Tuesday, 2014-08-12

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ttxmikal: ready?08:03
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:03
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ttx#topic Nova08:04
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/juno-308:04
ttxStatus looks coherent, there are 5 "unknown" states that could use clarification08:04
mikalAnd the usual "we could do more code review" comment applies08:05
ttxAs far as progress goes, last week we had 1 implemented, 29 in review08:05
ttxThis week:08:05
mikalWe're trying to identify things to review in the meetings, but its early days08:05
ttx#info 2 Implemented, 33 under review, 27 in progress and 11 Not started/Unknown08:05
ttxSo I'd say you need to convert to "Implemented" faster, and yes, singling out "blueprints of the week" could allow faster iterations and more conversion08:06
mikalSo yeah, we're trying it but we could be more active08:06
mikalI haven't had a lot of code review time in the last week08:06
mikalAs I find things which are important and under review I can ping cores and ask them to take a look08:07
ttxWe are 9 days away from FPF, so I expect a lot of those 38 in progress/notstarted to not make it08:07
mikalWe can bump them then though08:08
ttxMaybe starting to aggressively defer stuff where assignees are fine to drop it to Kilo08:08
mikalAhhh, as in ping people and ask them if they're going to make it or not?08:08
ttxLike Dan Berrange has 5, and only one in review08:08
mikalDo you plan on sending a general FPF reminder to the mailing list?08:08
mikalOr does each project do that?08:08
ttxIt's more project-specific, since some projects do not follow the FPF08:09
mikalOk, fair enough08:09
ttxI'll send reminders for the feature freeze itself08:09
ttxwhich is cross-project08:09
ttxbut FPF I think is only followed by 3 projects08:09
mikalOk, I will send an email08:09
ttxjaypipes has 3 blueprints to, none under review yet08:09
ttxIn those cases they could already pick one to drop08:10
ttxso my advice would be to review the top, which ones are 99% there and just need a bit more attention to pass08:11
ttxand the bottom, which ones are very unlikely to make it and should be proactively dropped08:11
mikalAs in those in "needs code review"08:11
ttxthat way you reduce the slate08:11
ttxotherwise the sheer number of targets make it very difficult to make any kind of significant progress08:12
ttxQuick look at the High/Essential prio stuff08:12
ttxThere are 6 High08:12
ttx4 already under code review08:13
mikalThe top two are ongoing efforts08:13
mikalThey're unlikely to be complete in Juno08:13
mikalWhich you could argue means they're mistargetted08:13
ttxok, it's like never actually "complete", just merge as much as you can ?08:13
mikalBut we also really want to land the code08:13
ttxok, that's fine08:14
mikalWell, they'll be compelte one day08:14
mikalJust not instantly08:14
mikalSo high actually looks ok to me on that basis08:14
ttxI would prioritize up the stuff that affects other projects08:14
ttxi.e. ironic and cinder clientv208:14
mikalLike the ironic thing?08:14
mikalYep, ironic is already getting pretty good attention -- its currenlty waiting for review comments to be addressed08:14
mikalCinder I'd have to check08:15
ttxI think that's all I had08:15
ttxnot sure how dependent Cinder is on that feature though08:15
ttxi suspect you could keep using v108:15
mikalYeah, I think they want to remove v1 IIRC08:15
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at cross-project meeting today?08:15
mikalJust looking at it, the code might have been abandoned?08:15
mikalSo, we're starting to get requests for kilo specs to open08:16
mikalI'd be interested in how other projects are handling that08:16
mikalI personally feel its a distraction from Juno, but I think I am going to lose that argument08:16
ttxhmm, ok. mestery had a thread about that on the ML a few weeks ago08:16
mikalThe counter argument being that the people wanting to write those specs aren't interested in fixing Juno bugs anyways08:16
mikalHmmm, I shall go looking for that. I missed it.08:17
ttxPeople should know they can ignore nova-specs in review for now08:17
mikalOh, I think the reviewers do08:17
ttxso posting changes there doesn't hurt THAT much08:17
mikalIts more we haven't given any way for someone to propose a kilo spec08:17
ttxbut yeah, just the fact that people ask is a bit worrying08:17
mikalIts people who have a feature to add and then want to run away08:17
mikalYou know the type08:17
ttxI can add a topic for the meeting today about "When to open Kilo specs"08:18
mikalThat would be good08:18
ttxok done08:19
ttxmikal: all set?08:19
mikalYep, done08:19
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eglynnttx: knock, knock, ready when you are ...11:44
ttxeglynn: o/11:45
ttx#topic Ceilometer11:45
eglynn#link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/juno-311:45
eglynnso I think that's our full slate of BPs for juno-311:46
ttx#info 2 implemented, 4 under review, 6 in progress11:46
eglynngood progress on most things with priority > Low11:46
eglynnwith the exception of the gnocchi dispatcher, but that slightly decoupled in any case11:47
eglynni.e. forward-looking to kilo11:47
eglynnso I'm not overly-concerned but will keep a close eye on it11:47
ttxstill a long way to go11:47
eglynnyeap, so I've an additional resource (cdent) to help out with two of the higher priority BPs11:48
ttxok, cool11:48
eglynn(in addition to the main authors)11:48
eglynnso that should expedite progress11:48
ttxYou don't plan to enfore a feature proposal freeze anyway, so for all of those you have 3 weeks left11:49
eglynn(that's cdetn helping out on central-agent-partitioning & bigger-data-sql specifically)11:49
eglynnyes, I'm planning to push the feature proposal freeze idea as hard as possible11:50
ttxOK, if there is little progress by next week we may want to cut down a number of things that will obviously not make it11:50
ttxbut let's give them all a chance for the time being11:50
ttxAnything you want to discuss at meeting today?11:50
eglynnyeap, I'll pass that mess onto to gordc, and will do another pass on Friday before I finish up11:50
eglynnyeap couple of things11:50
eglynnmajor snafu in Fedora-land has killed the ceilo py26 gate for the last day11:51
eglynnmongodb packages were retired from EPEL6 by mistake11:51
eglynn(couchdb was the intended victim)11:51
eglynnsee https://www.redhat.com/archives/pulp-list/2014-August/msg00002.html & https://www.redhat.com/archives/pulp-list/2014-August/msg00016.html11:51
eglynnyeap :)11:51
eglynnthe bad commit has been reverted and the version re-tagged, pbrady is actively chasing +1s on restoring11:51
eglynnbut may take a while for the restore to propogate thru'11:52
eglynnin the meantime, ceilo gating is blocked :(11:52
eglynnalso possibly marconi & trove?11:52
ttx#info Ceilo py26 fgate blocked on Fedora snfu removing mongodb packages11:52
eglynnas a stop-gap, we may need to install the RPM direct from the Fedora package build system on the centos-6 jenkins slaves11:52
* eglynn will talk to the infra folks about this11:52
ttxDid you discuss the best time for 1:1 syncs with Gordon starting next week?11:53
eglynnI mailed him with those alternate times as he was offline, no response yet11:53
eglynnI'll chase on IRC this afternoon11:53
ttx#action ttx to see best time for Gordon for upcoming 1:1 sync with Ceilometer11:54
eglynnnot that we're going to solve this now, but ...11:54
ttxotherwise will discuss it with him directly11:54
eglynnthe other thing I'm concerned about is the demotivational/distraction effect of that future of integration release discussion11:54
eglynnfrom a timing perspective re. the push for juno-311:54
eglynnbut as I said, we're not going to solve that now11:55
ttxtrick is we need to review several incubation/graduation requests during August11:55
ttxall I can say is that this discussion doesn't affect Juno11:55
ttxit's all about Kilo11:55
ttxBUT some kilo-affecting decisions need to be taken asap11:56
ttxespecialy which projects to graduate or not11:56
eglynnyeah, I was assuming that re the Kilo orientation11:56
ttxeglynn: btw we should have time to discuss gnocchi today11:56
eglynnyeah, cool, there's been some activity on that ML thread11:57
* ttx is a bit late with email11:57
eglynnI'll be around during the TC meeting when you need to call on me11:57
ttxanything specific you want to discuss at the cross-project meeting?11:57
eglynnit might be worth clarifying the documentation contribution workflow11:58
eglynnspecifically the heavyweight XML docbook markup that we've been struggling with11:58
eglynnversus a new lightweight RST-based workflow that the doc team are piloting with heat11:59
ttxeglynn: sounds good. Could you edit https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ProjectMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting ?11:59
eglynnwill do11:59
ttxtalk to you later, then11:59
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around?11:59
SergeyLukjanovttx, I'm here12:11
SergeyLukjanovttx, sorry, just returned from the lunch12:11
ttx#topic Sahara12:13
ttxSergeyLukjanov: o/12:13
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/sahara/+milestone/juno-312:13
SergeyLukjanovttx, hey12:14
ttx#info 2 implemented, 4 udner review, 8 in progress, 1 not started12:14
ttxThat's 4 more blueprints since last time we looked at it12:14
ttxthis is also progressing slowly12:15
ttxDo you plan to use a feature proposal freeze next week?12:15
ttxi.e. drop everything that is not under code review yet?12:15
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think so12:15
ttx#info Sahara might use FPF12:17
SergeyLukjanovttx, I'll talk with folks on the meeting this week about slow progress blueprints and probably move some of them to the next12:17
ttxLooking at the high-prio items...12:17
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/sahara/+spec/edp-swift-trust-authentication is marked "slow progress"12:17
ttxalthough 3 merged out of 4... is it blocked on something ?12:18
SergeyLukjanovttx, it's extremely complicated12:18
SergeyLukjanovttx, and it looks like we'll move it to next12:18
ttxok, do it early rather than kate, will free up reviewers time12:19
SergeyLukjanovttx, it's about changing auth and credentials distribution strategies for data sources12:19
SergeyLukjanovttx, all current CRs are backward compat and adds support for moving to the new strategy, and useful by itself12:20
SergeyLukjanovI'm just not sure that it'll be fully completed in J12:20
ttxI prefer that you get the others merged rater than try this one and fail the others as a result12:21
ttxso maybe move it to next at the next meeting12:21
ttxOK, anything you wanted to discuss at cross-project meeting today?12:22
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think everything is going ok12:22
SergeyLukjanovdashboard stuff going ok too12:22
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ok cool, talk to you later then12:22
ttxdhellmann: around?12:22
dhellmannhi, ttx12:22
ttx#topic Oslo12:22
SergeyLukjanovttx, thx12:22
ttx#topic https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/juno-312:23
ttx#topic https://launchpad.net/oslo.messaging/+milestone/juno-312:23
ttx#topic https://launchpad.net/oslo.vmware/+milestone/juno-312:23
ttxdhellmann: I've been giving some thoughts on that mess ^12:23
ttxI think we should be using an oslo project group in LP, and use library versions as milestones12:24
dhellmannhmm, there aren't milestones set up. I thought the vmware guys were going to use the oslo project so we wouldn't keep making this worse :-/12:24
dhellmannttx: that seems like it would help12:25
ttxdhellmann: i'll post something to that effect12:25
dhellmannwe did talk about that last time, iirc, but I didn't follow up on making it happen12:25
ttxStill need to check how blueprints would show up12:25
ttxfor bugs, it's pretty nice12:25
dhellmannyeah, I'm worried if we switch to versions for milestones it will be confusing when we talk about the cycle schedule12:25
ttxwe'd keep the same "series"12:26
ttxbut yeah, still on my todo list to explore all the consequences of the proposal :)12:27
ttxin the meantime...12:27
ttxMost of the oslo-incubator BPs are about graduation, which is not really a FF thing12:28
ttxand the remaining ones are more "good if they go in, not a big deal if they don't"12:29
ttxAlthough I guess I would like us to wrap up the daemon mode thing12:29
ttxbut no big deal if we warp it up first thing in Juno12:29
ttxin Kilo12:29
ttxSo just drop stuff you know won't make it, to avoid settign wrong expectations12:30
ttxdhellmann: anythign you want to discuss at meeting today?12:30
dhellmannyeah, I think we're OK now that everyone is back from vacation and we can start doing more reviews12:31
dhellmannnothing from me this week12:31
ttxOK then, thanks for your time12:31
ttxjgriffith: ready when you are14:01
dolphmttx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/oslo/+bug/1321080/comments/3414:02
ttxdolphm: commented14:04
ttxdolphm: I guess we can talk now, if you're around14:13
dolphmttx: o/14:15
ttx#topic Keystone14:15
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/juno-314:16
ttx#info 0 Implemented, 4 Under review, 2 in progress, 6 Blocked/Not started14:16
ttxThat looks a bit late to me14:17
dolphmon the upside, openid connect is supposedly complete somewhere outside of gerrit14:17
dolphmi don't think we'll have anything to deprecate this cycle, so that bp will just go away14:18
dolphmand audit support for federation is a small change14:18
dolphmthat's our three "Not Started"14:18
ttxThe blocked ones are those waiting for spec approval?14:18
dolphmtwo of the Blocked ones are mostly blocked on "Do we really need this?" but the work is easy if we agree14:19
ttxhmm, ok14:19
ttxBut still, time is running out14:19
ttxso you have to make up your mind now14:19
ttxbecause you need to start finalizing some of those14:19
dolphmthe scary ones in terms of amount of work and complexity of reviews are keystone-to-keystone federation and non-persistent pki tokens14:19
ttxright, I'm a bit concerned with  keystone-to-keystone federation14:21
ttxwhat's the current state ?14:21
ttxI think that would be really good if that landed in juno14:21
ttxso maybe moving non-persistent pki tokens to next makes sense14:21
dolphmthere were a lot of radically different options to approach it, and we didn't decide on a solution until our hackathon in early july. it's made good progress since then, but we didn't exactly choose the lightest weight solution. it's going to be close if it makes it14:21
ttxdo you think moving stuff out of the way would help ?14:23
ttxor is it completely separate14:23
dolphmopenid connect looks like the only one that might directly interfere14:23
dolphmi'll follow up with steve on that one14:24
ttxdolphm: do you plan to enforce FPF next week?14:24
dolphmyes, aug 21?14:24
ttxOK, anything for the meeting agenda today?14:26
ttx#info Keystone plans to enforce FPF14:26
ttxok then ttyl!14:26
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ttxdavid-lyle: o/14:33
david-lylettx: o/14:33
ttx#topic Horizon14:33
ttxdown to 63 blueprints14:34
ttx#info 7 implemented, 28 under review, 24 in progress, 4 unknown14:34
david-lyleyeah still way too much load, working on pruning the list, and trying to keep up with cleaning out those added everyday14:35
ttxyep, 3 weeks left14:36
david-lyleseveral are very mature and should merge soon14:36
ttxok, hopefully we'll see a clear progress next week14:37
ttxalso we have FPF on August 2114:37
ttxso you can leverage that to remove stuff that is just not there yet14:37
david-lyleI set Horizon's at Aug 1214:37
david-lyleor 1414:37
ttxthat would be Thursday14:37
ttxLooking at High prio stuff...14:38
david-lyleyeah, already too much, can't handle more14:38
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/remove-javascript-bundling is under review -- in good shape?14:38
david-lyleit's close, had a couple of bug fixes that set it back a little, should be ready soon14:39
ttxi see two more changes needing review/merge14:39
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/launch-instance-ux-enhancement is in progress -- how far is it?14:39
ttxThat one still very much WIP14:39
david-lylethis is stalled and I may have to move out of Juno14:39
ttxok, drop it early if you do14:40
ttxso that we don't communicate wrong expectations14:40
david-lylesure, I'll bring it up in the Horizon team meeting14:41
david-lylemake sure there's not work I'm missing14:41
ttxanything you want to discuss at meeting today?14:41
david-lyleno, I don't think so14:41
ttxalrighty then, talk to you later14:42
ttxmestery: ready when you are14:42
david-lylettx: thanks14:42
mesteryttx: o/14:42
ttx#topic Neutron14:42
ttxbeen following your mailing-list adventures14:42
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-314:42
mesteryttx: It's been fun :)14:42
ttx#info 3 implemented, 39 under review, 11 in progress, 32 unknown/blocked14:43
ttxso those unknown are a bit of a concern I guess14:43
mesteryIt's likely I'll cull most of those next week.14:43
mesteryFor the most part, they are all low priority, best effort.14:43
ttxalso feels like you could do with 32 less blueprints in your plate14:43
ttxmestery: if all core reviewers really ignored those and prioritized their reviews properly, I would say we don't mind them14:44
ttxbut just having such a busy slate is discouraging14:44
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ttxso the numbers just hurt14:44
mesteryYes, in the future, we are going to be better about saying no earlier on.14:45
mesteryIt's something we as a team acknowledge we need to do better at14:45
ttxLooking at the essential/high stuff14:45
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/neutron-dvr-fwaas has unknown status14:45
ttxdoes that mean you lst contact with the people working on it ?14:45
mesteryYes, that one concerns me, they owner says "it's coming", but I have my doubts.14:45
mesteryI plan to follow up again on that one today to see if it has a chance.14:46
ttxor that you have no idea so it's as bad as not started as far as you're concerned14:46
mesteryI think the latter.14:46
mesteryThere was a lot of activity on it a few weeks back on an email htread14:46
mesteryand then it's died on the vine :(14:46
ttxHow is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/neutron-ovs-dvr going ?14:46
mesteryThat one is "done", they have left it open while they fix a few bugs which have fallen out.14:47
mesteryBut the functionality has merged a few weeks back14:47
mesterySo, that's a HUGE win for us14:47
ttxfrankly if we ignore the Low/Unknowns it doesn't look that bad14:47
ttxLike almost all the >=Medium are proposed14:48
mesteryL3 HA is also very important, and it's coming along nicely at this point as well.14:48
ttxso maybe you can just bluntly leverage FPF to remove all the extra stuff14:48
mesteryThat is my plan :)14:48
* mestery will be in Chicago next week for Linuxcon and plans to spend Friday morning cleaning this up.14:49
mesteryThat's post FPF14:49
mesteryWhich is next Thursday14:49
ttxBut then you should also finalize as many as you can while it's not too difficult to do so14:49
ttxTheer are two things that concern me on the recent threads14:49
ttxThe first one is the disagreement on the nova-net->neutron migration. It looks like a dev vs. ops thing14:50
ttxwhere devs say, better to have cold migration than nothing14:50
ttxand (some) ops say we don't like tat as a solution14:50
mesteryYes, that one is concerning, as we thoughyt at the nova mid-cycle we had agreement14:50
ttxrussellb summarized it well with the pony14:51
mesteryConsider migration a "WIP" I guess right now, which I know isn't good14:51
mesteryYes :)14:51
ttxThe other is the whole "where goes GBP"14:51
ttxDid you make progrss on that at the recent meeting?14:51
russellbi want a pony.14:52
mesteryI think so, the bottom line is there is not enough consensus, and the incubator appears like a good place for things like this.14:52
mesteryThe incubator proposal has some issues, which we're working through.14:52
ttxrussellb: I heard that two times today from my daughters already14:52
mesteryrussellb: Or a unicorn. Unicorns are nice too. :)14:52
ttxrussellb: the problem being, I actually have enough room for two ponies or more14:52
russellbhow about time to take care of them?14:53
russellbi want to visit your town :)14:53
russellbsounds peaceful.14:53
ttxrussellb: that's the plan.14:53
ttxget me cloned so that I can actually take care of all the ponies. OpenStack and otherwise.14:53
ttxmestery: ok, so it's not stalled14:54
mesteryttx: The incubator appears to be the way forward here.14:54
ttxmestery: ok cool14:54
ttxmestery: anything you want to discuss at meeting today?14:55
ttxI don't see any obvious next step on the pny migration though14:55
mesteryttx: Maybe we can discuss when projects are opening Kilo specs?14:55
mesteryI'd like to wait as long as possible14:55
mesteryGiven where we are in Juno.14:55
mesteryI think mikal and I are in agreement there at least.14:55
ttxIt's actually on the agenda already14:55
mesteryttx: Perfect. :)14:56
ttxmikal added it this morning14:56
ttxok, so let's discuss that today14:56
ttxmestery: talk to you later then14:56
mesteryttx: ack, later!14:56
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*** markmcclain has quit IRC15:01
notmynamettx: hello15:30
ttxnotmyname: o/15:30
ttx#topic Swift15:30
ttxGetting close to that "end of august" deadline15:31
notmynamehmm...I just sent an email to openstack-dev and it was help for moderation15:31
ttxnotmyname: yeah, it hits a too many recipioent limit, I moderated it through15:32
notmynameah ok15:32
ttxnot your fault, the original mail had the same issue15:32
notmynameoh ok15:32
ttxit's lie he copied 20 people on it15:32
notmynameso, for an end-of-august release. I'll be looking at that this week15:33
ttxok, so we should know nect week?15:34
notmynameyes. well, I think it's pretty easy to say we can have one. there's several nice little things. but by next week I can give a better idea of a date and what's in it15:35
ttx#info more info next week on potential end-of-august intermediary swift release15:35
ttxnotmyname: anything you want to discuss at meeting today?15:36
notmynamettx: no. I'm working on the gap stuff still.15:36
ttxOK, well I guess we'll have more to talk about next week once you know what you want to do for the intermediary release15:37
ttxAnything else you wanted to mention here?15:38
ttxok then, talk to you later15:38
ttxzaneb: o/15:47
ttx#topic Heat15:47
zanebis it Tuesday already?15:47
ttxand it's 6pm already15:48
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/juno-315:48
ttx#info 1 implemented, 5 under review, 4 in progress, 1 blocked15:48
zanebhappily, I did actually update this during the week :)15:49
ttxIt looks like you'e a bit behind, but with a reasonable amount of targets15:49
ttxso by next week we should see how crazy that was15:50
zanebyeah, there will be a lot of reviews to do15:50
zanebbut I think most of these are in reasonable shape15:50
ttxzaneb: i don't remember, do you plan to enfore a feature proposal freeze next week?15:50
ttxlike deferring to kilo anything that's not code proposed by next Thursday ? ok15:51
zanebI prefer 'observe' ;)15:51
ttxThat should clarify a lot15:51
ttxobserve. /me adds to vacabulary15:51
ttxLooking at high prio stuff...15:52
ttxHow many more reviews do you expect on that one ?15:52
ttxhttps://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/update-failure-recovery,n,z is all merged15:52
zanebit's actually pretty close, even though I only posted the last lot of patches on Friday15:52
ttxok, so it's in good shape15:53
zanebin the process of rejiggering the queue now, because it had what turned out to be an urgent bug fix right in the middle :D15:53
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/encrypt-hidden-parameters is missing the spec approval?15:53
ttxor is blocked for other reasons?15:53
ttxOh, and who is working on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/stack-display-fields ?15:54
ttx(missing an assignee)15:54
zanebbasically it needs to take into account the update-failure-recovery stuff, which adds more things to the DB15:55
zanebso I WIP'd the review and set the bp to blocked until such time as we have a plan for how to do that15:55
zanebthat may be the wrong state for the bp, actually15:55
zanebit's not a major concern15:56
zanebit may well get bumped; last time I looked it was missing things like key rotation15:56
ttxok, will probably be late by next week15:57
ttxzaneb: any topic you want to discuss at the cross-project meetign today?15:57
zanebnot that I can recall :)15:57
ttxok then, talk to you later!15:58
zanebthanks o/15:58
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ttxno Nikhil, no markwash16:05
ttxjgriffith: you can go now if you're around16:06
arnaudttx, markwash is out one more week afaik16:06
ttxarnaud: are you standing in for him?16:06
ttxoh, ok16:06
ttx#topic Glance16:06
ttxlet's do this then16:06
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/juno-316:07
ttx#info 1 under review, 2 in progress16:07
ttxThat's little progress, as far as blueprint status is concerned, compared to previous weeks16:07
ttxarnaud: Still feeling like you can get all those merged before feature freeze ?16:07
arnaudyes. but actually, this page doesn't contain the main item that we would like to see merged: http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/glance-specs/specs/juno/metadata-schema-catalog.html16:08
ttxhah! Is there a blueprint forr that that we could add to the list?16:09
ttxdoesn't look like there is16:10
arnaudI thought there was some kind of script that would automatically create the LP bp when the spec is approved..16:10
arnaudI might be wrong16:10
ttxunfortunately not :)16:10
ttxThere is as cript you can manually run to set the fields right16:10
ttxbut you just can't create a blueprint using LP API (don't ask)16:10
arnaudwill create the bp in LP then16:11
ttxok, ping me when done, I'll adjust the fields for you16:11
arnaudok sure16:11
ttxyou're not in glance-drivers so you actually can't set the prio that will make it stick16:12
arnaudI am in glance-drivers16:12
arnaudoh right16:12
arnaudI am in gerrit16:12
ttxyou're in glance-core, probably16:12
arnaudI will ask rosmaita, that's not a problem16:12
ttxbah, let me add you16:13
ttxyou being here makes you qualified :)16:13
arnaud:) sweet16:13
ttxjust let mark know at some point :)16:13
ttxso yeah, add anything that's missing to the j3 list16:14
arnaudlet me check16:14
ttxyou should be able to set all fields. Just don't forget to set a priority16:14
ttxunprioritized blueprints fall off the list automatically16:14
ttx(so that people don't add crap to the list)16:14
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arnaudthere might be the artifacts (part 1), but I feel that's not gonna make it16:15
ttxarnaud: anythign else you wanted to mention ? Anything you'd like to see discussed at the cross-project meeting later today ?16:15
arnaudI will double check with ativelkov for the status later today16:15
ttxarnaud: ok, if nothing else... talk to you later!16:16
ttx#topic Trove16:16
arnaudsure thanks ttx16:16
ttxSlickNik: o/16:16
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/juno-316:16
ttx#info 7 under review, 6 in progress, 1 not started16:17
SlickNikYup, lots in review.16:17
ttxok, so that was cleaned up alright16:17
ttxbut yes, a bit behind16:17
jgriffithttx: bahh...16:17
SlickNikttx: Also, I was out of the office end of last week, so I intend to do some more triage / cleanup this week.16:18
ttxneed to start converting those "under review" into nice green implemented16:18
SlickNikYup — working on it.16:18
*** arnaud has quit IRC16:18
SlickNikYou should see (hopefully) more than a couple turn green by next week's status.16:19
SlickNikPlus my focus on moving away from rdjenkins is now in gear.16:19
ttxSlickNik: do you plan to observe a feature proposal freeze next week and drop everything that's not proposed yet?16:19
ttxor be a bit more flexible?16:19
SlickNikttx: we plan to observe it. But might make an exception in a couple of cases (depending on importance)16:20
ttxlooking at your "high" item16:20
ttx"good progress"16:20
ttxfeeling confident on that one? Looks like a lot of reviews16:21
SlickNikI'm very confident on that one. There's a good effort to get that reviewed and merged by multiple stakeholders (RAX, HP, Tesora)16:22
ttxok, great16:22
ttxSlickNik: anything to add to meeting agenda for today?16:22
ttx#info Will observe a FPF, probably with a couple exceptions16:23
SlickNikttx: not anything else.16:24
SlickNikthat's all I had.16:24
ttxSlickNik: ok then. talk to you later, and thanks for coming16:24
ttxThat concludes our syncs... We skipped Cinder today since they are in the middle of their meetup16:24
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ttxThanks everyone!16:25
SlickNikThanks ttx16:25
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