Monday, 2022-08-08

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fungiin case it saves me time digging to find how the pti job templates get updated, anybody happen to know why some projects like python-blazarclient didn't get a change auto-proposed?12:07
elodille1fungi: what kind of auto-proposed patch do you mean?12:11
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fungipython-blazarclient didn't get one, and tracing through the maze of release automation scripts i think it should have seen one proposed when its stable/yoga branch was created12:12
fungione was proposed to update to the yoga template when stable/xena was created12:13
fungidigging into the ml post about it:
fungisome of the examples are explained by projects just not getting around to reviewing the changes for that, but some don't seem to have gotten changes at all12:15
elodillesoh, thanks, missed that mail.12:18
elodillesi've seen only missing generated patches for such cases when there were nothing to change (when for example there are no upper constraint links in tox.ini, and similar cases)12:19
elodilleswhich is not the case here as i see12:30
elodillesif i'm not mistaken this job should have created it:
elodillesunfortunately the logs are not present anymore, but at least we can see it succeeded...12:38
jpodivinanyone up for reviewing It just needs +w now12:45
elodillesttx: when you are around ^^^ (hberaud is on vacation)12:48
elodillesfungi: i've quickly compared the numbers of add-yoga-python-jobtemplates and add-zed-python-jobtemplates and it seeems we have 25 less in zed (123 vs 148)12:50
elodilleslocally the sed works as it should be for python-blazarclient12:51
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opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/releases master: Release neutron-lib 3.1.0
elodilleswhat i see is that beyond python-blazarclient the following repositories should have got a generated patch (but they haven't and still yoga template is valid there): blazar-nova, os-win, python-cloudkittyclient, python-muranoclient, python-troveclient, python-vitrageclient, python-zunclient13:19
elodillesso at least there are not many missing ones :S13:19
priteauAh, cloudkittyclient, I knew I saw another one which had been missed too :)13:20
elodilles:) there are some.13:21
elodillesunfortunately i neither see failed jobs nor any reason the script should fail... :/13:22
elodillesi mean, one possibility is that some zuul argument were missing but then the job should have failed, but they haven't13:23
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opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty-dashboard for yoga
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priteauThank you elodilles for triggering missing patches16:50
elodillespriteau: no problem 17:05
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