Wednesday, 2022-07-06

opendevreviewJon Bernard proposed openstack/releases master: Cinder team releases for stable/yoga
opendevreviewDr. Jens Harbott proposed openstack/releases master: Tag monthly kolla stable releases
fricklerelodilles: how's the situation with the kayobe eol stack now? can we merge the first ones and see if that changes test results for the others?07:07
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elodillesfrickler: yes, i've +2'd them if i remember well07:56
elodilleshberaud ttx : when you have time could you please review the following patches:08:01
elodilleslast remaining yoga trailing release:
elodillessome EOL'ing stuff: &&
elodillesand any opinion about this patch?
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release OpenStack-Ansible Yoga
fricklerelodilles: ah, sorry, wasn't sure what this is waiting for, but then it's fine I guess08:15
ttxelodilles: looking09:04
hberaudelodilles: concerning tap as a service, I think we don't want to add new deliverables files on stable branches09:06
ttxgood point09:06
hberaudI remember similar previous situation, where, if I remember correctly, we rejected this kind of request09:07
ttxWe usually do not modify the "content" of an old release09:07
ttxXena did not contain tap-as-a-service09:07
ttxit's too late to change history09:07
elodilleshberaud ttx : thanks! sounds logical09:10
elodillesi guess the eol tags are fine though, aren't they?09:10
elodillesas we did that already (which means we added deliverable files, but without releases)09:12
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: EOL Kayobe Pike
elodilleslike this ^^^ o:)09:12
opendevreviewHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Some rules about adding new deliverable file
hberaudI think the kayobe story is a bit different, I think this file was forgot, Kayobe's deliverable was there with ocata
hberaudWhereas tap as a service became a new deliverable with yoga09:22
elodillesbut from EOL perspective they are in the same situation i think09:23
elodillesso i mean: no release (tags) should be added to tap-as-a-service, but we can add the yamls with EOL tag only09:24
hberaudHm, given that t-a-a-s already have tags that were generated under the x namespace then yes I think you are right we could EOL them by adding this yamls file. It's not as the first release was during Yoga.09:26
hberaudHowever, as you said, we should reject new tags (other than EOL tags) on the all series where this deliverable file is added retrospectively.09:28
elodilleshberaud: ack, i agree09:29
elodillessounds good to me09:29
hberaudI'm not aware of any other similar previous situation ^, ttx do you agree with that?09:30
hberaud(where a project was moved from the x namespace (with existing releases), to the openstack namespace)09:30
elodillesnot that usual situation, i would say :)09:51
elodillesmeanwhile it seems kayobe's pike eol tagging job has failed:
elodillesthe log does not say much09:53
elodillesbut checking the repos i see that there's no pike-eol @ kayobe-config09:53
elodillesfor kayobe and kayobe-config-dev the pike-eol tags exist09:54
elodilleshmm, i think there is some general problem with kayobe-config repository, as the ocata-eol tag is missing the same way. do our scripts have tagging rights for kayobe-config? 10:01
elodillesstrange, because the same gerrit acls are used for kayobe-config and kayobe-config-dev + kayobe. while kayobe-config tagging fails, tagging of kayobe-config-dev and kayobe succeeds...10:21
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elodillesfungi: btw, do you have any idea why tagging could fail for kayobe-config (compared to kayobe and kayobe-config-dev, which share the same gerrit acls)? see the above 6 msg from me for context ^^^12:09
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fungielodilles: i think it's this:
elodillesfungi: oh, i did not notice that! :S12:47
elodillesshould we "force-merge" .gitreview for kayobe-config? or what could be the best solution?12:48
elodillesor simply manual tagging should do the job? :/12:48
opendevreviewJon Bernard proposed openstack/releases master: Cinder team releases for stable/yoga
opendevreviewJon Bernard proposed openstack/releases master: Cinder team releases for stable/xena
opendevreviewJon Bernard proposed openstack/releases master: Cinder team releases for stable/wallaby
fungielodilles: i'd push tags directly in that case, and try to get them to update their remaining branches13:46
fungibut also the release scripts could perhaps check for missing .gitreview files with a clearer error message or even try to guess when there's not one13:47
elodillesfungi: ack, thanks for the ideas!14:30
elodillesfor now i see that .gitreview files are there for queens+ branches on kayobe-config, so that won't be a problem for newer branches14:30
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