Thursday, 2015-01-15

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ttxdhellmann: will review yours if you review mine:
ttx(those are an update of the scripts as I used them for k1, so this just needs a quick look)07:55
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KiallHey ttx - I might be ~15 mins late to our meet in 30 mins, travelling to the TZ change got me confused. On my way into the office..16:00
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ttxKiall: ok16:03
ttxredrobot: around?16:03
ttx#startmeeting incub_sync16:03
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ttx#topics Barbican16:03
ttx#topic Barbican16:03
ttxredrobot: is that all you expect to add in k2, or just a partial view ?16:04
redrobotjust a partial view... I need to go through the bug list and assign a handful of recent bug fixes.16:05
ttxredrobot: ok, if you have other stuff being worked/on added for k2 try to reference them here16:05
redrobotttx will do... there's a few things that are in flight, but I don't think they'll land until k316:06
ttxredrobot: is the Certificate API a whole new set of Ai primitives ? Or a new version of stuff already there ?16:06
redrobotttx we're defining the certificate ordering api, we should hopefully end up with something that is flexible enough for different CAs16:07
ttxOK, that's all I have at this point in the cycle. Did you have questions ?16:07
redrobotnot at this time. thanks16:07
ttxredrobot: note that we'll skip 1:1s next week, I'll be on a plane.16:07
ttxSo next one on the 29th, one week before k2 drop16:08
ttxbswartz: around?16:08
redrobotok, I should have the k2 launchpad milestone up to date by then16:08
ttxredrobot: thx and have a good week16:08
redrobotttx you too!16:09
bswartzttx:  yes16:09
ttx#topic Manila16:09
ttxThat is a rather busy milestone16:09
bswartzwe've sort of targeted everything to k-2, with the understanding that some will slip16:10
bswartzis that a bad practice?16:10
ttxThere are two "unknown" states and 4 'Undefined' priorities which you might want to clarify16:10
ttxbswartz: it's not really bad practice, as long as there is a chance that it will make it16:10
ttxWhen you're reasonably sure it will skip, you should target it to k316:10
bswartzit's getting close to the deadline so I need to review these at least and go ask questions16:11
ttxthe goal being, to inform downstream stakeholders of when what is coming16:11
bswartzwe're still doing a lot of design work for some of these so they're pretty iffy16:11
ttxGood progress on that list though16:11
bswartzby next week I can probably have this mostly cleaned up16:11
ttxSo yeah, by the next time we need in two weeks, we'll probably trim that list down16:11
bswartzI can put an agenda item on the weekly to review this16:12
bswartzbut mostly I'll just grab people 1on116:12
ttx(we'll skip next week 1:1s as I'll be on a plane -- ping me if you have urgent questions)16:12
ttxThat's all the questions I had16:13
bswartzhmm okay16:13
ttxAnything on your side ?16:13
bswartzso jan 29 for next meeting?16:13
ttxbswartz: yes16:13
bswartzthat's just 1 week before the milestone16:13
bswartzI guess that will work out okay though16:13
ttxgood time to push things out16:13
bswartzsome of this definitely needs to get pushed out16:14
bswartzthanks for the reminder16:14
ttxbswartz: any other question ?16:14
bswartzI don't have any questions on my side16:14
ttxbswartz: alright then, have a great week!16:14
bswartzyou know the bot is having problems right?16:14
bswartzit can't set topics in IRC16:14
ttxAh? no I didn't know16:14
bswartzmeetings are recorded, but topic never changes16:14
bswartzthanks, see you in 2 weeks16:15
ttxOh right, missing channel rights16:15
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bswartzsame problem exists in meeting channels16:15
ttxmaybe that will help16:15
ttxflaper87: around?16:16
bswartzor the -alt meeting channel in any case16:16
ttxflaper87: not around?16:23
Kiallttx: In the office when your ready.16:23
ttxKiall: you can do now16:23
ttx#topci Designate16:23
KiallSounds good..16:23
ttx#topic Designate16:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Designate (Meeting topic: incub_sync)"16:23
KiallSo - You're going to ask about the # of open/inprogress bugs ;) We have a unit test sprint tomorrow, and a mid-cycle hackathon next week to knock all these out :)16:24
ttx2 blueprints up -- does that represent most of what's coming in k2 or do you have more being worked on ?16:24
Kiallk2 has been 99% cleanup after k1 merges, so very few new features16:24
ttxno, the bugs looks fine to me :P16:24
ttxok, that works! As long as it represents what's being done, I'm fine :)16:25
ttxNo sync next week, I'll be in the air16:25
KiallAnyway - There is another BP to file, but the code has been put up so it'll be marked implemented near immediatly ;)16:25
ttxping me if you have urgent stuff between now and jan 2916:25
ttxDid you have questions ?16:25
KiallNo - I tend to eyeball the logs and get most of my answers that way ;)16:26
ttxalright then... have a great week!16:26
KiallOhh.. 1 thing16:26
* ttx pauses16:26
Kiallmid-cycle next week, I likely can't attend our 1:1.16:27
ttxGood thing theer isn't a 1:1 next week then16:27
Kiall(ping me on the day, I might.. Just not 100% sure yet)16:27
KiallOh.. heh16:27
ttx<ttx> No sync next week, I'll be in the air16:27
KiallI missed that - Thanks :)16:27
ttxKiall: anything else ?16:28
KiallOkay - I'm good then :)16:28
ttxok, talk to you later!16:28
ttxflaper87: around now ?16:28
ttxI guess that's a "no"16:30
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