Thursday, 2014-10-09

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ttxmikal: around?07:06
ttxnikhil_k: All targeted changes merged for Glance. We'll tag RC2 if you confirm when you get up.08:14
ttxmikal: around?08:34
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: ohai!09:46
ttxjohnthetubaguy: couldn't get hold of mikal this morning, so I might need you for a few RC2-related things09:46
johnthetubaguyttx: howdy, I meant to reach out09:46
johnthetubaguyttx: OK, I have left this to mikal really, where are we at? how can I help you/09:47
ttxWe need 3 more things09:47
ttxI proposed -- I'd like your doublecheck on it09:47
ttxit's the backport09:47
ttxThis one is still being discussed for master @
ttxSo if this is not ready, I woner if we should still consider it release-critical09:48
johnthetubaguyso first one, looks good to me09:48
ttxjohnthetubaguy: if you +1 it I'll +2/APRV it09:49
johnthetubaguyttx: +1ed it already09:49
ttxLast thing we need would be a translations update09:49
johnthetubaguydo you have the patch for that?09:49
johnthetubaguyor do we wait a bit09:49
ttxI don't have a patch yet, you can build one with
ttx(the commands in that commit message09:50
ttxI'll review it if you post it09:50
johnthetubaguyso do that on master, or on proposed/juno?09:51
ttxrun on proposed/juno09:51
johnthetubaguycool, let me do that for you now09:51
ttxFor it would really be better if we could include the fix09:51
ttxbut the patch looks stuck09:51
johnthetubaguyI can rally the troops later around the other patch09:51
ttxyeah, that would be great09:51
johnthetubaguyif I knew why it got past grenade that would help, but I will take a peak09:52
ttxSo in summary: (1) rally troops to get in master so that we can backport it, and (2) propose the translations update09:53
johnthetubaguycool, thanks, will work on that09:53
ttxIdeally early enough today that we could tag RC2 before our EOD09:53
ttxjohnthetubaguy: thx!09:53
johnthetubaguyah, gotcha, yeah09:53
johnthetubaguydeclare: -g: invalid option09:58
johnthetubaguyhmm, does this not work on the mac?09:58
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: no idea. I know dolphm knows how to run it10:07
ttxOr maybe you can ping AJaeger for help, he could even post the change if you ask him nicely10:07
johnthetubaguywhat channel? infra10:07
ttxor pm10:07
ttxpinged him on infra10:10
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ttxjgriffith, zaneb, mestery, nikhil_k: ping me when you wake up and have 5 min11:40
zanebttx: ping12:28
ttxzaneb: ohai12:28
ttxLooks like you are all set ?12:28
zaneblooks like it :)12:29
ttxzaneb: want to let it cool off a few hours before tagging RC2 and closing the RC2 window ?12:29
ttxzaneb: any last-minute backport ?12:29
zanebnah, I think we're good to go12:29
ttxOK, will tag in a few minutes then12:30
zanebcool, thanks ttx12:30
ttxunless you press that red button on your left in the mean time12:31
Kiallttx: if you're cutting releases, Designate rc2 should be good to go.. (I was going to ask during our 1:1, but if you're doing them now, may as well do them together :))12:42
ttxKiall: only one backport ?12:49
KiallYes, only 1 bug spotted.. I'm sure we'll find more come Juno final release (as with any release!) but at this time, that's all we know of.12:50
ttxok then, will do as soon as I'm done with Heat12:50
Kiallexcellent :)12:52
KiallThanks :)12:57
ttxKiall: consider yourself synced!12:57
ttxno need for further discussion today unless you have questions12:58
KiallNope, ready to call it a month and take the rest of it off at this point ;)12:58
ttxsounds reasonable12:58
nikhil_k|afkttx: hi13:20
*** nikhil_k|afk is now known as nikhil_k13:20
ttxnikhil_k: hola13:20
ttxnikhil_k: Looks like glance is all set13:20
nikhil_kttx: just had query regarding some more backports from rc2 potential13:21
ttxnikhil_k: ah, let's look at that then13:21
nikhil_kgot plenty of requests13:21
ttxnikhil_k: want us to review them now ?13:24
nikhil_kttx: sorry, yes13:25
nikhil_kthere are 5 in there which are in master13:25
ttxyeah, that one sould like a good one13:26
nikhil_kttx: do you need someone to create a PR to proposed/juno?13:26
ttxit's dding two strings meh13:27
* nikhil_k doesn't want to be in the way13:27
ttxnikhil_k: wait a bit for PR until we've seen them all13:28
nikhil_kok sure, we've glance meeting in 30 mins.13:28
ttxwe won't fix them all. Some of those will get fixed post-release13:28
ttxso we need to decide which ones are really embarassing, or damaging, or insecure, or hard to fix post-release (beacuse they change behavior/config options)13:29
ttx(or a regression)13:29
nikhil_k was initially in our rc2 bucket for consideration - it has doc impact13:29
nikhil_kso that one13:29
ttxyes, that one would be annoying postrelease13:30
ttxlet's add it13:30
nikhil_kand this one
ttxok well, let's get those 3 in now13:32
ttxcan you propose the backports ?13:32
nikhil_kttx: one more :)13:32
nikhil_kregression due to glance_store13:32
ttxok, ok :)13:33
ttxCan you all get them backported now ? I'll push them through13:33
nikhil_kttx: either me or someone in glance should be able to do it13:33
ttxthen we can talk again after your meeting13:33
nikhil_ksounds good13:33
ttxanyone can do it -- I would do it but that I would be blocked to self-approve me13:33
nikhil_kheh, ok13:34
ttxThat leaves
ttxnikhil_k: will be difficult to fix postrelease13:36
ttxso it's now or not in juno13:36
ttxBut needs to be in master first13:36
ttxjgriffith, mestery: ping me when around13:39
johnthetubaguyttx: quick update, +W on
ttxjohnthetubaguy: ok, you can propose backport, will block it until it makes master13:40
johnthetubaguyttx: sure, will do13:40
mesteryttx: Here, just catching up now, had kids conferences at school this morning. :)13:42
ttxmestery: hola!13:43
ttx4 bugs left13:44
ttxI backported it to
ttxWould like your +2/APRV on it13:44
mesteryDoing it now13:44
ttxneeds first13:44
johnthetubaguyttx: I will let you apply the block13:45
mesteryIn the queue13:45
mesteryGot it13:45
ttxjohnthetubaguy: done13:45
johnthetubaguyttx: sweet, thank you13:45
ttxmestery: backpotrted to -- but I got some -1s13:46
mesteryYeah, reading the bug now ...13:46
ttxwhich I'll let you handle from here :)13:46
ttx"Dropping self.define_ml2_tables(metadata) it self for Juno won't work because we will find another error"13:46
mesteryI'll sort this out13:46
ttxok thx13:46
mesteryWith Xu Han13:46
ttxStill needs approval in master @
ttxNeeds a patch proposed13:47
mesteryFor 1378866, that one is close now, markmcclain has been working with armax and salv-orlando on it13:47
mestery1378855, I'll sync with markmcclain this morning13:47
mesterySo, we're getting close I think13:47
ttxmestery: closer, for sure13:49
ttxrequirements and translations have landed13:49
ttxso that's the final 413:49
ttxmestery: ok, that's all for now!13:50
mesteryttx: Thanks! I've got my eye on these today, will hopefully get most of these in by end of day.13:50
mesteryThanks for your guidance and help!13:50
ttxjgriffith: around?14:13
jgriffithttx: hey14:48
ttxjgriffith: o/14:48
jgriffithttx: just got on... checking14:49
ttxalmost there14:49
ttxI backported
ttxCould use your +2 on it14:49
ttxthen we should be good to go14:49
jgriffithttx: done14:49
ttxOK, anything lese to include at the last minute ?14:50
jgriffithttx: nope14:50
jgriffithttx: nothing I felt was worth it14:50
ttxalright then, will tag once that lands. Thanks!14:50
jgriffithttx: you bet... thanks to you as well14:50
ttxnikhil_k: around?15:25
ttxnikhil_k: any addition to RC2 from the Glance meeting ?15:25
ttxjraim, redrobot: ready when you are15:26
ttxredrobot: still happy with your RC1 ?15:26
redrobotYeah... we've found a few minor bugs, but we don't feel it's worth spinning up an RC2 for them.15:27
ttxcool, let's stay there then for the time being15:27
redrobotyep,  I addeda  release notes wiki as we discussed15:27
ttxthat's all then :) Thx :)15:27
redrobotcool, until next week!15:28
ttxI might ping for last-minute things a bit before.15:28
ttxsince Thursday is usually a bit too late15:28
nikhil_kttx: hi15:28
ttxjust let me know if you have a critical thing justfying a respin15:28
ttxnikhil_k: o/15:28
ttx<ttx> nikhil_k: any addition to RC2 from the Glance meeting ?15:29
nikhil_kttx: this one just got approved15:29
ttxnikhil_k: ok, let's add it15:30
ttxyou ready to backport it ?15:30
nikhil_kttx: waiting on gate15:30
nikhil_kI can propose a MP until then15:30
nikhil_kttx: you around for a bit?15:30
* nikhil_k needs to find out how to priorotize a patch in the gate15:31
ttxaround for next 30min, then may jump back in 4 hours time15:31
ttxI can approve then15:31
nikhil_koh ok15:31
nikhil_ksounds good15:31
ttxflaper87: ready when you are15:36
flaper87ttx: here15:36
flaper87ttx: :) 'sup?15:36
flaper87we need an rc2 :D15:36
ttxlast time I looked you were still at RC1, but I saw a few backports being proposed too15:36
ttxlet me open that for you if not done already15:36
flaper87not done yet15:37
flaper87who can approve these patches?15:37
flaper87I guess you, right?15:37
flaper87ttx: thanks15:37
ttxPTL or me15:37
* flaper87 is PTL and he has no +2 access15:37
flaper87I guess I need to be added to some group15:37
ttxyes you do15:37
ttxflaper87: can you target the RC2 bugs ?15:38
flaper87ttx: yes, I'll do that15:38
flaper87ttx: what's our deadline?15:38
ttxI'll fix your access in the mean time15:38
ttxasap as always15:38
flaper87I mean, date and stuff15:38
ttxincubated projects can miss the release date15:38
ttxsoi I don't care that much15:38
* flaper87 cares15:38
flaper87ok, I'll get all that sorted out before the end of the week15:39
ttxbut general rule of thumb would be to have a final before tomorrow15:39
flaper87which means, tomorrow15:39
ttxif you want decent testing and space to reroll in case of Murphy15:39
ttxbefore Thu15:39
flaper87that's good to know15:39
ttxlooks like I can't fix you15:40
ttxnot even sure I have access, let me check15:40
ttxah, I do, but I can't add members15:40
ttxyou'll have to ask in infra15:40
ttxin the mean time...15:40
flaper87ttx: ok15:40
ttxI can approve15:40
ttxflaper87: rules are: only approve stuff that is targeted to RC2 (has a bug targeted there)15:41
ttxand is merged in master (bug should be fixcommitted)15:41
flaper87so, there's one that still needs to land in master15:41
ttxhmm, something is weird with
ttxah, subsequent fix on the same bug15:42
ttxnot good15:42
* ttx fixes15:42
ttxso you shouldn't use Juno tasks in LP15:43
ttxpre-release, fixcomitted means "fixed in master"15:43
flaper87mmh, what bug?15:43
ttxand fixreleased means "fixed in master and in proposed/juno15:43
ttxso we use a single task15:43
ttxa bit confusing, but if we don't, hell breaks loose15:44
ttxalso known as "LP timeouts".15:44
* flaper87 has been there15:44
flaper87I'll have a list of sessions ready for next week15:45
* ttx reviews15:45
ttxfirst two approved15:46
ttxI'll ping you tomorrow morning when they are all in15:46
ttxand we can signoff on rc215:46
flaper87yes sir, thank you very much!15:46
ttxdevananda: around?15:46
flaper87I'll fix my access issue there15:46
* flaper87 leaves15:47
devanandattx: hi!15:47
ttxanything to add ?15:47
devanandanothing has come up15:47
ttxwant me to tag ?15:47
devanandafolks are running with that fix, and it looks good15:47
devanandayup! cheers15:47
ttxok, let's do taht now15:48
ttx./ juno rc2 ironic15:48
devananda.. want me to run it?15:49
ttxno no15:49
ttxit's running15:49
ttxtag is in already, waiting for tarball15:49
devanandaI'll post to ML and twitter when it's done15:49
ttxsure will ping you when script completes15:50
devanandattx: have a couple questions if you're sticking around15:50
ttxsure go ahead15:50
devanandaare we all set to make ironic jobs voting on integratd projects now?15:50
devanandaI've posted that here - - fwiw15:51
ttxdevananda: if there is a way to limit that to master, sure.15:51
ttxI don't really want to touch anything on proposed/juno this week :)15:52
devanandattx: interesting (and good) point. I'm not sure15:52
devanandaalso, to note, I've gone ahead and cleared out the old baremetal wiki at
devanandasince that code is now gone from Nova15:52
ttxdevananda: if that can wait a week, then it won't matter to me anymore15:53
ttxI'll be drunk somewhere15:53
devanandasure thing, I'll WIP it until when, Monday?15:54
devanandaor next thursday?15:54
ttxnext Friday would be better15:54
devanandak k15:54
ttxit's when infra starts breaking things again15:54
devanandaas far as design summit scheduling, when should I expect more info on eg. how to post things to the official schedule site, etc15:54
devanandaI'm not ready to do that now :) just looking for an idea of when to get our plans close to finalized by15:55
ttxhmm, next Friday ?15:56
devanandasounds good15:56
* ttx has a standard answer now15:56
devanandacheers, that's all for this week15:56
ttxalrighty then15:56
ttxjgriffith: it merged. Need to wait for some tarball jobs to complete now. I'll be back in ~4hours, and if you're still happy with RC2 by then (read: haven't pinged me) I'll tag.16:04
jgriffithttx: sounds great... that was relatively *fast*16:06
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ttxnikhil_k: a backport for was posted but it's not in rc2 yet18:40
ttxand merged so it could use a backport18:41
ttxdavid-lyle: saw my email ?18:50
nikhil_kttx: am on it18:55
nikhil_kwill let the developer know not to create against proposed/juno!19:07
david-lylettx: not sure that I did19:12
david-lylejust looked and didn't find anything19:12
*** david-lyle is now known as david-lyle_afk19:47
ttxdavid-lyle: sorry about that, sent again19:54
ttx(was just asking about extra things you want in your RC2)19:54
ttxmestery: around?19:58
mesteryttx: Ack19:58
mesteryttx: We're down to two now.19:58
mesteryWell, 3.19:58
mesteryTwo in the master queue waiting on backport19:58
mesteryOne is being sorted still.19:58
mesterySo 3 total.19:58
ttxyeah, we still have that backport of mine that needs further attention19:59
mesteryWhich one is that?19:59
mesteryYes, that is #319:59
mesterymarkmcclain and I are talking about that 1:1 now20:00
mesteryWe hope to have that sorted soon20:00
ttxyep, back in 1 h to check before bed20:00
mesteryttx: Thanks!20:00
ttxmikal: nova looks all set to me. Will tag if you confirm20:01
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ttxnikhil_k: looks like needs some more work21:00
nikhil_kttx: yeah, was just looking into it21:03
ttxthe other I just rechecked21:03
ttxmikal: o/21:04
ttxmikal: will go to sleep now. Talk to you at the end of your day, and will tag Nova RC2 is still good by then21:05
mikalttx: trapped in meerings21:55
mikalWill check after21:55
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