Wednesday, 2015-07-29

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ttxKiall, flaper87: let me know if we can tag today08:56
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johnthetubaguyttx: hi, just a quick check, did you need me to do any more paper work for liberty-2, I remember you said something about checking with dhellmann on the new process for releases for milestones13:07
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Kiallttx: Good to go for Designate.13:09
ttxjohnthetubaguy: nope we are good13:17
ttxKiall: was waiting for Zuul to catch up. Will trigger asap13:17
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ttxKiall: ok, tagging now13:39
KiallBoth repos BTW?13:40
ttxunless you think the other one is not really up to par13:40
KiallK - Perfect13:40
ttxgordc_idle: how is ceilometer doing ? Looks like your last merges are in?13:48
ttxkiall: all set @
dhellmanndstanek: good morning!14:01
dstanekdhellmann: good morning to you too!14:02
dhellmanndstanek: ready to look over the L2 milestone for keystone?14:03
dstanekdhellmann: yes, i went through things yesterday already to see what we had going on14:03
dstanekdhellmann: ready to walk the checklist14:03
dhellmannok, here's the output from the first step:
dhellmannthe question to answer is, are any of those blueprints in the last list actually completed?14:04
dstanekdhellmann: jas looking now14:05
dstanekdhellmann: no, i believe they have have some work that needs to be done14:07
dhellmannok, so running the next step will clear their targets but otherwise leave them alone, does that seem like the right thing to do?14:07
dhellmannand for the keystone-conf-sample spec, was that actually done this cycle?14:07
dstanekdhellmann: i'm not sure about that one. let me checkj14:09
dstanekdhellmann: i think that was completed in a previous release. trying to find out which one now14:10
dstanekyeah, actually based on the comments in the bp the bp was created by someone that didn't know the functionality existed14:12
dhellmannok, I'll move it to a temporary milestone for now to avoid having it pulled into this one14:13
dstanekdhellmann: ok, then i'll make sure we get the right milestone attached to it later today14:14
dhellmannhmm, moving it to "next" didn't fix it14:14
dhellmannttx: do I need to put a blueprint into a closed milestone to have ignore it?14:14
dstaneklooks like that functionality has been there for years14:15
dhellmannok, clearing the implementation status made the script ignore it14:16
dhellmannso now I'll retarget the other blueprints14:16
ttxdhellmann: an implemented one ? yes14:16
ttxI just did designate and barbican ftr14:16
dhellmannok, we're working on keystone now14:16
dhellmanndstanek: going back to there are quite a few bugs in progress, are any of those blockers for the milestone?14:17
dhellmanndstanek: if not, I can use the script to move them to the next milestone14:17
dstaneknone of them are blockers14:17
dhellmannok, those are moved then14:18
dhellmanndstanek: are you ready for me to tag the milestone today, or do you have patches in the queue you'd like to wait for?14:19
dhellmannif we tag it now, we'll get 7bf9b41ab98476d854e0fe6afa9ab69311cb340f which is "Merge "Document sample config updated automatically""14:19
dhellmannwhich, ironically, looks related to that blueprint we just kicked out :-)14:19
dstanekdhellmann: there isn't anything i know of that we need to wait for14:21
dstanekdhellmann: that is a little different because it's documenting the fact that we automated to process by creating a proposal bot script to update our config14:21
dstanekdhellmann: the bp was about creating a script to allow us to create the config via tox which was done in early 201414:22
dhellmannI left a comment on the blueprint, but since it's marked as "informational" now it will be ignored anyway14:22
dhellmannoh, wow, ok14:22
dhellmanndstanek: I've tagged and we're waiting for the tarball to be built now14:23
dstanekdhellmann: awesome! thanks14:24
dhellmanndstanek, morganfainberg, ttx: the keystone liberty-2 milestone is done14:43
ttxok, zaqar, heat, ceilometer, neutron left14:46
ttxflaper87, stevebaker, gordc: ping us when around14:46
ttxmestery just emerged from a plane14:46
dstanekdhellmann: great, thanks!14:49
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gordcttx: sorry, we're still waiting on items to clear gate.15:40
gordcttx: any issues with releasing tomorrow morning?15:40
gordcerr early afternoon for UTC15:41
ttxgordc: sure16:02
ttxno issue waiting until tomorrow, it's just the final moment we can :)16:03
ttxmestery: how are we doing with neutron liberty-2 ?16:11
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ttxdhellmann: calling it a day, I have some cooking to do tonight16:13
dhellmannttx: ok, I'll ping folks again in an hour or so16:14
ttxdhellmann: great thx16:14
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openstackgerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Ironic participates in stable point releases starting with Kilo
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mesteryttx: I'm looking at a few things now, what is the process to propose the tag that you refered to in your email to the ML a few days back?17:17
mesteryttx: Apologies, I was at the board meeting and DefCore thing this morning, so been a little hectic :)17:17
dhellmannmestery: if you're ready to work through the milestone tag, I can do that with you17:42
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dhellmannflaper87, stevebaker, gordc, mestery : let me know when you'd like to work on the milestone review for your projects18:42
mesterydhellmann: Lets do it now!18:43
mesterydhellmann: I've looked at bugs, we have none which would block Neutron Liberty-2 at this time.18:43
dhellmannmestery: ok, stand by18:44
* mestery is at the ready :)18:45
gordcdhellmann: spoke with ttx earlier. will work on a release tomorrow morning.. waiting out gate.18:45
dhellmanngordc: ok, I missed that, sorry18:45
gordcno worries. i don't think i cc'd you.18:45
dhellmannmestery: first question, which repos do we need to deal with for neutron these days :-)18:46
mesterydhellmann: neutron neutron-lbaas neutron-fwaas neutron-vpnaas18:46
mesteryThose 418:46
dhellmannmestery: your milestone page looks good
dhellmannok, good18:46
mesteryThe rest are all "tag:release-independent"18:46
dhellmannah, right, ok18:46
* dhellmann remembers seeing a patch from ttx to support multiple repos18:46
* mestery doesn't remember that patch18:47
dhellmannI guess I still run the script multiple times18:48
mesteryOK, so that one needs to land for a single run to be possible then18:48
dhellmannyeah, I'm approving that now18:48
dhellmannsorry, I should have thought to look at this earlier18:48
mesteryNo worries :)18:49
dhellmannok, let's go through the checklist:
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Support deliverables in
dhellmannmestery: it looks like you've already cleaned up the blueprints18:50
dhellmannand bugs18:50
mesteryttx helped me with that Monday :)18:50
mesteryBugs too18:50
dhellmannok, cool18:50
dhellmannso you're ready for the tags?18:50
mesteryReady and waiting!18:50
mesteryLets lay the tag down!18:50
dhellmannok, running that now18:50
dhellmannTagging de2dd7aafeb4de49103d48e6a56083173bd40973 as in neutron18:54
dhellmannmestery: I think this will take a while, with zuul backed up, so I'll report when I'm done18:54
mesterydhellmann: Thank you! I'll be here18:54
dhellmannmestery: you should be seeing lots of bug emails right about now :-)19:00
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dhellmannmestery: if you want to, we can identify sha values to use for the tags for the other projects, so we can do those retroactively without confusing what's in/out of the milestone19:56
mesterydhellmann: Ack! As far as I know, top of master is fine now, I can grab those for you.19:57
mesterydhellmann: There were no dependencies or anything right now19:57
dhellmannmestery: I have them, can you confirm in
dhellmannstarting around line 4819:57
* mestery looks19:57
mesterydhellmann: Ack on all the SHAs. Thanks!19:58
dhellmannmestery: thanks19:58
mesterydhellmann: Thank you! I'm glad jeblair is on the zuul-cloner fix too :)19:59
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dhellmannttx: we have a minor formatting change in the cross-projects specs that you could approve:
stevebakerdhellmann: I'm ready for milestone review21:32
stevebakerdhellmann: I've added a blocker which is fixed by (causes high-frequency unit test gate fail)21:32
stevebakerdhellmann: then I think we're good to go]21:32
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dhellmannstevebaker: ok, so let us know when that patch merges21:42
stevebakerdhellmann: will do21:42
dhellmannstevebaker: do you need any of the repos other than openstack/heat tagged?21:43
stevebakerdhellmann: no. do I just paste the desired commit hash here?21:44
dhellmannstevebaker: yes, that would work21:44
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openstackgerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Ironic participates in stable point releases starting with Kilo
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