Wednesday, 2014-02-19

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ttxstevebaker: still around ?08:56
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SergeyLukjanovttx, fwiw small update for savanna stuff - now we have a bunch of CLI tests in tempest and going to gate savanna and it'd client together (,, re i3 - it looks ok -
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ack, great12:24
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ttxjd__: around?13:06
ttxdolphm, dhellmann, markmcclain, jgriffith: just ping me when you have 5 min13:08
dolphmttx: o/13:08
jd__ttx: in 10 minutes13:08
ttxdolphm: quick look at your i3 status13:08
ttxjd__: ack13:08
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dolphmwe bumped ephemeral tokens to next/juno-1, as it turned out there was more refactoring required than expected13:09
ttxdolphm: is dogpile-kvs-backends completed with ?13:09
dolphm are both tracked against that bp as well13:10
ttxpassword-rotation is not "needs code review" while we are past your FeatureProposalFreeze -- you gave it an exception ?13:10
dolphmwe haven't discussed any exceptions yet13:11
dolphmthat one should probably be bumped13:11
ttxdolphm: you can wait for your meeting to discuss it. If it's close to being proposed...13:12
ttxok :)13:12
dolphmif it shows up in whole today, then we'll see :)13:12
dolphmwe can still land the supporting changes that have been proposed13:12
ttxdolphm: you're the sole decider on how strictly you want to enforce that freeze13:12
ttxsince it's more an organizational thing13:13
ttxok, you look in great shape13:13
dolphmthat's shocking to hear13:13
dolphmi don't think keystone has ever had this many bp's tracked against it in a single milestone13:14
ttxbut still, you definitely are on track13:14
dolphmi'll assume thats relative then lol13:14
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ttxjd__: around now ?13:38
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jd__ttx: o/13:39
ttxIs complex-filter-expressions-in-api-queries completed ?13:39
jd__let me check13:40
jd__yeah I think the patch set are all there but we didn't review everything yet13:40
ttxjd__: couldn't find unmerged ones13:40
jd__ttx:,n,z I think13:40
ttxjd__: hah, ok13:41
jd__though some have been merged indeed13:41
ttxjd__: overall this looks very late and would benefit from early deferrals, to focus the review effort on things that might actually be completed in time13:41
ttxI fear that otherwise you'll reach i-" without anything completed but everything "almost there"13:42
ttxi-3 even13:42
* jd__ nods13:42
ttxjd__: could you do some serious cuts at your next team meeting ?13:42
jd__ttx: yep I'll do that13:42
ttxlike, everything not started and everything else you know won't be proposed in time13:43
ttxas it's only two weeks left13:43
ttx needs to be triaged -- If code is proposed you could set it to Low13:43
ttxjd__: I'd defer half of them. I think you can complete 12-14 but not a lot more13:45
ttx(*if* you don't pursue too many rabbits at the same time)13:45
ttxjd__: is your meeting today or tomorrow ?13:45
jd__ttx: tomorrow13:46
ttxok, will try to follow it13:46
ttxjd__: thanks!13:46
jd__you're welcome :)13:46
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ttxdhellmann, jgriffith, notmyname, russellb: ping me when you have 5 min so that we do a quick status update15:05
russellbttx: ack will do, need a bit15:05
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ttxmarkmcclain, dklyle: ping me when you have 5 min so that we do a quick status update15:05
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dhellmannttx: ping15:18
ttxdhellmann: hi!15:18
dhellmannttx: hi!15:19
dhellmannI've cleaned up the oslo and oslo.messaging i3 pages, so I think they're accurate15:19
ttxdhellmann: looks good -- a bit late in converting to "implemented"15:19
dhellmannwe do still have a lot of code in review15:19
ttxbug 1271706 could use an assignee15:20
dhellmannoops, missed that, I'll fix it15:20
ttxdhellmann: the two last "in progress" are still on track to have code proposed soon ?15:20
ttxi mean, "good progress"15:20
dhellmannI need to find sveltlana, but I think that models migration one is going to miss15:21
dhellmannthe memoized wrapper from shawn needs tests, but there was a review with the production code15:21
dhellmannif I don't see something by next week, I'll remove that one15:22
dhellmannand I'm just going to remove the other today15:22
ttxsounds good to me15:22
dhellmannactually, there are a bunch of changes up for revie15:22
dhellmannso I set the models migration one to needs review15:22
ttxdhellmann: that's all I had, thank you!15:23
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dhellmannttx: time for a quick question?15:26
ttxdhellmann: sure15:26
dhellmannoslo adopted several new libraries, which don't really have any blueprints or bugs that aren't also being tracked elsewhere15:26
dhellmannhowever, that may change15:26
dhellmannreviewing 6+ pages is going to be a pain15:27
dhellmannhow is storyboard coming along? :-)15:27
dhellmannfor now, I'm having all new libraries just use the oslo group15:27
dhellmannto cut down on proliferation15:27
ttxWe hope to have infra migrated to it before Atlanta, and brag about it there. Then I agree that oslo is a natural dogfooding candidate15:28
ttxIt's going slightly less fast those days as the main dev for the JS side is away15:28
ttxbut he should soon be back15:28
dhellmannok -- let me know when you're ready to beta test15:29
dhellmanncan we import existing data from launchpad?15:29
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ttxdhellmann: that's part of the plan15:41
ttxdavid-lyle: ping me when you have ( min15:41
ttxor 5 min15:41
dhellmannttx: ok, good15:41
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johnthetubaguyrussellb: I am good now XenAPI meeting is over15:46
russellbjohnthetubaguy: ah didn't realize you were in meeting, sorry15:47
johnthetubaguyno worries15:47
johnthetubaguyCitrix's XenServer CI is up and running, and reporting, so I am happy15:47
russellbjohnthetubaguy: *awesome* news15:48
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russellbttx: hi!  we're ready to talk nova15:48
johnthetubaguyrussellb: a few rough edges, but its getting close15:48
russellbjohnthetubaguy: expected when it first turns up15:49
ttxrussellb, johnthetubaguy: hi!15:49
russellbfirst thing, johnthetubaguy has agreed to be blueprint czar :-)15:49
russellbso i think he should join us for this weekly chat15:49
russellbproposal deadline was yesterday, so now we have a big chunk we can start going through and deferring15:49
ttxI thought I should talk to you once the cleanup is done15:50
russellbjohnthetubaguy: and you've started some scripting around this?15:50
ttxrather than before15:50
johnthetubaguyrussellb: yeah, let me paste some stuff15:50
russellbi'm sure ttx would be interested in any scripting around blueprints15:50
ttxrussellb: do you wish to give the Highmedium a free pass ?15:50
russellbttx: some of them at least, but probably not the v3 API ones15:51
russellbwhich is a lot of it15:51
russellbbecause (about to start a thread on this) I don't think we're going to mark v3 stable for icehouse15:51
russellbso it's not critical that we merge it all at that point15:51
johnthetubaguyrussellb: is this task api slippage?15:51
johnthetubaguyand nova-network15:52
russellbjohnthetubaguy: that's part of it, but there's more15:52
johnthetubaguyrussellb: OK15:52
ttxrussellb: I think at this point you can still have ~20% without code proposed yet, but probably not more15:52
russellbttx: ok15:52
russellbjohnthetubaguy: we can catch up after this on it if you'd like15:52
johnthetubaguyrussellb: sure15:52
johnthetubaguyI was going to track progress here:15:52
ttxvmware-image-cache-management is marked as depending on multiple-image-cache-handlers (Undefined, aloga, next)15:53
russellbi think we can remove that relationship15:53
ttxwill do15:53
russellbi think i added that before i had looked close enough15:53
russellbjohnthetubaguy: we should come up with some boilerplate text for all of the blueprints we defer based on this deadline15:54
russellbjohnthetubaguy: we can do that on your etherpad15:54
ttxso rather than wasting your time now, you should ping me again when most of the culling is done15:54
johnthetubaguysounds good15:54
ttxlike after the meeting15:54
russellbttx: OK, it's never a waste of time catching up with you though :-)15:54
ttxculling should really help in review prioritization -- not waste time on stuff where the code is not fully proposed yet15:56
ttxalso should reduce the number of half-implemented featrues15:56
johnthetubaguyI am trying to get a list of patches vs blueprints from this:
russellbttx: it's helpful to me to bounce off where I think we are in our process, even if our list is still a mess15:56
russellbjohnthetubaguy: oh15:57
russellbthat actually reminds me15:57
russellbthat i think i have script that does something similar15:57
russellbi lied.15:57
ttxrussellb: I can already tell you're late in converting to implemented, even if everything not "needscodereview" was culled15:58
russellbi had a script to find reviews for bugs targeted at a given milestone15:58
russellbttx: yeah, it's a combo of nobody updating their own blueprints, and it being too many to stay on top of updating myself15:58
russellbhopefully john's help, and some more scripting will help some :-)15:58
johnthetubaguyrussellb: here is the output as of this morning (it misses out some patches though, need to fix that):
johnthetubaguyyeah, I am hoping to keep on top of this weekly15:59
russellbttx: late as in, we haven't merged enough?  or as in, our list is outdated with reality?15:59
johnthetubaguyand hoping to tune a script to do that15:59
ttxnot merged enough15:59
russellbyeah, that sounds right15:59
ttxOnly 6 finalized15:59
johnthetubaguyyeah, +115:59
ttxonce you remove all the "Low" ones that are not fully code-proposed, you should start seeing more clearly16:00
russellbnext release we're going to try something different ... not allow even targeting until most of the code is ready, i think16:00
ttxso I'd start with those16:00
russellbsounds like a good plan16:00
ttxbecause at this point the sheer number of them is just confusing16:00
russellbagreed with that :)16:01
ttxand unproposed Low ones should be no-brainer deferrals16:01
ttxstill, a cursory check is needed to check it's not just a BP status mismatch16:01
johnthetubaguyI will try update this with the correct list:16:01
johnthetubaguyyeah, certainly16:01
ttxjohnthetubaguy: I used to do it for Nova, then Russell took it over, then you :)16:01
* russellb still intends to help, i just can't do it alone anymore16:02
russellbvery happy for johnthetubaguy to lead it though16:02
johnthetubaguyI hope to learn from the masters of this16:02
ttxjohnthetubaguy, russellb: also at the next meeting you can cull the buglist, like remove targeted bugs that are not assigned to anyone16:02
ttxunlikely to get fixed before i316:02
russellbgood idea16:03
russellbjohnthetubaguy: this week's meeting is the early one, so you should be able to join right?16:03
johnthetubaguywe have a bug czar now, but that makes sense16:03
russellbyeah, once she gets ramped up, may make sense to have her here too16:03
russellbthe nova release management interface team ... or something16:03
johnthetubaguythe other thing, is bugs in progress for over a few weeks, and no patches, etc16:04
johnthetubaguyshould go back to triaged, etc16:04
russellbwe end up with bugs getting targeted at some random point, and then they just carried from milestone to milestone16:04
russellbso every milestone has this big list of cruft16:04
ttxrussellb, johnthetubaguy: ok, won't take up more of your precious time16:04
russellbttx: thanks!16:04
russellbthanks for your time i mean :-)16:04
ttxwe can synbc again on.. Friday16:04
johnthetubaguysounds good16:05
ttxshould look better by then16:05
russellbhope so :)16:05
russellbbut i'm afraid that's where we are too many weeks :(16:05
russellb"wow that's a mess ... go fix it and come back to me"16:05
* russellb hopes to have less of those going forward16:05
russellba big sign of what we did this cycle not working, time to rework the process16:05
russellbblueprint and bug czars, stricter rules about when blueprints can be targeted16:06
russellbare the things i'm banking on16:06
ttxrussellb: I'm brainstorming on how to best express targets and priorities16:06
russellbi feel like we need something in between "people communicating what they think" vs, project accepting it onto the list for a milestone16:06
russellbjust really hard to do that well right now16:07
ttxsee user stories in particular16:07
johnthetubaguyyah, I would love to see release prioritiy themes if its obvious16:08
russellbparallel priorities +116:08
russellbcool, good ideas on there16:09
ttxstill pretty much on the drawing board. i want it to be flexible and useful16:10
ttxjgriffith, david-lyle: ping me when you have 5 min16:11
david-lylettx: o/16:12
ttxdavid-lyle: quick look at
ttxdavid-lyle: at this point you should seriously question anything that doesn't have code proposed yet16:13
ttxi.e. only keep stuff where you know the change will be proposed really soon16:13
ttxdavid-lyle: but you're globally on track. Could have a little more code proposed and a little more "implemented"16:15
ttxneutron-subnet-mode-support is marked Blocked ?16:15
david-lyleI'm keeping tabs on the ones with pending code.  I trust it will be there. other than the validation bp, I will bump that16:15
david-lylewaiting for patches to land in neutron and neutron-client, small lift for horizon for high priority feature in neutron16:16
ttxok, blocking on landing from neutron16:16
david-lylemay require a FFE if we get to that point, hopefully we won't16:16
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, could make a good feature freeze exception16:16
ttxdavid-lyle: also you should check the unassigned bugs and maybe untarget them if nobody will be working on them in time for i316:17
ttxdavid-lyle: that's all I had16:17
david-lylethe only high, I will pick up if no one else does, the others can bump if no one takes them16:18
david-lylettx: great thanks16:18
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ttxmarkmcclain: got 5 minutes for a quick status update ?16:59
markmcclainttx: in meeting right now.. you going to be around 3.5 hrs from now?17:00
ttxmarkmcclain: no. So ping me tomorrow17:00
ttxno hurry17:00
markmcclainok.. I'll ping you then17:00
jgriffithttx: pong17:01
ttxjgriffith: o/17:11
ttxjgriffith: IIRC you wanted to follow the featureProposalFreeze17:12
ttxjgriffith: so you should probably go over the BPs now and defer those which haven't code proposed yet and you don't want to give a free pass to17:12
ttxjgriffith: you still around ?17:18
ttxI guess that counts as no17:22
* ttx needs to go. Those I haven't talked to today, expect me pinging you tomorrow17:23
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stevebakerttx: I'm about22:11
notmynamestevebaker: he said he'd catch us tomorrow22:11
stevebakerttx: ok22:11
stevebakernotmyname: ok22:12
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