Tuesday, 2014-11-18

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asalkeldhi ttx08:58
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync08:58
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ttx#topic Heat08:58
ttxasalkeld: o/08:59
asalkeldhey, first timer here08:59
asalkeldbe gentle08:59
ttxMy first question would be, do you plan to follow release management stuff directly, or would you prefer to delegate that to a release management liaison08:59
asalkeldfor now, me09:00
asalkeldwe are having a weekly meeting09:00
asalkeldand i'll bring it up09:00
asalkeld(if anyone else wants to do it)09:00
ttxSecond question -- about how we curate the blueprint list in LP09:00
asalkeldok, I think i need to tweek some09:01
ttxAs you know we use the "milestone target" field to curate per-milestone list of stuf being done09:01
ttxproblem is, Launchpad lets anyone set that field09:01
ttxso we use a combination of priority *and* target milestone09:01
ttxonly project drivers can set priority09:02
ttxso I have a script that will automatically remove from the milestone any unprioritized blueprint09:02
asalkeldi think i need to read this: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTL_Guide#Blueprints09:02
ttxFor example, on https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/kilo-1 ... there are 3 undefined09:02
ttx(two of them implemented, so probably safe :)09:02
ttxI can run that script on a crontab, and it will automatically clean up the list09:03
ttxso that only the stuff you vet appears there09:03
asalkeldttx, does anything automatically happen when a spec is approved?09:03
asalkeldor is there a way for me to figure out what is out of sync09:04
ttxasalkeld: nothing at thius point. I have another script that can set the blueprint fields for you on spec approval09:04
ttxbut it's not trigfgered automatically09:04
ttxand I need to rebase it09:04
asalkeldchecking all the bp's is going to get old fast09:04
ttxyes, and having two parallel paths is also a bit painful09:05
ttxwhich is why I wrote the autokick script to autoclean things up09:05
asalkeldok, that should help09:05
asalkelddo I run that or you?09:05
ttxMy question would be, do you want that script running for Heat (like it did in the past ?)09:06
asalkeldyes, if it can run automatically09:06
ttxIt usually simplifies a lot (you choose what appears on the list, rather than have to curate it all the time)09:06
ttxyes I run it on a crontab from some server in the cloudTM09:06
asalkeldyes, please that amazing:-)09:06
ttxok, let me tell you what happens if I run it now09:07
ttxso that you can check it's not crazy09:07
asalkeldi'd expect some need setting to approved09:08
ttxIf I run the script, it would remove the milestone targets for both of those09:08
asalkeldthat sounds right09:08
ttxso you may want to set a priority for them if you want them to stay09:08
asalkeldok, makes sense09:09
ttxasalkeld: the general goal here is to use the milestone pages to communicate the main things being worked on09:09
ttxlike a report09:09
asalkeldok, I'll try keep on that09:09
ttxobviously once storyboard is everywhere it will be all integrated :)09:10
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asalkeldttx that spec2bp.py - I need to run that?09:10
ttxok, script is running now09:10
ttxasalkeld: so spec2bp just helps if you want to set the fields when a spec is approved09:10
ttxI can send you an email about it09:11
asalkeldthanks, that would help09:11
ttx#action ttx to send aslakeld info about spec2bp09:11
ttxI have another version up for review that I need to rebase09:11
ttxand then I'll advertise it again09:11
asalkeldit would be nice if that ran on approval09:11
ttxasalkeld: how representative would you say https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/kilo-1 is?09:12
ttxis is missing a lot of stuff that is being worked on ?09:12
ttxasalkeld: the main issue with spec2bp is that there is no way to CREATE the damn spec using launchpad api09:13
ttxso the spec has to be manually created09:13
asalkeldwell there are people working on unapproved specs09:13
ttxerr.. the bp09:13
asalkeldbut that is ok09:13
asalkeldwe should be approving some specs soon09:13
asalkeldand i'll clean up09:13
asalkeld(small'ish specs)09:14
ttxI think at some point we said we could track the "not approved yet" specs as "Blocked"09:14
asalkeldquite a heap09:14
ttxif they are part of the plan09:14
asalkeldnot sure that is so nice09:15
ttxasalkeld: ok, I guess you should add the BP as the specs get approved. Don't forget to set a priority if you want them to survive the script. We'll review progress there next week09:15
ttxand I'll send you that email about the script09:16
asalkeldok, thanks ttx09:16
ttxany topic for the cross-project meeting tomorrow morning ?09:16
asalkeldi don't think so09:16
ttxok then, talk to you later!09:16
ttxmikal, johnthetubaguy: around?09:16
mikalI am!09:17
johnthetubaguyyes, but kinda busy with a deploy right now :(09:17
ttx#topic Nova09:17
johnthetubaguykilo-1 is a mess that I hope to sort out last friday, but hopefully this afternoon now09:17
SergeyLukjanovttx, hey, any chance to sync earlier today? (/me travelling and will be available for ~ hour today)09:17
ttxSergeyLukjanov: sure, just after Nova ?09:17
SergeyLukjanovttx, awesome, thx!09:18
ttxmikal: as far as release management liaisons are concerned, I think we can safely say that John is the liaison for Nova, but you inteznd to still follow the release syncs and all ?09:18
mikalttx: well, that's a little bit up to johnthetubaguy09:19
mikalttx: he's our release guy, and I'll attend these if he finds value in me doing so09:19
mikalI guess I need to anyways as prep for tomorrow's release meeting?09:19
ttxmikal: trying to abuse him while he is busy with the deploy09:19
mikalI'm not sure johnthetubaguy attended release meetings in juno? Just the syncs?09:20
ttxmikal: the cross-project meeting might turn into a busy meeting for all PTLs and cross-project liaisons09:20
mikalAhhh, ok.09:20
mikalThat would make sense09:20
mikalSo yeah, perhaps this is the john / ttx syncup then09:20
mikalI'd be fine with that09:20
ttxwe can discuss that next time09:21
ttx#action johnthetubaguy/mikal to clarify formal release management liaison delegation09:21
johnthetubaguyOK, its more a super bad time for me, that cross project meeting, but yeah09:21
mikaljohnthetubaguy: I can cover for you in that one if I know what you need done there09:21
johnthetubaguyI am happy to be release liaison, if that makes sense09:21
mikaljohnthetubaguy: yeah, you're totally on the hook for that09:22
ttxjohnthetubaguy: you don't *have to* attend the other one, the PTL can represent09:22
johnthetubaguymikal: cool, we need to sync anyways09:22
mikaljohnthetubaguy: agreed09:22
ttxI'm just trying to empower the CPLs (cross project liaisons) to encourage people to step up09:22
ttxmikal, johnthetubaguy: that's what would get kicked off milestones if I enabled the adjust script right now: http://paste.openstack.org/show/134304/09:23
ttx(remedmber: script kills all unprioritized stuff)09:23
ttxyou may want to do a tour and ping me when I can enable the script09:24
ttxdoesn't have to be just now09:24
mikalHuh, there's some weird stuff targetted and in that list09:24
johnthetubaguyttx: thats cool with me, I think, I haven't looked at that list since the summit, so it gonna be a bit odd right now09:24
ttxmikal: yeah, same issue as always, anyone can set the milestone is LP09:24
mikalRemind me what criteria the script uses to kick things?09:24
johnthetubaguythere are approved specs I need to deal with, etc09:24
ttxwhich is why we use the prio/milestone combo09:24
mikalYeah, I agree we should wait for John09:25
ttxmikal: the script removes unprioritized stuff09:25
mikalBut that script looks like a good thing to enable after that09:25
johnthetubaguyI am good turning that on, it worked well last release09:25
ttx#action johnthetubaguy to do a final tour of milestones before pinging ttx to enable autokick09:25
johnthetubaguysure, will do, this afternoon hopefully09:26
ttxI'll rework spec2bp soon to help with setting fields09:26
ttxmikal, johnthetubaguy: is "<johnthetubaguy> I am happy to be release liaison, if that makes sense" a "yes" ?09:27
* ttx can update the CPL page09:27
mikalttx: yes09:27
johnthetubaguyI am good with that being a yes09:27
ttx#info johnthetubaguy will be release liaison for Nova09:28
mikaljohnthetubaguy is the CPL for Compute / Nova / Whatever we're called09:28
ttxthe Nova thing09:28
ttxok, any topic you want to raise for the cross-project meeting?09:28
mikalNot that I can think of, apart from that I'd like to see projects who intend to have mid-cycles announce dates ASAP09:29
ttxok, we can talk a bit about those tonight09:30
ttxAnne and I would like to understand why people organize them, too, see if anything can be done to reduce the need for them09:31
ttxso that can be discussed tonight/tomorrow09:31
ttxmikal, johnthetubaguy: ok, talk to you later!09:31
mikalYep, I am getting a lot of push back from a small number of companies about having one at all09:31
johnthetubaguyttx: cool, thanks09:31
mikalI do think its nessesary for Nova at the moment, but we're working to make that less true in the future09:31
johnthetubaguymikal: we could try a remote one, but yeah, its tricky, means someone is up late at somepoint09:32
ttxmikal: I think they fear that too many decisions would be made there, rather than just work getting done09:32
ttxhackathons/social gatherings are fine09:32
ttx"Core secret meeting", they kind of have to attend it09:33
mikalIts complicated09:33
ttxit is indeed09:33
ttxespecially when you factor the delays for organizing travel in09:33
mikalNova is under a lot of pressure to deliver a lot, and that's very hard to do without keeping people in sync09:33
mikalBut some of the same people applying that pressure don't want to sync up09:33
ttxi.e. predicting 3 months in adfvance you'll need one09:34
* ttx needs to run quickly for an errand09:34
mikalFair enough09:34
ttxSergeyLukjanov: be right back09:34
mikalWe can talk more later09:34
ttxyes, at that meeting :)09:34
SergeyLukjanovttx, ok09:34
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ready now09:45
SergeyLukjanovttx, me too09:45
ttx#topic Sahara09:45
ttxIIRC you said you would handle release liaison directly09:45
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup09:46
ttx#info SergeyLukjanov will handle release liaison directly09:46
ttxShould I enable the script that clears out unprioritized targeted blueprints ?09:47
ttxat this point it appears it wouldn't kick anything out09:47
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup09:47
SergeyLukjanovttx, if we have something unprio than we need to pull it out09:47
ttxok, the script will now do that automatically09:47
SergeyLukjanovttx, ack09:48
ttxSergeyLukjanov: how complete is k1 ?09:48
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think it's on a good shape09:48
ttxdoes it represent most stuff you plan to work on ? Or just a very partial view at this point ?09:48
SergeyLukjanov#link https://launchpad.net/sahara/+milestone/kilo-109:48
SergeyLukjanovttx, due to the summit and vacations after it - it's partial IMO09:49
SergeyLukjanovttx, we probably have some other stuff that'll be included09:49
ttxok, we'll refine it as we get closer09:49
SergeyLukjanovttx, I'm on vacation this week too, so, will se next week I think09:49
ttxanything you want to discuss at meeting today?09:50
SergeyLukjanovttx, I think no, everythong is going ok09:50
SergeyLukjanovttx, horizon stuff is in a good progress too09:51
ttxalright then, ttyl09:51
SergeyLukjanovttx, thx!09:51
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eglynnttx: knock, knock, ready when you are13:00
ttxyep ,just a sec13:02
ttxfinishing an email, 1 min13:02
eglynncool, no rush13:03
ttxeglynn: o/13:04
ttx#topic Ceilometer13:04
eglynn#link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/kilo-113:04
ttxsorry about that13:04
eglynnso we're begining to flesh out kilo-113:04
eglynnbut early days yet13:05
eglynnlots of specs reviews in flight13:05
eglynnand more to come I expect13:05
ttxIf I turn on the autokick script, it will kick out kafka-publisher (from kilo-1)13:05
ttxbecause it has no priority set13:05
ttxShould you fix it before I turn it on ?13:05
eglynnyeah the spec hasn't landed yet13:05
ttxah, hm13:05
eglynnI'll manually kick, not sure how got targetted13:06
eglynnI'll manually kick *it, not sure how *it got targetted13:06
ttxok, cal I enable the script crontab for ceilometer now ?13:06
eglynnplease do13:06
ttxok done13:06
eglynnso on the specs process for kilo13:06
eglynnI missed this session at summit https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-crossproject-specs13:07
ttxwe mostly said that would be used only for truly cross-project specs (i.e. likely to affect everyone)13:07
eglynnbut I take there was some unease at how spec across the board worked in juno?13:07
eglynnso the practice within individual projects will remain as-was?13:08
ttxIt felt like people were happy with it and wanted to standardize13:08
ttxThe TODO in that etherpad translate what we'd like to try pretty well13:09
eglynnI guess the key question in my mind is "not all blueprints need a spec?"13:09
eglynnfrom the etherpad it seems that wiggle room was closed off somewhat?13:10
ttxI would say, not all features need a spec, and not all features need a blueprint13:10
ttxno, projects can still very much set the bar where they want13:10
ttxas far as "integrated release" is concerned, it's the blueprint view (i.e. the subset of features that we track for release purpose) that matters13:10
eglynncool, it's the set different of those two categories above that I was wondering about13:11
eglynni.e. features that do need a BP (for tracking) but not necessarily a spec (as the way forward is self-evident)13:11
eglynnset *difference13:12
ttxmy view on it is... use spec for stuff which requires design/choice, and/or use blueprint for stuff that makes sesne to track as part of the release cycle13:12
eglynncool, got it :)13:12
ttxthere may be smallish stuf that falls between the cracks13:12
ttxin which case the commit message should be self-explaning13:12
ttxI assume you will handle release management directly ? No release management liaison ?13:13
eglynnI'm also down as stable-maint liaison for now13:14
eglynnno one jumped at the call for volunteers13:14
eglynna lot of the more active cores are already liaising on something13:14
eglynn(oslo, docs, qa etc.)13:15
ttxNote that if they are part of your roadmap, you can also track "features that are waiting for spec approval" in blueprints using "Blocked" status13:15
eglynncool, I'll adopt that practice13:15
ttxi.e. if those are a priority in your release plans13:15
* dhellmann makes a note of that, too13:15
ttxWorking on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/108041/13:15
ttxthat way blueprints are truly a reporting tool, disconnected from spec status13:16
eglynnnice :)13:16
ttxwould be nice if only Launchpad could create a blueprint from the API13:16
ttxok, I think I've got the urgent points covered13:17
eglynnyep, thanks for your time :)13:17
ttx#info Eoghan will do release management duties directly13:17
ttxeglynn: anything to add to agenda for meeting tonight ?13:17
ttxok then13:18
ttxadding you to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons13:18
ttxdhellmann: ready?13:18
dhellmannttx: here13:19
ttx#topic Oslo13:19
ttxI suspect you'll stay the release management liaison for Oslo, whatever that means ?13:19
ttxi.e. you'll be the one attending this sync ?13:19
dhellmannyes, I think that's going to be simplest13:19
dhellmannI'll put myself on the list13:19
ttxwe don't exactly discuss the same things as other projects, but I think we still benefit from a sync13:20
ttxI'm on it13:20
ttxLooking to the autokick script, not sure it makes sense in Oslo world13:20
dhellmannI've asked for volunteers for stable maint and documentation liaisons, too, but no one raised their hand13:20
dhellmannthat's the thing that removes blueprints if they don't have a priority set?13:21
ttxthat's the script which will remove unprioritized blueprints from kilo milestones13:21
dhellmannI'd be happy to have that running to help keep us honest13:21
ttxwe'd have to list all the launchpad projects13:21
dhellmannoh, so it wouldn't run against the project group?13:21
ttxhmmm, worth a try13:22
dhellmannif not, it's not a big deal13:22
ttxhttps://api.launchpad.net/devel/oslo object has no attribute 'getSeries'13:22
ttxI would have to hack the script to dereference the projectgroup13:22
dhellmannI've explained to everyone about using the new release tool, so we shouldn't get too cluttered13:22
ttxI guess it's doable13:22
dhellmannif you find time, fine, otherwise don't worry about it13:22
ttx#action ttx to look into supporting projectgroups in autokick.py, so that we can apply it to Olso13:23
ttxin the mean time it won't run13:23
ttxI wanted to read https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Oslo/ReleaseProcess and comment13:23
ttxmaybe I can do that now13:23
dhellmannplease do!13:23
ttxI'll ping you in 5 min once I read it ?13:24
dhellmannI'm going to the bakery for breakfast right after we're done, but I'll be back in 20 min13:24
ttxOK, let's close the 1:1 first13:24
ttxanything to add for todays meeting agenda ?13:25
dhellmannI don't think so13:25
dhellmannis it worth mentioning the alpha version decision?13:25
dhellmannthat's the only thing that really comes to mind for me13:25
ttxdhellmann: I think the only person who I can remember opposing a part of it (stable dep capping) would be markmc13:26
ttxso not sure disucssing it in meeting would help/change13:26
dhellmannI have a note to myself to propose the cap change in the stable global requirements list, so I'll try to do that today13:26
ttxalthough pinging him could be seen as a courtesy13:26
dhellmannyeah, I'll do that, too13:26
ttxok then, go to bakery, buy croissants, ping me when back. I'll read that page in the next 5 min13:27
ttxand we can quickly discuss it when you're back13:27
dhellmannok, bbiab13:27
* ttx braindumps random remarks13:33
ttx- the main goal of the "fix leftover bugs" stop is to let people try to manually fix the bugs Launchpad is timeouting on, could be good to mention that13:34
ttx- the email example is using an alpha pre-release, would be good to switch to a "normal" release template13:35
ttx- Would be cool to add the link to the Launchpad milestone page, since we build one13:36
ttxOtherwise looks good.13:36
dhellmannttx: back13:44
dhellmannpoints 1 and 2 ack, I'll do that today13:44
dhellmannnot sure what you mean for point 3?13:44
ttxthe announcement email doesn't include a link to the Launchpad milestone page that oslo_release.sh helps build13:46
dhellmannah, ok, that makes sense13:46
dhellmannI need to automate generating that email body more anyway13:46
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mesteryttx: Here when you're ready!15:03
ttxmestery: hi15:04
ttx#topic Neutron15:04
ttxmestery: you fine with being the release management liaison for kilo, or would prefer to delegate that ?15:04
mesteryttx: Ack, I'm good with that.15:05
ttxBeen looking into enabling autockick for Neutron/kilo15:05
ttxhttp://paste.openstack.org/show/134396/ shows what would happen15:05
mesteryPlease do! I thought that was very useful during Juno.15:05
* mestery looks15:05
ttxyou might want to fix those by hand before I enable the crontab15:05
mesteryLooks good to me15:05
ttxok, enabling15:06
mesteryI had been manually kicking a bit the past few weeks already ;)15:06
ttxupdating wikipages15:06
ttxok done15:07
mesteryThank you!15:07
ttx#info Kyle will handle release management directly15:07
ttxfeels like this is incomplete at this point15:07
mesteryThis will be changing over the next week as we start approving specs15:07
mesteryWe're in the process now, people are spending lots of time reviewing specs15:08
ttxNote that if you want to track specs-still-needing-approval as part of your milestone roadmap, you can use "Blocked"15:08
mesteryAh, right, I'll do that!15:08
ttxuseful for tracking essential stuff15:08
ttxthat you know you need to do anyway15:08
ttxWe'll discuss meetups in general at the cross-project meeting today15:08
ttxanything else you'd like to add ?15:09
mesteryThat's about it! markmcclain and I are in the process of proposing the advanced services spin-out from neutron now15:09
mesteryWe'll be emailing hte list and gettingthat on a TC agenda soon15:09
mesteryWe have our mid-cycle Dec 8-10 as well, may be worth noting that in the logs here.15:10
ttx#info Neutron mid-cycle Dec 8-1015:10
mesteryOtherwise, that's it for now! Hopefully next week I'll have more interesting BPs in kilo-1 ;)15:10
ttxok then, have a good day!15:10
mesteryyou too, thanks ttx!15:10
ttxnikhil_k: ready when you are15:16
nikhil_k|afkttx: ready15:16
ttx#topic Glance15:16
*** nikhil_k|afk is now known as nikhil_k15:16
nikhil_khave one item from my side15:16
ttxnikhil_k: sure, shoot15:16
nikhil_kttx: the author of this commit https://review.openstack.org/#/c/133858/15:17
nikhil_krequested it to be in juno15:17
nikhil_kttx: wanted to see if we can get that one in and what was "general" process of allowing such changes in stable/*15:17
nikhil_kdo we delegate to the stable maintainers? (now per project)15:18
ttxnikhil_k: feels like it should be acceptable per stable rules15:18
ttxif stuck, you can raise a thread on -dev with [stable] prefix15:19
ttxyou can also reach out on #openstack-stable15:19
nikhil_ksure, I'll remove the -2 and make it +2 then15:19
nikhil_kah nice, sure15:19
ttxnikhil_k: I assume you'll be handling release management liaison duties for Glance ?15:19
nikhil_kttx: yes15:20
ttx#info Nikhil will do relmgt liaison for Glance15:20
ttxThe other thing I wanted to discuss are autocleaning of milestone plans15:20
ttxWe are using blueprints and target milestone to communicate which features are likely to land in which milestone15:21
ttxit's like a roadmap that is communicated outside the project15:21
ttxso we maintain pages like https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/kilo-115:21
ttxBUT launchpad unfortunately doesn't restrict who can set "starget milestone" on a blueprint15:22
nikhil_ksure, I'm aware (for the most part at least) :)15:22
ttxso we use a combination of priority being set AND milestone15:22
nikhil_kah ok15:22
ttxand I have a script that will remove any unprioritized stuff from milestone15:22
ttxso that nobody can sneak stuff in without the project drivers approval15:23
ttxThat script is not enabled yet for glance in kilo15:23
ttxbut I can enable it15:23
nikhil_ksure, the thing is in Glance we use specs15:23
ttx(it wouldn't have any effect right now)15:23
nikhil_kso just wanted to get some of you thoughts on it15:23
ttxSo, you can use spec to vet for design15:23
ttxand blueprints to communicate a roadmap out15:23
ttxI have another script called spefc2bp that can be used to sync status between spec and bp15:24
nikhil_kthis would be an issue after a spec is approved right?15:24
ttxbut unfortunately that script can't create a blueprint, so you still have to create it byu hand15:24
nikhil_kthat script sounds nice15:24
ttxyou can track a feature in blueprints even befgore the spec is approved15:24
nikhil_ksure, that's ok. BP are only for bookkeeping anyways with most design details in the spec15:25
ttxif you know a specific spec is really on the roadmap15:25
nikhil_kohk, that issues sounds bad15:25
ttxImagine you have a key feature you want delivered in Kilo release, you can add a blueprint to track it even before the spec is approved15:26
ttxjust set status to "Blocked"15:26
ttxI'll rebase my spec2bp script and land it, then send an email about it15:26
ttxmore about that next week15:26
ttx#action ttx to also clearly explain difference between spec (design) and blueprint (tracking)15:27
nikhil_kalso, if you could help me understabd where do we set the priority15:27
nikhil_kin th BP?15:27
ttxyes, you set priority in the blueprint15:27
ttxfor example https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/refactoring-glance-logging is set to "Low"15:28
ttxnikhil_k: next week we'll aslo start looking at kilo-1 goals, so you might want to populate that with accepted specs you want on your roadmap (currently a bit empty)15:28
ttxThat's all for this week anyway, anything you want to add to the meeting agenda for today ?15:28
nikhil_kttx: yeah, I thought that before spec is approved we prolly don't want to do that.. though this makes sense15:28
ttxyou don't want to list random specs before they are approved obviously15:29
nikhil_kttx: just wanted to say that we've a volunteer from glance for the role of stable-maint* liaison15:29
ttxonly key priorities that you already know will have to make it15:29
nikhil_kttx: yeah, def15:29
ttxcool! Just edit https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Stable_Branch directly15:29
nikhil_k(situation is still a bit wonky atm)15:29
nikhil_kah ok, sure15:30
ttxany last minute question ?15:30
nikhil_kttx: no, thank you!15:30
*** thingee has joined #openstack-relmgr-office15:31
ttx#topic Cinder15:31
ttxthingee: o/15:31
ttxsorry for the wrong channel name15:31
thingeethat's ok15:31
ttxthingee: I take it you intend to fill release management liaison duties directly ?15:31
thingeettx: yes15:31
thingeettx: so 28 bps. this is because of the rush deadline of drivers.15:32
ttx#info Mike will cover Cinder release management directly15:32
ttxthingee: that's fine :)15:33
ttxbetter rush at k115:33
thingeettx: luckily majority of bps are in code review.15:33
ttxthingee: as you may know, we are using a combination of priority and target milestone to build those pages15:33
ttx(we require prio to be set, because otherwise anyone can add to milestone)15:33
ttxI have a script that will autokick things out if they miss prio15:34
ttxthat avoids having to keep an eye on the list for intruders all the time15:34
ttxIf I enabled the script right now, it would kick out:15:34
ttxKICK kilo-rbd-driver-feature-enhancement (from kilo-1)15:34
ttxKICK filtering-weighing-with-driver-supplied-functions (from kilo-1)15:34
ttxif you want to keep them in you might want to set a priority for them15:35
thingeeok those are fine. I will fix priorities now15:35
ttxok, let me know when I can set the script to run on crontab for cinder15:35
ttxok script enabled15:35
thingeethank you15:35
ttxI guess you don't expect much more to be added to k1? That's already a lot by Cinder standards :)15:36
thingeedefinitely. I have spoken to core on drivers get priority this milestone. that's the benefit to vendors working hard to getting in this milestone.15:36
ttxalright then. Anything you'd like to se discussed at the cross-project meeting today at 21:00 ?15:37
thingeeI'm mostly interested in the oslo object version work, but I don't know if it makes sense to get a progress report on where that's going.15:38
ttxI guess you can ask during open discussion then, if you're around15:38
thingeesince it was at the summit we discussed things. not a lot of time to make progress.15:38
thingeewill do15:38
ttxQuestions before we close ?15:38
thingeeI'm good.15:39
ttxthingee: alright then, have a good day!15:39
ttxdavid-lyle: around?15:39
thingeeand you have a good evening15:39
david-lylettx: here15:41
ttx#topic Horizon15:41
ttxdavid-lyle: do you plan to handle release liaison directly, or delegate that ?15:42
david-lyleI'll handle it15:42
ttx#info David will fill release liaison duties for Horizon15:42
ttxdavid-lyle: last cycle IIRC we did not enable autokick for Horizon (the automatic kick out for unprioritized blueprints in a milestone)15:43
ttxwould you like to enable it for this cycle ?15:43
ttxDo you use specs now ?15:43
david-lylewe don't use specs, but have changed the blueprint process a little15:43
david-lyleautokick would just remove unprioritized bp from milestones/15:44
ttxyes, to makes ure you can curate the list without people randomly adding stuff15:44
david-lyleooh, that sounds nice :)15:44
ttxbut then you can't use the milestone page as part of a blueprint approval workflow15:45
ttxi.e. only things you vet will appear there15:45
david-lylelet's leave it off for now15:45
ttxso you need another way to get a list of "candidates"15:45
david-lylewe may move to the specs process next release15:45
ttxif you use specs, approval/design happens there, so BPs are only used for rodamp, tracking, communication15:46
david-lyleI get enough surprise bps at the end of a release as it is15:46
ttxbut if you don't use specs yet, approval still kind of happens in launchpad15:46
ttxso you need some way for people to propose their stuff for a milestone15:47
ttxand kicking stuff out aggressively might destroy that :)15:47
david-lyleyeah, let's leave it for now15:47
ttx#info Horizon to stay out of autokick at this point (doesn't use specs yet)15:48
ttxdavid-lyle: so that means you'll have to watch the unprioritized stuff on https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/kilo-115:48
ttxand either untarget it, or set some priority if you approve of it15:48
ttxyour k1 looks pretty good though already15:49
david-lyleyeah, been working through it15:49
ttxok, anything you want to discuss at meeting today?15:50
david-lyleno, I don't think so15:50
ttxAny last-minute question before we close ?15:50
david-lyleno, I'm good15:50
ttxdavid-lyle: alright then, have a good day!15:51
*** thingee has quit IRC16:21
*** thingee has joined #openstack-relmgr-office16:22
ttxnotmyname: o/16:50
notmynamettx: hi!16:50
ttx#topic Swift16:50
ttxWelcome back16:50
notmynameI'm still getting my head around what's going on, in general.16:51
ttxProbably a bit early for plans, but do you have an idea of the next release timeframe ?16:51
notmynameI'm working on refreshing our priority reviews16:51
notmyname#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/PriorityReviews16:51
notmynameno clue16:51
notmynameand seagate has contributed a full chinese translation16:51
notmyname#link https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/swift/16:51
notmynamejust waiting on the cron to run and propose it16:52
notmynamemost of my focus is looking at the EC work16:52
ttxI take it you'll be doing release management liaison for Swift this cycle ?16:52
notmynameI suspect we'll have a release around the end of the year (ish). but that's just a guess for now16:52
ttx#info John will do release management liaison for Swift in kilo16:53
ttxok, not much to discuss then16:54
notmynamewhat other logistical stuff needs to happen?16:54
ttxany topic to add to meeting agenda for today?16:54
ttxnotmyname: what do you mean by other logistical stuff?16:55
notmynameboilerplate things at the start of an integrated release cycle16:55
ttxnothing that I can think of16:56
notmynameno, I don't think I have anything for the meeting. I'm interested in the TC discussions around core/integrated/tent/cats16:56
ttxIf you add blueprints to next-kilo they should appear on http://status.openstack.org/release/16:56
ttxbut nothing special required16:56
ttxok then, I'll talk to you later then16:57
*** eglynn has quit IRC16:57
ttxmorganfainberg: ready when you are16:57
ttxnotmyname: thx!16:57
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-relmgr-office16:57
morganfainbergTtx o/16:58
ttx#topic Keystone16:58
ttxmorganfainberg: I assume you'll be filling release management liaison duties for the kilo cycle ?16:58
* ttx adds morganfainberg to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Release_management16:59
ttxnext question about enabling autokick for your blueprints, let me explain a bit16:59
ttxanyone can set milestone target in launchpad, which messes up our usage of launchpad blueprint page as a roadmap communication tool17:00
ttxsince random people wil add stuff17:00
ttxso instead we use priority + target milestone17:00
ttxsince priority can only be set by project drivers17:01
morganfainbergMakes sense.17:01
ttxI have a script that will automatically remove unprioritized stuff from milestone17:01
ttxso that you don'ty have to watch the list for intruders all the time17:01
morganfainbergI'm a fan of that.17:01
ttxI'll take that as a "yes, enable it now"17:01
morganfainbergPlease do enable it :)17:01
ttxquick check @ https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/kilo-117:02
ttxI suppose it's at the very early stages17:02
morganfainbergYeah. I was planning on starting the classification this week17:03
ttxremember you can track specs that have not been approved yet (if they are key milestone objectives) by setting status to Blocked17:03
morganfainbergAnd targeting.17:03
morganfainbergGreat. Will do so.17:03
ttxthat makes it much more useful as a tracking tool, rather than a painful duplication of effort17:03
ttxOk, that's all I had for this week17:03
ttxAnything you'd like to discuss at meeting today?17:04
morganfainbergNope. Most everything is just moving along.17:04
ttxAny last-minute question ?17:04
morganfainbergNope. Thanks.17:04
ttxdevananda: does your plane have wifi ?17:05
*** eglynn has quit IRC17:05
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-relmgr-office17:05
devanandattx: oh hai!17:10
ttxdevananda: oh!17:10
ttx#topic Ironic17:11
devanandasmoehow this was on my calendar for yesterday17:11
ttxdevananda: do you plan to do release management liaison work, or do you plan to delegate that to a trusted monkey?17:11
devanandaso I don't have anything prepared ...17:11
ttxthat's fine17:11
*** SlickNik has joined #openstack-relmgr-office17:11
devanandafor now, I will continue to do that, but lucas has expressed some interest17:12
devanandaand I'm happy if he wants to start doing it as the cycle progresses17:12
ttxnothing really requiring prep at this point17:12
ttxjust a few questions and info bits17:12
ttxok, makes sense17:12
ttx#info Deva will do release management liaison for the time being17:12
ttxdevananda: as explained above...17:13
ttxnext question about enabling autokick for your blueprints, let me explain a bit17:13
ttxanyone can set milestone target in launchpad, which messes up our usage of launchpad blueprint page as a roadmap communication tool17:13
ttxsince random people will add stuff17:13
ttxso instead we use priority + target milestone17:14
ttxsince priority can only be set by project drivers17:14
ttxI have a script that will automatically remove unprioritized stuff from milestone17:14
ttxso that you don'ty have to watch the list for intruders all the time17:14
ttxwould you like that to be enabled for ironic ?17:14
* ttx enables17:14
ttxthe only downside is people complaning to me why I untarget their stuff17:15
ttxat 3am in the morning17:15
devanandais it part of release-tools?17:15
devanandaI can also run it17:15
devanandaso they complain to me :)17:15
ttxI run it on a crontab17:16
ttxso that it never sticks17:16
ttx#action ttx to post autokick.py in some repo17:16
devanandaalso, we are changing the format of our weekly meetings, and adding an alternate time slot17:17
ttxdevananda: given how much time you spent home so far, I suspect https://launchpad.net/ironic/+milestone/kilo-1 is still WIP ?17:17
ttx(as far as completeness goes)17:17
devanandaif by WIP you mean untouched by me since the summit :)17:17
* devananda adds that to his backlog of tasks17:18
ttxnote that you have the option to track yet-unapprover-specs-but-still-in-our-priority-roadmap stuff by having "Blocked" blueprints in your milestone17:18
ttxthat makes the milestone page slightly beter at predicting what will likely happen in a milestone17:19
ttxanything you'd like to discuss at meeting today ? Any last-minute question ?17:19
devanandajust noting that we'll be changing our meeting time in two weeks17:20
devanandaI'll announce once everyone has finished voting on the new slots17:20
ttxok cool17:20
ttx#info Ironic will be changing our meeting time in two weeks17:21
ttxSlickNik: around?17:21
ttxdevananda: thanks for your time!17:21
SlickNikttx: o/17:21
ttx#topic Trove17:21
devanandattx: cheers, thank you!17:21
ttxSlickNik: same questions for you. Do you plan to fill release management liaison duties during kilo ? Or delegate ?17:21
SlickNikttx: I'll be on the hook for release management duties.17:22
ttx#info Nikhil will do relmgt liaison17:22
SlickNikttx: I'll update the wiki page.17:22
ttxSlickNik: already done17:22
SlickNikttx: thanks!17:23
ttxYou are switching to specs this cycle17:23
SlickNikYes, we already did.17:23
ttxAs explained above...17:23
ttxyou can read what I said to devananda 10 minutes ago17:23
*** eglynn has quit IRC17:23
SlickNikdoing that right now.17:23
ttxand let me know if you'd like said script to be activated for Trove as well17:23
*** eglynn has joined #openstack-relmgr-office17:24
* ttx dry-runs the script to test effect17:24
ttx$ ./autokick.py --dryrun trove kilo17:24
ttxKICK cassandra-cluster (from kilo-2)17:24
ttxKICK clustering-replicasets (from kilo-1)17:24
ttxKICK guest-rpc-ping-pong (from kilo-1)17:24
ttxthat's what would happen if I ran it now ^17:24
ttxyou might want to fix those if you want to keep them in17:25
SlickNikYes, I don't have the priority set for those right now, which I will follow up on.17:25
ttx(fix = give them a priority)17:25
SlickNikGot it.17:25
ttxSlickNik: point is, once the script runs on crontab, those would have been removed automatically17:25
ttxso only what you add (with a priority) will stick in the list17:26
ttxtaht's usually the workflow you want once you switched to spec for design/approval part17:26
ttxyou want to curate a list for comunication/tracking purposes without everyone using it as their playground17:26
SlickNikGot it, I'll make sure we're setting the priority for the BPs.17:26
SlickNikgoing forward.17:27
ttxOK, let me know when you fixed them, and I'll enable the script17:27
ttx#info Waiting on SlickNik's ping to enable autokick for Trove17:27
SlickNikI had another question wrt specs.17:27
ttxsure, shoot17:27
SlickNikShould the actual spec review in gerrit get +2 and merged when the spec is approved, or when the feature actually lands.17:28
ttxgeneral process is when the design is approved17:28
SlickNikI think it's the former, but some folks seemed to think it's the latter, so I wanted to double check.17:28
ttxfeature completion is tracked in Launchpad blueprints basically (if you care)17:29
ttxso yes, the former17:29
SlickNikRoger that. Thanks for the clarification.17:29
ttxspecs are a way to iterate on design and track approvals. We still use Launchpad for tracking the implementation and when that lands in our cycle17:30
ttxok, unless you have another question, we can close for this week17:30
SlickNikThat's it from my end. I'll update the LP BPs and ping you to enable the kick-script.17:31
SlickNikThanks ttx!17:31
ttxSlickNik: awesome thx17:31
ttx#action slicknik to prio BPs and ping ttx when done17:31
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