Tuesday, 2014-03-25

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dhellmannhi, ttx12:17
* dhellmann realizes he's early12:21
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ttxdhellmann: oops12:31
ttxthis new time is killing my lunch12:31
dhellmannttx: sorry :-/12:32
ttxdhellmann: let's do this quick https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/icehouse-rc112:32
dhellmanntuesday is a commute day for me, so if I wait another hour to leave the house it throws off the whole day12:32
ttxso one bug left in there12:32
dhellmannyeah, bnemec had some questions about the approach -- I'm going to follow up today12:32
ttxdhellmann: where would the fix land exactly ?12:33
dhellmannone fix in oslo and 2 in glance12:33
dhellmannwe provide an option, they change their tool to use it, then they write a migration12:33
ttxfix in oslo -> in oslo-incubator ?12:33
ttxso it needs a sync afterwards ?12:34
ttx(just glance ?)12:34
ttxOK, would be good to nail that one before it delays glance rc112:34
dhellmannthe default for the option will be the current behavior, but we have to be able to turn that off for the glance migrations to run *up to* the one that fixes the encoding12:34
ttxNothing left in https://launchpad.net/oslo.messaging/+milestone/icehouse-rc112:35
ttxany other library update expected pre-release ?12:35
ttxI did oslo.rootwrap 1.2.0 yesterday12:35
dhellmannwe have one change going into cliff and then I'm going to tag a release this week12:35
dhellmannotherwise I think we're settled12:36
ttxok cool12:36
dhellmannit might even be good to cut our stable branch early so we can start working on libraries, but we can talk about that next week12:36
ttxdhellmann: any topic for todays meeting ?12:36
ttxmarkmcclain: around?12:36
ttxdhellmann: ok, thx, see you there12:36
dhellmannttx: thanks12:37
markmcclainttx: hi12:37
ttx19 bugs left12:38
markmcclainyeah much higher than I'd like12:38
markmcclainmost of the remaining bugs should have code associated12:39
ttxmarkmcclain: maybe make another pass to only select MUST HAVEs ?12:39
ttxThere are a few Low impact bugs in there that will probably make it before we cut RC1 anyway12:39
markmcclainI've been going through each day and removing the target on non-must haves12:39
markmcclainyeah for the low/med I haven't removed because most have 1 +212:40
ttxThe top 5 on the list are not marked "in progress", is a patch near for those ?12:40
markmcclainso https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1230407 has been covered by other work12:41
markmcclainI'm probably going to close it as too broad12:41
ttxok good12:41
markmcclainsame with https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/126549512:41
markmcclainI've been investigating this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/129199212:42
ttxLooks more like a gate blocker rather than a RC1 bug12:43
ttxunless it has real world effects too12:43
markmcclainthat's my impression12:43
markmcclainthe incidence rate the gate is not terrible12:43
markmcclainthere are two that I'd consider blockers:12:43
ttxStill high prio to fix, just not a RC1 blocker (can easily be fixed after)12:43
markmcclainand possibly:12:43
markmcclain'391 I'm having a hard time getting good info from the assignee12:44
markmcclaina patch has been promised 'tomorrow' for some time now12:45
ttxAll in all, it will take a few days to burn through that list12:45
ttxI think we should target early next week for a Neutron RC112:45
markmcclainyeah later than I'd like, but seem unavoidable right now12:45
ttxDoes that sound achievable ?12:45
ttxOK... Topics for meeting later today ?12:46
markmcclainnothing from my end… I've got conflict and might not make either meeting12:46
ttx(unrelated) did you prepare a gap coverage plan to expose at the TC meeting ?12:46
ttxoh, ok12:46
ttxwell, talk to you later, maybe12:47
markmcclainon the gap coverage I've been working on the plan12:47
markmcclainbut want to get a more firm commitment on a few resources before committing to a timeline12:47
markmcclainI'm afraid that not having a firm commitment might produce an realistic plan12:48
ttxjd__: around?12:49
jd__ttx: oui12:51
ttx7 bugs left12:52
ttxtwo of them are unassigned ?12:52
jd__not so bad12:52
jd__yep, I can probablt find a volunteer12:52
ttxyes, please assign volunteers to both12:53
ttxThe goal is to cut RC1 before the end of the week12:53
ttxso we need to burn those down quick12:53
ttx(or consider them non-release-critical)12:53
ttxdo you think RC1 this week is a realistic goal ?12:54
ttxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bug/1244182 sounds featureful to me at this point12:56
ttxjd__: should we remove it from list ?12:57
jd__it could be realistic12:57
jd__we can try at least, that would be a good goal12:57
jd__ttx: agreed on #1244182, removed12:58
ttxyay one down12:58
ttxjd__: just concerned that the curve for ceilometer isn't exactly going down at http://old-wiki.openstack.org/rc/12:59
ttxso you probably don't burn through the list fast enough to hit RC1 anytime soon12:59
ttxanything we can do to help ?12:59
jd__we just lack manpower I guess12:59
jd__I don't think we are blocked by anything otherwise13:00
ttxok, some probably time to ring the town hall bell13:00
ttxand get those last bugfixes in asap13:00
jd__I'll do that again in the meeting :)13:00
ttxjd__: anything you want to discuss at release meeting ?13:00
jd__ttx: all good13:00
ttxok ttyl13:01
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dolphmttx: o/14:06
ttxdolphm: o/14:06
ttxyou're all set ?14:07
dolphmttx: we *just* closed the last RC-blocker...14:07
dolphmttx: i assume we have time to wait a bit before cutting an RC?14:07
dolphm~24 hours?14:07
ttxOK, so here is what I propose: you go through the list of bugs to make sure there is no release-critical one that flies below the radar14:07
ttxand if the list is still at 0 tomorrow I cut RC1 there14:08
dolphmttx: sounds good14:08
ttxYou seem to be in good shape, I don't have any question14:09
ttxkeyanything you'd like to discuss at meeting later ?14:09
dolphmnot from me14:09
ttxdolphm: we'll need a keystoneclient version cut soon for what-you-know14:09
ttxideally on Thursday14:10
dolphmttx: i was about to message you about that; we'll be going through our outstanding reviews in the client today14:10
ttxso that we can properly advertise what it fixes14:10
dolphmttx: i'm hoping to cut a client tomorrow sometime14:10
ttxdolphm: ok, let's discuss that one offline14:10
ttxdolphm: ok thx!14:11
ttxjgriffith: missed our appointment, you around ?14:11
dolphmttx: /salute14:12
* ttx was busy trying to fit 120 blocks into 105 slors14:12
jgriffithttx: I'mhere14:16
ttxjgriffith: ok14:17
jgriffithttx: how did that work out for ya?14:17
jgriffiththe 120 block in 105 slots14:17
ttxfirst one to make fun of me ends up with 15 less lots at summit14:17
jgriffithttx: wasn't me14:17
jgriffithI said nothing14:17
ttxok, 2 bugs left14:17
jgriffith881 is in review14:18
jgriffiththe ssl one I may punt on14:18
ttxwhat wbout bug 129590614:18
jgriffithI'm done with drivers14:18
jgriffiththey're not blocking anything for me at this point14:18
jgriffithunless it's the ref driver14:18
jgriffithif it lands it lands14:19
jgriffithbut I'm not targetting it14:19
jgriffithor the 10 Vmware bugs14:19
* jgriffith is very unpopular this week :)14:19
ttxOK, looks like we could tag ~ Thursday14:19
jgriffithThat's what I'm thinking, yes14:19
ttxworks for me as an ETA14:19
jgriffithk... let's plan on it14:20
jgriffithThursday morning?14:20
jgriffithmy morning?14:20
ttxyour morning yes14:20
jgriffithsounds like a plan14:20
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at meeting later today ?14:20
jgriffithnot really....14:20
jgriffithamd I still up for the TC meeting stuff?14:20
* jgriffith hasn't checked agenda14:21
ttxyes, more than ever14:21
ttxsince markmcclain may miss it14:21
jgriffithI'll get ready for that then14:21
ttxcool, thx14:21
ttxrussellb: around?14:21
russellbttx: o/14:21
russellbjohnthetubaguy: dansmith ping, if you'd like to join14:22
ttxrussellb: got your crew of groupies with you ?14:22
* russellb summoning14:22
johnthetubaguyrussellb: howdy14:22
ttxyou're a true rockstar14:22
* dansmith chants russellb, russellb, russellb!14:22
ttx6 bugs left14:23
russellbseems doable for this week14:23
johnthetubaguydo we actually need all of them?14:23
ttxrussellb: one of them is a security issue that may miss the target, but I'll remove it from blockers list14:24
russellbbeen trying to figure out if we can drop any ...14:24
russellbttx: OK.  i figure most people can't see that one ;-)14:24
dansmithare all the vmware ones regressions?14:24
russellbjust had it on the radar14:24
russellbdansmith: they say they are, yes14:24
russellbwell, one is already approved i think14:24
russellbone is a regression14:24
russellbthe other isn't a regression, but has a CVE14:24
russellbso i figure we should include it14:25
johnthetubaguyyeah, that seems fair14:25
russellbshawns is approved, resize thing is regression14:25
russellbrescue is the CVE14:25
russellbthe critical one has a revert up for review, i think it's blocked by a tempest patch being merged first14:25
russellbbut should be easy enough to get in14:25
ttxOK, down to 514:25
russellband then the nasty libvirt one14:25
ttxrussellb: how about targeting end of week for the tag ?14:26
russellbttx: sounds reasonable to me.  dansmith johnthetubaguy thoughts?14:26
russellbjust gotta push these things through ...14:27
russellbdansmith: you guys were just talking about the resize one?14:27
dansmithrussellb: no, related stuff, not the fix itself14:27
russellbah, k14:27
ttxOK, sounds all reasonable. Anything you'd like to discuss at meeting today ?14:27
russellbthere was some confusion around keystone v3 in our last nova meeting14:27
russellbparticularly around v2 being deprecated, and what that meant for nova (and other projects), if anything14:28
ttxrussellb: sounds like a good topic14:28
russellbi was able to catch up with dolph a bit since then, but yeah, still sounds like a good thing to sync on14:28
ttxrussellb: please add to http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting14:28
russellbk will do14:28
ttxok guys, thx and talk to you all later14:28
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ttxdavid-lyle: o/14:31
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ttx14 bugs14:33
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-relmgr-office14:33
ttxdavid-lyle: looks like we can remove https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1291431 from list14:33
ttxWhat about the other two that are not set "in progress"14:36
ttxAr ethose likely to get fixed this week ?14:36
ttxAre they both release-critical ?14:36
david-lyle1292937 is a translation issue, but we could go without14:37
david-lyle1239757 is dependent on a keystoneclient patch14:38
david-lylewe should ship without that too14:38
ttxdolphm: are you considering https://review.openstack.org/#/c/59914/ for 0.7.0 ?14:38
david-lyleremoved milestone on the second14:38
david-lylewould be nice to have, but didn't have in icehouse either14:39
david-lyleI mean havana14:39
ttxOK, looks like we could tag early next week ?14:39
ttxmaybe end of this week ?14:39
david-lyleI think so14:39
david-lyledepending on fast we can get reviews done14:39
ttxOK, let's aim at early next week14:40
david-lylesounds good14:40
ttxanything youy'd like to discuss at meeting later ?14:41
david-lyleno, I'm set14:41
ttxcool, ttyl14:41
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dolphmttx: yes, i'd like to have it in 0.7.0 -- i'll put in on the list for today14:59
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notmynamettx: hello15:33
notmynamettx: did you see my email (from about 10 hours ago)?15:33
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ttxnotmyname: I did15:34
ttxnotmyname: and I heartily support that direction15:34
notmynamettx: that's basically what I was hinting at last week :-)15:34
notmynamettx: ya, it was a tough call (and caused me a ton of stress in the past several weeks) ;-)15:34
ttxnotmyname: how far are you from a RC1 tag ? bearing in mind that QA can happen after we tag for this one15:34
notmynamebut it's the right one15:34
notmynamettx: I did a little LP cleanup this morning, and I've looked at what's landed vs what's in queue15:35
ttxnotmyname: yes, synced swift releases are a bit like Ubuntu LTS. You don't really want to be introducing major new features in them15:35
ttxbetter to do that in the next one15:35
notmynamewell on the other hand, having it in the "LTS" also means more people get it :-)15:35
ttxnotmyname: it's why Ubuntnu still pushed major things in LTS after all :)15:36
notmynameI suspect that the next release will be 1.13.1 and not 1.14.0, but there's no reason to set that right now15:36
notmynamebut there's nothing worrysome about it15:37
notmynameI'm glad we did the 1.13.0 release already a few weeks ago. that makes this one simpler, IMO15:37
notmynamettx: so a release near the start of the RC period is what's I'm assuming. any risk or worry with that from your side?15:38
ttxnotmyname: no, I prefer start of RC too. I know distributions which started freezing their feature set would like to have a RC1 sooner rather than later too15:38
ttxalso will allow you to start landing storage policies incrementally in master, once we branch15:38
ttxnotmyname: is https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/next-icehouse tracking the remaining work ?15:39
* ttx removes the invalid bug from list15:39
notmynameFWIW, I actually expect to have storage policies pretty soon (maybe even just a few weeks after Icehouse--ie very close to the summit), and I'd like to cut a release asap after those land15:39
notmynamettx: ya, I'm currently using next-icehouse15:39
ttxnotmyname: ok, so if status is accurate there I think early next week would be the earlier that can be completed ?15:40
* ttx tries to gather rough ETAs to plan incoming work15:42
notmynamettx: I know that it's not complete yet, but I don't know everything that needs to be added. eg there is one patch in gerrit that must go it pre-icehouse. but next week seems reasonable15:42
ttxnotmyname: ok15:42
ttxnotmyname: any specific topic for meeting later ?15:42
notmynameassuming that the ceilometer stuff has been resolve (which I need to follow up with clarkb on), I don't have anything15:43
ttxnotmyname: ok, just add it to the meeting wikipage if it's not15:44
ttxnotmyname: thx!15:44
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ttxmarkwash: o/15:49
markwashttx: hi there15:50
ttx3 bugs left15:50
ttxmarkwash: how close are those last 3 ?15:51
markwashI think only 1279000 should make the cut15:51
markwashthe others have been stalled for some time15:51
ttxmarkwash: how about we remove the other two from list, and if they make it before the other one then good15:52
ttxThat would allow us to tag RC1 on ~ Thursday15:52
* ttx prunes15:52
ttxmight trigger more activity15:53
ttxOK, I think we are good here15:54
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ttxAny additional topic for meetign later ?15:54
markwashyeah it looks like the last bug has been moving. . I've been a bit out of it unfortunately15:54
markwashno I've no items for today15:54
ttxOK, we'll talk on Thursday and cut if ready then15:55
ttxmarkwash: thx!15:55
hub_capif u need someone to cut markwash, im close15:55
markwashsee you later15:55
ttxhub_cap: want to run now ?15:55
hub_capill do it for a pack of cigs15:55
hub_capttx for sure :)15:55
ttxhub_cap: only if you cut him with a cig cutter.15:55
markwashI will give you two packs to *not* cut me :-)15:55
hub_capill shank markwash till next wednesday for that15:55
hub_capmarkwash: its the fun of the look in your "et tu brute" eyes15:55
ttxhub_cap: https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/icehouse-rc115:56
hub_caplol ttx15:56
hub_capyessir :)15:56
ttxhub_cap: you look all set15:56
hub_capya we have a doc thing that doesnt really matter15:56
ttxI propose we cut tomorrow if you're still looking as good15:56
hub_capand i think we need to do the transifex import (its in flight but w/o a bug listing)15:56
hub_capthe transifex should come before rc1 right?15:56
ttxhub_cap: yes it should15:57
hub_capcool. so when is "The cut"?15:57
ttxa reasonably-current transifex import should be in15:57
hub_capbesides the one imma do to markwash15:57
ttxhub_cap: the cut is when ready, asap15:57
hub_capok cool15:57
hub_capthe transifex stuff mightve been merged, sec15:57
ttxbut then I don't want to trash it the next day15:58
hub_capaww yer no fun15:58
ttxso reasonable confidence that it's not too bad is good to have15:58
hub_capi say cut a rc1 daily ;) eventually u will be right15:58
hub_capyes i think that we are in that state15:58
hub_capill confirm w/ core (Gimme 30 min)15:58
ttxnobody tests dailies, which is why I do RCs instead :)15:58
hub_capand ill talk to u either before the meeting or during15:58
ttxhub_cap: We'll wait for tomorrow anyway15:59
hub_capok perfect. ill give u word today15:59
ttxhub_cap: ping me when you get up and confirm that you're still looking good15:59
hub_capand u can cut while im sleeping :)15:59
ttxhub_cap: gives you today to chase loose ends15:59
hub_capand no Qs for the aftn meeting15:59
* hub_cap knows the format15:59
ttxttyl then16:00
hub_capthx dude16:00
david-lylettx: requirements freeze today, does that include all version increases as well?16:14
ttxdavid-lyle: yes, but exceptions are ok16:15
ttxas long as they are properly communicated16:15
david-lyleok, thanks, just wanted to clarify16:15
sdagueand low risk16:15
ttxthe trick is to avoid putting distributions in a difficult situation by bumping the minimum supported version16:15
david-lylesure, understood16:15
david-lyleopenstack-auth is waiting on translations16:16
david-lyleis why I ask16:16
david-lyledon't want to release without them16:16
sdaguedavid-lyle: why would that require a requirements change?16:16
david-lylesdague, there are bug fixes too, that Horizon would like to leverage16:17
david-lylebefore releasing and bumping the required version16:17
sdaguedavid-lyle: right, but the old version still works right?16:17
david-lyleyeah, so we are considering leaving the requirement untouched, just wanted to verify what the policy is16:18
david-lyleand just tell users to grab the newest16:18
sdagueyeh, it's a discussion for summit, but I think we're bumping min versions too much when it can be user decision to pick up the bug fixes, not a hard fail if they don't16:19
david-lylesure, that makes sense to me16:19
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stevebakerttx: \o19:30
ttxstevebaker: o/19:33
ttx13 bugs left19:33
ttxa bit too many -- are all those release-critical ?19:34
stevebakerprobably not19:34
ttxstevebaker: might be good to refine to true blockers... anything that makes it until those are closed will also be included19:35
ttxthat will help in defining "ready"19:35
stevebakeryeah, I'm going through now. A lot would have landed by now if more reviews were happening19:35
ttxI feel like you'll be a bit late if we keep so many on the critical list19:35
ttxstevebaker: those should be safe to remove, since they will make it in the following days19:36
stevebakerI'm keeping an eye on the worm, even neutron are about to pass us!!19:36
ttxSo even with the list refined I think you won't be ready this week, so we should target early next week19:37
ttxdoes that make sense ?19:37
stevebakeryes, I'll crack the whip at tomorrow's meeting19:37
ttxOK, we'll reveiw progress on Thursday and readjust if necessary19:38
ttxthe sooner the better19:38
ttxstevebaker: anything you'd like to add to the agenda for the meeting ?19:38
stevebakerok, I'll spend today requesting specific reviews too19:38
stevebakernothing to add19:39
ttxok, ttyl19:39
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