Friday, 2014-09-12

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mesteryttx: FFEs are due by today, right? If we have some which are just getting in the merge queue now, is that ok or those are out of Juno?13:42
ttxmestery: depends if it's a whole new patchseries of 10, or the last one in an already-merged series of 10 :)13:45
mesteryttx: Well, now we're just splitting hairs. ;)13:45
mesteryttx: But understand, let me look things over and then bring the hammer down on BPs which have no chance.13:46
ttxThings aproved today should be alright, but the idea is that they should merge over the week-end13:46
ttxa series of 10 approved today still would require one week at the very least13:47
ttxI want next week to be focused on bugfixes, not getting your lastpatches retried13:47
mesteryttx: Agreed 100%13:48
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