Thursday, 2014-10-02

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ttxtagging heat rc108:36
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Kiallttx: Heya14:30
KiallI'm betting Theirry is away again and I missed the memo ;)14:34
ttxKiall: o/14:36
ttxno, just distracted14:36
ttx#startmeeting incub_sync14:36
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'incub_sync'14:36
ttx#topic Designate14:36
ttxKiall: ping me when back14:37
Kiallttx: heya :)14:37
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ttxRC1 is out14:37
ttxRC2 window is open14:37
KiallSo - Q for you, we've found a bug in rc1 we need to fix.. We should submit to master, then proposed/juno, correct?14:38
ttxyes, you get it fixed in master, it turns to "FixCommitted"14:38
ttxthen when you backport it, it should turn to FixReleased14:38
KiallIt'll auto change to FixReleased once merged to proposed/juno?14:39
ttxSlickNik: you can approve I think14:39
ttxKiall: in theory yes14:39
Kiallttx: Ah, ok...14:39
Kiall1 other question I had for you - Do we know when openstack/requirements will "open for kilo" changes?14:40
ttxso now you ned to get both fixes in master14:40
ttxthen you backport them to proposed/juno14:40
ttxand then we can tag rc2 and sing with the crowd14:40
ttxrequirements is unfrozen when all RC1s are out14:40
ttxwe are still missing swift, trove, horizon and neutron14:40
KiallK - I'll keep an eye out for those then, thanks :)14:41
KiallThat's me out of questions, do you have any for me?14:41
ttxall set14:41
KiallOkay, well, have a good day then!14:42
ttxtalk to you later14:42
ttxjraim: around?15:33
jraimping redrobot15:33
ttx#topic Barbican15:33
ttxLooks like you're close15:33
jraimttx: Not sure if you saw, but redrobot will be taking over PTL from me for Juno15:33
ttxI saw.15:33
jraimFor Kilo, sorry15:33
ttxStill respecting the order of succession :)15:34
jraimSo he's been working the cleanup / landing of RC115:34
jraimunderstood :)15:34
ttxso once you're happy with all... you should push an open-kilo patch15:34
redrobotyep, pretty close. waiting on one more review for a critical bug15:34
ttxSomethign like
* ttx checks that it applies to barbican15:34
ttxit does.15:35
ttxI can propose one, just -2 it until you're ready for RC115:35
jraimsounds good15:35
ttxso that marks the opening of kilo15:36
ttxI branch from previous commit15:36
ttxand tag rc1 there15:36
ttxrunning a few checks15:37
jraimseems straight forward15:37
ttxok, I think we are good15:37
ttxso once I spot that change merged i'll tag for you :)15:37
jraimredrobot: okay with you?15:38
redrobotyep, sounds good to me15:38
ttxIn theory the RC1 can be good for two weeks and released ~ release day15:38
ttxif you spot a critical issue though, we should respin15:38
ttxwhich means, creating a rc2 milestone in launchpad, and target a few bugs to it15:38
ttxyou get the bug fixed in master first15:38
ttxthen we backport the ones that are targeted to rc215:39
ttxto proposed/juno15:39
ttx(which is created to support rc1 tag)15:39
jraimmakes sense15:39
ttxjust ping me when/if you want to open a RC2, I'll help15:39
ttxok, that's all... other questions ?15:39
jraimnot from me15:39
ttxdesign summit space maybe...15:40
redrobotyeah, are we getting a pod?15:40
ttxyou get 4 scheduled slots on the Tuesday, plus a dedicated pod all week15:40
redrobotalso, any chance we can be next to the Keystone folks?  That was super helpful in Atlanta15:40
ttxI avoided your conference conflict15:40
redrobotthe workshop?  awesome.15:40
ttxKeystone won't have a designated pod. So just ask them to pick the free ones around you when they need one :)15:41
ttxor you could just call yours the barbican/keystone pod :)15:41
ttxflaper87: around?15:41
flaper87gosh, I've had that hand raised for a while15:41
flaper87it started to hurt15:42
ttxredrobot, jraim: thanks, ttyl15:42
ttx#topic Zaqar15:42
redrobotttx thank you!15:42
ttxhah! I won't have a commit in Zaqar just yet :)15:42
flaper87lol :D15:43
flaper87so yeah, rc1 can be cut now, I think we're good15:43
ttxok, ping me when it lands, because I only follow the 'open-kilo' topic15:43
ttxor maybe I can do it now, if it merges fast15:43
ttxso same advice wrt: rc2, read above15:43
flaper87ttx: it shouldn't take long15:44
flaper87yeah, all clear15:44
ttxok, let's try this15:44
ttxDesign Summit: Zaqar has same allocation as Barbican, 4 scheduled slots on the Tuesday, dedicated pod all week15:44
flaper87good to know, morning or afternoon?15:45
flaper87do we know that already?15:45
ttxyes, current setup is morning, until 3:30pm15:45
flaper87ok, cool. I guess no parties on monday... damn ttx >.>15:45
ttxcan't really put you i afternoon, because that would create a conflict for redrobot15:46
flaper87morning is great, np15:46
ttx(who has a talk on Tue morning in conference15:46
ttxwell, I /could/ place you in morning, but then you would get only 3 slots15:46
ttx(I mean, afternoon)15:46
flaper87no no no, we need the fourth one15:47
flaper87so, the patch will take longer than expected15:47
flaper87i guess you can cut it later15:47
ttxbah, no worry, I'll pick it up tomorrow morning15:47
flaper87awesome, sounds good15:47
ttxin the mean time, once it's merged, kilo is opened15:47
ttxgreat, thx!15:48
flaper87thank you, ttyl15:48
ttxdevananda: around?15:48
devanandattx: hi!15:48
ttx#topic Ironic15:48
ttx4 bugs ! oh my15:49
ttxare you getting closer ?15:49
devanandayup. three of those are on me. fixes have been in flight for a few days15:49
devanandaat this point, there's concensus on landing them -- but we are hitting a strange bug in the gate15:49
ttxthat happens15:49
devanandapy26,27 are failing there, but not for us localy15:49
devanandabeen working on solving that this morning15:50
devanandaonce that's fixed, we should be able to close 3 of those 4 bugs15:50
ttxpushing an open-kilo change, -2 it for the time being15:51
devanandathe 4th,, is a bug in one driver, so it's less important -- but we will probably land it today15:51
ttxwhen you're happy with master, approve that15:51
ttxI'll pick it up and tag/branch15:51
devanandattx: will do, ty15:51
ttxjust add the -2 to avoid someone crazy to approve it15:51
devanandamy goal is by the end of today15:51
ttxah, done15:52
devanandabut we'll see. i'm also out this afternoon for meetings15:52
devanandanot about juno release :)15:52
devanandai do have a question or two about the summit tho15:52
ttxdevananda: like, how am I going to survive Paris with my diet15:52
devanandattx: there's that15:52
ttxI won't deny it will be a bit of a challenge15:53
devanandattx: i figure i'll be eating a lot of butter and fish15:53
devanandaand getting about half my calories from wine15:53
ttxeven getting vegetarian food is a challenge here15:53
devanandawell, i'll be there for ~2 weeks, so I have plenty of time to lose weight!15:54
ttxsummit allocation: 5 scheduled slots, a half-day meetup15:54
devanandaah, cool15:54
devanandai haven't seen the schedule posted anywhere yet15:54
ttxI need to enter it in sched15:54
ttxunfortunately couldn't find eth time today15:55
devanandaok. last year there was a spreadsheet too15:55
devanandado you know yet what days?15:55
ttxah! I could give you access to /that/15:55
ttxYou have wed morning + one session Thu morning15:55
ttxmeetup is Friday afternoon15:56
devanandak k15:56
ttx(well, until 5:10pm)15:56
devanandawe're using a gDoc to collect ideas and start scheduling them15:56
devanandaI've also asked for a slot in the operators track on monday15:56
devanandaparticularly given ironic's operator-focused mission, I am looking forward to that feedback15:56
ttxanything else ,15:57
ttxalright then, have a good day!15:57
SlickNikttx: done on Thanks!16:27
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mesteryttx: The "Open Kilo" commit merged in Neutron, I think you're good to package up neutron Juno-RC1 now. Thanks and sorry my travel made my availability limited this week.18:07
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david-lylettx, Horizon RC1 ready18:45
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SlickNikttx: fyi merged19:41
SlickNikttx: Thanks!19:41
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