Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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ttxSlickNik: ok, let's see06:36
ttxSlickNik: we'll need bugs filed for both of them, and tagged juno-rc-potential06:43
SlickNikttx: roger that06:47
SlickNikttx: one of them is https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/138074506:47
SlickNikttx: since the other was an incomplete fix, it was checked in against the same bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/137966506:48
ttxincomplete fixes need to be tracked as separate bugs ideally06:49
* ttx looks06:49
SlickNikttx: I can open a separate bug for it, since that makes tracking easier.06:50
ttxSlickNik: no, we'll make it work06:50
SlickNikmarking that one as juno-rc-potential as well.06:51
ttxThey need to make it in master really quickly to be considered for a late respin06:51
ttxand the backport needs to be obviously safe06:51
SlickNikso the reviews are: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128003/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128150/06:52
SlickNikimo they're pretty safe.06:53
ttxand finally we need to understand why that wasn't detected in geting06:54
ttxbecause we don't really want that to happen again06:55
SlickNikAgreed. I looked into it and it's really a fail on our part —  we don't have tests checking that particular case in the gate, and a bad merge caused the issue. This is something that we _have_ to fix in Kilo (preferably early on in kilo-1).06:59
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ttxmikal: o/08:01
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:02
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ptl_sync'08:02
ttx#topic Nova08:02
mikalJohn is fighting technology, so he might be late08:02
ttxso, RC2 out08:03
ttxA few bugs there, but nothing mature enough to justify RC3 I'd say08:03
mikalI should read the live migrate one08:04
ttxHow up to date are you on the release notes ? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Juno08:04
mikalOh, that's the exception thing08:04
mikalSo, I need to start on the release notes08:04
mikalIts basically not attempted yet08:04
mikalI do have a summary of landed BPs though08:05
ttxok, the sooner the better for the release notes, to avoid last-minute edit conflicts08:05
mikalSo, the "Key New Features" section is just that blog post, right?08:05
mikalOr do I need to stick with the headings there?08:06
ttxno, thta blogpost with a few edits should do08:06
mikalI was hopign that was the case08:06
ttxnot sure our users care about the migration reserve08:06
mikalI will cut and paste that in now then08:06
mikalYeah, fair point08:06
ttxand some titles could use a bit of elaboration08:06
mikalThat's the problem with including literally all08:07
ttxbut the structure should be the same08:07
mikalWell, I shall dump and then iterate08:07
ttxit's a good first draft :)08:07
ttxstarting EOD today we won't respin unless there is some critical issue like catastrophic data loss, or legal problems08:08
ttxor missing files08:08
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ttx"regular" bugs will be documented as known issues08:08
ttxso that leaves today to do a RC3 over normal regressions08:08
ttxbut I wouldn't consider bugs that are not already fixed in master08:09
mikalI have seen zero discussion of requiring a rc308:09
mikalSo I think we're ok08:09
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: we were saying nothing justifies a late respin at this point08:09
* johnthetubaguy grumpy that IRC forced him to use webchat08:10
johnthetubaguyttx: mikal: yeah, I haven't seen anyone screaming about something08:10
ttxjohnthetubaguy: we'll keep an eye on that today. Like I told mikal:08:11
ttxstarting EOD today we won't respin unless catastrophic dataloss, legal issues, missing files08:11
johnthetubaguyttx: cool, makes sense08:11
ttxso that leaves today for "normal" respin -- but we wouldn't consider any backport that's not already in master08:12
ttxand lookgin at the list right now, nothing jumps out08:12
ttxwe'll keep an eye on that list today just in case08:13
ttxOK, anything else ?08:13
mikalFor the release or in general?08:13
ttxin general08:13
mikalSo, I feel like I need to start paying more attention to the summit schedule08:14
mikalBut I will get on that ASAP08:14
johnthetubaguymikal: are we going to cover that in some nova-meeting?08:14
mikaljohnthetubaguy: so, we have a page of ideas08:14
mikaljohnthetubaguy: we now need to work out how to turn that into a thing08:14
mikaljohnthetubaguy: which I guess does involve our meetings08:14
ttxyou need to split the topics between scheduled slots and the meetup basically08:15
johnthetubaguymikal: yeah, I am thinking we discuss the proposed thing in the nova-meeting, see if people agree08:15
mikalKyle pinged me about the nova-net upgrade path08:15
mikalI suggested some shared time on Friday08:15
mikalInsteafd of trying to clash with another nova session08:15
ttxscheduled slots are good when the discussion is easily timeboxed and would benefit from being advertised on the schedule (needs nova-external input)08:15
mikalI am not sure the nova-net thing can be timeboxed08:15
mikalI don't have a good read on that08:16
ttx"meetup" slots are good for project process discussion, setting cycle priorities at the end of the week etc08:16
johnthetubaguymikal: some shared nova + neutron meet up time sounds good though, even if its a slot where we have nova sessions and no neutron sessions, or something like that08:16
ttxa number of things obviously fall in the middle between those two extremes08:16
mikalttx: is neutron two full days of sessions too?08:17
ttxso I would split the ideas between 3 groups08:17
mikalOr is there a gap we could schedule the upgrade thing into?08:17
ttxthere is a gap08:17
* ttx shares08:17
mikalLast summit there was a spreadsheet of doom08:17
mikalDo we have one of those again?08:17
ttxyes, see pm08:18
ttxfrom Wed 1:50pm to Thu 10:30 am, no Neutron session08:18
mikalOh, so Wed arvo might work for example08:18
ttxthe canonical layout is at http://kilodesignsummit.sched.org/ now08:19
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* ttx spots a few errors in the spreadsheet08:19
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mikalOh, nice08:20
mikalFixy fixy08:20
* johnthetubaguy_w lets hope the french don't ban me08:20
mikalWhy would they?08:21
mikalDid you hurt their feelings?08:21
johnthetubaguylol, no idea08:21
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mikalSo, I think we sound like we're done?08:21
mikalApart from me promising to think more on the summit?08:21
mikalI also intend to announce a mid-cycle meetup real soon now [tm]08:22
johnthetubaguymikal: let us driver folks know how we can help with that08:22
mikaljohnthetubaguy: yrp08:23
ttxmikal: yes done08:23
mikalBasically two companies offered, and then one backed down08:23
mikalSo the other wins!08:23
ttxmikal: does your meetup include skiing ?08:23
mikalttx: no, that's why Company One backed down, too much snow08:23
mikalttx: so we're going somewhere warm and will revisit Company One in Lemming08:24
* johnthetubaguy looks forward to mid-cycle announcement08:25
ttxalright then, ttyl08:25
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SergeyLukjanovttx, hey, will any projects have rc3?11:23
ttxHeat already had one11:23
ttxTrove will likely have one too11:23
SergeyLukjanovttx, heh11:23
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eglynnttx: knock, knock ...11:45
ttx#topic Ceilometer11:45
* ttx is busy looking up fine restaurants11:45
ttxeglynn: howdy11:45
ttxRC2 is out, a few candidates up for RC3 respin11:46
eglynnno shortage of those in Paris :)11:46
eglynncool, I've no reason to think we'll need a ceilo RC311:46
eglynn... famous last words :)11:46
ttx1379808 was proposed for backport by jd__11:47
ttxnot sure how blocking it is. It's ont of those that we can't easily backport post-release11:47
eglynnyeah he mentioned it to me also11:47
ttxwe can certainly respin quickly in the next hour(s)11:48
ttxif that one is wanted11:48
ttxIt's certainly self-contained enough and low risk11:48
eglynnactually now that I'm giving https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bug/1378742 a second look11:48
eglynnhmmm, that one might actually justify respining11:49
eglynnOK, let's go for it since both are very self contained11:50
ttxhmm, ok, let's do it fast11:50
eglynncool, thanks!11:50
ttxanything else critical in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bugs?field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED ?11:50
eglynnnope, we can live without those11:51
ttxeglynn: ok, propose backport for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/126871 now11:52
ttxand we'll push it11:52
eglynncool, I'm on it11:52
ttxapproving julien's one11:52
ttxeglynn: after this one, we'll respin only on showstoppers that can't possibly be documented as known issues11:53
ttxlike a legal issue11:54
ttxor a missing file in the tarball11:54
ttxor some catastrophic failure11:54
eglynngot it11:54
ttxso after that backport you should finalize https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Juno11:54
ttxand then safely proceed to Kilo design summit session planning :)11:54
ttxquestions ?11:54
eglynnyeah I've already done a first cut on the release notes11:55
eglynnnothing else from me11:55
ttxcool, ping me when you have the backport up11:56
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around?12:05
ttxdhellmann: ready when you are12:06
dhellmannttx: sorry, running late this morning but ready now12:24
ttx#topic Oslo12:26
ttxdhellmann: o/12:26
dhellmannttx: o/12:26
ttxAny red flag from your side ?12:26
dhellmannI think we're fully in Kilo mode. I'm not aware of any major issues.12:27
ttxdhellmann: I actually had a question for you about openstack/requirements12:27
ttxthere seems to be some confusion about the use of it by non-integrated projects12:27
ttxrandom projects asking for additional requirements that are not actually wanted by integrated projects12:28
ttxIt feels like we supported that in the past but are clamping down12:28
dhellmannyeah, they used to need to be included for the mirror12:28
ttxbut they don't anymore ?12:29
dhellmannno, we have a full pypi mirror now12:29
dhellmannI forget which package we're using, bandersnatch maybe?12:29
ttxso why are they asking ?12:29
dhellmannwe had built our own before12:29
dhellmannthere are a couple of reasons12:29
ttxdo they have some stale requirements check job ?12:29
dhellmannthe doc team wants to sync requirements into their projects12:29
dhellmannthey have 10+ repos12:30
dhellmannfungi, AJaeger, and I sort of decided yesterday that would be ok to keep doing, since debian at least does build the docs12:30
ttxso ideally a project could "consume" common requirements and add extra ones on their side12:30
dhellmannwell, the way it is built now, it's all or nothing12:30
dhellmannhrm, maybe that's not true12:31
dhellmannwe could have the sync job run but leave the check job out of the project12:31
ttxdhellmann: how about we abuse the crossproject meeting today to discuss that a bit ? Unless the release is on fire12:31
dhellmannof course that means they couldn't have a different version of anything than we have globally12:31
dhellmannthat works, although I think the projects that care won't necessarily be in the meeting12:31
dhellmannsolum was another one that came up12:32
ttxsure, it's more so that infra/QA/us are all on the same page before we push that down their throats12:32
dhellmannmakes sense -- I thought the decision was already more or less agreed to, but let's confirm that instead of me assuming it12:32
ttxcurrently I'm not even sure what to answer them ;)12:32
ttxAnything else ?12:33
SergeyLukjanovttx, I'm here, sorry for the delay, forgot to enable notifications :(12:33
dhellmannI'll remind everyone to send liaisons, but otherwise nothing12:33
ttxdhellmann: ok, have a good day then12:34
ttxSergeyLukjanov: hi!12:34
dhellmannttx: ditto12:34
ttx#topic Sahara12:34
ttxSergeyLukjanov: haven't seen anything justifying a RC3 ?12:34
ttxNothing in rc-potential, a few bugs fixed in master but nothing stand out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/sahara/+bugs?field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED12:34
SergeyLukjanovttx, we have a regression with direct engine and nova-network, but I don't think that we need to delay release because of it12:35
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think we'll test and bacl port it to stable/juno12:35
ttxSergeyLukjanov: is that fixed in master already?12:35
SergeyLukjanovttx, not yet12:35
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ok, then it shall be documented as a known issue in the release notes12:35
SergeyLukjanovttx, the fix will be not very safe, so, yeah, we'll document it12:36
SergeyLukjanovttx, we have release notes draft https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Sahara/ReleaseNotes/Juno12:36
SergeyLukjanovttx, will move it today to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Juno12:36
ttxsounds good12:36
ttxSergeyLukjanov: anything else ?12:36
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think nope, everything going well12:37
ttxSergeyLukjanov: you'll have to start working on summit agenda12:37
ttxdhellmann: that's true for you as well ^12:37
SergeyLukjanovttx, in fact this regression is with the deprecated non-heat engine with custom configs, so, non critical12:37
SergeyLukjanovttx, already working on it, should have a good results for the next meeting12:37
dhellmannttx: we've started12:37
ttxok, let me know if you have questions12:38
ttxI'll send you all an email with the link to the website where you can update the (tbd) sessions12:38
SergeyLukjanovttx, ack, thx12:38
ttxwhen the final schedule is ready12:38
ttxmestery, nikhil_k: ping me when around so that we anticipate your need for RC312:40
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mesteryttx: pong13:24
ttxmestery: hey, wanted to ask you in advance of our sync if you think we'll need a RC313:27
ttxif yes, we want to push it to gate asap13:27
mesteryIt's not looking likely, there were no release critical bugs we as a team could find in our meeting yesterday13:27
mesteryI think we're good with RC2 being Juno final.13:27
mesteryA quick search this morning didn't turn anything up either.13:28
ttxSomeone proposed https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1378525 for backport13:28
ttxshould we still ignore that ?13:28
mesteryYes, we spoke about that one, and we determined it can be release noted.13:28
mesteryI'll comment in the bug13:28
ttxmestery: ok then13:28
ttxmestery: we can formally do our sync now if that suits you13:29
mesteryttx: Actually, one sec, looking at the bug.13:29
mesteryIt's a 1 line change.13:29
mesteryHmmm ....13:29
mesteryStill not sure it's worth spinning a new release for.13:29
mesteryAnd yes, lets sync now.13:29
ttx#topic Neutron13:29
ttxIt's sufficiently self-contained that we can respin on that, if you think it's a critical issue13:30
mesteryLet me talk to Akihiro, he made a comment about Horizon.13:30
mesteryI will know in < 1 hour I think once I get a hold of him.13:30
mesteryI agree, it may be worth respinning just for this bug since it's contained.13:31
mesteryShall I propose the cherry-pick in anticipation?13:31
ttxit's already cherrypicked13:31
mesteryAh, cool. :)13:31
ttxso it's not too disruptive as long as we push it now13:32
mesteryI'll know soon.13:32
ttx<1 hour is probably ok13:32
ttxchecking https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED for other easy ones13:32
mesteryMe too13:33
mesterySukhdev asked me to consider this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/137365213:33
mesteryIt's a larger change, but contained to the Arista driver13:33
mesteryI'm inclined to include that one if you are ok with it.13:34
ttxmore risky13:34
ttxalso easily backportable imho13:35
ttxand documenatble13:35
mesteryYeah, lets leave it.13:35
mesteryI agree13:35
mesteryand .1 is 6 weeks out or so?13:35
mesterySo it's fine to land then.13:35
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mesteryWith more testing, etc.13:35
ttxhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1232525 maybe13:36
mesteryhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1365226 also13:36
ttxalthough it's probably just cosmetic13:36
mesteryYes to 1232525, it may make backports easier13:37
mesteryWhat about 1365226?13:37
ttxhmm, was never merged to master ?13:38
* mestery checks again13:38
ttxbit weird13:38
ttxoh, driver removed13:38
ttxso just one, if you confirm it13:39
ttxunless we also do 123252513:39
mesteryYes, I think 1232525 is good as well13:39
mesteryI am ok with that one, and I can propose the cherry-pick this morning yet13:39
ttxpropose it now, add the bug reference to the commit message13:39
ttxif it's ready when the other is, it won't delay13:40
ttx#info Potential RC3 over 1378525 and 1232525, to be confirmed in the next hour13:40
ttxmestery: what's the state of your release notes ?13:41
mesteryttx: I was going to release note the L3 HA bug, but now we're merging it. Otherwise, I'll take another run at them today.13:42
mesteryThey are in good shape, but I'll confirm today.13:42
ttxok, then you need to start working on the design summit agenda13:43
ttxonce the release is mostly done13:43
mesteryWay ahead of you :)13:43
mesteryWe have that almost wrapped too13:43
mesteryOn an etherpad13:43
mesteryBy end of tomorrow it will be finalized I think13:43
mesteryttx: https://review.openstack.org/12828813:44
ttxmestery: OK, let's wait until we confirm the RC313:45
mesteryttx: Ack13:45
mesteryBut it's in the queue now at least13:45
ttxok then, let me know when you've come to a decision about it13:45
mesteryttx: Will do, email out to amotoki.13:46
mesteryttx: The default is we don't do it, which is fine too.13:46
ttxjgriffith: ready when you are13:47
mesteryttx: Thanks!13:47
mesteryttx: amotoki just confirmed, RC3 is good to go, lets merge those two fixes.13:58
ttxok, opening13:58
mesteryttx: ACK13:59
mesteryLooks good ttx, thanks!14:01
mesteryttx: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/126711/ you can merge this one now or remove your -2.14:01
mesteryttx: jinx ;)14:02
ttxjgriffith: around?14:02
mesteryttx: Thanks!14:02
ttxwill tag as soon as those two merge14:02
ttxalthough there is quite a bit of delay in the post queue right now14:03
mesteryttx: Lets hope it makes the journey safely.14:05
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ttxdolphm: ready when you are14:14
morganfainbergttx, o/ here as well.14:14
dolphmttx: o/14:14
ttxmorganfainberg: o/14:14
ttx#topic Keystone14:14
ttxLooks like you're good?14:14
*** flaper87 has quit IRC14:14
*** flaper87 has joined #openstack-relmgr-office14:14
dolphmi believe so!14:14
dolphmno reason for an rc3 at this point14:14
ttxso.. by EOD today we'll only respin on show stoppers, like legal issues, missing files in tarballs etc14:15
ttxeverything else will go to known issues in the release notes14:15
ttxLooks like your release notes are mostly ready ?14:16
ttxdolphm ? morganfainberg ?14:18
morganfainbergttx, looking at release notes, but i think so14:19
ttxOK. How is summit planning going ?14:19
morganfainbergttx, have most of the sessions lined up wiht one open slot to be discussed at the keystone meeting today14:19
morganfainbergttx, descriptions and specific time slots are still variable, at the top of https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-keystone-summit-topics i've added a tentative list/schedule14:20
morganfainbergwhen is the "move this stuff to the actual schedule" date?14:21
ttxI'll send info on how to push updates to the schedule14:21
ttxdate would be between reception of email and one week before summit starts14:21
morganfainbergttx, ack14:21
ttxany other question ?14:21
morganfainbergi think thats it for me.14:22
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at the meeting today ?14:22
ttxok then, talk to you later!14:22
morganfainbergoh, once we move to kilo, mind changing this time slot?14:22
ttxnot at all.14:22
morganfainbergit's going to be 0615 for me once we timeshift14:22
morganfainberga bit early :)14:22
ttxwe'll discuss the reshuffle them all with the DST end anyway14:22
morganfainbergsounds good!14:22
morganfainbergI'll bring up that keystone team should do a once over on the release notes today at the meeting, but thye look complete to me.14:24
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office14:24
ttxdavid-lyle: ready when you are14:25
david-lylettx: ready14:25
ttx#topic Horizon14:25
ttxRC2 is out14:25
ttxrc-potential has https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/137976114:26
david-lyleyes, this has to be fixed14:26
ttxor documented, if we can't get it fixed in time14:26
david-lylecan't run Horizon without DEBUG=True in the settings for Django, which is bad14:26
ttxdavid-lyle: how is the fix looking so far ?14:27
david-lylecomplicating factor is that the broken code is in a dependency14:27
ttxI prefer to wait for the fix to land in master before opening formally an RC3 window (prefer not to open windows I don't know how to close)14:27
david-lylemay require a monkey patch to get Juno released and fix appropriately upstream14:28
dolphmttx: (bah, sorry for dissappearing, but everything sounds good. thanks morganfainberg!)14:28
david-lyleI don't have a fix yet, still working through cleaner ways of working around upstream bug14:28
david-lyleI don't mind waiting on the RC3 window until we have a fix14:29
ttxhmm, ok14:29
david-lylewe can't really release without a fix14:29
ttxis that something we could have detected earlier ?14:30
david-lylemost likely, but it's an odd issue14:30
david-lylewe needed to run this as a production release14:30
david-lylethe upstream code just punted when they didn't really understand django settings14:31
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, so ideally we need that fix propoesed, reviewed and merged today14:32
ttxdoes that look even doable ?14:32
david-lylethat's my hope14:32
david-lyleit may not be elegant, but we should have something that works14:32
ttxthat's for some large definition of "today" -- meaning I can get up tomorrow morning and get the backport in14:32
ttxso getting it proposed and reviewed by your EOD should be enough14:33
ttxanythign else ? How are your release notes coming up ?14:34
ttxhmm, more work needed there but if everything goes ok today you should have time for that tomorrow14:34
ttxor find someone to delegate that to14:34
david-lyleI have them mostly completed, just a little cleanup and I can add them14:34
ttxok, cool14:34
ttxthen post-release you can focus on yoru design summit session schedule :)14:35
david-lylemaybe we'll have that figured out by Nov ;)14:35
ttxok, questions?14:35
david-lylegoing to go tackle a bug14:36
ttxgo go go14:36
david-lyletalk to you later14:36
ttxjgriffith: around now ?14:36
nikhil_k|afkttx: hi14:51
*** nikhil_k|afk is now known as nikhil_k14:51
ttxnikhil_k: hi!14:51
ttxnikhil_k: could we sync early to discuss a potential Glance RC3 ?14:52
ttx(i.e. now ?)14:52
nikhil_kyeah sure14:52
nikhil_kwas just saying..14:52
ttx#topic Glance14:52
nikhil_kI'm a bit uncertain either way about14:52
nikhil_koh ok :)14:52
nikhil_kRC3 !14:52
ttxthere aren't so many fixed bugs in that list14:53
ttxanything that would make it worth our effort ?14:53
ttx1361613 is a doc fix that we could add IF we respinned for other reasons14:54
ttxnikhil_k: today is the last day to respin over bugs14:54
ttxafter that ikt's show stoppers onlyu14:54
ttx"after that it's show stoopers only"14:55
ttxdamn it :)14:55
ttx"after that it's show stoppers only"14:55
nikhil_kheh, np14:55
nikhil_kwe need this one 138068914:55
ttxeverything else shall be documented as "known issues" in the release notes14:55
nikhil_koh hmm14:56
ttxwe need it in master asap14:56
ttxthen if it makes it, we can discuss backporting14:57
nikhil_kttx: ok, let me see if we can make it today14:57
ttxSo at this point I'd work to get 1361613 and 1380689 in14:57
nikhil_kam not sure if people would like to argue over it14:57
nikhil_kttx: sounds good14:58
nikhil_kreconvene in a couple of hours?14:58
ttxif done in a few hours (merged by the project meeting today) then we could do a respin with 1380552 1361613 138068914:58
ttx(https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1380552 has a proposed backport already)14:59
ttxhmm although it might not be warranted at this point15:00
ttxbah, we'll see once you get 1361613 and 1380689 approved and merged15:01
ttx#info Potential RC3 over 1361613 and 138068915:01
ttxnikhil_k: yes, will ping you later15:01
nikhil_kttx: thanks for the info! cya in a bit15:02
ttxnikhil_k: thx!15:02
*** david-lyle has quit IRC15:06
notmynamettx: are we on today?15:34
ttxnotmyname: we are15:34
ttx#topic Swift15:34
ttxsorry was busy announcing ceilo rc315:34
ttxHow is you RC1 doing15:34
notmynameno worries. I don't actually have much15:34
notmynameother than mea culpa on LP stuff15:34
ttx2 days left :)15:34
notmynameeverything looks good from what I've seen15:35
notmynamefor the RC15:35
ttxalso your release notes section could use some extra love15:35
notmynamenothing has come up15:35
notmynameah? what's the link there?15:35
ttxKey new feature section is a bit empty15:35
notmynameoh yeah. that's easy to do15:35
ttxthat's about it15:35
ttxWill promote RC1 on Thursdau morning unless you yell15:36
notmynameour plan for the summit is to continue to gather topics this week and start scheduling next15:36
ttxsounds good15:36
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at the meeting today ?15:36
notmynamenothing comes to mind15:37
ttxnotmyname: alright then15:37
ttxtalk to you later!15:37
ttxjgriffith: around now ?15:37
ttxzaneb: ready when you are15:38
*** markwash__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office15:47
ttxno zaneb, no jgriffith ?15:51
zanebI'm here15:52
ttxoh here he is15:52
ttx#topic Heat15:52
zanebnot sure how I missed that notification15:52
ttxNothing in rc-potential15:52
ttxhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/128159/ was proposed for backport, without a bug reference15:52
ttxfeels like a bit overkill for juno, good to land early i nkilo15:53
zanebyeah, I'm not aware of a reason to rush it15:53
zanebunless it is going to break tests or something15:53
ttxanything critical elsewhere justifying a late RC4 ?15:54
ttxNote that by EOD today we'll only respin for show stoppers15:54
ttxeverything else will just be documented as known issue in release note15:54
zanebnot that I know of15:54
zanebI think rc3 should be final15:54
ttxI'll take that answer and run with it. I have more than enough RC3s baking right now15:54
ttxYou started working on the release notes, though I suspect they could use extra info15:55
ttxQuestions on the release ?15:55
*** markwash__ has quit IRC15:55
zanebhmm, *I* didn't start that :D15:56
*** markwash__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office15:56
zanebnope, no questions15:56
ttxzaneb: ok, so spend some time on release notes asap15:56
zanebwill do15:56
ttxbefore you get into locking conflicts15:56
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at meeting today ?15:56
ttxOnce the release is past us, we should work on finalizing the design summit agenda, but that's more for asaskeld15:57
ttxzaneb: ok, thx!15:57
zanebyeah, he started an etherpad but there's a bunch more discussion needed15:57
zanebcool, thanks ttx15:57
ttxmarkwash__: I discussed Glance release with nikhil_k earlier15:58
ttxconsidering a RC3 over bugs 1361613 and 138068915:58
ttxbut some progress is needed on master instead -- so i'll sync again with Nikhil in a few hours15:59
ttxSlickNik, jgriffith: ready when you are15:59
SlickNikttx o/16:03
ttx#topic Trove16:04
ttxso the second bug is gating16:04
SlickNikJust the two I was talking to you earlier about.16:04
ttxI think we have time for a RC3 then16:05
ttxSlickNik: could you propose both backports ?16:05
SlickNikYup, working on the cherry picks now.16:05
ttxthat way they will run through check while the last change merges in master16:05
ttxLet me open RC316:06
ttxIt's up https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/juno-rc316:07
SlickNikLet me target the bugs to that.16:07
ttxdone already16:07
SlickNikAwesome, thank you!16:08
ttxok, so get the backports up and I'll take it from there. Keep an eye on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128150/ just in case it needs a recheck16:08
ttxthen you can switch to updating https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Juno#OpenStack_Database_service_.28Trove.2916:09
SlickNikCool, sounds good. Thanks so much for your help with this ttx!16:09
ttxno problem! cheers16:10
ttxSlickNik: hmm wait16:10
ttxSlickNik: what about https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/133385216:10
ttxfeels like this bug has been flying under the radar16:11
ttxanything we can do at this point apart from documenting it as a known issue ?16:12
ttxjgriffith: last call16:12
ttxjgriffith: I'll be back in a few hours, we can talk then16:13
SlickNikttx: that's a tricky issue. We've talked about it before, but looks like we don't yet have a fix ready.16:13
SlickNikttx: It has API compat implications which make it a bit tricky.16:13
ttxSlickNik: ok, so I propose the following: explain why it's a tricky issue, maybe raise priority, and document it as known issue in release notes ?16:14
*** markwash__ has quit IRC16:14
ttx(explanation and raise prio would happen on the LP bug)16:14
SlickNikttx: That sounds good. I will do that.16:14
SlickNikttx: I'll also follow up to see that someone is working on fixing it early in Kilo.16:14
ttxI think part of the issue here is users feeling like they are not getting any attention16:15
ttxdue to lack of feedback on that bug16:15
ttxSlickNik: thx!16:15
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ttxSlickNik: ping me when you have the backports up16:16
SlickNikttx: will do, thanks!16:16
*** flaper87 is now known as flaper87|afk16:38
SlickNikttx: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128352/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128360/ are the backports.16:52
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Kiallttx: about?17:49
*** johnthetubaguy is now known as zz_johnthetubagu18:05
jgriffithttx: Finally in, lemme know if you still want to sync up18:47
*** markwash__ has quit IRC19:28
*** david-lyle_ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:29
*** david-lyle has quit IRC19:33
*** david_lyle__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:35
ttxjgriffith: still around?19:36
ttxKiall: around now19:36
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:38
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ttxnikhil_k: you need to line up +2s on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128369/19:39
nikhil_kttx: I'd asked for them19:39
nikhil_kseems like we'r out of core reviewers today19:40
nikhil_kttx: how much time do we have?19:40
ttxyou have until the end of the day, I'd say19:40
*** david_lyle__ has quit IRC19:40
*** david-lyle_ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:42
nikhil_kttx: well, if nothing works I think we can go ahead w/o them19:43
*** david-lyle has quit IRC19:43
ttxnikhil_k: yes, that would be plan B19:43
ttxif we can't get them in master today, we don't do RC319:44
ttxand promote rc219:44
nikhil_kttx: works19:44
*** david_lyle__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:44
*** markwash__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:45
ttxdavid-lyle: any progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1379761 ?19:46
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:46
*** david-lyle_ has quit IRC19:47
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*** david_lyle__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:51
*** david_lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:53
ttxjgriffith: sounds like we have sync problems. I sent you an email.19:54
jgriffithttx: my bad19:54
ttxjgriffith: oh, here you are19:54
ttxplease read the email I just sent19:54
ttxjgriffith: shall we do a RC3 over https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1379830 ?19:54
*** david-lyle_ has quit IRC19:54
jgriffithttx: how much turmoil will ensue?19:55
jgriffithttx: It's obviously a big deal if somebody tries to use VMWare19:56
ttxjgriffith: not too much, since the patch is already in master, I can tag the RC3 tomorrow morning19:56
*** david_lyle__ has quit IRC19:56
jgriffithttx: then I'd say yes19:56
ttxthe main issue is that we restore the original bug19:56
jgriffithttx: how do you mean?19:56
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:56
jgriffithttx: so this is where I'm a bit unsure19:57
ttxthe reverted commit was supposed to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/130134819:57
jgriffithttx: when I first looked I didn't think the original change went in19:57
jgriffithttx: eek19:57
jgriffithttx: ok19:58
jgriffithttx: I'll restore that in Launch Pad right now19:58
ttxjgriffith: what do you mean ?19:58
jgriffithttx: well it's no longer "fixed"19:58
jgriffithttx: as per Launchpad19:58
jgriffithttx: due to the revert19:59
ttxHmm, ok19:59
jgriffithttx: that's what I've done in the past anyway... granted I haven't had this during RC though19:59
*** david_lyle has quit IRC19:59
ttxSo the question is, is the new bug worse than the original one20:00
ttxI suspect yes  ?20:00
jgriffithttx: yes, for sure20:00
ttxjgriffith: ok then propose the backport of the revert now20:00
jgriffithttx: will do20:00
ttxI'll open a RC3 with it20:00
ttxdo you want anything lese in the RC3 ?20:00
jgriffiththe second one might as well go in while we're at it20:01
ttxsomeone proposed https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1365884 for backport20:01
jgriffithI wouldn't open for it but won't block it either20:01
ttxI'd keep it out personally20:01
jgriffithttx: sold20:01
ttxit's not "obviously safe"20:01
ttxjgriffith: ping me when the backport is in20:02
jgriffithttx: ping20:03
ttxheh, great20:03
jgriffithttx: I'll shout when it merges20:03
jgriffithttx: that's probably what you actually meant :)20:03
ttxI'll be sleeping by then, will cvatch it tomorrow morning20:04
*** david-lyle has quit IRC20:06
ttxmestery: neutron RC3 looks good to go20:17
mesteryttx: Ack!20:23
ttxon its way20:24
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office20:30
ttxdavid-lyle: let me know if you're amking any progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/137976120:39
ttxsome people seem to fail to reproduce20:40
david-lylettx: potentially devstack specifi20:48
david-lylein that case, I certainly wouldn't hold the release on it20:48
ttxdavid-lyle: nor respin a RC I guess20:49
david-lylethat's my hope. I'm still playing with it, I'll update the status either way here in a bit20:50
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, keep me posted20:50
*** mestery has quit IRC21:01
*** mestery has joined #openstack-relmgr-office21:02
ttxdavid-lyle: reading from the bug, at the very least there seems to be ways to work around the issue, which makes a release note viable (if the bug is real)21:17
david-lyleyes, seems offline compression is very much an option21:18
david-lyleonline compression also seems to work in some cases21:18
david-lylemost/all deployers use offline compression, if offline works, we can ship, online is a convenience mostly21:19
ttxdavid-lyle: setting that issue aside, RC2 is good to promote to final from your perspective ?21:22
ttxi.e. is that the only bug we had under consideration?21:22
david-lylethere was another minor issue for a last minute neutron change, but we can release note that too, relatively minor21:23
david-lyleL3 HA related21:23
ttxoh, that thing21:23
ttxyeah, we can releasenote it21:23
ttxand fix postrelease if we can21:23
david-lylettx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/137852521:24
david-lylewas that one21:24
ttxdavid-lyle: yeah we respineed neutron over that one earlier21:25
ttxdavid-lyle: I'll let you investigate a bit more -- at the end of your day, could you send me an email with where you stand on 1379761 ? So that I can make the right decisions while you sleep ?21:25
david-lylettx: will do21:26
ttxAt this point I'm pretty sure it wil be "there is a weird corner case here and here it is documented in release notes", but better safe than sorry21:26
ttxdavid-lyle: thx21:26
david-lylettx: that seems to be the case, just didn't want to ship something DOA21:27
ttxnikhil_k: still no luck getting https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128373/ reviewed?21:46
ttxmarkwash__: could you lend a hand there ^21:47
ttxHmm actually you want https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128369/ reviewed21:47
markwash__hand lent21:49
ttxmarkwash__: actually it was on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128369/21:49
markwash__hands lent21:49
ttxbut you did21:49
markwash__they appeared to be the same and L'dGTM21:50
ttxnikhil_k: so you could make an executive call and self +2 yourself due to absence of core reviewers at a critical time21:50
markwash__+1 partial ninja21:50
ttxnikhil_k: or send some kind of email to china-located glance-core for help21:51
ttxor stay up late and talk to them.21:51
* ttx jumps in bed21:52
nikhil_kttx: markwash__ : heh, thanks!22:00
nikhil_kttx: that'd be in gate now22:02
*** david-lyle has quit IRC23:24
*** markwash__ has quit IRC23:34
*** markwash__ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office23:35

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