Friday, 2015-07-24

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dhellmannttx: if you have a few minutes friday, would be good to land so we can turn on the job associated with it and avoid the os-brick situation again01:10
dhellmannttx: also, which fixes the tooz settings so the validation job for the releases repo will actually pass01:11
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ttxdhellmann: on it08:01
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thingeedhellmann: by situation, you mean wrong sha representing HEAD being given?14:58
dhellmannthingee: yeah15:16
dhellmannthingee: I have a job now that builds a list of the patches that will be in the release being requested, so you can double check it and sign-off that it's right15:17
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ttxdhellmann: next week is l2 week so we'll have some extra activity due to tags there16:12
ttxdhellmann: we'll discuss more Monday but i suspect we'll use the same tooling as for l1 for the time being16:12
dhellmannttx: yeah, I don't think the new tools will be ready16:13
dhellmannI'm prepping to give a talk at a conference on 1 Aug16:13
dhellmannoh, speaking of speaking, I've agreed to be on the openstack podcast next week. I figured I would talk about the renumbering a bit, along with oslo. I'll probably steal some ideas from the conference presentation brainstorming etherpad16:15
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dimsdhellmann: yay!17:02
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