Friday, 2022-04-29

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ykarelif anyone around from requirements core please block
ykarelprometheanfire, if you around ^04:50
ykarelok i can push an update to patch to reset +W04:55
ykarelas 3.12.1 is coming soon so that can be taken.04:55
ykareldone removed from gate, can now be abandoned when someone get's around04:57
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prometheanfireI tend to remove after 3.12.1 is in constraints05:09
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hberaudttx: o/ please can you review this patch
ttxI can09:08
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release oslo.policy to fix gates
hberaudykarel: ^09:27
hberaudttx: thx09:27
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ykarelhberaud, Thanks10:39
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elodillesnoonedeadpunk: hi, do you want to update this release patch or is this the final already?
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elodillestkajinam: hi, fyi, all the deliverables have transitioned to victoria-em. Please prepare a final release from puppet-openstack as soon as possible (if you still want) so that we can mark Victoria as EM11:20
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [xena] Release Horizon 20.1.2
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elodillesreminder: last week we decided to SKIP todays meeting13:52
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