Wednesday, 2022-04-13

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priteauGood morning. Is it expected that oslo.concurrency is missing from release pages for yoga, xena and wallaby? And that no branches were created for them?07:24
elodillespriteau: good morning! well, it follows 'independent' release model so i think that is why it is not listed07:46
priteauThanks elodilles. I've lost track of where this is defined07:50
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ttxyeah you will find it at
mariosneed one more vote to move tripleo Ussuri EOL please when you next have time thank you 11:07
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elodillesmarios: i've looked at the EOL patch and commented on it ^^^13:10
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marioselodilles: thanks i replied there please check when you have time13:16
opendevreviewKarolina Kula proposed openstack/releases master: Create bug release for networking-baremetal in yoga
opendevreviewLajos Katona proposed openstack/releases master: New stable releases for Neutron
elodillesmarios: ack, answered, too :]13:35
marioselodilles: thanks :) answered again 13:56
marioselodilles: over13:56
marioselodilles: ;)13:57
elodillesmarios: roger. also, over. :D14:23
elodillesmarios: +2+W'd14:23
marioselodilles: thanks :)14:26
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Move Ussuri for Tripleo Repos to End Of Life
elodillesfyi, regarding the release job failure, it's the usual: due to paunch is retired -- [Release-job-failures] Tag of openstack/paunch for ref refs/tags/ussuri-eol failed15:02
mariosthank you elodilles hberaud for taking care of reviews o/15:26
marioselodilles: hberaud: something i can do about that fail? (sorry if i missed something)15:27
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opendevreviewGoutham Pacha Ravi proposed openstack/releases master: [manila] Release manila-tempest-plugin 1.8.0
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