Wednesday, 2022-01-05

* hberaud dentist appointment be back in a while08:29
opendevreviewmbu proposed openstack/releases master: Push Validation Framework release to 1.5.0 and create bugfix branch
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hberaudttx: o/ Do you remember if is it possible to branch an independent deliverable? Apparently no ( (related to
hberaudttx: our validation expect a naming branch based on our official stable branches names, might adding `stable-branch-type: std-with-versions` could fit well to their use case
hberaudmy main concern is if they want to create tags from from these branches after creating this branch13:19
hberaudthat's won't fit the independent model13:20
hberaudin any case I didn't find similar use case in the other independent deliverables13:21
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elodilleshberaud: i see something thath might be similar:
elodillesnot 'bugfix/' branch, but the intention is the same if i'm not mistaken14:04
hberaudhowever I wonder if replacing "bugfix" by "stable" will throw away the error 14:06
hberaudapparently yes14:07
hberaud(not yet tested)14:07
hberaudI'll do a test locally14:07
hberaudanyway good catch!14:08
elodillesit could happen that the validator did not check this 5 years ago :S14:08
hberaudelodilles: that failed...14:13
hberaudwith the same error14:13
hberaud-  - name: bugfix/1.514:13
hberaud+  - name: stable/1.5.x14:13
hberaudmy changes ^14:13
hberaud(applied on the both files)14:14
opendevreviewmbu proposed openstack/releases master: Push Validation Framework release to 1.5.0
elodillesso that means the validation was extended meanwhile14:29
elodillesthis might need validator change then :/14:30
ttxyeah, generally independent things are mono-branch14:30
ttxthe solution might be to create it outside of our automation14:31
ttxsince we won;t support releasing out of those anyway14:31
ttxor, said another way: "Release management team supports (through openstack/releases) single-channel releasing or openstack-series-driven releasing. You can do things outside of release management though"14:32
ttxsingle-channel = only master branch ("independent")14:33
ttxopenstack-series-driven = following openstack common stable branches (with-rc, with-intermediary)14:33
elodillesok, that means the validator change is not needed15:14
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: New neutron-lib release
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Propose to EOL Kuryr stable branches
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release ovsdbapp 1.14.0 for yoga
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Stable releases for neutron-dynamic-routing
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