Wednesday, 2015-02-25

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dhellmannttx: ftr, I'm +1 on the new release tracking changes you're planning. We will have to educate some people about making sure their blueprints are up to date so their features end up on the right lists, but we can do that.17:14
ttxyes, I expect a few projects to lag in blueprint progress report17:17
dhellmannttx: regarding the client version snafu from earlier this week, I thought I would enhance the release tool to look for requirements updates and throw a warning up if the version wasn't bumped enough. Do you know if the projects are using the release tools to release libraries?17:18
ttxno, they just push signed tags17:20
ttxbut then, I didn't pursue them witha cluebat either17:20
ttxthere was a change to cap client libs up to Z in stable/icehouse17:20
ttxso it's protected17:21
ttxeven from security fixes and minor bugfixes :)17:21
dhellmannyeah, I'm not convinced that's a good long-term strategy17:21
dhellmannit feels really like a "we can't teach this to people" solution17:21
ttxyeah, but unless we can push a "are you sure you don't want to bump Y instead" warning when people release, we'll have mistakes17:22
ttxtoo many people like to use X.Y.Z to communicate what they have in mind for the release rather than what is actually in17:22
ttxlike "I don't want people to think it's a big update"17:22
dhellmannwe're always going to have mistakes17:22
ttxor "1.5.0 sounds liek a major milestone, I just updated this"17:23
ttxthey need to understand versions are not a marketing tool17:23
dhellmannmaybe before we give people permission to cut client releases, we do some training17:23
ttxdhellmann: I think one of the issues is that there is no peer review on tags17:23
ttxthat bit us in the past with zul tagging a stable release on master branch HEAD17:24
ttxthat bites us now with wonky client non-semver updates17:24
ttxit's like we have peer review for everything but one of the most significant steps17:24
dhellmannyeah, I've been trying to figure out how to address that, too. Like submitting a request to have a bot tag a repo.17:25
ttxok, I need to run17:26
ttxand play with that nice 85mm f:1.4 too.17:26
dhellmannttx: enjoy17:27
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