Monday, 2021-07-19

-opendevstatus- NOTICE: The maintenance of the Gerrit service is now complete and service has been restored. Please alert us in #opendev if you have any issues. Thank you03:28
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opendevreviewIury Gregory Melo Ferreira proposed openstack/releases master: Release sushy 3.10 for Xena
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Make new release for tripleo repos stable/wallaby
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iurygregoryelodilles, hey if you are around can you check ? =)10:07
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release sushy 3.10 for Xena
elodillesiurygregory: no problem :)10:45
opendevreviewRafael Weingartner proposed openstack/releases master: [cloudkitty-tempest-plugin] Tag train-last
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/reno master: loader: Handle note files missing top-level keys
opendevreviewMerged openstack/reno master: loader: Improve tests and logging
opendevreviewMerged openstack/reno master: loader: Validate section keys
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marioso/ hello release team please add this to your review queue thank you
opendevreviewMarios Andreou proposed openstack/releases master: Makes victoria tripleo release
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iurygregoryelodilles, hey I've tagged you as reviewer in the change in requirements o/ we need that because we will cut bugfix for ironic this week =)16:58
opendevreviewGhanshyam proposed openstack/releases master: [Tempest] Tag train-last
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elodillesiurygregory: actually, I'm not a requirements team member so I'll leave it to them o:)18:08
iurygregoryelodilles, O.o in thre requirements group it said that release members are core (sorry for that) ^^18:18

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