Tuesday, 2014-08-05

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mikalttx: we're doing a 1:1 in ten?07:51
ttxgrabbing coffee, back in 208:00
mikalSure, works for me08:01
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:04
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ttx#info Today we'll only do Nova, which we missed last week08:04
ttx#topic Nova08:04
ttxmikal: ready?08:04
ttxYou're back home?08:05
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: o/08:05
ttxmikal, johnthetubaguy: how did the sprint last week go?08:05
mikalI thought the sprint went really well08:06
mikalWe got through heaps of stuff08:06
* mikal finds the etherpad08:06
mikal#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-nova-mid-cycle-meetup08:07
johnthetubaguyyeah, had some good discussions08:07
ttxlots of stuff covered I see08:07
ttxOK, juno-" now08:07
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/juno-308:08
ttxYou have 72 blueprints targeted at this point08:08
johnthetubaguyyeah, we agreed to start punting some blueprints without code08:08
mikalSo, I think there are still some spec freezae excceptions I haven't nacked08:08
johnthetubaguybecause we ain't merging 72 blueprints08:08
mikalBut I should get to those ASAP08:08
ttxFeature proposal Freeze is August 21, so in a bit more than two weeks08:08
mikalI agree that we're going to need to be a bit brutal08:08
ttxThen juno-3 feature freeze is in 4 weeks08:09
ttxThe trick is really to get stuff out of the way ASAP08:09
ttxthat's the only way to avoid critical congestion08:09
johnthetubaguyyeah, will reduce the priority of blueprints that are not started, and start making rude comments, and punting big blueprints that clearly have no code, at least thats my plan08:09
ttxotherwise everything is "almost ready" at the end08:09
mikalWorks for me08:10
ttxSo review priority is a bit of a combination between feature priority and how close it is from completion08:10
ttxthe latter being sometimes a lot harder to determine from data08:10
mikalWe've also talked about tweaking our meetings to help here08:11
mikalFrom subteam status focused08:11
mikalTo what needs review to get stuff in for juno-308:11
johnthetubaguyyeah, I guess I have the first meeting using that format?08:11
mikaljohnthetubaguy: yes, you're the lucky winner08:11
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/multiple-if-1-net has no assignee08:12
mikalHmmm, an NFV one08:12
ttxThere are also 6 with "unknown" status, which you should set to "Not started" or whatever08:13
mikalijw-ubuntu is the spec author of the multiple if one08:13
johnthetubaguyit has code, buy yeah, I need to dig into all of those08:13
ttxBut yes, I think focusing meetings on getting stuff final-approved should help08:14
ttxanything that merges now won't have to merge in 4 weeks08:14
ttxwhen it will be a lot less fun to go in gate08:14
mikalI feel like we're still feeling our way with specs and how it impacts the world08:14
mikalBut getting closer08:14
johnthetubaguyyeah, would be great to front load this, but the reality is that all the reviewers are busy getting their code up at this point08:15
ttxAt 72 blueprints you need to complete 18 per week ;)08:15
mikalWe can do it!08:15
johnthetubaguyso more than juno-1 and juno-2 put together, per week08:16
ttxso realistically you know you probably won't get a lot more than 4008:16
ttxthe trick being to identify which of those 72 are in the 4008:16
ttxbecause identifying the 40 early really helps :)08:16
mikalThere are a lot in "needs code review"08:17
mikalPossibly close to 4008:17
johnthetubaguyhonestly, the medium and high that are in "needs code review" are the ones I really care about at this point, but yeah, need to chase the others08:17
mikal(I haven't counted)08:17
ttxSo this is also about calling contributors to be honest and realistic, and have them defer anything that can wait08:17
johnthetubaguy29, but yeah08:17
mikalI think we're on the same page here to be honest08:18
johnthetubaguyttx: +1 and not making people waste time with putting up patches that we will never have time to review08:18
mikalWe just need to keep reviewers pulling in approximately the same direction08:18
ttxyes, because if the effort spreads across the whole 72, you will likely only get a handful merged08:19
ttxand 68 of them will be 90-99% there08:19
mikalIIRC, we also talked about a weekly email to -core08:19
mikalWhich might help08:19
ttxwhich is what we want to avoid08:19
mikalWe just need to actually do it08:19
johnthetubaguywe are talking about having a top 10 blueprint list, so we should discuss that in the meeting08:19
mikalDo we feel like enough cores come to the meeting?08:19
mikalWould an email catch cores who don't?08:19
johnthetubaguymikal: not really, as some are not in that timezone, will have to mail everyone too08:20
johnthetubaguyI kinda want all reviews with the same focus, core or not08:20
mikalI think I agree08:20
ttxyou could also have two cores sign up for every day between now and j308:20
ttxand have them work as a team to speed-approve stuff08:20
mikaljohnthetubaguy: that email could go to -dev, I'd be fine with that08:20
johnthetubaguymikal: yeah, thats what I was meaning08:20
mikalOut of interest...08:21
johnthetubaguyttx: thats not a bad plan, we used to have that08:21
mikalI don't think any of the specs granted a freeze exception landed08:21
ttxdoesn't work "all the time", but could work for the next 4 weeks08:21
mikalDid we learn spec freeze exceptions are a waste of time?08:21
johnthetubaguymikal: we landed two I think08:21
johnthetubaguymikal: not 100% sure though, maybe it was one, I can't remember now08:21
mikalYeah, its all a jet laggy blur for me at the moment08:21
ttxmikal: the issue is that there are tactical contributors which will ask for an exception no matter what, even if they know in their hearts there is no way that feature will be there08:22
mikalI can think of one of those08:22
ttxif everyone was just realistic and had the project's interest in mind08:22
ttxthat would be more usefu08:22
mikalWell, there are also people who only care about their thing08:22
mikalI find when I say to people that they should review other stuff to help their stuff land08:22
mikalThat they often looka t me funny08:23
mikalCause they really don't care about OpenStack08:23
mikalJust landing their thing08:23
johnthetubaguywell, we do also need to be better about "resolving conflict" on key specs earlier08:23
ttxwe did a review day for stable to unblock a month-worth of review pileup on stable/icehouse08:23
johnthetubaguysome stuff we need, but can't agree the direction08:23
ttxgranted those are easier to review08:23
mikalttx: I feel like stable is a distro thing08:23
mikalWhich I think that thread agreed on08:23
ttxbut in one day we ended up doing more than in the month before08:24
ttxjust by being two of us focusedd on the same reviews08:24
ttxmikal: sure, I was just advocating for the "two core per day" thing08:24
mikalI agree review days are a good idea08:24
johnthetubaguywe had that with specs on the spec review day, it did work08:24
mikalI think too many "days" tires people though08:24
mikalSo we do need to be careful08:24
ttxyes, it's not a magic bullet08:24
johnthetubaguyits just I don't know I can sign up to any full days of reviews right now, just pulled in too many directions at this second in time08:25
ttxit's just that having two cores work on the same reviews at the same time is sometimes more efficient than having them work independetly08:25
johnthetubaguybut we can try it, for sure08:25
mikalI agree we should try it08:25
johnthetubaguy(re)try it I supose08:26
ttxhow much do you use the channel to ask for that last +2/APRV review ?08:26
mikalNot much in my timezone08:26
ttxbecause sometimes you push a +2 and you're pretty sure it just needs another formal +2, the thing haveing been reviewed by others08:27
ttxand concerns addressed08:27
mikalI have a script which surfaces those fro me08:27
johnthetubaguyit does happen, but also, not so much till the US wakes up08:27
mikalSo when I am not travelling I feel like they get pretty good attention08:27
ttxso signlling those (with an core email, in a meeting, with a ping on channel...) can work wonderz08:28
mikalIts interesting to me how every problem seems to be solved with better communication08:28
mikalSo I agreee08:28
johnthetubaguyyeah, we need better tooling here, well people have it, just not in a way to share with everyone yet08:28
mikalA status email every couple of days is a good plan08:28
mikaljohnthetubaguy: yeah08:28
ttxanyway, enough brainstorming08:28
ttxwe'll see how much progress is made next week08:28
mikaljohnthetubaguy: I fear being gamed if my algorithm is published08:28
johnthetubaguymikal: right, thats another fun one, but if gaming you involves doing "good" things, then thats cool08:29
ttx#info today at 72 blueprints, 1 implemented, 29 under final review08:29
ttxWe'll discuss nova-network vs. neutron, and migration/transition at the meeting today08:29
ttxwell, tomorrow for mikal08:30
johnthetubaguyI will try go through the list and see how that goes08:30
mikalWe did discuss that at the meetup08:30
ttxanythign else you'd like to push to the agenda?08:30
mikalNot that I can think of08:30
ttxok then, I'll free you guys up08:30
mikalWe have some ideas for specs in Kilo, but its premature and they're half baked at the moment08:30
ttxanything you wanted to ask/mention?08:31
mikalNot that I can think of08:31
ttxalrighty then08:31
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mikalttx: thanks for your time08:32
ttxThanks guys08:32
johnthetubaguyah, next week I am on holiday08:32
johnthetubaguybut, I am back the following week08:32
johnthetubaguy(can't choose when these music festivals are)08:33
mikaljohnthetubaguy: have fun, hopefully you're going somewhere nice08:33
johnthetubaguydevon, so not far, but its nice enough :)08:33
mikalIs that where processed meat comes from?08:34
mikal(Devon is a processed meat here, not sure if it is in the UK)08:34
johnthetubaguyah, wondered what you meant, not heard of it08:34
johnthetubaguyanyways, we should probably catch up in #openstack-nova08:35
mikalBut yes, happy to chat in -nova08:35
johnthetubaguyhehe, nice08:36
johnthetubaguyoh… SPAM08:36
ttxrussellb, mestery: reminder: we'll talk about Nova/Neutron migration and other Neutron gaps at the cross-project meeting today at 21:00 -- your presence welcome09:42
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mesteryttx: Sounds good!12:38
russellbACK sounds good12:52
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mesteryttx russellb: I'm actually going to be out of hte office today, so markmcclain is going to cover the migration things at the cross-project today for me.13:28
russellbmestery: OK ... i'm definitely interested to hear clarification of what i read in the neutron meeting log13:29
russellbmestery: migration plan: "not doing it", was what i read, but i'm sure there's more to it :)13:29
mesteryrussellb: Ack, markmcclain can cover that, it was all based on the nova mid-cycle last week. :)13:29
mesteryrussellb: Indeed there is. :)13:30
mesteryrussellb: OK, taking off for the day, feel free to ping me tomorrow if you want to chat more. Later!13:30
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ttxmordred, mikal: about HP TC members... they might not represent HP though. Can we get them whipped if they represent mordred21:09
mordredttx: ++21:09
ttxmordred, mikal: note that the limit is "half or more" being affiliated21:12
ttxso you now have 5, and the hard limit is 6.21:16
ttxif you poach two more, one of them will have to resign from TC21:16
ttxand in elections, might get skipped in results21:16
ttxand also, public whipping++21:17
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