Tuesday, 2015-05-12

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stevebakerttx: hey, I'm attempting to add TripleO to "Also appears in" for this session, but it won't stick http://design-summit-prep.openstack.org/cheddar/17/Work-Heat-20900:01
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ttxstevebaker: looking06:47
ttxstevebaker: added manually to sched06:48
ttxThere is some sort of Sched issue when updating "Also appears in" throug hthe API06:49
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david-lylettx: library version question, django_openstack_auth was capped at <1.3.0 for Kilo, my understanding is that first release in Liberty should be 1.3.0  Is that correct?15:23
david-lylethe last released version is 1.2.015:23
ttxyes, next kilo is 1.2.1 and nexy liberty is 1.3.015:24
david-lyleok, thanks, just making sure15:25
david-lylettx: one more question15:25
david-lylefor the working sessions at the summit and collaborator meetups15:25
david-lyledo we have projectors?15:25
ttxdavid-lyle: not in the small rooms15:26
david-lyleso not for working sessions15:26
david-lyleare the friday sessions back in the larger rooms?15:26
ttxdavid-lyle: not all of them, let me see what you have15:27
ttxalso the projectors wil be gone in the large rooms too15:27
ttxin your case that might make sense to have some portable one15:27
ttxsince I expect you rely more on those15:27
david-lyleare there any accessible, or should we try to arrange our own?15:28
ttxAt this stage I don't think I can secure one from the production crew15:28
ttxmay be possible on_site to ask them to keep one around15:28
ttxbut if you can secure one from your side that sounds safer15:28
david-lyleok, I will see if I can arrange for one15:29
david-lyleif not I may ask you to direct me to someone on the production crew to make a request once there15:30
ttxdavid-lyle: sure15:30
david-lylettx, thanks15:30
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morganfainbergttx: i accidently lost the QA tag again on http://design-summit-prep.openstack.org/cheddar/8/Work-Keystone-184 sorry19:51
morganfainbergttx: mind adding it back in?19:51
ttxon it19:52
ttxmorganfainberg: ^19:53
morganfainbergsorry about that19:53
morganfainbergrealized i had failed at using <A> tags19:53
morganfainberg<a>thing</a> doesn't actually link anywhere19:53
morganfainberg<a href=...> does19:53
ttxI would investigate or complain more about it if we were sure to reuse sched next time19:53
ttxbut that is getting more unlikely19:54
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