Friday, 2021-05-28

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openstackgerritIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/releases master: Release sushy 3.9.0 for Xena
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yoctozeptomorning release team12:33
yoctozeptoany eta on train-em?12:34
yoctozeptoI mean, there is one probably, but I don't know it :-)12:34
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elodyoctozepto: well, the official deadline was 12th of May :) but it's not a hard deadline :X13:08
elodhere it is listed:
yoctozeptoelod: ah, now I understand, thanks13:12
elodnp :]13:13
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openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Release osc-placement for Xena-1 milestone
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-ken for Xena-1 milestone
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release python-novaclient for Xena-1 milestone
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-vif for Xena-1 milestone
hberaud#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
openstackMeeting started Fri May 28 14:00:01 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is hberaud. Information about MeetBot at
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hberaudPing list: elod armstrong14:00
hberaudWe're way down on line 128 now.14:00
hberaudWill just wait a couple minutes for folks.14:00
hberaudLet's go!14:03
hberaud#topic Review task completion14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Review task completion (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:03
hberaudEnsure that all trailing projects have been branched for the previous series. => Done14:03
hberaudWe are near from the end of this topic14:03
hberaudCinder asked to get more time to check patches14:04
hberaudMonasca need to fix some gates14:04
hberaudI just updated os-ken and osc-placement14:04
hberaudI think that we can approve those without response, I don't expect response from team14:05
elodosc-placement needs double check by RH nova folks14:05
hberaudAny opinion concerning those without response?14:05
elodI mean that's what gibi asked14:05
hberaudosc-placement and os-ken are not part of those without response14:05
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hberaudthey need PTL/liaison approval as usual14:06
hberaudI'll ping the PTLs of those without response once again we can proceed them on Monday14:07
hberaudNext task14:07
hberaudPropose autoreleases for cycle-with-intermediary libraries which did not release since the previous release. => Done14:08
hberaudDeadline for trailing project is at R-14 so we will double check this point later14:08
hberaud"To catch if there are acl issues in newly created repositories", ttx, armstrong any updates?14:09
armstrongWe found noissue14:09
armstrong*no issue14:09
hberaudExcellent, thank you14:09
hberaudSo next topic14:10
hberaud#topic Assign R-18 tasks14:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Assign R-18 tasks (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:10
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: [Telemetry] Transition Train to EM
hberaudNothing much for R-18, we only need to double check the milestone-1 remaining patches14:10
hberaud#topic Assign R-15 tasks14:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Assign R-15 tasks (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:11
elodI guess that could be 'all' :)14:11
hberaudConcerning R-17 and R-16 we don't have lot of tasks to manage, so I proposed to manage the emails sending, and to assign R-15 now to allow us to skip meetings during these weeks14:12
hberaudAs long as we don't have last minutes emergencies14:13
hberaudI take the task14:13
hberaud(at R-15)14:13
hberaudSo next meeting will be R-14, that work for you?14:14
elodworks for me14:14
hberaudarmstrong: thanks I'll ping you14:14
hberaudttx: ^14:14
elod( ~ one month without a meeting :-o )14:15
ttxyes please14:16
hberaud#topic Review countdown email contents14:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Review countdown email contents (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:16
hberaudSo concerning this email I've a question concerning the goals14:18
hberaudIIRC xena is without goal from a TC point of view14:18
ttxhmm ok14:18
hberaudso I think that a part of the first sentence need to be removed14:19
hberaud => 40414:19
hberaudthe rest seems ok to me14:19
ttxi think they said "no goals in Xena"14:19
hberaudok thanks14:20
elodwe can add OFTC there?14:20
hberaudin the email?14:20
elodin the mail14:20
elodjust a thought14:20
hberaudYeah I was thinking about that14:20
hberaudCan't hurt, that could be another reminder14:21
elodsomething like that14:21
elodfeel free to edit14:21
elodor remove :)14:21
hberaudyes excellent, short at efficient14:21
hberaudAnything else concerning the email?14:22
hberaud#topic Train-em status14:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Train-em status (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:23
hberaudSo just a quick status about train-em14:23
elodor just the open ones:
elodwe got some responses, so the list is shrinking14:24
hberaudI think that we can continue with keystone, solum, senlin, murano14:24
elodbut still there are some -1 and some without response14:24
hberaudI need to recheck the state of oslo14:24
elodI'll try further pinging on IRC and/or mail14:25
hberaudand if the patches have been merged14:25
hberaudI propose to wait until next friday and then maybe cut there. @eldo: what do you think about that?14:25
elodsounds OK to me14:26
hberaudso next topic14:27
hberaud#topic Open Floor14:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Floor (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"14:27
hberaudAnything else that you want to discuss today?14:27
elodmaybe two small things to mention14:28
elod1. the easy one:
elodi think we can proceed with this one ^^^14:28
ttxyeah that one does not appear on my dashboard so i missed it14:29
elodthx :) after all the jobs have finished i'll run the branch deletion script14:29
hberaudthank you elod14:30
elodthe 2nd thing is openstack/os-cloud-config related,14:30
elodas it doesn't have an ocata-eol tag,14:30
elodhowever it has an entry in the repository14:30
elodI forgot to mention this during the week14:31
elodso my question is what can we do about it14:31
hberaudI'm not sure to understand, you mean that the ocata-eol entry exist here in openstack/release ( but the tag doesn't exist ? I'm right?14:33
elodhberaud: yes14:33
hberaudgood question...14:34
hberaudthis project seems abandonned14:34
hberaudI'm not it's worth to force something here14:34
hberaudmaybe we could simply remove the exist entry and simply retry to recreate it14:35
elodyes, I just wanted to delete the branch, and thought maybe the tag can be added manually, or something, just to reflect the required state14:35
hberaudMaybe we could start with the deletion/addition and see what will happen14:36
elodotherwise some patches will be lost. (i know that it's an abandoned branch, but...)14:36
hberaudand then if that doesn't work escalate it to the infra team14:36
elodi'm sure the deletion will work :)14:36
hberaudlol me too14:36
ttxyeah it probably does not matter that much14:36
elodthe question is whether we want to have a tag just for the sake of completeness :)14:37
hberaudif this is possible then I prefer this scenario14:37
hberaudexplicit is better than implicit14:37
elodok, maybe fungi knows how to apply manually the tag. I'll try to ping him :)14:38
elodand that's it from me14:39
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: delete the missing ocata-eol tag
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: reapply the missing ocata-eol tag
hberaudelod: ^14:40
elodhberaud: that looks also good to me, thanks :D14:41
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Create ocata-eol tag for horizon project
hberaudttx, elod, armstrong  FYI => Just to ensure that everybody have seen it14:43
hberaudAnything else?14:43
elodnothing from me14:43
armstrongok thanks for sharing will register soon14:44
armstrongplease, this is the feedback link on etherpad for my research
hberaudThank you armstrong14:45
armstrongI will appreciate your criticisms14:45
hberaudI'll have a look14:45
armstrongthanks hberaud14:45
hberaudOK, thanks everyone. Let's wrap up.14:46
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Release Managers office - Come here to discuss how to release OpenStack components - Logged at"14:46
openstackMeeting ended Fri May 28 14:46:13 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:46
openstackMinutes (text):
elodthanks o/14:46
fungisorry, got sidetracked trying to prepare for some weekend guests14:52
elodfungi: no problem, false alarm :)14:52
fungielod: technically changes aren't "lost" but people installing from the eol tag won't get any commits from them if they merged to the branch after that tag14:52
fungiif you do want to push an extra tag, there are instructions in the infra manual, any of the release managers should already have permission to do that if you want14:54
elodfungi: oh, I see, thanks. meanwhile hberaud proposed a simple remove and a re-add patch to the release repository. hopefully that will sort out the missing tag thing14:56
elodwithout any manual intervention14:56
clarkbfungi: elod: the commits off the tip of the branch may be garbage collected too as these may be different than the ones in the changes themselves due to merging15:02
clarkbbut the stuff pushed to changes shouldn't go anywhere15:02
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elodyou mean the 'merge patches' would disappear (if they were merge patches). that sounds logical.15:08
clarkbyes beacuse nothing would point to them anymore so our periodic garbage collection would eventually delete them15:12
clarkbthe changes stick around because the refs/changes/xy/abcxy refs will point to them15:12
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elodI see15:25
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