Tuesday, 2014-07-01

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mikalttx: ping07:57
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:00
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ttx#topic Nova08:00
ttxmikal: o/08:01
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/juno-208:01
ttx#info 34 blueprints, most under code review08:02
mikalYeah, specs review day08:03
mikalSpecs review day went well08:04
mikalI've also written a summary of the merged specs08:04
* mikal finds the link08:04
ttx#info Spec Backlog: 11708:05
mikalSo, that means we ground through about 40 last week08:05
mikalNot perfect, but not terrible08:05
mikalOne thing we didn't realize is that autoabandon got turned off08:05
ttxyou won't be able to review more than 40 anyway :)08:05
mikalSo we needed to abandon a few things manually08:05
mikalYeah, Russell's stats say most were waiting on the authors as of the end of last week08:05
mikalOh yeah08:06
mikalWe also wont be able to keep up with the code proposals for many more either08:06
ttxmikal: do you think any of those specs still under review might make j-2 target ?08:06
mikalI think we also caught our first example of something we should have caught in a spec but missed as well08:06
ttxor would they be j-3 material at this point?08:06
mikalI don't think any will make j-2, but I am sure I'll be surprised08:06
ttxok, so the j-2 plan is mostly complete now08:07
ttxI think you're not in bad shape progress-wise08:07
mikalWell, we still have heaps of code and specs to review08:07
ttxbut you need to convert a few of those to "implemented" so that they go off the slate08:07
mikalBut I suspect that was true for the code last release as well08:07
mikalBut yes, I will ask cores to focus on review of things targetted to j-2 and bugs08:08
ttxI see a lot of specs were already taregted to j-308:09
ttxwhich is good08:09
mikalTo be honest JOhn is my guy there08:09
mikalSo he might be doing that for us already08:09
ttxOK, did you have anything else to mention?08:10
mikalJohn and specs is the most solid example of delegation we have in nova aat the moment08:10
mikalNot that I can think of08:10
mikalI think we're going ok08:10
ttxi'll be away next week, so we might just skip 1:1s ten08:10
ttxanything you want to add to project meeting agenda ?08:10
mikalNot that I can think of08:10
ttxwell then, let's call it done08:11
mikalWorks for me08:11
mikalThanks for your time08:11
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johnthetubaguyttx: mikal: sorry got up late today, forgot it was tuesday08:33
johnthetubaguyttx: new blueprints are going straight to j-3 at this point, more than moving them, just yet, but its getting closer08:34
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around?08:55
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup08:55
ttx#topic Sahara08:55
ttx#info 12 blueprints08:56
ttxSlow progress compared to last week08:56
SergeyLukjanovttx, heh, statuses of some bps are outdated08:56
ttxI think most of the work should be started by now08:56
ttxok, could you update them now ?08:56
ttxi can grab a coffee in the mean time :)08:56
SergeyLukjanovttx, doing it now08:57
ttxah, that looks a lot better09:01
ttxI saw you merged 2 specs, too09:01
ttxSergeyLukjanov: you look in good shape09:02
ttxI won't be around next week, so we'll probably skip the 1:1s09:03
SergeyLukjanovttx, okay09:03
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think bps now in correct state09:03
ttxlooks like you're almost done now09:04
ttxyou may even try to sneak a few j-3 things in09:04
SergeyLukjanovttx, (I hope that AirFrance has wifi on board and I'll be online on the project meeting)09:04
ttxso they don't09:04
SergeyLukjanovttx, yeah, I think so09:04
ttxunless it's a delta rebranded flight and you're flying over the US09:05
ttxanything else you wanted to mention?09:05
SergeyLukjanovttx, nope, it's a Moscow to Paris flight by AirFrance, so, probably, I'll have 4 additional hours to sleep09:06
ttxsleep is good09:06
SergeyLukjanovttx, we're making some progress on using specs09:06
ttxI've seen that. No backlog, 2 approved09:06
SergeyLukjanovttx, it's a bit difficult to adopt them due to the language barrier sometimes, but I think we'll get into the way during the J09:07
SergeyLukjanovttx, sahara@horizon patches review were more active last week :)09:07
ttxSergeyLukjanov: good thing. Anything else?09:08
SergeyLukjanovttx, nope, I think that's all09:08
SergeyLukjanovttx, thanks09:08
ttxCool, have a safe flight, and enjoy paris!09:08
SergeyLukjanovttx, thx!09:08
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eglynn-travelttx: knock, knock11:30
eglynn-travelttx: can we do ceilometer a little early today?11:30
ttxeglynn-travel: sure11:31
* eglynn-travel is at airport on way to mid-cycle, about to loose wifi11:31
eglynn-travelttx: now work for you?11:31
ttxeglynn-travel: just a sec11:31
ttx#topic Ceilometer11:32
eglynn-travel#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/juno-211:32
eglynn-travel... in *slightly* better shape than last week11:32
eglynn-travelstill seeing lag though on ceilo-specs reviews11:32
eglynn-travela fair bit of review activity on ceilo-specs11:32
eglynn-travel.. but still lots of in-flight reviews *and* several more proposals expected before SAD11:33
ttx#info 6 blueprints, progress on track11:33
* eglynn-travel will propose a "review jam" at the mid-cycle to get some of those spec closed off11:33
* eglynn-travel copies the cool kids in Ironic ;)11:33
ttx#info Spec backlog: 1711:33
eglynn-travelalso a concern that we've two open critical bugs11:34
eglynn-travel#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/132867911:34
eglynn-travel#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/133619311:34
eglynn-travelrelated to oslo-messaging, timeouts in tests11:34
ttxhmm, ok. Hope you will nail them down soon11:34
eglynn-travelboth are assigned to Mehdi who's out on vacation this week11:34
eglynn-travelyeah they're serious as they're causing blockage in the gate11:35
ttxmaybe try to address them during sprint?11:35
eglynn-travelyeap, /me hopes to leverage the big oslo-msg brains in attendance at the mid-cycle11:35
eglynn-travel(markmc + flapper87)11:35
ttxHow many more specs do you expect to to sneak into j2?11:36
eglynn-travelI'm expecting at least 4 more to land11:36
ttx4 that are not listed in j2 yet?11:36
eglynn-travelso the specs are still under review, but coding work is happening in parallel11:37
eglynn-travel... yeap I know, cart before the horse :(11:37
ttxit's fine. It's expected while we build the pipeline of spec/implementation11:38
eglynn-travele.g. the FWaaS, VPNaaS patches are well-progressed, but the corresponding BPs can't be targetted as the spec hasn't landed11:38
ttxok, anything else on your side?11:38
eglynn-travelnope that's all from me11:39
ttxI will skip the 1:1 s next week as I'm out at a conference giving a talk11:39
ttxAnything you'd like to add to meetign agenda for today?11:39
eglynn-travel... I'll try to make the project/release status meeting later but no guarantees as I'll be in Paris by then with possibly iffy wifi11:39
ttx#info 4 more specs expected to be accepted and potentially landed in J211:39
eglynn-travelbut nothing specific for the agenda in any case11:39
eglynn-travelthank you sir!11:40
ttxok. No specific topic was posted for it yet, so it might be a short one11:40
ttxthanks! Safe travel!11:40
* eglynn-travel makes a run for airport security ...11:40
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ttxdhellmann: ready when you are11:41
dhellmannttx: good morning11:59
dhellmanner, afternoon :-)12:00
ttx#topic Oslo12:00
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/juno-212:00
* ttx updates specs he knows the status of12:01
ttxThis looks a bit late, is the status current?12:01
ttxLots of unknown which I assume means "not started"?12:02
dhellmannyes, those are mostly mine12:02
dhellmannI intend to start this week on the testing thing12:02
dhellmannthe logging items are all somewhat related to the graduation, different facets12:02
dhellmannthat one might slip to j3 but I will have it started before j212:03
ttx#info 10 blueprints, slightly behind12:03
ttx#info spec backlog: 1612:03
ttx(down 3)12:03
ttxyou said last week your plan would be near-final by now, do you think it is now ?12:04
dhellmannyes, I think there are a couple of specs here ready to be approved but then that will mostly be it12:05
ttx#info J2 plan is near-final12:05
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo.messaging/+milestone/juno-212:05
dhellmannI haven't looked, did you weigh in on the rootwrap-daemon blueprint?12:05
* dhellmann was afk yesterday12:06
ttxdhellmann: I will soon12:06
ttx#info 1 oslo.messaging BP, under review12:06
ttxI had a question about cutting alpha versions of the next rootwrap12:07
ttxit sounds like I should, with the chaining-regexp-filter in12:07
ttxso that it could be used by the cinder folks that added it12:08
ttxwe are at 1.2.0 currently12:08
dhellmannthat makes sense12:08
ttxshall we do 1.3.0a things?12:09
dhellmannif 1.3 is the next release, of course12:09
ttxwould the daemon stuff trigger 2.0 or 1.3 in semver?12:09
ttxit's a whole new way of using rootwrap, but the old one shall be preserved12:09
dhellmannI think semver would say 1.312:10
dhellmannbut, that is a pretty big feature12:10
dhellmannso I would have to read the rules again to be sure12:10
ttxno hurry, the new filter clearly is 1.312:10
ttxso we can do
ttxhow does that work? just a tag?12:11
dhellmannyes, just like a regular release but the pattern matching sees it is an alpha and does something different on the backend12:11
ttxall hail zuul12:11
ttxok, did you have anything else on your mind?12:12
dhellmannheads up that apparently there were some issues installing alpha versions of libraries12:12
ttx#info there were some issues installing alpha versions of libraries12:12
dhellmannI haven't looked into it yet, since it came up on IRC yesterday when I was afk12:12
ttx#info issues are under investigation12:12
dhellmannI think the problem is just bad arguments to pip causing pip to not see the alpha versions12:12
ttxsaw a thread about that, I think12:13
dhellmannok,  I'm still catching up on the ML12:13
ttxdhellmann: i'll skip the 1:1s next week due to conference12:13
dhellmannok, shall we do email status updates?12:13
ttxdhellmann: no, we should be fine12:13
ttxIf I have any specific question i'll ping you12:14
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at the cross-project meeting today?12:14
dhellmannsounds good12:14
dhellmannyes, we anticipate another update to oslo.db soon (0.3.0) with opportunistic migration test fixes for both sqlalchemy-migrate and alembic12:14
dhellmanndevananda and the ironic team will be happy to know that, at least12:14
ttxis it more of a news item, or a topic for discussion?12:15
dhellmannjust news12:15
ttx#info Oslo anticipate another update to oslo.db soon (0.3.0) with opportunistic migration test fixes for both sqlalchemy-migrate and alembic12:15
dhellmannI want to give projects notice when we're going to do releases to avoid surprises12:15
ttxOK, maybe just mention it while we go through the 1:1s notes12:15
ttxcool, thx... and ttyl12:16
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jgriffithttx: can you remind me what time we settled on :(13:28
jgriffithI have 3 entries on my calendar at this point13:28
ttxheh, 30minutes from now. 14:00 UTC13:28
ttxjgriffith: ^13:29
jgriffithttx: excellent13:29
jgriffithknoew there would be a wiki somewhere ;)13:29
jgriffithsee ya in a bit then13:29
ttxjgriffith: we are on13:59
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ttxjgriffith: ?14:02
jgriffithttx: :)14:03
jgriffithttx: figures14:03
ttx#topic Cinder14:03
ttx#info 16 blueprints, slow progress14:03
ttxtoo many not started... not enough completed :)14:03
jgriffithI'll be talking to folks tomorrow14:03
jgriffithlikely cutting some *again*14:04
ttxwould be good to complete one this time :)14:04
jgriffithtell me about it :)14:04
ttx#info Spec backlog: 3614:04
ttxwhere is the bottleneck? review power?14:05
jgriffiththat and nits14:05
jgriffithreviewers in Cinder have turned into monsters14:06
jgriffith"you spelled this wrong", "My way is better" etc14:06
jgriffithI'm working on addressing some of that14:06
ttx"The return of the Femtonit Monsters"14:06
jgriffithhaha... yes14:06
jgriffithsome of them are also the abstraction driver debate14:07
ttxwhat about those approved specs that are not started? (or unknown)?14:07
jgriffiththose people are just slackers14:07
* ttx dcc sends whip14:07
jgriffithI need to check in with them (the ones I can find) and see what's up14:07
jgriffithI'll try and scrub these a bit before this afternoon14:08
ttxI won't be around for 1:1 next week, so i won't be able to yell at you about this next week14:08
jgriffithhaha... then I better make sure I take some initiative and get it handled14:08
ttxbut in two weeks time it will be too late to fix14:08
jgriffithelse I'll be 2 weeks behind and too late14:08
ttxdo you expect much more specs to make it into j2? Or would it be mostly all j3 at this point ?14:09
jgriffithI was hoping for a couple more, but it's getting too late unless they have code in progress14:09
ttxno more "not started" :)14:09
jgriffithI expect after this week I'm about done on J214:09
jgriffithdef not that14:10
ttxOK, any additional topic for the meeting tonight?14:10
ttxok then ttyl14:10
ttxdolphm: ready when you are14:10
dolphmttx: I'm a minute from my desk14:13
dolphmttx: o/14:15
ttx#topic Keystone14:15
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/juno-214:15
ttx#info 5 blueprints, slow progress14:15
ttx#info spec backlog: 1414:16
ttxdolphm: you've added targeted blueprints, but it feels a bit behind... still thinking they will make it?14:16
dolphmaudit support would be fine to land in j3, but has potential to make j2 for sure14:17
dolphmi'm worried service tokens might slip14:17
ttxdo you have a blueprint about the keystonemiddleware split14:18
dolphmspec- https://github.com/openstack/keystone-specs/blob/master/specs/keystonemiddleware/split-middleware-repo.rst14:18
dolphmbp- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/keystone/+spec/split-middleware14:18
ttxit's not targeted?14:19
dolphmttx: fixed!14:19
dolphmand prioritized14:19
ttxIt's one of those which need to land early enough for packagers to pick it up14:20
dolphmttx: agree! we're hoping to make a 1.0 release ASAP for that reason14:20
ttxhmm, I should write a script to find approved specs that don't have a matching targeted Bp14:20
ttx#action ttx to write a script to find approved specs that don't appear to have a corresponding targeted blueprint14:21
ttxbecause they can quickly fall in the cracks14:21
dolphmcan we automate the entire blueprint side of things?14:21
ttxheh, working on it14:21
ttxdo you expect a lot more specs to make j2? Or should it be considered almost complete at this point?14:22
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dolphmwe definitely have a few more specs that are about ready to be merged, that have implementations already in review... i could see 3 of those in j3 (i think i said ~5 last week)14:24
dolphmerr j2**14:24
ttx#info expecting potentially 3 more specs to land in j214:24
ttxdolphm: anything else you wanted to mention?14:24
ttxI won't be around for 1:1 sync points next week14:24
ttxso we'll skip14:24
dolphmnot yet - looking forward to announcing the switch keystonemiddleware next week14:24
dolphmthe week after next*14:25
ttxanything you want to discuss at meeting today?14:25
ttxok, then i'll talk to you later14:25
ttxdavid-lyle: ready when you are14:25
dolphmttx: /salute14:25
david-lylettx: ready14:26
ttx#topic Horizon14:26
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/juno-214:26
ttx#info still an impressive 55 blueprints14:26
david-lylelarge group of contributors, I expect several of those to slide to j-314:27
ttxdavid-lyle: you might need to increase the rate to which you get them fully implemented if you don't want to end up deferring most of them :)14:27
ttxGood progress on the >=Medium ones14:27
ttx#info Progress looks good on the >=Medium ones, lots under review though14:28
ttxand already 22 in j3 :)14:28
ttxdavid-lyle: SergeyLukjanov reported good progress on the Sahara dashboard stuff14:28
david-lylelots of reviews on the Sahara patches, we're getting close to getting them merged14:29
ttxOk, like I said before, i'll miss the 1:1 sync next week, so don't wait for me then14:29
ttxdavid-lyle: anything else you wanted to mention?14:29
david-lyleno, we're set, just need to get code merged14:30
ttxdavid-lyle: any topic to discuss to the meeting today?14:30
david-lylemaybe just a request to make sure key features from the various teams that they feel really need to be in Horizon in Juno are represented by BPs at this point14:31
ttxthat's a good one, i'll make sure we mention it14:32
ttxok then, see you there!14:33
david-lylesee you later14:33
* ttx brbs14:34
ttxmestery: ready when you are14:40
mesteryttx: o/14:40
ttx#topic Neutron14:40
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-214:40
ttx#info 32 blueprints, slightly behind14:41
mesteryWe may land a few more BPs this week yet, there are a few that are close.14:41
mesteryMost are vendor related I believe (of the ones which are yet to be approved).14:41
ttx#info Spec backlog: 10214:42
ttxmestery: what is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/l3-high-availability blocked by?14:42
mesteryttx: We need a spin on the spec, it's on my list to ping sylvain today on that.14:42
mesteryttx: The spec is close, one more revision and we should be able to approve it.14:43
ttxah, ok14:43
ttxI won't be around for next week 1:1s, so you'll have to make progress without me prodding :)14:43
mesteryttx: :P14:44
ttxI don't see much to add, defer to j3 early when you know it won't make it14:44
mesteryttx: Ack14:44
ttxAnything you'd liek to mention on the log?14:44
mesteryWe have our mid-cycle sprint next week on nova-network parity. We should have a bunch of progress there to report in 2 weeks.14:45
ttxCool. Any topic to add to meeting agenda for today?14:45
mestery20 people or so joining us to hack, test, and write docs.14:45
mesteryNothing on my part this week.14:45
ttxok great. Talk to you later!14:45
mesterythanks ttx, l8r!14:45
ttxnotmyname: we can talk now if you're around14:45
ttxotherwise, in 45min.14:46
ttxlet's say at the normal time -- /me enters call14:54
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*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office15:04
notmynamettx: normal time for me today (I'm only just online now)15:10
*** david-lyle has quit IRC15:12
notmynamettx: ready when you are15:30
ttxnotmyname: o/15:32
ttx#topic Swift15:32
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/2.0.015:32
ttxHow is 2.0.0 validation going so far ?15:32
notmynameI updated LP yesterday. it's Mostly OK (tm) now15:33
ttxyep I think it looks good enough15:33
ttxnothing came up in testing so far ?15:33
ttxstill shooting for July 3rd?15:33
notmyname2.0 validation is going well, I think. there is one small issue reported this morning. I need to follow it up today to see if it needs to land pre-release or not15:33
notmynamedepends on what comes up today, but the goal is still to have QA done tomorrow and release on thursday15:33
ttxdo you have alink to the issue ? like a bug ?15:33
ttx#info Swift 2.0.0 still hoped on July 315:34
notmynameno, just a gerrit patch. commit message describes the specific issue, but the question is around systemic issues (not the particular call to max())15:35
notmyname#info tracking https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103731/ for impact in 2.0 release plans15:35
ttxcool thx15:35
ttxAnything else you wanted to mention here ?15:35
notmynamethat's it as far as current swift things15:36
ttxLike I told the others, I'll have to skip the 1:1s sync next week15:36
notmynamenext up for today is the TC meeting and the team meeting15:36
ttxAnything you wanted to add to cross-project meeting agenda ?15:36
ttxOK then, talk to you later!15:37
ttxzaneb: o/15:45
ttx#topic Heat15:45
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/juno-215:45
ttx#info 9 blueprints, good progress15:45
zanebthat's actually looking pretty tidy :)15:46
ttx#info Spec backlog: 1215:47
ttxso yes, you seem to be in good shape15:47
ttxDo you expect a lot more blueprints to get added to j2 target ?15:48
zanebreviewing the spec backlog is on my TODO list for this week15:48
zanebI suspect not a huge number15:48
zanebI've been going through the untargeted bps today15:48
zanebbecause I have to do a webinar about the road map :D15:49
ttxok, anything else you wanted to mention?15:49
ttxheh, damn webinars :)15:49
zanebbut I don't think there's much for j-215:49
zanebnope, all good :)15:49
ttxI'll skip our 1:1 next week as I'm traveling15:49
ttxback in two weeks15:49
zanebok, cool15:49
ttxmake good progress till then :)15:49
ttxAnything you wanted to add to the meeting agenda ?15:50
zanebwe'll try ;)15:50
ttxok, then I'll free you for more productive use of your time15:50
*** markwash has joined #openstack-relmgr-office15:50
ttxzaneb: thx! and talk to you later!15:50
zanebcool, thanks!15:50
ttxmarkwash: ready when you are15:51
markwashttx: hi there! I'm ready in 2 minutes15:51
ttxok ping me then15:51
*** markmcclain has quit IRC15:52
markwashttx: back15:55
ttx#topic Glance15:55
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/juno-215:55
ttx#info 3 blueprints, looks roughly on track15:56
ttx#info spec backlog: 815:56
markwashI expect 2 of the most important of those specs to get approved this week or early next15:57
ttxare you getting on top of the specs repo reviews?15:57
markwashit hasn't gone great, there's definitely the back log that I'm not happy about15:57
ttxI know you talked with marketing folks about the weird consequences of changing program names15:57
ttxi don't want that to block you though15:58
ttxso maybe we should pass the mission without the program name change for the time being15:58
markwashthat is correct, mostly I think they were concerned that "repository" conjures a different image in deployer's minds than in ours15:58
markwashoh, good suggestion15:58
markwashI can prep that change immediately if we want to try to approve it in today's meeting15:58
ttxthey are also scared to chnage the name and the feature doesn't make it in Juno :)15:58
markwashhehe +115:59
ttxwell, today meeting... is a bit special15:59
ttxbut next week for sure15:59
ttxOK, anything you wanted to mention?15:59
ttxI'll skip our 1:1 next week15:59
ttxshall be in the middle of a talk15:59
markwashttx: I'm a bit uncertain about the wording in the glance section here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-designated-sections16:00
markwashshould I just copy it over to the governance change, though, and take feedback/suggestions?16:00
markwashor do you have any cleanup suggestions immediately for me16:00
ttxmarkwash: i would wait until the meeting today16:01
ttxwe may punt.16:01
markwashsounds like quite a meeting16:02
markwashokay I think that's it from me16:02
ttxNothing to add to meeting agenda ?16:02
markwashprobably going to be mostly watching US world cup, TBH16:03
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* markwash is what he is16:03
markwashbut I'll follow along16:03
ttxok :)16:04
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ttxSlickNik: ready when you are16:10
SlickNikttx: ready now16:10
ttx#topic Trove16:11
ttx#info https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/juno-216:11
ttx#info 14 blueprints, looks on track16:11
SlickNikCleaned up juno-2 work to better reflect what's in progress and what I think we'll accomplish.16:12
ttxyes, it sounds more realistic from where I stand16:12
ttxI see juno-3 is shaping up as well16:13
ttxI don't have anything special to call out16:13
ttxAnything you wanted to mention?16:13
SlickNikNot much.16:14
ttxi'll miss the 1:1 next week, so we'll talk agin in two weeks16:14
ttxAnything for the meeting today?16:14
SlickNikI might not be present at the meeting today.16:15
ttxOK. Did you have anything you wanted to appear in Horizon?16:15
ttxand if yes, is there a blueprint for it in their Juno plan already?16:15
SlickNikThere's a couple of trove changes to horizon that we do need.16:15
ttxthat's the only topic we'll have today, so I can parrot you16:15
SlickNikOne sec, let me get the details.16:15
SlickNikThis one is needed for the neutron support:16:16
SlickNik#link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101055/16:16
SlickNikAnd this one for datastore support in Trove:16:17
ttxOK, I'll make sure those are mentioned.16:18
ttxAnything else ?16:18
SlickNikThere are others, but those two are the top priority ones we'd like to get merged.16:18
SlickNikNope that's all I had.16:18
ttxThat concludes the PTL syncs for today16:19
SlickNikThank you!16:19
SlickNikCatch you later, ttx!16:19
ttxhmm, something was lost16:20
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