to run, ping me if you need me14:47
elodi think it worth to ping the teams on ML / IRC first14:48
fungiif projects are really dead the tc can take over and retire them, which means less work for the release team14:48
fungi(in the long run anyway)14:48
hberaudbut yes I think we more need to inform the TC to decide the status of these project for the current or the next series14:48
hberaudttx: ack, thanks14:48
elod(projects like, keystone, swift, monasca, ironic, etc)14:49
hberaudthe plan could be 1) ping the team 2) inform the TC 3) force the patches14:49
elodlet's start with the 1st option :)14:49
fungialso remember keystone doesn't have a ptl, they're supposed to have an active release liaison though under the dpl model14:49
hberaudas oslo14:50
elodI'll ping the teams14:50
hberaudthanks elod14:50
elodno problem :)14:51
hberaudAnything else for train-em?14:51
elodand we will see whether we need to inform TC regarding any of the projects14:51
elodhberaud: nothing from my side14:51
hberaudI already discussed with the TC about some of them at the end of wallaby14:52
elodoh, good14:52
hberaudat the end of each cycle we check the project/release activity with the TC14:52
fungibut yeah, continuing to communicate missed deadlines will help them know if the situations change14:52
hberaudthey are already aware for some of them14:53
hberaudok thanks14:54
hberaud#topic Open Floor14:54
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Floor (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:54
hberaudAnything else to discuss today?14:54
elodnothing else from me :X14:54
hberaudOK, thanks everyone. Let's wrap up.14:57
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openstackMinutes (text):
fungithanks hberaud!14:57
armstronghberaud:  thanks14:57
elodthanks o/14:57
elodfungi: then as I mentioned, I'll do the next round of *-eol branch deletion some time today14:58
elodclarkb: ^^^14:58
fungiawesome, i'll be around off and on though i have some appointments and errands to run in a little while, so don't be surprised if i can't respond right away15:00
elodfungi: ack, thanks15:00
armstrongI am currently working on my third research paper on OpenStack will I will be submitting soon. Back in 2018, I did an interview study, and the results seem promising. I will like to share the early results with you and have your feedback.15:00
elodi hope that nothing extra will happen :)15:01
elodarmstrong: oh, that sounds interesting!15:02
clarkbelod: thanks for the heads up15:02
elodclarkb: ++15:02
clarkbI'm around though trying to catch up after a day off yesterday15:03
hberaudarmstrong: awesome thank you15:03
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armstrongyou're welcome hberaud15:05
armstrongThe first paper published is on release synchronization, and the second is on onboarding at the ecosystem level. The third will be on collaborative contributions to open source ecosystems.15:07
hberaudit's nice to see our daily jobs morphed into studies15:08
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amotokihberaud: elod: I just checked the discussion here right now. I just would like to raise a potential breakage. we don't need to cover horizon plugins' EOL in the horizon patch. They can be marked as EOL in separate patches.16:09
amotokihberaud: elod: I just voted +1 to the horizon ocata-eol change.16:09
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elodamotoki: thanks for the response and the review!17:04
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elodamotoki: actually, thinking again now, I think you're right. given the neutron's example, where neutron dependent projects' periodic job started to fail when neutron's stable/ocata was deleted...17:13
elodamotoki: on the other hand I don't see there periodic-stable jobs (so far, but haven't checked all... will continue to check them). if that is true, then we won't have periodic failures at least (and those project's stable/ocata can be EOL'd later on)17:21
hberaudamotoki: ack, thanks17:38
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