Friday, 2014-09-19

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ttxSergeyLukjanov: +2/APRVed06:27
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flaper87ttx: hey :)10:01
flaper87ttx: should I abandon this or will you?
flaper87also, can we get this one merged?
ttxflaper87: will do10:34
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sdaguettx: any idea how horizon is doing on fixing their css compile 500 issues?11:54
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ttxsdague: no idea, first time I hear about it11:55
sdaguethat's still randomly killing unrelated stuff in the gate because we assume that getting the horizon front page is going to work in a few places11:55
sdaguehmmmm... really?11:55
sdaguethat was one of the top gate bugs last week11:55
ttxsdague: Bug 1344881 ?11:56
ttxhmm, guess not11:56
sdaguebasically all the critical bugs - are related11:57
sdague - looks like it might be the fix11:58
sdagueafter reading a bunch of these bugs11:58
ttxsdague: ok, so that's one of the ones mentioned on
ttxI asked packagers to chime in on the thread11:59
ttxso far Ubuntu answered saying it was alright to them12:00
sdagueyeh, so honestly, we need to land this regardless12:00
sdaguehorizon doesn't work with the old version reliably12:00
sdagueit randomly stack traces a bunch if you try to do 2 request at once12:00
ttxsdague: ok, maybe we can fasttrack this particular one12:01
sdagueyeh, well my +2 is on it12:01
sdagueso if you want to approve, that would be great12:01
ttxsdague: I suspect the other two are not as... critical12:01
ttxI'll +2/APRV it12:01
sdagueyeh, I don't know on the others12:01
sdagueI was just diving down a fail and got back to this issue12:02
sdagueit actually looks like it sometimes happens even if only 1 request is happening at a time12:02
ttxok done12:02
ttxand commented on that thread12:04
ttxtoday I discovered that my UPS is not feeling very great. And sound makes pixels appear on my screen.12:09
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SergeyLukjanovttx, thx for approving sahara client bump15:10
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