Thursday, 2022-05-05

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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [OpenStackAnsible] Transition Victoria to EM
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Set Victoria status to Extended Maintenance
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Update OpenStack Ansible Roles deliverables
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release Oslo's independent deliverables
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Fix Releases Dashboard link
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Replace old sdist and wheel build command in validate
elodilleshberaud: hi, it turned out that i have to be on PTO tomorrow so I cannot hold (and participate) the meeting tomorrow. Could you please chair the meeting? (ttx already mentioned that he'll be on another meeting at the same time so he is not able to chair the meeting)11:07
elodillesthe other option would be to cancel tomorrow's meeting :(11:08
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ttxelodilles: I managed to clear the conflict11:49
ttxso worst case scenario I'll be able to chair it11:50
elodillesttx: that sounds cool!!! thanks \o/11:58
hberaudelodilles: I'm also on last minute PTO so I don't yet updated my availability in our meeting pad11:58
hberaudttx: ^11:58
hberaudso I'll be AFK all the day12:00
elodilleshmmm. that means the meeting can be probably cancelled?12:03
hberaudIMO yes12:10
ttxyeah... I can discuss items assignment now if you want12:51
ttxelodilles: were the victoria EM patches all set?12:51
ttxIt looks like it...12:52
ttxthen the only task to assign is to check on cycle-trailing projects12:53
ttxthen the meeting can be skipped12:55
elodillesttx: yepp, all the patches have merged and the state is set to EM @ releases.o.o and docs.o.o \o/12:57
elodillesabout the task assignments: i'll be here next week, so if there's no one to volunteer, then i can take the 'Review cycle-trailing projects' task :)13:01
ttxelodilles: perfect. Meeting adjourned!13:01
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otherwiseguyprometheanfire: I have a question re: ovs 2.17 had a bug that broke us when released. A PyPi release wasn't made until 2.17.1 when that was fixed, but there was another breaking bug in that. OVS 2.17.2 won't be released until the end of the month, and I try to keep the version numbers in PyPI matching the ovs releases.20:29
otherwiseguyprometheanfire: I have pushed a 2.17.1.post1 release of ovs to PyPI that fixes the issue.20:29
otherwiseguyprometheanfire: Since upper-constraints ovs === 2.17.1 will not get 2.17.1, I've changed it to ovs === 2.17.1.post1. Is that ok?20:30
otherwiseguyovs 2.17 in python is pretty much *required* to use OVS raft active/active support (which has been supported in OVS itself for a long time now). So it's very important to get this in and tested, but I'm not sure what the best strategy for handling the requirement version numbering is.20:31
otherwiseguyI'm assuming that an upper-constraint of < 2.18.0 isn't allowed.20:32
otherwiseguy(since everything there is ===)20:33
prometheanfireotherwiseguy: ya, post releases are fine20:36
otherwiseguyprometheanfire: great, thanks.20:37
otherwiseguyprometheanfire: workflow -1 removed, then. ;)20:38
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clarkbnote constraints are basically locks/pins that is why you don't see <2.18.022:15
clarkbthey are automatically generated daily via installationg of the requirements.txt and then taking the frozen list from that22:15

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