Tuesday, 2014-08-26

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ttxjohnthetubaguy: we can do it now or a bit later (12:30 UTC ?)08:05
ttxor 09:30 UTC ?08:06
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johnthetubaguyttx: hey, sorry for being late, forgot how long IRC would take to sync08:10
johnthetubaguyttx: I am up for waiting for mikal to come online, but he might be tied up anyways08:11
johnthetubaguyepic review backlog, kinda as usually, perhaps a little worse than normal: https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/juno-308:12
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:14
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ttx#topic Nova08:14
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/juno-308:15
ttx#info 8 implemented, 50 in review08:16
ttxIt's not totally bad -- but yes, you need to seriously increase the conversion rate here08:16
ttxgo from 5 to 25.08:17
ttxjohnthetubaguy: how close are the "High" ones ?08:17
johnthetubaguyttx: I am told very close08:19
johnthetubaguyso ironic is risky, but we really want it08:19
ttxIt would be... safer to merge them this week basically08:19
ttx(or at least most of them)08:19
johnthetubaguyright, I think these are ones that get exceptions if they don't make it, but I need to dig a big further, I might demote the scheduler libriary08:20
johnthetubaguyyeah, ironic will be to the wire I think, but lets see08:20
ttxAt least now the list is finite08:20
johnthetubaguytrue :)08:21
ttxand easily prioritized08:21
johnthetubaguyyeah, we have lots of mediums, I should probably check up on those, and try to demote the ones that are slipping08:21
ttxThis is really review money time (now)08:21
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ttxnext week is the milestone week, I wouldn't expect that much work to get through08:22
ttxAny specific event (like a review day) planned?08:23
johnthetubaguynot at this point08:23
johnthetubaguyits a good idea though08:23
ttxIt could help in getting a few that are at 99% landed08:24
johnthetubaguyyeah, maybe try for Thursday or Friday as a review day08:24
ttxOr just a review-specific meeting08:24
ttxsingle out the ones that are almost there, and give them the final push08:24
johnthetubaguyyeah, we can try do that informally on IRC08:25
johnthetubaguyI guess08:25
ttxWe'll track further progress during the week08:25
johnthetubaguyhonestly, I feel like I need more insight into how close all these blueprints are08:25
johnthetubaguyits a bit opaque right now08:26
johnthetubaguyyeah, would be good to catch up later in the week08:26
ttxI agree that the status is too granular08:26
johnthetubaguymy plan is, I need to do some more reviews, so I will dig in and just see how its all going08:27
ttxit works well only for single-review things and there aren't so many of those08:27
johnthetubaguyyes, thats true08:27
ttxanything else you wanted to mention?08:27
ttxAny topic for the meeting today?08:28
johnthetubaguyI don't think so, I guess I will try demote the priority of a few blueprints where they don't seem close08:28
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johnthetubaguynothing really to filter up08:28
johnthetubaguywell, I guess, the slots ideas are still cooking08:28
johnthetubaguywe kinda quietly opened for K specs08:28
johnthetubaguyyeah, sorry08:29
ttxdon't speak too loud08:29
johnthetubaguythats exactly my plan...08:29
johnthetubaguywe have no intention of reviewing them right now but anyways08:29
ttxjohnthetubaguy: ok then. I'll be in touch, probably Thursday, to see how well we progressed08:29
johnthetubaguyawesome, thanks08:29
ttxThank you!08:30
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ttxSergeyLukjanov: ready when you are12:02
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SergeyLukjanovttx, I'm here12:09
SergeyLukjanovttx, sorry for being a bit later12:09
ttx#topic Sahara12:10
SergeyLukjanov#link https://launchpad.net/sahara/+milestone/juno-312:10
ttx#info 7 implemented, 4 under review, 5 inprogress12:11
ttxslow progress compared to last week12:11
ttxbut still on track12:12
SergeyLukjanovyup, there were some blockers12:12
SergeyLukjanovbut I think it's going to be merged till j312:12
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ttxdon't forget gate is likely to explode next week12:13
ttxso don't count on Tuesday-Thursday next week that much12:13
ttxI would get everything in this week if I were you ;)12:13
SergeyLukjanovttx, yeah, our sahara-ci has been exploaded this weekend :)12:13
ttxHow is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sahara/+spec/edp-swift-trust-authentication doing?12:14
ttxis there a lot of code missing?12:14
SergeyLukjanovnot a lot, but some code is still missing12:14
SergeyLukjanovI think that all sahara parts of this blueprint will be ready in j312:15
SergeyLukjanovand will not use FFE for it12:15
ttxOK cool.12:15
ttxanything you wanted to talk about ? Any topic for the meeting later?12:15
SergeyLukjanovI think no topics12:16
SergeyLukjanovI'd like to note that sahara@horizon is going good12:16
SergeyLukjanovand mostly all of the changes has been merged12:16
SergeyLukjanovand we're not going to release dashboard's j312:16
SergeyLukjanovwe need to keep repo fot some more time because of stable/icehouse branch in it12:17
ttxSergeyLukjanov: right12:17
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ok then, talk to you later12:17
ttxdhellmann: around?12:17
SergeyLukjanovthank you12:17
dhellmannttx: hi!12:17
ttx#topic Oslo12:17
ttxdhellmann: hola!12:18
ttxdhellmann: I think we have a way forward for the LP tracking now12:18
dhellmannthe project group?12:18
ttxdhellmann: yes. I'll proceed and ask LP admins to move things12:18
dhellmannok, let me know if there's anything you need me to do, too12:18
ttxoslo->oslo-incubator and new oslo projectgroup12:18
ttxthe only thing that I could see malfunctioning is that Lp has a (handy) redirection feature for renamed projects12:19
ttxso if you go to lp/svanna you get the lp/sahara page12:19
dhellmannah, and we wouldn't want that turned on12:19
ttxbut here we want lp/oslo to land on the projectgroup :)12:19
dhellmannwe could call the group openstack-oslo12:20
ttxright, so that's the only left unknown (together with the will of LP admins to accept to create a projectgroup)12:20
ttxI guess we could.12:20
ttxbut oslo would be better I think, if we can have it12:20
dhellmannif they can avoid the bad redirect, oslo is fine, sure12:20
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ttxctrl-C is too close to ctrl-X apparently12:21
ttxI think we established in the past that most of the work here is not FF-sensitive12:22
ttxbut still, is it time to defer a few things ?12:22
dhellmannyeah, at this point I don't expect active adoption of new libraries12:22
dhellmanndims started working on the logging stuff yesterday, so that may be done even though it was assigned to me :-)12:23
ttxhmm, rootwrap daemon mode should be considered implemented, fixing12:23
dhellmannwe're behind on some reviews, so we'll be shifting gears to focus on finishing things this week12:23
dhellmannhas that been released?12:23
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ttxmerged, not released12:23
ttxwaiting for a few more tests, but we'll release this week12:23
ttxone question is shoudl we do 1.3 or 2.012:24
dhellmannok, I have a short list of other releases for this week but I'll let you handle that when you're ready12:24
dhellmannis the old API still present?12:24
dhellmannas long as it's still compatible with existing users, you can stay in the 1.x series12:24
ttxwell, its' not strictly an API, but the old way of using it is preserved12:24
ttxok, makes sense12:25
dhellmannwell, yeah, that's what I meant12:25
ttx1.3 it is12:25
ttx1.3 ships a client API though for the daemon mode12:25
dhellmannthat's fine, that's a new feature not a breaking change12:25
ttxso we'll have to preserve that starting from now12:25
dhellmanndo you foresee removing the old command line API?12:26
ttxNot really. It's still "more secure"12:26
ttxas in simpler.12:26
dhellmannI do have something to bring up with you, to be thinking about for kilo.12:27
ttxso do you still plan to cover all the j3 targets ?12:27
ttxwith some being deferred to rc1 probably ?12:27
dhellmannI'm going to review that list today and talk to josh and a couple of other people about their status. I'll have it up to date by tomorrow morning.12:28
dhellmannis there an rc1 target yet?12:28
* ttx tries to wrap his haed around this list but without the incub/lib distinction it's kinda hard12:28
dhellmannyeah, I wish I could tag bps and filter this list12:28
ttxin the meantime, i just trust you have things under control :)12:29
dhellmannsoon enough12:29
* dhellmann tries not to laugh out loud12:29
ttxdhellmann: so.. kilo12:29
dhellmannseriously, I think most of this is going to land at some point in juno, but since we're not rushing to make the ff deadline some is likely to be rc1 or later12:29
dhellmannok, so, we have recently had some trouble with graduating modules that are dependencies of modules that have not graduated12:30
dhellmannfor instance, oslo.utils took strutils out of the incubator, but lots of things use strutils and are not graduating12:30
dhellmannour original plan was to leave the incubated code alone, but in some cases that makes it harder to adopt because tests in the projects are mocking out the incubated version of a function and some code is calling the non-incubated version12:31
dhellmannI think that was actually timeutils, but it doesn't really matter12:31
ttxwhy is it a problem for non-gaduated libs to use graduated libs ?12:31
dhellmannwell, we didn't want to update the incubated code to use the graduated libs because that meant if anyone needed a patch to the non-graduated code they would *have* to adopt the library at the same time12:32
dhellmannbut that's turning into too much trouble, so we want to change that12:32
dhellmannfor kilo, we want to branch early, and then delete things as soon as their graduated library is available for use12:32
dhellmannthe early branch still gives us a way to backport changes for projects that haven't adopted a library12:33
dhellmannalthough it occurs to me that the branch might just be stable/juno12:33
ttxstable/juno shall work for you if you branch early in Kilo, yes12:33
dhellmannwhen would that stable branch normally be cut?12:34
dhellmannyour "if you branch early" comment makes me think not immediately?12:34
ttxwe usually did it sometimes between RC1 and release12:34
dhellmannok, that seems like good timing for us12:35
ttxi.e. we would tag the "final" juno oslo-incubator when you want it opened for kilo12:35
ttxand once the final tag is in, we can branch12:35
dhellmannright, and I think earlier is probably better12:35
dhellmannI'll need to make sure we have the necessary changes landed first, but I don't think we have much targeted so it shouldn't be an issue12:36
ttxalthough we can do even earlier if needed, nothing "consumes" that anyway12:36
dhellmannand I will go through the juno planning stuff we put together and make sure the change to deleting modules isn't going to introduce any other weirdness12:36
dhellmannok, we might do it when our last planned graduation happens this cycle, then12:37
dhellmannthat way if we do have juno bug fixes, we have a place to put them12:37
ttxSounds good. anything else you wanted to mention ? Topics for the release meeting ?12:37
dhellmannno, that was it12:37
ttxdhellmann: thx!12:38
ttxgordc: o/12:38
dhellmannttx: thanks, ttyl!12:38
ttx#topic Ceilometer12:38
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/juno-312:38
gordcso we have code for all our bps up and ready for review12:39
ttx#info 3 implemented, 6 in review, 1 in progress, 1 blocked12:39
gordci think we're making good progress on high priority items...12:39
gordcwe've gone through several rounds of reviews on those items12:39
ttxIs https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+spec/paas-event-format-for-ceilometer code already in review ?12:40
ttxit's only marked "good progress"12:40
gordcthat bp has a patch up as well but i don't believe it's passed jenkins yet so i've left it as good progress for now12:40
gordcit's been reviewed a few times i believe so i could mark it as review if that's easier to track12:40
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+spec/grenade-resource-survivability still blocked on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102354 ?12:41
gordcyes, that's the one issue we have... i switched the item to blocked recently since we made no progress12:42
ttxgordc: if it doesn't need a complete rewrite of the patch, making it "needs code reveiw" will not raise any alarm12:42
gordcok i'll confirm with owner and switch to needs review12:42
ttxgordc: could you summarize the issue on grenade-resource-survivability, see if I can help unblock?12:42
gordcsure. i'll try my best to summarise12:42
gordcfrom my understanding there is a debate on what we should be testing in grenade test between joe gordon and chris dent.12:43
gordcto my knowledge chris is pretty much unsure what to do... just that what he put  up for review isn't it.12:44
gordcwe reached out to joe gordon on thursday at our meeting for clarification and he said he'd contact chris later.12:44
ttxmight be worth raising that issue at the meeting today12:45
gordci just checked with chris today and he hasn't heard from joe yet so i was probably going to reach out to him today to see if we can get some action12:45
ttxwe could collect more opinions12:45
gordcyeah. that sounds good.12:45
gordci think chris is open to anything. just that we're not sure what 'anything' is at this point12:45
ttx#info grenade-resource-survivability blocked pending discussion between jog0 and Chris Dent12:46
gordcaside from grenade bp i think we're ok. hoping to get more reviews once eglynn and llu return in next few days12:46
ttxI would definitely advise to merge as much as you can this week12:47
ttxnext week should be a bit busy12:47
gordcyeah. i was hoping to get a bit more merged this past week but we were blocked by a gating issue when tox was upgraded in the gates.12:48
gordcwe have a workaround now so we should be able to make some progress12:48
ttxok, cool12:48
ttxgordc: that's all I had12:48
ttxgordc: anything else for the meeting tonight ?12:48
gordci think thats all on my end12:49
gordci'll just track the grenade item for onw12:49
ttxgordc: great, and thanks a lot for stepping up while eglynn was away12:49
gordcnp. he did a good job doing a brain dump before he left.12:49
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ttxjgriffith: around?14:01
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ttxdolphm: you can go now if you're around14:07
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dolphmttx: o/14:16
dolphmwould have helped if i had irc open14:16
ttx#topic Keystone14:18
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/juno-314:18
ttx#info 3 implemented, 5 in review, 2 in progress, 1 blocked14:18
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ttxAbout the blocked one, I raised a thread and will mention it at the cross-project meeting again14:19
dolphmbp non-persistent-tokens (currently good progress) has been a series of roadblocks and hurdles throughout juno - we made a ton of progress, but it doesn't look like it's going to make juno-314:19
dolphmttx: thanks14:19
ttxI'd like to understand if it('s just "annoying" or "blocking"14:19
ttx(the dep thing)14:19
dolphmour approach for federating across multiple keystones is to use SAMLv2 (which allows us to federate with non-keystones as well). our approach for generating SAMLv2 docs is with pysaml214:20
dolphmso it's either re-invent an XML + crypto library or use one off the shelf14:21
dolphmsteve documented a couple alternatives in the requirements review, but it doesn't sound like any others are a better option14:21
dolphmand switching libs would probably mean missing juno14:22
ttxyeah, I was wondering if the saml one (which was the less worse alternative) was an option14:22
ttxcould be good to explore that scenario, just in case we hit a wall14:22
ttxbut my understanding was that it was a pain generator, not a blocker14:22
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dolphmthat one describes itself as an alpha; but at least has a release this year14:23
ttxwe could even have a plan to migrate off to saml to remove the pain generator14:23
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-relmgr-office14:23
ttxthat's what I want us to clear up tonight14:23
ttxin the mean time, you need to continue landing stuff, nice progress over the last week14:24
dolphm44 patches to go at this point :(14:24
ttxI'd recommend you get as much merged this week as you can :)14:25
dolphmof course!14:25
ttxWe'll review in-week progress in ~2 days14:25
ttxanything else you wanted to mention ?14:26
ttxAnything for the meetign (in addition to the saml discussion) ?14:26
dolphmno sir14:27
ttxalright, thx!14:27
ttxjgriffith: still not around?14:28
ttxdavid-lyle: we can start now if you're available14:29
david-lylettx: ready14:30
ttx#topic Horizon14:30
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/juno-314:30
ttx#info 9 implemented, 38 under code review14:30
ttxStill leaves a lot to process :)14:30
david-lyleyeah, there are a lot in flight14:31
david-lylequite a few are in good shape just need another review14:31
david-lylea few are still a little less reviewed and may not make the cut14:31
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, you should really push early this week, rather than next week14:32
ttxI like that all the High targets are in14:32
david-lylebut we want to do our part to add to the semi-annual gate jam14:32
ttxYou might want to call a specific meeting to get those last reviews the final +214:33
david-lyleSounds like a good idea14:33
ttxI don't think I can suggest much more from where i stand.. review review review... we'll lok at progress in two days14:33
ttxsee how fast the wall is approaching14:34
david-lylealways too quickly14:34
ttxanything you wanted to discuss at the meeting ? You don't seem to have anything blocked14:34
david-lyleno, I think reviews are our only hold-up now14:35
ttxdavid-lyle: then I'll let you concentrate on those :)14:36
ttxdavid-lyle: thx!14:36
ttxmestery: ready when you are14:37
ttx#topic Neutron14:37
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-314:37
ttx#info 10 implemented, 54 in review14:37
ttxnice cleanup14:38
mesteryThanks, more to come, but I'm working on it everyday at this point.14:38
ttxbut 1/day velocity won't get you very far when the door closes14:38
mesteryI've already started booting some out which I don't think have a chance at landing.14:38
ttxanything planned to give the medium/high a final push?14:39
ttxsome review-centric meeting?14:39
ttxyour meetings have had other issues to discuss recently14:39
mesteryI've been thinking of that, perhaps Thursday this week.14:39
ttxso you can't really prioritize reviews there14:39
mesterySpeaking of meetings: I plan to completely revamp the Neutron meeting after Feature Freeze14:39
mesteryIt's become stale14:39
ttxyes, thursday this week is about as much you can wait14:39
mesteryNeeds a breath of fresh air14:39
mesteryttx: ++14:39
ttxafter that, it will get difficult, unless you work on Labor day14:40
mesteryTotally agree, I'll see if I can set it up for Wednesday actually.14:40
mesteryThat gives us one more day14:40
ttxI don't think there is anything I can help unblock, apart from reviews you seem in good shape14:41
mesteryThe good news is we're making progress on many High/Medium community BPs14:41
ttxyes, I would focus the review meeting on medium/high tbh14:41
mesteryL3 HA, ipset, and security groups RPC refactor are all in good shape.14:41
mesteryLow are "best effort"14:41
ttxif time left, you can address low-hanging fruit in Low14:41
ttxbut there won't be (time left)14:41
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at meeting today?14:43
mesteryIs the "PTL vs. czar" thing on the agenda?14:43
mesteryOr is that a ML thread only thing.14:43
mesterySeems project meeting may be a good place to continue that discussion14:43
ttxwe can discuss that, sure14:44
ttxCould you add it to the agenda ?14:45
mesteryWell, only if others want as well, maybe the ML thread is dieing down now :)14:45
mesteryWill do14:45
ttxok then, talk to you later!14:45
ttxjgriffith: still not around?14:45
mesteryttx: later and thanks!14:46
jgriffithttx: hey... still up?15:22
ttxjgriffith: sure, just a sec15:22
ttxjgriffith: hi!15:23
ttx#topic Cinder15:23
jgriffithttx: howdy15:23
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/juno-315:24
ttx#info 3 implemented, 16 in review15:24
ttxthat's still a lot of review work to complete in 8 days :)15:24
jgriffithsome are pretty far along15:24
ttxhow are the two medium ones going?15:24
jgriffiththose are close15:25
jgriffithI expect them to get cleaned up and finished in the next day or so15:25
ttxwould be great to land them this week to remove a bit of pressure15:25
jgriffithyeah, totally agree15:25
jgriffithI've already let it be known drivers are my lowest priority15:25
ttxthat must make you a very popular person15:25
jgriffithThere's a couple in there I need to manually update15:25
jgriffithttx: Yeah, I'm loved!15:26
ttxdo you think you could benefit from a review meeting where you would give a few targeted blueprints a final +2 push?15:26
jgriffithttx: I'm not sure about the bugs, but at least I know I can work on those after 3 closes15:26
jgriffithj3 that is15:27
ttxre: bugs; that's what rc1 is for, unless you have critical ones or regressions15:27
jgriffiththat's my plan15:27
jgriffithbut I'm certain there will be *new* ones once we cut15:27
jgriffithbased on history at any rate15:27
jgriffitheveryones's pretty distracted right now, between last minute features/reviews and third prty ci15:28
ttxI'll let you go back to it. This week is money time15:28
jgriffithI'll have an updated turn on the bp list tomorrow15:28
jgriffithwell... one today, and another after the meeting tomorrow15:28
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at meeting today?15:28
ttxi'll look at progress in a couple of days, see how badly we are f*ed15:29
jgriffithwe could continue the summit talks :)15:29
jgriffithttx: think positive!15:29
jgriffithsee how amazing the recovery is in 24 hours :)15:29
ttxwe have merged 15% of the j-3 targets in 80% of the time15:29
jgriffithdamn you and your statistics15:29
ttxhow positive is hat15:29
jgriffithalright... I'll catch up with you this afternoon15:30
ttxjgriffith: thx!15:30
ttxnotmyname: ready when you are15:30
ttxunless you want to opsmeetup-skip15:30
notmynamettx: I'm here. I'm in the ops meetup right now15:30
notmynamenah, I can space a few minutes15:31
ttxnotmyname: we can make it quick and painless15:31
notmynamethanks for doing the rc tag15:31
ttxlike a stab in a kidney15:31
ttx#topic Swift15:31
notmynameI'm reminded that I need to send an email to the ML about the RC15:31
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/2.1.015:31
ttxI think I saw one15:31
notmynameoh yeah. maybe I didn that15:31
notmynameyup. just checked15:32
ttx[openstack-dev] [Swift] 2.1.0-rc tagged15:32
notmynameI'll be getting LP filled out this week15:32
ttxlooking good so far?15:32
notmynameyes, AFAIK. there wasn't much in it that's concerning. work continues on erasure code work15:33
ttxdo you think the erasure code stuff would land in the juno final?15:33
*** markmcclain has quit IRC15:33
ttxor you'd rather introduce it early in kilo when ready15:33
notmynameI think it will be very hard to get it in juno. early kilo is more likely. (although there are many people who want it in juno)15:34
notmyname#link https://trello.com/b/LlvIFIQs/swift-erasure-codes15:34
notmynamethat's the living "what's going on" tool15:35
ttxI'll be around on monday for your sign-off on the 2.1.0 tag. If you need backports, contact me asap so that we set up the branch15:35
notmynamettx: thanks. will do15:35
ttxnotmyname: anything you'd like to discuss at meeting today? Or will you be enjoying post-meetup activities?15:35
notmynameI'll be in the middle of the ops meetup (facilitating a storage discussion) this afternoon and won't be able to make it)15:36
ttxok, fair enough!15:36
ttxtalk to you later then15:36
ttxzaneb: ready when you are15:37
ttx#topic Heat15:37
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/juno-315:37
ttx#info 3 implemented, 8 in review, 3 in progress15:38
ttxthat's slow progress in last two weeks, lots of ground left to cover in one week15:38
ttxzaneb: how are those two "high" priority ones doing ?15:39
zanebyeah, there are lots of reviews to do15:39
ttxcancel-update-stack & update-failure-recovery15:39
zanebmine has not made much progress because I've been debating with you on openstack-dev all week ;)15:39
zanebbut it should be a matter of adding a couple of unit tests, most of the patches have been reviewed already15:40
ttxzaneb: I'll stop arguing then :)15:40
ttxok, so should land this week ?15:40
ttxwhat about the other one ?15:40
zanebthe other one is looking somewhat doubtful15:40
zanebI need to check back on comments on the review15:41
ttxwould you be requiring a feature freeze exception to get it in?15:41
ttxor a few extra days won't hep it15:41
zanebI would be inclined not to do a FFE, except that TripleO needs this15:42
zanebI'll have to review the latest comments and see what the scope of any changes is15:43
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/stack-display-fields is not assigned -- does it have anybody working on it ?15:43
* ttx sees Richard Lee15:44
ttxshould he be assigned/credited for it?15:44
zanebI think andersonvom15:44
zanebactually, I believe they pair-program15:44
zanebso it's always hard to tell :D15:44
ttxwe need to make sure storyboard is PP-compatible15:45
ttxrandomly displaying one or the other15:45
zaneblooks like it already merged anyway15:45
ttxyay win15:46
ttxI assigned, you can update status15:46
zanebyeah, I just pinged Richard in #heat for an update15:46
ttxOK well, just keep on reviewing, and don't place too much hope in the gate next week, so review now if you have a choice15:47
zanebhah, yes :)15:47
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at cross-project meeting today?15:47
zanebI had a question about packaging of functional tests on openstack-dev15:47
zanebmight be a good one to discuss quickly while everyone is in one place15:47
ttxsure, add it to agenda15:48
zaneb#link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-August/044072.html15:48
ttxtalk to you later, then?15:48
zanebyep, thanks!15:48
ttxSlickNik: ready when you are (our usual time is ok)15:50
SlickNikttx: here now15:59
ttx#topic Trove15:59
ttxSlickNik: o/15:59
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/juno-315:59
ttx#info 8 in review16:00
ttxso that's not showing that much progress compared to two weeks ago16:00
ttxwasn't your meetup all focused on getting stuff done ?16:00
SlickNikWe have a couple of pretty big items that we're almost done with.16:01
SlickNikYes, and I think we made good progress at the meetup.16:01
ttxI fear you're going to get blocked in gate if you submit those too late... so get them reviewed and merged asap16:01
SlickNikJust need to close out a couple of more patches16:01
SlickNikReplication and clustering16:01
SlickNikRoger that.16:01
SlickNikReplication is on track to be implemented today / tomorrow.16:01
ttxHow is replication coming up ? How far is it ?16:02
SlickNikOf the 7 patches needed - 4 are merged.16:02
SlickNikAnd 2 / 3 have 1 +216:02
ttxWe'll be havign another look at progress in two days, see how fast the wall is approaching16:02
SlickNikand 1 is pending to look at today.16:03
ttxin the mean time, I'll try to stay out of the way16:03
ttxanything you want to discuss at meetign today ? Anything blocking you?16:03
SlickNikNothing blocking, just trying to get stuff moved through the pipeline. :)16:04
SlickNikbtw, one of the things we discussed at the mid-cycle is that we want to move to a trove-specs process.16:04
ttxstarting with Kilo I suspect16:05
SlickNikOne of the big challenges we have is being able to review BPs offline, and trove-core unanimously felt that having the specs in gerrit will really help here.16:05
ttx#info Trove to adopt -specs for Kilo16:05
SlickNikttx: yes, starting with Kilo16:05
ttxSlickNik: ok, anoything else coming out of the meetup?16:06
SlickNikafter juno-3, I'll work on getting the infra set up for that.16:06
SlickNikNot much else interesting from a cross project perspective.16:07
ttxok, talk to you later then16:07
SlickNikA lot of conversations trying to get on the same page with patches in flight, and reviews.16:07
ttxhmm, ok16:07
ttxAnyone here to represent glance ?16:08
SlickNikTalk to you in a bit.16:08
SlickNikThanks ttx!16:08
ttxSlickNik: thx!16:08
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