Monday, 2015-02-16

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ttxmikal: ack09:26
mikalttx: you around?09:35
ttxmikal: yes!09:36
mikalWanna do PM or here?09:36
ttxhere is fine09:37
mikalFair enough09:37
ttxWe've developed a significant backlog of Nova security issues -- some just need a confirmation/debunking, some need a patch, some need reviews on proposed patches09:38
mikalAll in LP as private security I assume?09:38
ttxyes, accessible to nova-coresec on LP09:39
ttxalaski was very much on top of them all by himself (which was pretty impressive) until recently09:39
mikalSo... I can find Laski a helper if that is required09:39
ttxI think, at least until the backlog is processed09:40
ttxthat would be helpful09:40
mikalYeah, looking at the member list I am feeling a bit badf for abandoning laski09:40
ttxideally alaski would have a couple of people that he could delegate stuff to when things get out of control09:40
mikalI think we can probable also do a little cull of the group to make room for some new people09:40
ttxbecause currently he seems to want to take it all on by himself, which I think is unreasonable09:40
mikalI can chase my victim tomorrow and see what he thinks09:40
mikalI'll ping laski as well about it09:41
ttxthat sounds good. I think it's relatively easy to keep up with the new things as they arrive, but once a backlog has developed, it gets trickier09:41
mikalYep, agreed09:41
ttxif only due to context switch09:41
mikalThanks for bringing this to my attention09:42
ttxand to be clear, I don't blame alaski -- it's just too much work for one person. His only fail is that he probably feels uncomfortable asking other people to help him09:43
ttxso we need to help him there ;)09:43
mikalOh, agreed09:43
* ttx is good at asking other people to do work09:43
mikalI feel bad because everyone else on that list is idle09:43
mikalSome have mostly moved off nova even09:43
mikalSo, I'll take that as an action to clean up09:43
ttxthat's a bit of the downside of the liaison stuff. Other people consider that area covered09:43
ttxand if the liaison doesn't call for help...09:44
mikalYeah, I certainly consider it delegated09:44
mikalBut its ok, we can fix it09:44
ttxit's fine I think, as long as the liaison doesn't hesitate to aggressively go after other people and subdelegate09:44
ttxmaybe we shoudl get the liaison people more visible credit, so they can gather a bit of influence09:45
mikalI think credit is always good09:45
mikalIt can't hurt, right?09:45
ttxyes, I have a long-overdue blog post on leadership and CPLs09:45
mikalThat sounds like a good idea09:45
ttxto give credit where due (in your team, to John and Andrew)09:45
mikalI think I should probably also email people's managers more and thank them for people's work09:46
ttxthat was the concept behind making "CPL" a thing. and consider it a leadership position as the PTls are09:46
ttxso we can get more volunteers09:46
ttxand companies to back their work09:46
mikalYeah, I worry that companies aren't that excited by credit09:47
mikalBut it also can't hurt09:47
ttxalso easier of a jump than applying directly for PTL. Having some of the responsibilities of the pTL delegated to you are a good way to get a feel of the work09:47
mikalFrankly, it makes my job much more doable as well09:48
ttxso it's good succession planning09:48
ttxmikal: that was the idea09:49
mikalIt would be nice to get some people from other companies more active in delegated positions in nova09:49
mikalBut I can take that as something to chase as well09:49
mikalProblem being many cores are so over worked already...09:49
ttxindeed. But I don't feel like it's exclusive for core people though09:50
ttxSome people step up to do core reviewing, others can step up to, for example, do oslo liaison09:50
mikalDefinitely with the security thing it isn't09:50
mikalMy intended first victim isn't a core09:50
ttxin the security case, core helps because you need some +é reviewes on proposed patches09:50
mikalWhat they need to be good at is understanding impact and chasing the people they need help from09:51
ttxbut then, security issue coordination doesn't really require core09:51
ttxit's basically what we used to do at the VMT (confirm and ping), but we can't really do for every project09:51
mikalSo yeah, let me chase this and we can touch base in a week or so and see how I am going09:52
ttxbecause we can't know enough of everything09:52
ttxmikal: looks like alaski picked up a bit of the slack since I pinged you, but I fear burnout if we don't help him subdelegate09:52
ttxmikal: ttyl09:52
mikalYep, I gotta go put the kids to bed09:53
mikalSo laters09:53
mikalI am ok with cancelling the TC meeting if we don't have content BTW09:53
ttxmikal: ok, let sdague know, he will make the go/nogo call09:53
mikalCool, I will reply to the thread09:54
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