Tuesday, 2015-02-10

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ttxno asalkeld yet09:05
ttxzz_johnthetubagu: around?09:12
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ttxJohnthetubaguy-w: o/09:22
Johnthetubaguy-wttx: hi on a train but sort of here09:22
ttxLet's make it fast09:22
ttx#startmeeting ptl_sync09:22
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ttx#topic Nova09:22
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/kilo-309:22
ttxThat list, I assume, represents the "priorities" + the accepted FFEs ?09:23
Johnthetubaguy-wYeah, bit messy right now, I should start pinging folks for code09:23
Johnthetubaguy-wYeah, that's the plan, no ffe yet though09:23
ttxLooking at deadlines again... for Nova you're in non-priority feature freeze already09:24
ttxAnd you'll have the general FF at kilo-309:24
Johnthetubaguy-wYes, we set a deadline for ffe requests of Thursday09:25
ttxFeature proposal freeze on March 5 ?09:25
ttx(i.e. code for all those k3 things must be proposed by then)09:25
Johnthetubaguy-wYes, I think we should just match the general dates there09:25
ttxOK, how is the FFE process doing ? Lots of them as I expected.. 2 months freeze is just too long for most people09:25
Johnthetubaguy-wCells will be close to the wire on that, others should be close, but I should advertise that date more09:26
ttxAr eth "medium" in the k34 list priority stuff, or FFEd stuff ?09:27
Johnthetubaguy-wSo the plan is we will have a drivers meeting to decide if any should get in, we hope not09:27
ttxerr, I mean the "mediums" in the k3 list09:27
Johnthetubaguy-wMediums are all priority items, I should check the priorities again09:28
ttxNo hurry, just refine the list as you go09:28
ttxI won't get involved in FFEs until we reach the general Feature Freeze and they start affecting the stability of the end release09:28
ttxso I'll let you run through them09:29
ttxThat's about all I had. I propose we skip 1:1s next week09:29
Johnthetubaguy-wOK cool, that sounds the efficient way, we will get you to bless any final ffe this time, sorry about last time!09:29
Johnthetubaguy-wMakes sense09:30
ttxanything else on your mind?09:30
Johnthetubaguy-wThanks for keeping us on track though, it really helps!09:30
Johnthetubaguy-wNothing more from me really09:30
ttxOh, we'll discuss novanet2neutron status at the cross-project meeting today. You might want to ensure some nova people are present09:30
Johnthetubaguy-wAh, we have jogo and anyeta that cover that09:31
Johnthetubaguy-wI will try ping them later09:31
ttxOK, have a good train ride09:31
ttxI pinged anteaya already09:31
* ttx grabs coffee09:32
Johnthetubaguy-wTunnel soon, so just in time!09:32
* anteaya has been pinged09:32
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ttxeglynn: ohai13:00
eglynnttx: hola!13:00
ttx#topic Ceilometer13:00
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/kilo-313:00
ttxThat "unknown in the list is actually "not started" I suppose ?13:00
eglynnyes, I'll update that13:01
ttxok, otherwise looks good13:01
ttxAs far as deadlines go, I just have Feature Freeze for ceilometer on March 19 like veryone else13:01
ttxDo you plan to enforce FeatureProposalFreeze (feature code must be proposed) on March 5 ?13:02
eglynnwe spoke about a FPF two week prior to that13:02
eglynnyep, exactly13:02
ttxok, that corresponds13:02
ttxAny other deadlien I missed ?13:03
eglynnnope that's it13:03
eglynnBTW I put in provisional numbers for summit sessions in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14pryalH3rVVQGHdyE3QeeZ3eDrs_1KfqfykxSTvrfyI/edit#gid=61096595813:03
ttxcool thx13:03
eglynnI'll discuss at team meeting on Thurs before finalizing13:03
ttxI don't really need a final number13:03
eglynna-ha, k, just a general indication?13:04
ttxit's more to work on the room layout to fuzzy-match the requests13:04
ttxsince I have to decide on room layout very soon13:04
ttxFinal allocations we can't really do until we know which project teams we'll have13:04
ttxI propose we skip 1:1s next week13:04
ttxsince this is early in k3 period13:05
eglynncool with me13:05
ttxalright then, that's all I had13:05
eglynnone very general question for you ...13:05
eglynnmore TC-level in fact13:05
ttxsure, ask13:05
eglynnwhen do you expect to start accepting "applications" for stackforge projects to be big-tented?13:06
ttxThat's actually something we'll discuss today13:06
ttxThe criteria is up so we could accepot them now13:06
eglynna-ha, cool13:06
ttxjust want to check if that is ok with other members13:06
ttxThe goal being to process them before the L design summit13:06
ttxso that we can give those teams room13:06
eglynn(reason I ask is that jd is thinking of taking gnocchi down that route)13:07
ttxI almready have the security group (OSSG) wanting its own offciial team recognized13:07
ttxso they asked too13:07
ttxalright, have a good week!13:08
eglynnyou too, thanks for your time!13:08
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ready when you are13:08
dhellmannttx: I'm around, if SergeyLukjanov isn't ready13:11
ttx#topic Oslo13:11
ttxdhellmann: ok, let's do that13:11
SergeyLukjanovoops, soory, I'm here13:11
SergeyLukjanovwill wait13:11
ttxSergeyLukjanov: too late :)13:11
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/kilo-313:11
dhellmannsorry to steal your spot SergeyLukjanov13:11
SergeyLukjanovdhellmann, that's ok :)13:12
ttxSo that would be 4 graduations still planned before end of kilo ?13:12
ttx+ some extra features in oslo.cache but worked in the incubator13:12
dhellmannversionedobject and policy are definite13:12
dhellmanndebtcollector, too13:13
dhellmannI haven't seen any progress at all on the reports one, so I'll have to check with solly about that13:13
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/next-kilo13:13
ttxI don't see major features there, which is probably a good thing13:14
dhellmannyeah, most of the work in the libs at this point is around bugs13:14
ttxdhellmann: looking at the release schedule, I don't see anything specific for Oslo13:14
dhellmanndo you mean like freeze dates?13:14
ttxthat means FF on kilo-3 (March 19)13:15
ttxDo you plan somethign like FeatureProposalFreeze two weeks before ?13:15
dhellmannok, I talked to the team about using 12 Mar instead, to give us a week13:15
dhellmannjust 1 week, but yeah13:15
ttxSo.... feature freeze on Mar 12 ?13:15
dhellmannI think it's safe to assume that we'll do that each cycle -- freeze 1 week before everyone else13:15
ttxok adding13:16
ttx#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Kilo_Release_Schedule13:16
ttxDo you plan to enforce a feature proposal freeze one or two weks before that ?13:17
ttx(deadline for feature code to be proposed for review)13:17
dhellmannprobably, although we didn't discuss that specifically13:17
ttxok, the general one is on March 513:17
ttxjust so you know13:17
dhellmannlet's keep the same date for now13:18
ttxIn other news I propose we skip 1:1s next week13:18
dhellmannif the feature is small, it might make it, otherwise it wouldn't make it in time anyway so it would freeze naturally13:18
ttxanything on your mind ?13:18
dhellmannthis thing with stable requirements management is pretty far out of hand13:19
ttxdhellmann: yeah, I wanted to circle back with you on that13:19
dhellmannI think jogo and mtreinish worked out most of what to do, and oslo is no longer running the stable tests so we're not blocked any more, but we need to find an owner for requirements management13:19
dhellmannall of the people doing it are part time13:19
ttxdhellmann: yeah13:20
dhellmannand by "not blocked" for Oslo, I mean we can land patches but not release anything -- we had 4+ releases planned for this week13:20
dhellmannand we do have projects waiting for them13:20
ttxdhellmann: We could also do a virtual sprint to align all the stars13:20
dhellmannit would be a good idea to at least hold a meeting of some sort13:20
ttxbecause sometimes it feels like it's just we are not focused on the same plan at the same time13:21
dhellmannoh, you meant that figuratively, yeah a sprint is a good idea, too13:21
ttxWe all seem to have one piece of the puzzle13:21
ttxwhen you say "an owner for requirements management" what would that person do ?13:22
dhellmannevery time we think we have it figured out, another aspect comes up13:22
dhellmannmaybe I just mean an owner for solving the current problem we have13:22
dhellmannbut I know I've been reluctant to approve new requirements because they are triggering so many issues, so keeping an eye on reviews would be good, too13:23
ttxIt feels like we need to solve the issue once and for all, and then we can live happily ever after13:23
ttxI expect stable branch chamions to spend more time on requireemnts and less tiem unwedging the gate13:23
dhellmannat least until the next big issue :-)13:24
ttxonce we cap things13:24
ttxI'm pretty sure they would prefer watching stable requirements caps than working out which event broke the stable gate13:24
dhellmannyeah, I know one or two have been involved in this, but I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a concerted effort from the primary stable team on this. I'm worried we think we have more support there than we do.13:25
dhellmannmaybe it's a matter of understanding the problem -- I don't have a lot of insight into the stable maint stuff this cycle, aside from these requirements-related issues13:25
ttxA champion is supposed to drum the beat to get more support, rather than do all the work themselves. One issue is that recently they have been stumped in fixing things13:25
ttxSo it feels like they thought they would be able to handle it.. but then it broke faster than they could solve it13:26
dhellmannthat sounds about right13:26
ttxespecially since those are not experts in QA/gate/tempest13:26
ttxanyway, topic for discussion tonight at the cross-project meeting13:27
ttxSergeyLukjanov: still around ?13:28
dhellmannthanks, ttx13:28
ttx #topic Sahara13:29
ttx#topic Sahara13:29
SergeyLukjanov#topic https://launchpad.net/sahara/+milestone/kilo-313:29
openstackRemoving item from minutes: <ircmeeting.items.Topic object at 0x978a350>13:29
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/sahara/+milestone/kilo-313:29
SergeyLukjanovoops, sorry13:29
SergeyLukjanovit's not a topic, heh13:29
ttxk3 page looks good13:29
ttxadd-lib-subset-cm-api locked on spec approval...13:29
ttxLooking at deadlines... any specific thing for you ?13:30
ttxFF on Mar 19, FPF on Mar 5 like everyone else ?13:31
SergeyLukjanovyup, I think it's ok for us too13:31
SergeyLukjanov(was counting number of weeks before it)13:31
ttxalright. All sounds good and aligned.13:32
SergeyLukjanovthe deadlines are ok for us13:32
ttxWe'll skip 1:&s next week13:32
SergeyLukjanovokay, ack13:32
ttxSergeyLukjanov: anything on your mind ?13:32
SergeyLukjanovnope, i'm all set13:32
ttxSergeyLukjanov: alright, have a good day!13:34
SergeyLukjanovttx, thx, you too13:34
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nikhil_kttx: I'm here early if you've time for sync. Have a quite a few items today14:39
ttxnikhil_k: sure, let me do a biobreak and i'll be there for you in 2min14:44
nikhil_ksure :)14:44
ttx#topic Glance14:47
ttxnikhil_k: o/14:47
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/kilo-314:47
ttxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/catalog-index-service is unprioritized14:47
ttxOtherwise looks good14:47
ttxTaskflow integration landed just after k2 right14:48
ttxAny specific deadline in k3 apart from feature freeze on March 19 ?14:48
ttxPlanning to enforce a Feature Proposal Freeze on March 5 as well ?14:49
nikhil_kttx: not yet, I will have to confirm that to you next week. Sorry14:49
ttxAlthough next week I planned to skip 1:1s. So just send me an email instead and i'll update https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Kilo_Release_Schedule14:50
nikhil_kThanks, that sounds good14:50
ttxAll good to me; anything else you wanted to discuss ?14:50
nikhil_kyes :)14:51
nikhil_kI wanted to propose zhiyan for stable core maint14:51
nikhil_kHe has been a long standing consistent reviewer for glance and is interested in becoming the stable-core-maint for the same14:51
ttxok, could you send an email to list with [stable] prefix suggesting him ? I'll reach out to check that he is aware of policy and then add him14:52
nikhil_kttx: Thanks, will do.14:52
ttxanything else ?14:52
nikhil_kttx: What can we do for situations like these https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154229/ ?14:52
nikhil_kWe would like to change the API (without bumping up the versions)14:53
nikhil_kAnd, I _think_ no one is using it and it's fairly recent14:53
ttxIf it's not "released" yet I think it's fair game to fix it14:53
nikhil_k(though) It's a blunder really14:54
ttxmaybe raise a small thread so that people are aware just in case14:54
nikhil_kttx: oh, like you mean as in kilo?14:54
ttxhow long has this code been around?14:54
nikhil_kttx: surely14:54
nikhil_kDec 1814:54
ttxyes, I thinkn it's fair game14:55
nikhil_kttx: There is no client support for this and they realized it after trying to add support there14:55
nikhil_kttx: also, Horizon would be a primary consumer and they are very likely not using it as glanceclient does not support it yet14:56
nikhil_kI will start email thread but just wanted it to be out there14:56
nikhil_kpretty disappointing14:57
ttxwell, shit happens14:57
ttxanything else ?14:57
nikhil_kI think we may have a bit heavy handed k314:58
nikhil_kI've not added a few spec to the list14:58
ttxGenerally asking if things can wait until l1 is a good way to push back things preventively14:58
ttxand switch focus to reviews14:58
nikhil_kmakes sense14:59
nikhil_kI think people would not want to wait14:59
nikhil_kbut, I would like to plan it with you better this time and keep this communicated with community14:59
nikhil_kmay be we will need FFE for 2-3 specs14:59
nikhil_k(I mean that's a possibility)14:59
nikhil_kThat was it from my end15:00
ttxalright, have a good day!15:00
nikhil_kHave a good one, yourself!15:00
nikhil_kAppreciate the time adjustment :)15:00
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ttxthingee: o/15:30
thingeettx: hey!15:30
ttx#topic Cinder15:30
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/kilo-315:30
ttxBusy milestone15:30
thingeettx: ok so I know this looks bad. I got some explaining to do.15:31
ttxThe 3 'implemented' ones... were they fixed post-k2 ?15:31
ttxor was one of them actually completed in k2 and we missed it15:31
thingeenope. I checked last minute stuff before you tagged things15:31
thingeethat's why it took me a bit of time to give the ok15:31
thingeeso I realized a lot of people just put up a patch that do driver updates of some new feature. We never really strictly tracked those before15:32
thingeeI really wanted to start tracking those to understand how over subscribed we were.15:32
ttxthe way it looks now it's doable if you only do reviews from now to FF :)15:33
thingeeluckily I can say three were pretty close in k-2 and are done now.15:33
thingeeand there are two more just about done as of last night.15:33
thingeeSo I like to be optimistic and think 26 here :)15:33
ttxI have a few deadlines for you in k315:34
thingeeleft to do anyways. I have removed some I wasn't sure were going to happen because I haven't seen code or contact from the assignee15:34
ttxCinder spec approval deadline (Feb 15)15:34
ttxCinder feature freeze (Mar 10)15:34
thingeethose are correct15:34
ttxDo you plan any Feature Proposal Freeze ? The general one is March 5 so a bit close to your proposed ff15:34
ttx(FPF = code must be up for review)15:35
thingeeMight need a bit more time with the code freeze15:35
ttxwell, if you have a date I can add it to the schedule15:36
ttxso just let me know15:36
thingeemarch 2nd? I'll have to talk to the team15:36
ttxThere was also some confusion about whether Cinder was frozen, on one ml thread15:36
thingeeI always get the dates in agreement from people in our meeting.15:36
ttxmy understading is that it's under non-priority feature freeze15:37
thingeeok, if it was sent yesterday, I was mostly on a plane all day so I'll reply.15:37
thingeethank goodness for gertty15:37
ttxI plan to skip 1:1s next week15:37
thingeeok, I'll update my calendar accordingly15:38
ttxThat's all I had -- anything on your side ?15:38
thingeeNope, I'm good!15:38
ttxthingee: cool, have a great day15:38
ttxdavid-lyle: ready when you are15:39
thingeeyou too15:39
david-lylettx: ready15:39
thingeeeven that is15:39
ttx#topic Horizon15:39
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/kilo-315:39
*** thingee has quit IRC15:39
ttxA bit of cleanup might be necessary there15:39
david-lylettx: indeed15:39
david-lylewill start on that15:40
ttxIn particular unassigned blueprints, "unknown" delivery and "undefined" priorities15:40
ttxno hurry for today, but would be good to fix it in the next 2 weeks15:40
ttxIt also looks a bit long15:40
david-lylettx: it is15:40
david-lyleI have in mind some that aren't going to make it15:41
david-lylewill start dropping15:41
ttxas a comparison point, you got 9 implemented in k1 and k215:41
david-lylethat was lower than normal15:41
ttxso even taking into account abusier milestone, I don't think you can get above 25 :)15:41
david-lylewe have some big ticket items have taken longer15:41
david-lylereally I have 4-5 highs that I want to land, the rest are opportunistic15:42
ttxok, makes sense15:42
ttxI don't have any specific deadline noted for Horizon in k315:42
david-lylewe don't really have a great system for that15:42
ttxso that means aligning with FF on March 1915:43
ttxDo you plan to enforce FPF on March 5 as well ?15:43
ttxFPF = All feature code up for review15:43
david-lyleI'll start publicizing that in Horizon15:43
ttxLast thing, I propose we skip 1:1s next week, not much to report early in milestones15:43
david-lylesure, not a problem15:44
ttxalright, anything on your side ?15:44
david-lylefor L, horizon would like to formally move to specs, what do I need to do to start that process?15:44
ttxdavid-lyle: ask infra to create a repo15:44
david-lyleok, will do15:45
ttxor propose it yourself, following the infra manual15:45
david-lyleok, I can look at that too15:45
ttxthen add the repo name to projects.yaml in governance and you shall be set15:45
david-lylealso I proposed an ATC exception https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154271/15:45
david-lylemain UX contributor to Horizon for Kilo15:46
david-lylewould like to see him acknowledged15:46
david-lylehopefully that can make it on the TC agenda15:46
ttxsure, will be on docket for next week meeting15:46
ttxneds to be up for a couple days before we can actually vote on it15:46
david-lyleno problem15:47
ttxanything else ?15:47
david-lyleI'm set15:47
ttxalright then. Have a good day !15:47
david-lyleyou too15:47
ttxnotmyname: I suspect you're knee deep in your hackathon, we can skip this week 1:1s if that's more convenient for you16:43
notmynamettx: I'm here16:44
notmynameI've got time16:44
notmynamethere's one thing to let you know of16:44
ttxok, want to talk now ?16:44
ttx#topic Swift16:44
notmyname#info there is now a feature/crypto branch in Swift16:44
notmynamedid you see the scrollback from -infra yesterday?16:44
notmynameif not I can sumarize16:45
ttxnotmyname: hmm, not really, only the review that proposed a clarification in infra manual16:45
notmynamethat's basically it. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154286/16:45
notmynameto coordinate things through the release manager16:45
ttxright converge names when appropriate16:46
ttxsounds good16:46
notmynamebut yesterday, since we're at the start of our hackathon/midcycle, we got the branch created so it wouldn't be a blocker16:46
ttxwhat type of work will land on the crypto branch exactly ?16:46
notmynamethat being said, do you know of exisitng feature/crypto branches in other projects?16:46
notmynamethis is for our on-disk encryption. specifically, http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/swift-specs/specs/in_progress/at_rest_encryption.html16:47
ttxok, noted16:47
ttx#info crypto feature branch is to support Swift on-disk encryption16:47
notmynameto confirm, I see that we've got about 2 months left until the RC for kilo. right?16:47
notmynameearly/mid april16:48
notmynameok, thanks16:49
notmynamethat's all I've got for this week16:49
ttxIdeally you would have the finak Kilo swift RC sometimes between April 5 and April 2016:49
ttxok, only thing I had was the suggestion to skip 1:1s next week16:50
ttxnotmyname: have a good hack day!16:50
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ttxmorganfainberg: around?17:02
ttx#topic Keystone17:02
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/kilo-317:02
ttxdomain-config-ext is marked unknown, shall I set to "not started" ?17:02
morganfainbergi haven't swept through k3 targets17:03
morganfainbergyou can or i can today17:03
ttxLooking at k3 deadlines17:03
ttxYou're past spec proposal deadline17:04
ttxand you'll have the common FF on March 1917:04
ttxplanning to enforce the feature proposal freeze on March 5 as well ?17:04
ttx(i.e. all feature code up for review)17:04
ttxalright. We'll skip 1:1 next week since that will be the soft belly of the milestone17:06
morganfainbergso i'll need to change this time.17:06
ttxNothing else from me17:06
morganfainbergwith you17:06
morganfainbergi just got hit with a meeting w/ VP @ hp weekly at this time slot17:06
ttxsounds pretty awesome17:06
morganfainbergyeah. my days have become...17:06
ttxwould 10 mins earlier work for you ?17:06
ttxwe could switch with notmyname17:07
morganfainbergi'll have a hard stop at 9am pacific17:07
morganfainbergi could move as early as 8:30 my time17:07
morganfainbergso 30mins earlier17:07
ttxsure, most of our 1:1s only last for 4 min anyway17:07
ttxI'm in the middle of a call at that time unfortunately17:07
ttx:50 is as early I can be sure not to be in the call anymore and giving you full attention17:07
morganfainberglet me know when, we have till week after next17:08
ttx#action ttx to figure out new time for Morgan 1:117:08
morganfainbergwe could move it much later in the day if needed [post Keystone meeting]17:08
ttxmorganfainberg: have a good err... VP meeting17:08
morganfainbergkeystone meeting 1 h after this one.17:08
ttxI'd rather avoid that if possible, but yes that is the backup option17:09
ttxbetween teh keystone meeting and  the TC meeting17:09
ttxdevananda: around?17:09
morganfainbergyeah if needed.17:09
morganfainbergearlier is better imo17:10
ttxdevananda: ignore me, just read your email. Get well soon17:10
ttxSlickNik: around?17:12
notmynamemorganfainberg: ttx: I'd be happy to swap with a 10 minute later time slot17:13
ttxnotmyname: awesome, I think we have a winner17:13
ttxconsider yourselves switched17:13
notmynamettx: starting the week after next17:14
notmynameack. calendar updated17:16
ttxupdated https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Release_Cycle_Management/1:1_Syncs17:18
ttxmorganfainberg: ^17:18
SlickNikttx: here now17:26
ttxSlickNik: hey17:29
ttx#topic Trove17:29
ttx#link https://launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/kilo-317:29
ttxPage looks good17:30
ttxRe: k3 deadlines, I suspect you follow the common Feature Freeze on Mar 19 and the common Feature Proposal Freeze two weeks before (Mar 5) ?17:30
SlickNikYes — that's the plan for Trove.17:30
ttxAlright then17:32
ttxWe'll skip 1:1s next week17:32
ttxanythign else on your side ?17:33
SlickNikJust working on making progress towards those BPs for kilo-3.17:33
ttxsounds good!17:33
ttxhave a good day then17:33
ttxThat concludes our scheduled broadcast17:33
SlickNikYou too. See you in a little bit.17:33
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notmynamettx: I've filled out the summit design summit layout for swift18:58
ttxnotmyname: thx19:42
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morganfainbergttx, ack on time change22:01
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