Thursday, 2014-07-03

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Kiallttx: Heya - just confirming our meet is in 45mins?11:46
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ttxKiall: confirled12:18
KiallHeya :)12:28
ttx#startmeeting incub_sync12:29
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ttx#topic Designate12:29
ttxKiall: hi!12:29
KiallHeya :) So, first time doing one of these. Could you give me an intro? :)12:29
ttxWell, it's more to ensure you have time to ask questions, and so that we sync on juno status12:30
ttxthe latter becomes more important as you start to have your mielstones published by release management rather than yourself12:30
ttxbasically, we gradually make sure you handle releases and the release cycle in the common way12:30
ttxand have opportunity to learn and ask questions while doing so12:31
ttxAt this point, designate always did its own release work12:31
KiallOkay - sure.. I guess that leads to my first question then :) When do we start having you handle releases? I'm guessing it's not "now" - but sometime soon?12:31
ttxalthough it's already aligned with the release series12:31
KiallYea, our process is 99% identical. Although, we did miss/skip j112:32
ttxwhat do you want to do with j1 ? Should we mark is done/inactive?12:32
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KiallI was considering simply cutting a j1 release sometime in the next few days - But, not sure it's worth it. We have very little user facing changes so far - it's all been core work.12:33
ttxalternatively we can move everything to j2 and "cancel" j112:33
ttxyour call12:34
KiallOkay - That sounds like as good a plan, we'll migrate all the bugs/bps and close j1 on launchpad.12:34
ttxwe can switch to release-management managed releases for j212:34
ttxif you think you can hit the deadline12:35
ttxthe tooling should be mostly ready12:35
ttxwe'll just have to adjust a few permissions in LP12:35
KiallOkay, that depends on what you need from us :) We should be following the process pretty closely already, but there may be a few small things.12:35
ttxif we do that now I can use scripts to move everything to j2 and cancel j1 for you12:35
KiallI actually believe you should already have access - the designate LP projects are marked as part of openstack12:35
ttxthat's unfortunately not enough ;) You need to set openstack-admins as maintainer of
KiallSo - you should inherit perms via that, correct?12:36
ttxand then add the openstack-release group in the designate-drivers group12:36
KiallOkay. I'll do that straight after our meet.12:36
KiallSo - Is there anything else we might need to change before j2 for you to be able to handle the releases?12:37
ttxyou'll keep rights over the project via the designate-drivers group still being the "drivers" of the project12:37
ttxI don't think so12:37
ttxI shall inherit everything needed from "all projects" in gerrit12:38
KiallOkay - Excellent.12:38
ttxcould you set the Lp perms now ? Then i can use my scripts to move bugs around12:38
ttxthat way you won't have to manually do it and we can agree o nthe result12:38
KiallDone on both designate and python-designateclient12:39
ttxthen it's just a question of you letting me know of a master SHA you'd like to tag as juno-2, ideally during the juno-2 common week12:39
ttxand i'll run the script to make it happen12:39
KiallOkay - That's no problem12:39
ttxok, let me try the defer bug script12:40
KiallSo, another question. We have a in-tree DevStack plugin, and HP has a (currently not open source) Horizon plugin. We'd like to get these merged to devstack/horizon - is that something we can do yet?12:40
ttxit's a bit of a chicken-and-egg, and the TC resolved that it's something you shall do during your first integrated cycle (between the time you graduated to integrated and the first release as integrated)12:41
ttxso for example sahara is doing it during the Juno cycle12:41
* SergeyLukjanov lurking12:41
ttxbut then you need to opensource it first ;)12:41
KiallOkay, so that's a "not yet" then?12:41
ttxyes, not yet, but I'd work (1) on opensourcing it and (2) in getting horizon devs feedback on it12:42
ttxSergeyLukjanov can let you know how he did it12:42
KiallYea - our Horizon team are not wanting to maintain it in two places, so really want to push it into horizon rather than another repo.12:42
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ttxKiall: at this point you should probably publish it in a git repo under the designate program12:42
ttxand maintain it there until horizon can take it12:42
ttxlike sahara did with openstack/sahara-dashboard12:43
SergeyLukjanovyup, and then you could ask horizon devs to take a look on it12:43
KiallYea, that's plan B :) I have Endre extracting it from our internal horizon fork at the moment, then we'll need to pass it through our open source process.12:43
SergeyLukjanovand when you'll be integrated you'll start merging hell12:43
SergeyLukjanovKiall, the super huge pros of such approach - ability to easy hack your dashboard code12:45
SergeyLukjanovit'll be impossible after merging into horizon12:45
KiallOkay - So, another question, beyond looking after the project itself, are they any other expectations for PTLs?12:45
ttxKiall: small note, you should not be using "Juno" series in your bugs, like in
Kiall(+ beyond this weekly sync up :))12:45
ttxjust use the default series12:45
ttxotherwise most scripts are confused12:45
KiallOh. Okay, I think all our bugs are like that12:46
ttxno only 3 of them were12:46
ttx(from the j-1 targeted things at least)12:46
ttxthe default series means 'the series under development"12:46
KiallAh - Yea, there is piles more which aren't on j1.12:46
ttxjuno series is a bit of a corner case in Lp12:47
ttx is now empty12:47
ttxshal I just delete it now ?12:47
ttxOK, so we are good12:47
KiallShould we fix any bugs targeted to Juno BTW?12:48
ttxbah don't bother12:48
ttxwe'll catch them when the scripts fail12:48
ttxfwiw development milestoes are just point in time12:48
ttxa common time reference, handy for rough targeting estimates12:49
ttxit's not supposed to be a lot better or worse than any point in master12:49
ttxalthough we try to avoid tagging when it's utterly broken12:49
KiallMakes sense.12:49
KiallSo, another question, beyond looking after the project itself, are they any other expectations for PTLs?12:50
ttxOK, that's all i had for today. like I said, next week we'll have a look at the j-2 targeted content and try to see if it makes any sense12:50
ttxKill: did you read ?12:50
ttxKiall: ^12:50
ttxHmm, looks like I need to update it a bit12:51
ttxthe whole milestone-proposed thing is a bit outdated now12:51
Kiallttx: Aha - I was looking for a page like that, and missed it.12:51
ttxI will update it, but I suspect most of it will still be current12:51
ttxI'll have it updated before next week sync point12:51
KiallOkay - I've watched the page, once you have updated I'll review it12:51
ttx#action ttx to update
ttxOk, that's enough for a first contact :)12:52
ttxtalk to you next week!12:52
KiallThanks ttx - cya :)12:52
ttx(unelss you have another question)12:52
KiallNo, that's it for now :)12:52
ttxOK! have a good day!12:52
Kiallsame to you :)12:53
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ttxjraim: around?15:31
ttxdevananda: ready when you are15:39
devanandattx: hi!15:40
ttxlooks like you're the only one around again :)15:40
ttx#topic Ironic15:40
ttxwell, I had kiall this morning15:40
devanandaonly real news from last week is
* flaper87 is around for Marconi15:41
devanandaironic core team did a hangout, looked at our notes from the summit, and tried to evaluate where we are on accomplishing them15:41
devanandathat email summarizes it15:41
devanandaoh, and one other news15:41
devanandaNova approved the spec for an ironic virt driver15:42
ttxdevananda: cool15:42
devanandaso I'm quickly prepping the code for landing it there.15:42
ttxdevananda: is up to date with the plan described in the Google spreadsheet ?15:42
ttxLooks a bit thin15:42
ttxYou use specs iirc15:43
devanandayes, however many of them haven't landed15:43
ttxYou can use to keep spec in line with spec state15:43
devanandaI'm hoping to corralle the spec review team into landing them by next week, then i'll target. it seems a bit rushed15:43
devanandafwiw, we've also got 33 open specs right now15:44
ttxas long as the spec and the blueprint have the same name, you can run the script when the spec is approved15:44
ttxas long as you're incubated it's not a big deal if the bleuprint plan lags a bit15:44
ttxsince it's not published as part of
devanandait's a bit awkward to be incubated and also juggling not just early adopters but a few companies' product plans :)15:45
ttxbut as you get closer to j-2 it's good to bring the blueprint landscape in sync15:46
devanandawill do15:46
ttxincubated is not really about stability or maturity, it's really about integration15:46
ttxand process convergence15:46
ttxthe name is a bit of a misnomer15:46
devanandai'm well aware of that15:46
ttxlearning-integration is a mouthful though15:47
ttxplanning to tag j-2 on the common j2 week?15:47
devanandathat's the current plan15:48
ttx#info Ironic planning to do j2 on integrated j2 week15:48
ttx#info j2 plans will be refined as we get closer to j2 date15:48
ttxOK, that's all I had, anything else you wanted to mention ?15:48
devanandanope - thanks!15:49
ttx#info Nova approved the spec for an ironic virt driver15:49
ttxdevananda: many thanks!15:49
ttxjraim: last call15:50
jraimttx: I'm here15:50
jraimsorry about that15:50
jraimIRC client didn't notify me for some reason15:50
ttxno pb, deva was early15:50
ttx#topic Barbican15:50
jraimare you waiting on me? Or is my IRC client being weird again?15:51
ttxno, thinking15:51
ttxjraim: how do you want to handle juno-2 ? Should I take over the release management ?15:52
jraimI think I would be fine with that. Our plan was to just do the release like we've done previously15:52
ttx(mostly means you would just confirm a SHA to tag, ideally during the common juno-2 week, and I would do the rest)15:52
jraimThat seems good to me15:53
ttxwell, except i'm not around at juno-é so proobably someone else would do it, but that's the plan15:53
ttxjraim: let me check the launchpad rights15:53
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ttxjraim: to align with other projects, you should rename to barbican-drivers15:54
ttxand add openstack-release in it15:54
ttxso that we can change bug status at release time15:54
jraimbarbican drivers? that's the normal name for the core reviewers?15:55
ttxthat way we can handle the Launchpad end of things15:55
ttxthose are actually two different groups15:55
ttxCOre reviewers are defined in gerrit15:55
ttxthe launchpad driver group is for blueprint targeting and such15:56
jraimahh okay, we can change that stuff15:56
ttxcurrently you have two things named barbican-core15:56
ttxand probably out of sync15:56
ttxthose are not synced15:56
ttxso keeping the same name is a bit confusing15:56
jraimfair enough15:57
jraimwe'll get that cleaned up15:57
ttxthat's why the Launchpad driver group is usually called $PROJECT-drivers15:57
jraimmakes sense15:57
ttxand in order for us to set milestones on fixed bugs etc. openstack-release has to be added to it15:57
jraimokay, we'll get that group added15:58
ttxwell, rrenamed15:58
jraimyeah, rename the main group and add -release15:58
ttxyou don't need a new group, just rename the Launchpad "barbican-core"15:58
ttxwill avoid further confusionb15:58
ttxok, once that's done we should be able to do releasing15:58
jraimI'll get that done today15:59
ttxIs representative of your j-2 goals ?15:59
ttxor astill a bit incomplete ?15:59
jraimmy guess is that it is still incomplete15:59
jraimI'll run through it today to get caught up15:59
ttx#action jraim to rename ~barbican-core in LP to ~barbican-drivers and add ~openstack-release to it16:00
jraimWe have our mid-cycle next week, so we'll get that cleaned up with everyone there16:00
ttxjraim: no hurry, just needs to be more..; accurate as we get closer to the milestone16:00
ttxbut then, communicating what's likely to be landed is a good exercise16:00
jraimcool. should be easy with everyone in the same room to get it all cleaned up16:00
ttxwe use the launchpad blueprint page as a tool for communicating likely-landing features16:01
ttxonce integrated, your input is aggregated to
ttxwhich presents the whole integrated picture16:01
ttxjraim: ok, that's all I had for today -- anything you wanted to mention, any question ?16:02
jraimnot too much, we've been getting ready for the mid-cycle next week16:02
ttxif you have a wikipage fr that event, you can add it to16:03
ttxcurrently points to a TBD16:03
jraimwe have an eitherpad set up so I'll go link it16:03
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ttxwell, have a great July 4 weekend16:04
jraimyou too, thanks!16:04
* ttx works tomorrow16:04
* ttx realizes he works on French and US holidays16:04
ttxsomething needs to be fixed here16:04
ttxanyway, that concludes our 1:1s for today16:05
ttxThanks everyone!16:05
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