Tuesday, 2014-04-15

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ttxdhellmann: o/12:16
dhellmannhi, ttx12:16
ttxI don't think we have anything left to do on oslo side ?12:16
dhellmannI was just reviewing, and I think we're done for icehouse.12:17
dhellmannwe have some work started for juno already12:17
ttxdhellmann: there won't be 1:1 syncs until after the design summit at this point12:17
ttx(next week meeting will be dedicated to summit scheduling)12:17
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at the meeting today ?12:18
dhellmannI need to go through those summit proposals again12:18
dhellmannnothing for the meeting, but if you have a few minutes to look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85047/ I'd appreciate it12:18
dhellmann(requirements change)12:18
ttxdhellmann: sure will do12:18
ttxtalk to you later!12:18
dhellmannok, thanks12:19
ttxjd__: around?12:48
jd__ttx: o/12:48
jd__hi ttx12:48
ttxI don't see anything worrying on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bugs?field.tag=icehouse-rc-potential12:48
ttxso the RC2 looks good to go at this point12:49
ttxYour release notes look good too12:49
ttxAs i told Doug, we won't have 1:1s with your successor until after the design summit12:49
ttxjd__: anything you' like to discuss at the meeting today ? Anything I should know about icehouse release ?12:50
jd__I don't think so, everything's good12:50
ttxYou have the gap plan to co-present with Eoghann at TC meeting today12:51
jd__ack, not sure I'll be there, but eglynn's gonna be better at this than me anyway12:51
ttxjd__: ok12:51
jd__thanks, bon courage :)12:52
ttxjgriffith: oops. late13:56
* ttx blames annegentle13:56
jgriffithttx: no worries13:58
jgriffithttx: You still have a significant number of credits13:58
russellbjgriffith: +1 :)13:58
ttxok so14:00
ttxjgriffith: anything new after RC3 ?14:00
jgriffithttx: no14:00
jgriffithttx: working on release notes14:00
jgriffithship it14:00
jgriffithAt this point it's going to take something VERY serious to sway me14:01
ttxand me14:01
ttxok, so yeah, please work on release notes, ideally today before meeting14:02
jgriffithttx: fair14:02
ttxwe won't have 1:1s again until after design summit14:02
jgriffithttx: but I'll miss you14:02
ttxand next week "release" meeting will be used for design summit scheduling14:02
ttxI'll be around14:02
jgriffithOk... kidding aside14:03
jgriffiththat sounds fine14:03
ttxAnything you'd like to add to today's meeting agenda ?14:03
* ttx glances quickly to https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bugs?field.tag=icehouse-rc-potential14:04
ttxshall it be documented as known bug ?14:04
jgriffithEither that or I can sneak it in now14:05
jgriffithI told jay I'd consider it14:05
ttxis that a regression from havana ?14:05
jgriffithbut then decided it was vendor/driver and I didn't care14:05
jgriffithTBH I don't know the answer to that14:05
jgriffithIt is minimal and safe though14:06
jgriffith7 lines14:06
jgriffithI'll bp it right now if it gets your vote14:06
ttxyeah, I'm more worried about the timing. If we had cauught that one last night... that would be a nobrainer14:06
ttxbut doing an RC4 4 hours after RC3, meh14:06
ttxI know some packagers will kill me14:07
jgriffithttx: no, if 3 is done that's it14:07
jgriffithttx: totally my bad for not getting it last night14:07
ttxRC3 is out yes14:07
jgriffithttx: especially after I was asked about in the AM14:07
jgriffithttx: then it's too bad and they can hate on me14:08
ttxseems to be a corner case. Can wait for stable/icehouse14:08
jgriffithttx: agreed14:08
jgriffithand I REALLY want to let the packagers do their work14:08
jgriffithI'll apologize to IBM14:08
jgriffithbut they'll be ok I"m sure14:09
ttxjgriffith: we can make the final call on that at meeting today14:09
ttxoen never knows what will be detected by the,14:09
jgriffithdon't even say it14:09
ttxand I'm slightly more open to doing a RC4 then than now, oddly14:09
jgriffiththat does seem odd14:09
ttxbecause at least then I'm sure it would be the last bus14:09
jgriffithfair enough14:10
ttxso yeah, let's keep it on the table14:10
jgriffithttx: is much more amicable than jgriffith14:10
ttxdolphm: around?14:11
ttxjgriffith: thx!14:11
dolphmttx: o/14:11
ttxdolphm: how is it looking so far ?14:11
dolphmttx: pretty quiet since last week14:12
ttxdolphm: I don't see anything new at https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bugs?field.tag=icehouse-rc-potential14:12
ttxyour release notes look good14:12
dolphmttx: still a few TODO's there, but i'm tackling those now14:13
dolphmmost of them, anyway14:13
ttxok -- the idea is to push the release gradually on thursday morning, so we'll have to greenlight it by wednesday evening14:13
ttxI would be surprised if we detected something NOW. But then shit happens that way14:14
dolphmttx: i'll be available then14:14
dolphmttx: that's how surprises are supposed to work :)14:14
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at meeting today ?14:14
dolphmttx: i don't believe so14:15
ttxdolphm: cool, thx!14:15
dolphmttx: i do have one low/medium priority patch that's ready for backport to "icehouse" -- should it wait for there to be stable/icehouse?14:15
ttxdolphm: yes14:16
dolphmttx: and you mentioned above to jgriffith that next week we'll be discussing summit scheduling - what does that include?14:17
ttxdolphm: mostly trading sessions and slots as needed14:18
ttxlike "I think this would loiok better in your track, John"14:18
dolphmttx: ah, alright. btw, i don't have access to review proposals at the moment14:19
ttxor "i could make use of that Friday afternoon slot you don't seem interested in, Doug".14:19
ttxdolphm: hah? What's your launchpad ID ?14:19
dolphmttx: dolph14:19
ttxdolphm: should be fixed now14:19
ttxrussellb: yt?14:20
dolphmttx: yay, graphs! thanks14:20
russellbttx: o/14:20
ttxrussellb: any RC3 looming on the horizon ?14:20
russellbttx: i'd really rather avoid it ... i know you would too14:21
ttxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1279199 looks like it could wait for stable/icehouse14:21
russellbis a regression14:21
russellbbut a secondary feature14:21
russellbso could probably just be a known issue14:21
ttxmybe a good one to document as known issue yes14:21
russellbsucks because i tried to fix it earlier, just didn't fix it completely14:22
russellboh well14:22
ttxif it was already fixed in master I could have considered it, but not yet14:22
russellbso yeah, i think we're good on sticking with RC214:22
russellbthere will always be some known issues14:22
russellbttx: it has been a pleasure working with you :)14:23
ttxok, release notes look good14:23
russellbthanks for being such an awesome release manager!14:23
ttxrussellb: we all know you'll be back14:23
russellbperhaps :)14:23
ttxanything you'd add to agenda for meeting today ?14:23
russellbthursday the day right?14:24
russellbrelease day i mean14:24
russellbbeers on me14:24
ttxyes. Actually we should have everything in the oven on wednesday night, since "releasing" takes time, thanks to LP14:24
ttxI'll get started on Thursday morning14:24
ttxso having final signoff on wed night is the best14:25
russellbi'll continue to keep an eye out14:25
ttxalthough release won't be completed before 15:00 utc14:25
ttxso if there is doubt we can wait a bit14:25
ttxfor /some/ projects14:25
russellbi'm going to buy an icehouse beer on thursday14:25
russellbjust 1, because it's terrible14:25
ttxI'll listen to icehouse then. Terrible too14:26
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ttxdavid-lyle: on a call right now, will ping you when done15:06
david-lylettx: ack15:06
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ttxnotmyname: o/15:32
notmynamettx: good morning/afternoon15:32
ttxnotmyname: RC2 still good to go ?15:32
notmynameAFAIK, yes. at least nothing else has come up. RAX expected their testing to be done yesterday, but they had some delay in their test system.15:33
notmynamettx: so far, yes. rc2 is good to go15:33
* ttx rfreshes releasenotes15:34
notmynameI updated that yesterday15:34
ttxI see you added key features, good15:34
notmynamewith high-level things and a link to the CHANGELOG15:35
ttxnotmyname: last call for RC respin would be tomorrow15:35
ttxso if you do't yell by then I'll consider RC2 good15:35
ttxWe will skip 1:1s until after design summit15:35
ttxand use next week release meeting to talk summit scheduling15:36
notmynamewhat about this week's meeting?15:36
ttxand slot adjustment if some program has less needs than allocated15:36
notmyname(unlikely ;-))15:36
ttxthis week wil be a quick glance at release status15:36
ttxshould be quick15:36
ttxjust giving people opportunity to raise red flags15:37
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at meeting today ?15:37
ttxok then15:37
ttxtalk to you later15:38
notmynamettx: from RAX "I'm told all of our regression tests are passing"15:38
ttxawesome :)15:38
notmynameone small question mark being looked into, but probably a config issue15:38
ttxdavid-lyle: around?15:41
david-lylettx: here15:42
ttxdavid-lyle: hos is your RC2 doing so far ?15:43
ttxi don't see anything worrying up at https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bugs?field.tag=icehouse-rc-potential15:43
david-lyleno major issues, I think it will hold up15:43
ttxdavid-lyle: cool, time to beef up your release notes section then15:44
ttxhttps://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Icehouse#OpenStack_Dashboard_.28Horizon.29 is pretty dry right now15:44
david-lyleworking on those now15:44
ttxok, we'll sync again at meeting time15:44
david-lyleHope to have done today15:44
ttxanything special you'd like to discuss at meeting ?15:44
david-lyleno, I'm good15:44
ttxdavid-lyle: cool, thx!15:45
ttxhub_cap: ready when you are15:45
hub_caples do this15:52
hub_capso yes i know i have to do release notes :)15:52
hub_capwhen are they due? ill try to get them done today15:52
hub_capttx ^ ^15:53
ttxhub_cap: your RC1 is still disturbingly unchallenged. Are you going to win the contest and drive a RC1 to final?15:53
ttxrelease notes are due on release day15:53
ttxso you probably have until tomorrow evening15:53
ttxsince "release" will happen while you sleep15:54
hub_capttx if by win the challeng u mean no one in the community is testing it15:54
hub_capthen yes ill win that challenge15:54
ttxglass half empty I see15:54
hub_capim a realist ;)15:54
hub_capso ill be tweaking mah release notes today15:55
hub_capthey will be done15:55
hub_capso as for project status today is that me or slicknik?15:55
hub_capi know tc is me today, for the trove review15:55
ttxdid you prepare an etherpad for it ?15:57
ttxI'll add the link15:57
ttxok added15:58
ttxhub_cap: looks like we are all good15:59
ttxno 1:1 meeting next week(s), and your successor will then take over15:59
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss for your last release meeting ?15:59
hub_capyea id like to discuss having a party for the leaving ptls16:00
hub_capin atl16:00
ttxhub_cap: ok, just add to agenda :)16:00
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hub_capi think slick is now joining even tho we are done16:00
hub_capSlickNik: no 1x1 next wk16:00
hub_cap15:59 < ttx> no 1:1 meeting next week(s), and your successor will then take over16:00
ttxSlickNik: we'll start them after design summit16:01
ttxSlickNik: next week release meetign we'll discuss design summit scheduling16:01
ttxSlickNik: it's like a trading cards show where you try to push extra sessions from your track to someone else's track16:02
hub_capttx i hope that law doesnt pass for limiting email/work in france :) /offtopic16:02
ttxhub_cap: it's not really a law or anything16:02
hub_capoh.. stupid headline grabbing16:02
ttxhub_cap: it's actually just saying that you can't be fired because you didn't check your pro email after 6pm16:02
hub_capoh thats actually aweosome16:03
ttxonly common sense16:03
hub_capfor sure!16:03
ttxbut in France we write common sense into rules :/16:03
hub_capLOL, nothign like a rule book you can stretch from here to the moon ;)16:03
ttxalso opt-in for companies. So far only 3 added that to their internal rules :)16:03
hub_capomg hahah16:04
ttxbut yeah, made a nice click-grabbing headline16:04
hub_capit was such a headliner here16:04
SlickNikWell, sometimes common sense can become uncommon. Probably just specifications for what to do in that case. :)16:04
ttxhub_cap: I had never heard about it before people pointed me to The Guardian16:04
hub_capthats hilarious16:04
SlickNikhub_cap/ttx: just to confirm this is the 1:1, the release meeting is later this afternoon, right?16:05
ttxSlickNik: yes16:05
hub_capSlickNik: ill inform ya16:05
ttxrelease meeting is 21:00 utc16:05
SlickNikThanks; roger that.16:05
hub_capoh ttx16:06
hub_capSlickNik: is in my TZ16:06
hub_capso... your fav TZ yet again!!16:06
hub_capttx: should i put only stuff in icehouse for release notes16:10
hub_capor a summary of our features since its our firest integrated release16:10
hub_caplike its our 1.0, so shoudl i put all our features?16:10
ttxhub_cap: I guess a high-level summary of features is relevant16:10
hub_capwe are gonna look like BALLERS16:12
SlickNikhub_cap: I can help review the notes / fill any gaps in.16:13
hub_caproger that SlickNik16:13
hub_capok i wont keep u longer ttx16:13
hub_capgo enjoy yer evening16:13
hub_capcu at like midnight16:13
ttxhub_cap: if you see that markwash slacker, tell him he is wanted here16:13
hub_capi could prolly walk to his house16:13
hub_capif nothing else ttx ill flame him for not showing ;)16:14
SlickNikThanks  guys. I'll catch up with you later.16:14
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ttxmarkwash: o/16:16
markwashttx: hi! sorry. I got up just early enough to be distracted when 8:45 rolled around16:16
ttxmarkwash: your RC2 is still looking good16:16
ttxNo new stuff on https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bugs?field.tag=icehouse-rc-potential16:17
markwashyeah I don't see any breaker blugs on the horizon16:17
markwashno blugs either, for that matter16:17
ttxYour release notes could use some polish, but the base is in there16:17
ttxI think you are good16:17
ttxno-return point will be tomorrow evening16:18
ttxso just ping me in case of emergency16:18
markwashokay thanks ttx !16:18
hub_capttx: roger16:18
ttxmarkwash: anything you'd like to discuss at meeting ?16:18
hub_capLOL im sorry ttx (i didnt see markwash )16:18
ttxmarkwash: we'll skip 1:1 until after design summit. Next week meeting we'll do summit scheduling16:19
markwashttx: no items from me16:19
ttxmarkwash: ok great! talk to you later then16:19
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ttxstevebaker: ready when you are19:16
ttxstevebaker: ping?19:41
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stevebakerhey, I'm in another meeting at the moment. could we have a quick talk in 20 minutes?20:31
stevebakerttx: ^20:32
ttxstevebaker: we can talk during the meeting in 28min20:32
ttx(release meeting)20:32
* ttx is in TC meeting right now20:33
stevebakerah, DST here. me confused20:33
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