Sunday, 2014-09-21

morganfainbergttx, ping, since Dolph is not around and I do not have permission to push tags for python-keystoneclient, would you mind tagging / pushing 0.11.0 for commit b0241ad2da13409d477490f6b9bea8a639874c19 in keystoneclient?07:01
morganfainbergttx, there is one other review that could land that would be nice to get into 0.11.0 but if it isn't ready by the time you're looking to tag it could go in a subsequent point release (e.g. 0.11.1):
morganfainbergttx, thanks (i'll follow-up/check in with you for this tomorrow/early monday [my time] in case anything comes up)07:03
dolphmttx: morganfainberg o/ i'll take care of the above right now if you haven't gotten to it18:49
dolphmttx: morganfainberg: looks like it still needed doing - making the release now18:54
morganfainbergdolphm, thanks!20:28
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