Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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ttxasalkeld: o/09:02
asalkeldttx: hi09:02
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync09:02
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ttx#topic Heat09:03
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ptl_sync'09:03
asalkeldhappy holidays09:03
ttxand happy new year!09:03
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/kilo-209:03
asalkeldhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1401317 - is a dup09:03
asalkeldwe just found that out09:04
ttxI see only 4 blueprints there -- expecting more specs to be approved ?09:04
asalkeldttx: i well expect09:04
asalkeldi think i need to do some admin09:04
asalkeldmake sure approved ones have the right settings09:05
asalkeldbeen caught out by ttx's sharp eye09:05
ttxyes, just add more BPs to match the work being done09:05
asalkeldok, will do09:06
ttxless than one month to k2 :)09:06
asalkeldyikes already09:06
asalkeldpesky holidays09:06
ttxso ideally the spec view for k2 should be nearly complete by next week09:06
asalkeldok, I'll sort that out09:07
ttxWe'll discuss log guidelines at the cross-project meeting tomorrow09:08
ttxdid you have questions ?09:08
asalkeldall good from my side09:08
ttxalright then, have a good catch-up week09:08
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: o/09:19
johnthetubaguyttx: hi09:19
ttx#topic Nova09:19
ttxjohnthetubaguy: did you enjoy the holiday season ?09:19
johnthetubaguyttx: I had a good break, hope you had a good one too?09:19
ttxI did! Managed to stay mostly off for 12 days, which is my personal best09:20
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/kilo-209:20
ttxThat *is* a busy list09:20
johnthetubaguyyeah, its pure madness09:21
johnthetubaguyslightly self inflicted, as we said juno-3 is for priority things only09:21
johnthetubaguy(plus usual exception process)09:21
ttxwould it make more sense to start asking assignees if they expect their stuff to land in k2 or k3  ?09:21
ttxoh, I se09:21
johnthetubaguyyeah, its an experiment, to have a six week Feature Freeze, as we got good at merging things last time09:22
ttxI'll do a quick tour of the "unknown" status ones to turn them into STarted/Notstarted based on references posted09:22
johnthetubaguyttx: ah, superstar, that would be good09:22
ttxIf you could tour the unassigned ones and set a reasonable assignee for them?09:23
johnthetubaguyttx: sure09:23
johnthetubaguythe needs code review stuff is the stuff I think has the most promise, its a shame its all low priority, well, almost09:23
ttxhmm, actually I need to check if the linked stuff is not just the spec09:25
* ttx redoes09:25
johnthetubaguyoh, doh, good point09:27
ttxok done09:29
* ttx crosschecks with http://status.openstack.org/release/09:29
johnthetubaguyassignees should be sorted now too09:31
ttxOK looks good09:31
johnthetubaguyyeah, I need to send out an email about the dates and the current juno-3 plan09:32
ttxWould be good to beat the drum to get the priority items started09:32
johnthetubaguybut we were hoping to have a drivers or nova-meeting first09:32
johnthetubaguyyes, very true09:32
ttxotherwise looks good09:32
johnthetubaguythe cells stuff is queued behind the testing working they are doing, its not forgotten, but yeah, there is stuff to do09:33
ttxon a more personal note, I pushed the discussion on normalization of specs process at a recent cross-project meeting09:33
ttxYou can read the logs, but the overall feedback was that there wasn't much to standardize09:33
* ttx fetches logs09:33
johnthetubaguyyes, apologies I can't make those, it just doesn't work with stuff at home09:33
johnthetubaguyOK, thats a perfectly fine outcome09:33
johnthetubaguyThe biggest changes were probably for us in Nova stopping forcing people to write docs up front09:34
ttxsince that was an action item from the "specs" cross-project session, let me know if you think there is more to do at this point09:34
johnthetubaguyI was glad for that change to be made09:34
ttxquestions on your side ?09:35
johnthetubaguyttx: I still need to update the wiki page to include nova stuff, sorry, but that looks good I think09:35
ttxok then09:35
ttxhave a good day and a good week!09:36
johnthetubaguymy aim was to make sure we didn't all go crazy, and it seems like we are mostly simlar, so thats cool09:36
johnthetubaguyttx: thanks, and you!09:36
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eglynn-officettx: knock, knock, ready when you are ...13:00
ttxeglynn: o/13:00
ttx#topic Ceilometer13:00
eglynn-office#link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/kilo-213:00
ttxeglynn: how was your holiday break?13:00
eglynn-officegood, good, and your's?13:00
ttxwas nice, managed to disconnect completely for 10+ days, which was pretty nice13:01
eglynn-officecoolness :)13:01
ttxThose 5 "blocked" are pending spec approval, I gather ?13:01
eglynn-officebut, back to reality this week ...13:01
eglynn-officeyeah I've been populating the k2 roster with BPs blocked on specs reviews13:01
eglynn-officewe need to restart some conversations to get those over the line13:01
ttxindeed, fels like restarting a cold engine13:02
eglynn-officeyeap, somewhat of a hiatus around the holidays, loses the momentum13:02
ttxwoul dbe good to unblock those asap as k2 hits in less than a month now :)13:02
eglynn-officeyeap, k2 first week in Feb13:03
ttxNo question on my side13:03
eglynn-officeso I'll push to get all those specs reviewslanded this week13:03
ttxwe'll discuss currently proposed openstack-specs at the cross-project meeting today13:03
ttxeglynn: have a good restart week13:04
eglynn-officeyou too, thanks for your time!13:04
ttxdhellmann: we skip sergey today, so ping me when you're ready to go13:04
dhellmannttx: here13:07
ttxdhellmann: o/13:09
ttx#topic Oslo13:09
ttxand https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/next-kilo13:09
dhellmannwe have several to retarget13:11
dhellmannI'll do that for the ones I know about today, and I've asked for updates from everyone by our meeting monday13:11
ttxyeah, probably a good idea to defer early those who won't be done by end of month anyway13:11
ttxare all the unknowns in kilo-2 actually not started ? If yes I can update that for you13:12
dhellmannyes, I think "not started" is more accurate for those13:13
ttxok, processing13:13
ttxok, no real question at this point, expecting we'll have a little bit more accurate picture by next week13:14
dhellmannyeah, I'll get this cleaned up by then. I didn't want to push for answers over the holiday13:15
ttxdhellmann: we'll be discussing log guidelines at the cross-project meeting today, to trigger reviews there13:15
ttxbecause otherwise it won't ever reach critical mass13:16
dhellmannok, good -- that one has lingered too long13:16
ttxwe just need to give a "comment now or forever hold your peace" warning13:16
* dhellmann nods13:17
ttxI don't expect *every* PTL to vote on it anyway, they just need a fair warning13:17
ttxso hopefully that should unclog the pipe there13:17
ttxdhellmann: have a great week!13:17
ttxtalk to you later13:17
dhellmannthanks, you too!13:17
ttxmestery: ready when you are15:07
mesteryttx: o/15:07
ttx#topic Neutron15:07
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/kilo-215:07
ttxThose "blocked" are, I assume, waiting on spec approval15:07
mesteryNo, they are approved, but have no code submitted yet. Should I use a different state there?15:08
ttxOtherwise it's neat progress overall15:08
ttxYou should use Not started15:08
mesteryAh, right, I'll correct that15:08
ttxor if work started but no code submitted for review yet, you can use started15:08
* mestery fixes those up quickly15:09
ttxeven better15:11
ttxthat answers all questions I had15:11
mesteryCool, I've been keeping everyone aware of the deadline for Kilo-2, and how quickly it's coming now that the holidays are done.15:11
ttxWe'll mention nova-net to neutron migration in the cross-project meeting today15:11
ttxyou might want to be around15:11
mesteryI'll be there, but there won't be much to report yet, Oleg is still on holiday in Russia I believe.15:12
mesteryMay make sense to move that to next week when we'll have more to say there.15:12
mesteryBut either way, an update is fine15:12
ttxsure, update can be -- waiting on Oleg15:12
ttxjust wantr to make sure we don't wait on other resources15:12
ttxlike a nova liaison15:12
ttxor support from ops15:12
mesteryGood idea15:13
mesteryAnd thanks for helping to get this more visilbility!15:13
ttxquestions on your side ?15:13
mesteryNothing at this time, we're just plowing ahead in Kilo-2 now.15:14
mesteryThanks ttx!15:14
ttxalright, talk to you later15:14
mesteryhave a great week!15:14
ttxnikhil_k: ready when you are15:14
ttx#topic Glance15:14
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/kilo-215:14
ttxabout smooth-deletes-over-time: can I switch it to "not started" ?15:15
ttxor is it started15:15
nikhil_kit's in discussion15:15
nikhil_kthe guy has been active and discussing design with us15:16
ttxok, implementation:not started is probably more accurate then15:16
ttxI like to keep "unknown" for when we have no idea15:16
ttxDo you expect a lot more blueprints to show up in that k2 landscape ?15:16
nikhil_kyes ttx15:16
nikhil_karound 10 or so15:17
ttxWhat's their current status ? Waiting on spec approval ?15:17
nikhil_kwe are keeping a informal freeze 2 weeks after k215:17
nikhil_kso, based on who has started working on the the implementation the specs are getting processed15:17
nikhil_kotherwise we have a review queue build up near the close of k215:18
ttxhmm, ok... so we should expect more stuff to appear in the coming weeks15:18
nikhil_kright, hope to see at least 4 specs in the next week and half15:18
ttxwhenever you're pretty sure something is coming, just add it to the mix. If the spec is not approved yet (but will most likely be) you can add the blueprint with status: Blocked15:18
nikhil_kthat sounds good15:19
ttxalright, that's all I had.. questions on your side ?15:19
nikhil_knothing this week :)15:20
ttxcool then talk to you later15:20
nikhil_kThanks, bye.15:20
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ttxthingee: o/15:30
thingeettx: hi!15:30
ttx#topic Cinder15:30
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/kilo-215:30
ttxLots of "unknown" in there, let me see if I can clarify them15:31
ttxchiscsi-iscsi-helper looks Not started15:31
ttxsame for assisted-snapshot-improvements15:31
thingeeyeah the assignee has been reached out to for an update. I will be removing it this week otherwise15:31
ttxsame for all actually15:32
ttxwill move them to "Not started" now15:32
thingeeeric is part of core. forgot to reach out to him yesterday in irc to update those or a plan to divide up his work to k-3 as well15:32
ttxok done15:33
ttxApart from those Not started, the rest looks good15:33
thingeethank you. I'll make sure to do that for future targeted items15:33
thingeettx: need to verify that incomplete in target bugs too15:33
ttx"unknown" should just mean "I have no idea"15:33
ttxwhile most of the time you have an idea and it's just the default status that stuck15:34
ttxDo you expect a lot more to be added to the k2 target, or is it mostly complete ?15:34
thingeeYeah I have one more.15:35
thingeebut that should be it15:35
ttxok good15:35
ttxI don't think I have any more questions15:35
thingeeI have now targeted the other bp15:36
ttxcross-project meeting today discussing two cross-project specs15:36
thingeeyes log standards will be great15:36
ttxhave a great week back!15:37
thingeethank you, you too15:37
* ttx starts to wonder if we could not replace 1:1 syncs with more asynchronous pings on this channel15:37
ttxdavid-lyle: ready when you are15:38
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ttxdavid-lyle: ready when you are15:38
david-lylettx: ready15:39
ttx#topic Horizon15:39
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/kilo-215:40
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/launch-instance-redesign appears to be unassigned15:40
ttxThere are 5 blueprints with undefined priority to process, too15:41
ttxdavid-lyle: Should I just turn all "unknwon" to "not started" ?15:41
david-lylettx: was walking through them now15:41
david-lylesome already are up for review15:42
david-lyleI'll finish walking through them after this15:42
david-lyleI'll add an owner for the redesign. It's being actively worked by several people15:42
ttxok, I'll let you clear that all up15:43
ttxthat's a lot of blueprints compared to the 9 you got in in k115:44
ttxbut I guess a lot of those are postponed items15:44
david-lyleyeah, a lot that just missed k-115:44
ttxso would be great to get those in early15:44
david-lylenow that people are back from holiday, I expect several to land shortly15:45
ttxThat's about all I had -- questions on your side ?15:45
david-lyleno, I'm set15:45
ttxalright then. Talk to you later!15:45
david-lylesee you later15:45
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ttxnotmyname: around?16:58
ttxmorganfainberg: around?17:01
morganfainbergttx, o.17:01
morganfainbergerm o/17:01
ttx#topic Keystone17:01
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/kilo-217:01
morganfainberghappy new year17:01
ttx2 unassigned blueprints in there17:01
ttxhope you had a good break17:02
morganfainbergcadf should be assigned, that'll be taken care of today17:02
morganfainbergas will the other one17:02
morganfainbergthose need house keeping, but people are working on them.17:02
ttxshould I set all 3 "unknown" to "not started", or will you clarify ?17:02
morganfainbergi'll clarify17:02
ttxOK... are you expecting a lot more BPs to show up in the next week(s) ?17:03
morganfainbergyes, i expect more to show up this week17:03
morganfainbergmuch beyond that i expect k3 to see the last of them appear17:03
ttxok. Don't hesitate to list the ones you're waiting for spec approval on as "Blocked"17:03
morganfainbergwill do.17:03
ttxalright then, no more questions -- did you have any ?17:04
morganfainbergnothing at this time, still getting back into the swing of things post holidays17:04
ttxok then, have a good week!17:04
ttxdevananda: ready when you are17:05
notmynamettx: here17:05
devanandattx: o/17:05
ttxLet's slip notmyname in those extra 5 min17:05
ttx#topic Swift17:05
notmynameI've been out and I'm catching up17:05
notmyname4 of us (core devs) are working on EC stuff in the office yesterday and today17:06
ttxI had a good break so things are a bit fuzzy in my mind, but I seem to remember we considered some release for end of january17:06
notmynameotherwise, we've got some patches that will land for a next release...yeah17:06
notmynameI'll let you know when those are good and give you a head's up on timing as soon as I know it17:06
ttxsounds good17:06
ttxI'll be traveling a bit end of Jan / start of Feb17:07
ttx(for work)17:07
notmynameI'll be at LCA next week17:07
notmynamehmm...looks like 6am there now, so I probably can still do the update17:07
ttxnotmyname: we can skip next week, I won't make you get up at 6am for 2 min of update17:08
notmynameheh, ok17:08
notmynamethanks :-)17:08
notmynameI think that's all I've got for this week17:08
ttxor we can ping more randomly. Actually was thinking we could drop the concept of scheduled pings since we don't have that much to communicate17:08
ttx(not just you, everyone)17:08
ttxthe only real moment we need sync is around releases/milestones17:09
notmynameI think the scheduled stuff is good. and offers less chance for communication failures later17:09
notmynameI'd prefer to keep them (for everyone)17:09
ttxok, that's good feedback17:09
ttxhave a great week!17:09
notmynameit's at least a time when we both know the other is online17:09
notmynameyou too!17:09
ttxdevananda: still around?17:09
devanandattx: yup17:11
ttx#topic Ironic17:11
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/ironic/+milestone/kilo-217:12
devanandafolks are still trickling back in after the holiday break17:13
ttxWill set https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ironic/+spec/non-glance-image-refs to "started" since work seems to have happened there17:13
devanandawe had our first post-new-year meeting last night, which is also part of our attempt to split meetings across time zones17:13
ttxhow did that go ?17:13
devanandaso far, I'm not convinced it's going well (the meeting time split, that is)17:13
ttxdevananda: yeah, it's a difficult balance. You want to be inclusive, but not split them to the point where they are not reaching critical mass either17:14
devananda0500 UTC meetings are hard for US west coast people. we lose all the US east. EU don't attend either.17:14
devanandaso we get a few sleepy US west, plus china/japan/korea/australia17:14
ttxdamn earth for being round17:14
devanandai'm curious if other teams have tried this and gone back to a single time17:15
ttxdevananda: that's a good question for the cross-project meeting open discussion today17:16
devanandaduly noted17:16
devanandaon the topic of mid cycle17:16
devanandai'm trying to make it clear to folks that this is a sprint, not planning -- but it's pretty clear we're going to be split17:16
ttxyeah, felt that way on the ML17:17
devanandaI don't have a lot of project updates at this point17:18
ttxdevananda: do you expect a lot more specs to make it to the k2 page soon ?17:18
devanandaa few, but not many17:18
ttxok no more questions from me, anything else ?17:18
devanandathere are a lot of open specs, but most are blocked by other work and either late additions to k3, or more likely won't make it this cycle17:19
devanandacheers :)17:19
ttxCool, have a great day and week then17:19
ttxSlickNik: ready when you are17:19
ttx#topic Trove17:20
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/kilo-217:20
ttxLooks pretty good, most code already in review17:20
ttxexpecting a lot more to come ?17:20
SlickNikChugging along trying to get the BPs for kilo-2 reviewed.17:20
SlickNikExpecting a couple more to show up, but not much else.17:20
SlickNikShould be in during the next week/two as well.17:21
ttxok, no more questions from me17:21
ttxquestions on your side ?17:22
SlickNikWill keep the BPs updated — a couple are close to merging.17:22
SlickNikNone so far.17:22
ttxOK then, have a good back-from-holiday week17:22
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SlickNikThanks ttx.17:22
SlickNikCatch you later.17:22
ttxsure thing!17:23
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