Friday, 2021-10-01

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prometheanfirehberaud: ^00:58
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hberaudttx, elodilles: o/ please can you validate this patch => thanks by advance06:32
ttxhberaud: looking07:14
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-brick 5.0.1
opendevreviewHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: branch requirements project for stable/xena
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hberaud#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
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hberaudPing list: elodilles armstrong14:00
hberaudWe're way down on line 387 now.14:00
hberaudWill just wait a couple minutes for folks.14:00
stephenfino/ (I've a thing to discuss about missing docs for old stable branches. If there's an agenda I need to add this to, please let me know. If not, hopefully we can discuss at the end)14:01
hberaudstephenfin: you add this at line 405 =>
hberaud#topic Review task completion14:02
hberaud"Process any remaining stable branching / tempest plugin exception" => everything is done14:02
hberaudall patches are now merged14:02
hberaud"Notify the documentation team that it should be safe to apply their process to create the new release series landing pages for" @elodilles any update?14:03
elodilleswell, I've pinged stephenfin as he is added as Technical Writer SIG chair14:04
hberaudI seen
ttxthere was not much  need to do RC2s to grab latest translations14:04
stephenfinyeah, that's an historical artefact at this point. I'm no longer focused on upstream OpenStack so I've done it this cycle but won't be able to do it for Yoga14:04
stephenfin(the Technical Writer SIG)14:05
elodillesso it is then a good question who should we ping by next release14:05
ttxwondering if will trigger a neutron rc214:06
stephenfinI suspect this will have to land in the release team's lap14:06
elodillesstephenfin: is there someone who will take over your role in the future?14:06
elodillesregarding doc sig14:06
hberaudttx: I proposed RC2 for all available changes and I didn't see translation stuff14:06
stephenfinsince there are no longer any active members in the doc SIG14:06
fungiprobably something to bring up with the tc14:06
stephenfinelodilles: Not that I'm aware of, no. It really needs to be bootstrapped again14:06
hberaudttx: the RC2 for neutron is there =>
hberaudthey asked to wait for the patch you past14:07
elodillesstephenfin: ok, thanks for the information. maybe this is one thing we should raise towards TC?14:07
stephenfinelodilles: fungi: Yes, I think so14:07
fungielodilles: yes, and the sooner the better14:07
ttxah ok a cinder rc2 on the way14:07
hberaudThen the next task was "On the day before the deadline for final release candidates, propose last-minute RCs where needed"14:08
hberaudso only 2 RC2 remain unmerged14:09
hberaudfor cinder we wait for
hberaudit will allow them to bump their requirements and then we will be able to update the hash of the RC214:10
hberaudto fix cinder with the os-brick 5.0.114:10
hberaudand for neutron we wait for the previous patch pasted by ttx 14:11
hberaudI think all these patches will be merged before the end of the day14:11
ttxdocumenting this in the meeting notes14:11
hberaudand when the reqs patch will be merged we will be able to cut xena for reqs14:12
hberaudprometheanfire: I'll inform you when the xena branch is cut for requirements14:13
hberaudSo before proposing the final releases tags we need those 2 RC patches14:14
ttxyes, no point in generating the patch until then14:14
hberaudAnd that's all for task completion14:16
hberaud#topic Assign R-0 tasks14:16
hberaud"Once the final patch is proceesed, run the missing-releases script to check for missing tarballs on the release page before the announcement" Any volunteer?14:16
hberaudelodilles: then I assigned this task to you14:17
armstrongI am open for any available task 14:17
hberaudarmstrong: maybe you could double check the tarballs with elodilles 14:18
hberaudthis is the most longer task14:18
hberaudAnd that's all14:19
hberaud#topic Review countdown email contents14:19
armstronghberaud: ok 14:19
ttxhberaud: not sure is up yet14:20
elodillesyep, it does not exist yet14:21
hberauddiablo_rojo_phone: o/ can you help us about this point? ^14:21
ttxhmm it actually does not answer :)14:21
hberaudeither we remove this part or we add a comment that it will be online soon14:22
ttxhberaud: probably simpler to not mention it right now14:22
hberaudany preference?14:22
ttxdropped a suggestion in the etherpad14:23
hberaudanyway I think that the PTG/TC team will communicate soon about this14:23
ttxok ship it14:24
elodilleslooks ok14:24
hberaud#topic Missing builds for some projects14:26
hberaudstephenfin: the floor is yours14:26
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stephenfinsorry, that should read *docs* builds14:26
hberaud#topic  Missing docs builds for some projects14:27
stephenfindiscussed this with fungi who noted that series docs don't appear for a project until a patch has merged to a branch. Unfortunately there are a few projects who haven't merged patches to e.g. stable/wallaby yet14:27
ttxstephenfin: which patches are you talking about? The basic ones setting up the branch?14:27
stephenfinI think any patch will do, but at a minimum I would expect to see those, yes14:28
stephenfinfor example
ttxyeah, those could be forced but it's sad that we have to do that14:28
fungialso something to bring up with the tc14:28
ttxin all cases yes14:29
stephenfin(fwiw, keystone is particularly bad for this. keystoneclient is also missing the victoria patches
fungiit used to be that the stable-maint team took care of all of those, right?14:30
hberaudlot of similar patches are still opened
ttxfungi: i dont think so... but at least they could14:30
elodilles(and we have also the same for xena)14:30
fungii meant back when there was only the central stable-maint team, before the project-specific stable teams14:31
hberaudthat's a good indicator of project under the way of abandon14:31
fungibut i suppose we didn't autogenerate stable branch patches back then either14:31
elodilleshberaud: indeed14:31
stephenfinout of curiosity, is there any reason not to auto-merge these?14:32
fungifrom what i can tell, keystone-core reviewers lack the necessary permissions to approve those changes, so this may also be related to the current discussion in the tc about revisiting project permissions on stable branches14:32
stephenfingiven the triviality of them. I've tended to blindly apply them wherever I've stable privileges (mainly in oslo land)14:33
hberaudindeed they could be merged automatically without too much risk14:33
elodillesI +2'd usually a lot, but not approved without a 2nd +214:33
elodilleselodilles: basically it really shows whether a project is healthy or not14:34
elodillesunfortunately there are more and more that are not merged14:34
armstrongelodilles:  when will you available to do the task for R-0 ?14:34
hberaudstephenfin: So, I would suggest to speak about this with the TC and the stable team14:35
elodillesarmstrong: mostly all of my afternoons (CEST) should be OK, but let's decide it after the meeting14:36
stephenfinCould I kindly ask someone take that action for me? This isn't really a discussion I can drive at the moment14:36
fungiprobably best if the em sig brings it up wit the tc, given stephenfin is moving on14:36
elodillesfungi stephenfin : OK, I can take the action14:37
fungiand honestly it's more in the em sig's wheelhous that the tw sig's14:37
stephenfinelodilles: thank you!14:37
ttxthanks elodilles 14:37
hberaudthanks 14:37
hberaud#topic Open Discussion14:38
fungialso i'm happy to weigh in on those discussions behalf of the tact sig, but our involvement would probably be more about designing auto-approval mechanisms14:38
hberaudthanks fungi 14:38
hberaudAnything else to discuss today?14:39
ttxI'll be around on Wednesday to smooth out any issue. I might have a conference recording thing around 1300utc but hopefully we'll be done before then14:40
hberaudack. Thanks14:40
hberaudOK, thanks everyone. Let's wrap up.14:43
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Oct  1 14:43:02 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:43
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
armstrongthanks hberaud  14:43
elodillesthanks o/14:43
fungii plan to be around by at least 12:00 utc on wednesday, hopefully earlier, in case we run into any automation or infrastructure issues with the release14:43
hberaudack. Thanks14:44
elodillesarmstrong: so which day is good for you and which around which UTC time?14:45
armstrongelodilles:  I am in EDT 14:46
armstrongand Monday -Tuesday ... will work for me14:46
armstrongany day within the week 14:47
armstrong9:00 AM EDT ---> 1:00 PM UTC 14:48
elodilleswell, as I see the task says 'once the final patch is processed'14:49
elodillesand 'before' the announcement14:49
armstrongok, I was just saying that I am available any day that we agree on 14:49
elodillesso if I'm not mistaken it is somewhere around Wednesday early afternoon14:50
armstrongelodilles:  any day from 9:00 AM EDT 14:50
elodillesi mean Wednesday ~ 1:00 PM UTC14:50
hberaudarmstrong, elodilles this task should be done on Wednesday14:51
elodilleshberaud: ++14:51
hberaudthe day of the final release14:51
armstrongfinal release is Wednesday, which is find by me 14:51
elodillesarmstrong: ++14:51
fungiyep, it's somewhat time-sensitive. basically once the release automation completes and the final release announcement is sent out, we give the marketing machine at the foundation the all-clear to unleash press releases about it14:52
fungiso the faster the tasks in between there can be completed, the earlier all the marketing for the new release can begin14:54
armstrongfungi:  OK 14:54
elodilleswell, I'll be around all day Wednesday, so if the patch is process I'll be ready to do the task14:55
elodilles* processed14:55
elodillesanyway, I'll ping you armstrong 14:56
armstrongelodilles:  ok sounds good 14:56
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elodillesstephenfin fungi : fyi, i've sent the mail to ML:
elodillesfeel free to comment if I missed something15:54
elodillesno problem16:06
gmannelodilles: replied. agree on your proposal of auto merge or single core merge on those stable things.16:35
gmannand we will have new structure for stable soon. 16:35
gmannthanks for raising the concern. 16:35
gmannalso added you as reviewer in the TC proposal, will appreciate your feedback as it is involving stable and EM SIG
gmannboth are your things :)16:36
elodillesgmann: thanks for the reply, I'll review the TC proposal :)16:57
gmannthanks 16:57
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opendevreviewBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/releases master: Proposing xena RC2 for cinder
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opendevreviewHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Proposing Xena RC2 for neutron
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing xena RC2 for cinder
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: branch requirements project for stable/xena
hberaudprometheanfire: ^ The xena branch is out for reqs20:30

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