Wednesday, 2014-01-22

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ttxsdague: going through
sdaguebringing up14:50
ttxthe trick being not to forget one project, so I also use a tracking paper14:50
sdaguealso refreshing my coffee14:50
ttxRan "./ neutron master" to check for tarball contents (old habit, probably mostly useless now)14:51
ttxNow I'm deferring stuff from
ttxdamn, list was not curated14:52
ttxthat wil lbe long14:52
* ttx should have a script for that14:52
ttxchecking with PTL or PTL delegate that the status is mostly current on that page14:53
ttxusually I go faster on that because the list is usually curated by the time I need to defer stuff14:58
ttxbut mark missed the 1:1 on Tuesday14:58
sdagueso what do you consider curation on this?14:58
sdaguejust that the PTL has acked everything is in the right state?14:59
ttxthe list of stuff that might make it should have been a lot smaller at this point14:59
ttxthe list on that page is a reflection of our knowledge of what might make it15:00
ttxat this point in time it shouldn't have so many open blueprints left15:00
ttx(or bugs targeted)15:00
ttxRunning ./ HEAD icehouse-2 neutron15:02
ttxdoing trove next15:03
ttx(well, in parallel)15:04
ttxsdague: wash, rinse, repeat15:04
ttxthe mechanics are pretty boring15:05
ttxsdague: if you look at ttps:// it's been curated alright15:05
ttxnothing to defer becaus ethe PTL did the cleanup15:05
sdaguehave you considered more automation? or afraid that would explode things15:05
ttxte thing which could still be automated is going through each project15:06
ttxbut then the order matters15:06
sdaguewhy does order matter?15:06
ttxdepends. Today, it matters because keystone has patches at the top of the queue :)15:06
ttxusually I do keystone first15:06
sdagueright, but then would not be clean, right?15:07
ttxoh, I see your point.15:07
sdaguejust thinking you could hit the milestone pages automatically, and know what projects are clean and ready to15:07
sdaguethen automate the flow after that15:08
ttxIt could use a bit more automation, but there also is a lot that is not reflected on those pages yet15:08
sdagueyep, fair15:08
ttxhence trying to get the PTLs signoff etc15:08
sdaguejust new set of eyes looking at the process15:08
ttxideally you wouldn't need that, it would be implied frmo status15:08
ttxbut we are not there yet15:08
sdagueyep, sure15:08
sdaguebut in the case where the milestone page is clean, like trove, then you know it's ready to go15:08
ttxwell, not necessarily15:09
ttxsometimes they have that patch they forgot to link that they want absolutely in15:09
ttxhappens more often than you'd think15:09
sdaguewell, if the process ignored that fact, then people might get better at it :)15:09
sdagueanyway, just thinking aloud15:09
ttxwe don't run that process often enough to iterate fast o nit15:10
sdaguethe automation is honestly less about speed, than correctness15:10
sdagueas it would reduce checklists15:10
sdaguehowever, again, don't let me distract too much15:11
ttxyes, I'd like to remove that part too :)15:11
ttxoh, I need to do swift MP too15:11
ttxgot the SHA for it15:11
ttxnotmyname: was the blueprit listed on implemented ?15:13
ttxsdague: so one of the current pain points with is that LP timeouts marking bugs FixReleased15:14
sdaguettx: right15:14
ttxthe script lists the failures, but you're still left with the task of trying to get LP to accept it15:14
sdaguethe general launchpad doesn't scale problem15:15
ttxFor today I'll just make a big list of them and go over them later15:15
ttxRunning ./ f538006bbf9143a5f6779cb4b8a35db9f7f27c40 1.12.0 swift (from the SHA notmyname sent me)15:17
ttxok, neutron/trove done.15:20
ttxceilometer now15:20
ttxjd__: any objection ?15:20
jd__ttx: no15:21
jd__I don't think everything was merged for our targeted bp though15:21
jd__it's still in the gate queue AFAIK15:21
ttxno ceilo patch at top of queue right now15:21
jd__but ita est15:22
ttxjd__: should I defer all bugs on ?15:22
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jd__ttx: go ahead15:22
sdaguettx: 4 keystone patches just merged, not sure if those were the ones you were looking for15:23
dolphmsdague: ++ they were15:23
ttxsdague: do we know if horizon managed to get that license patch in ?15:23
sdagueany idea what review it was?15:23
ttxno, let me see15:24
dolphmthis was the last in the chain of 4
dolphmoh you're talking about horizon - nvm!15:24
sdague,n,z is there merged set, nothing obvious there15:24
ttxstuck in middle of queue15:25
sdagueyeh, that's probably a day away from merging unless we promote15:25
ttxsdague: the milestone-proposed patches go through the main pipeline as well, right ?15:26
sdagueyeh, 77 deep15:27
sdaguettx: I assume so15:27
sdagueso 77 deep means it's probably a day away15:28
sdaguegiven current merge rates15:28
ttxthat's the only thing we might actually need in15:28
ttxso I wouldn't mind promoting if possible15:29
sdagueknow if fungi is up?15:30
ttxsdague: we meet in 30min15:31
ttxso I hope he is15:31
ttxdolphm: starting keystone now15:31
dolphmttx: ack15:31
ttxdolphm: could you defer to i-3 everything that didn't make it ?15:32
ttxdolphm: from
dolphmttx: sure15:32
ttxdolphm: thx15:32
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dolphmttx: done15:33
* ttx shall probably wait for those keystone post jobs to complete before running15:34
ttxok, keystone, glance and savanna in the pipe15:42
SergeyLukjanovttx, thank you!15:42
dolphmttx: woot15:56
ttxheat and nova in the pipe now15:56
dolphmgoing into i3 with double our usual number of bp's, but half are already Needs Code Review ;)15:56
dolphmttx: still tempted to try using either Needs Infrastructure (dark blue) or Deployment (bright red) for my own sanity -- will i break anything if i try it out during i3? have a preference between the two?15:58
ttxdolphm: maybe "needs infra"15:59
ttxbright red would be weird15:59
dolphmttx: actually shows in black
dolphmttx: Deployment sorts correctly (between Needs Code Review and Implemented)16:02
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ttxdolphm: appropriate16:11
ttxuse deployment then16:11
ttxjgriffith: will run cinder mp cut in a few16:14
dolphmttx: updated to Deployment16:15
ttxjgriffith: waiting for that top patch to go in16:23
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ttxjgriffith: let me know if I should try to wait for to land, or jus tcut now16:59
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ttxjgriffith: ok, doing cinder now17:15
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ttxmarkmcclain: hi!18:08
ttxWill need your help deferring all those targeted bugs18:08
ttxI moved all the blueprints out already18:08
markmcclainthanks… I'll fix up the bugs today18:08
ttxbranch is cut already18:08
ttxwill tag later today18:09
ttxstevebaker: just moved everything not landed yet to i318:10
markmcclainok.. sorry for the confusion over yesterday's 1-118:11
markmcclainwe prob should have moved since we were both in different TZs18:11
ttxmarkmcclain: well confusion was coming from my side too :)18:12
ttxdavid-lyle: I'm waiting on the license issue patch to get in to cut horizon. Now at top of gate18:19
david-lylettx: ack, I've been watching18:20
david-lylethe gate18:20
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ttxdavid-lyle: could you defer to i-3 anything but bug 1270764 ?18:32
david-lylettx: sure18:33
ttxdavid-lyle: thx!18:33
david-lylettx: done18:39
ttxdavid-lyle: thx!18:40
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stevebakerttx: heat i-2 will need to land to work properly. Are there plans for any backports?19:11
ttxstevebaker: ah. hrm.19:11
ttxstevebaker: where in the queue is that ?19:12
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ttxdavid-lyle: I think I'll cut the branch now and re-cut it once that change lands. That way you'll have a tarball around and not look too late20:10
ttxbecause it's still stuck due to weird job prioritization20:10
david-lyle_ttx: ok20:11
jgriffithttx: wow... so anything that hasn't landed we're just defering at this point?20:12
ttxjgriffith: yes20:12
jgriffithttx: Missed part of the meeting yesterday, sorry20:12
ttxjgriffith: that shall make a happy i320:12
jgriffithttx: would've moved those if I'd known that was the decision20:12
jgriffithttx: that should KILL me for I3 :)20:12
jgriffithttx: thanks for fixing all those up20:12
ttxjgriffith: it will just land extremely early in i320:12
ttxI don't think it will kill you20:13
jgriffithttx: hopefully :)20:13
jgriffithttx: well not literally :)20:13
jgriffithttx: just completion rate looks horrid20:13
ttxbut then it looks bad for everyone :)20:14
ttxrefelects reality though20:14
jgriffithttx: sure... I totally get it.  And it seems like the right call in retrospect20:15
jgriffithttx: particularly since one week likely wasn't going to buy us all that much in the end20:15
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russellbttx: thanks for fixing up my i2 list ... sorry i hadn't gotten to it yet21:20
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david-lyle_: license patch merged22:07
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ttxdavid-lyle: great23:25
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