Thursday, 2014-07-17

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ttxjraim: around?15:30
ttx#startmeeting incub_sync15:30
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ttx#topic Barbican15:30
ttxI synced with Kiall and devanada by meail so they will be skipped15:31
ttxjraim: if this is current, you still seem a long way from the target15:31
ttxwhat are your plan, wait a bit to get more in, or try to hit the milestone window and defer stuff ?15:32
jraimit's not. There are several of these that I know landed at the mid-cycle15:32
ttxoh, ok15:32
ttxso maybe update it when you can15:32
jraimwill do15:32
ttxmost important bit of news is that russellb will be handling j2 tagging and release process15:32
ttxso when you are ready you should ping him15:33
ttxready = all j2 blueprints left on the page are implemented, all bugs are fixcommitted15:33
jraimredrobot is handling it with me on our side so he'll be in touch15:33
ttxplease update the statuses on the page before end of week so that it doesn't trigger alerts for russell early next week15:35
jraimwill do15:35
ttxso apart from that I didn't have that much to say15:35
jraimeasy one :)15:35
ttxi see you have a specs repo, how is that going for you guys ?15:35
jraimreally well15:36
jraimI think everyone is happy about it15:36
ttxnot too much backlog too15:36
jraimit's helped reduce wasted work and get code CRs moving quicker15:36
jraimyep. It's been great. Hence the reason that our lunchpad is out of date15:36
jraimno one really cares that much now since the status is tracked in the bp for us, but we need to be better about updating it15:37
ttxjraim: ack15:38
ttxDid you have any question?15:38
jraimnope, I'm good. I'll talk with evyerone about being a bit better about the LP tracking15:38
ttxWe won't have the incubated 1:1 syncs next week15:38
ttxsince I'll be somewhere tasting oregon wines15:39
jraimyou're going to be at OSCON right?15:39
jraimI'll be there two. reaperhulk and I are presenting15:39
ttxSaw that. I plan to try to attend your talk15:39
jraimGreat, we'll see you there :)15:39
ttxjraim: ok, see you next week then, at elast at the openstack bday party15:40
ttxkgriffs: around?15:40
ttx#topic Marconi15:40
ttxso.. same news, russellb will be handling j2 tagging next week15:40
ttxand no 1:1 sync next week15:40
kgriffsok, gtk15:41
ttxNice progress there... although I suspect a few of those will miss the window15:41
kgriffsyeah, we might slip a couple15:41
ttxjust adjust and defer as you know15:41
kgriffsbut I am keeping them there to try and invoke student syndrome and get a little bit more done15:42
kgriffsI've already slipped a few items15:42
kgriffstrying to help people focus15:42
kgriffsbut yeah, we've had a good rally to get a bunch of things merged. I have to keep encouraging people to keep up with reviews, and to update their patches based on those reviews in a timely manner15:43
ttxsometimes between Tuesday and Thursday you can communicate a SHA to Russell, when all left BPs are implemented and all left bugs are FixCommitted15:43
kgriffssounds good15:43
kgriffsI am trying to get everything squared away at least by wed so there is some time for smoke testing15:43
ttxkgriffs: yeah, and i expect a busy gate too, so some accepted things might just take a while to go through15:44
ttxdid you have any question ?15:44
kgriffsah, good point. I'll keep that in mind15:44
kgriffsno questions from me at the moment. :)15:44
ttxas a rule of thumb we restrict the list to accepted stuff in-flight around EOD Tuesday15:45
ttxand then use Wed/Thu to get them all through15:46
ttxdepends on how the gate is loaded, but at one point just trying to get what's already approved merged takes most of our milestone tag window15:46
ttxso at that stage we use the milestone page to track what we are blocking the tag on15:47
kgriffsah, ok15:47
kgriffsmakes sense15:47
kgriffsI'll focus on getting things wrapped up by EOD tuesday15:48
ttxmaybe russellb will have some novel way of tracking though :)15:48
ttxkgriffs: ok, talk to you later!15:48
ttx#topic Other projects15:49
ttx#info we synced with other projects by email, they are in good shape and should hit the milestone tag window next week15:49
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jul 17 15:49:38 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:49
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