Wednesday, 2015-08-26

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ttxlifeless, dhellmann: I think it would be great to get them into tarballs. Primary goal is to continuously produce release notes so that consumers of any state of the branch can get them. But shipping them in code tarballs is definitely the most convenient way to make them accessible08:22
lifelessso I suggest thats a phase 208:23
ttxsure, currently it's a wiki so it's not as if we were losing anything08:23
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/releases: Release openstack-doc-tools 0.30.1
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johnthetubaguyttx: so we are thinking about a python-novaclient release, would tuesday be pushing it?13:57
ttxjohnthetubaguy: no, should be fine13:58
AJaegerRelease managers, could you release openstack-doc-tools again, please? is the change13:58
johnthetubaguyttx: OK, cool, that gives us time to line things up13:58
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: restarting gerrit due to a slow memory leak15:45
ttxdhellmann: around ? Could you walk me through an openstack/releases release process, I could do openstack-doc-tools15:48
devanandadhellmann: any further thoughts on how you'd like to do release notes for ironic? I have a bit of time today to poke things if needed15:48
AJaegerttx, cool!15:48
ttxI happily ignored it until now but I should probably do my share15:48
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ttxsounds like a run of release_postversion and sending an email, but would like to doublecheck I'm not missing anything15:54
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dhellmannttx: I'm back online16:07
dhellmanndevananda: there's an email thread going in which we describe a tool, but for now if you just write a text file we'll be able to cope with that16:07
ttxdhellmann: I'm wrapping the day up, so mabe I'll take the lesson another day16:08
dhellmannttx: ok, sure16:08
dhellmannI'll do that doc tool release now16:08
ttxdhellmann: if the process is documented please let me know where, I'll take it from there and test the docs that way16:08
ttxopenstack/releases readme is more for PTLs, and release-tools readme is not very process-oriented16:09
dhellmannttx: you have the 2 steps right. The email it generates is written to relnotes/$project-$version16:09
ttx(and the wiki is very outdated16:09
dhellmannyeah, I thought we'd have more of this automated by now, and the 2-3 people doing it so far just knew how, so we didn't write it down :-/16:09
dhellmannttx: why don't I do the doc tools release, and use it as an example to document what to do?16:10
ttxsure! and I'll test the doc with another release16:11
dhellmanndevananda: ironic is the first project to need to do this, so you're setting the standard. The tooling is going to come later, and we'll retrofit the ironic stuff to include it. FWIW, we've decided that including the release notes inside the tarball is phase 2 of the tooling.16:11
dhellmanndevananda: is the most current email in the thread16:11
dhellmannttx: sounds good16:11
devanandadhellmann: I see. in that case, yea, I agree with dmitry's comment -- having this in rst format and rendered on the docs site would be good addition16:12
devanandathanks, i'll give it a read16:12
dhellmanndevananda: that's going to be part of what we support, yes16:12
dhellmanndevananda: if you make a file doc/source/releasenotes/liberty.rst and put your notes in that, we should be able to make that work with what I'm planning16:14
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: correct where stable branch script looks for repo
devanandagreat, i'll update that patch now16:14
devanandashould it be liberty.rst or 4.0.0.rst ?16:15
dhellmanndevananda: of course we're still working out the details, so things may change16:15
devanandabecause this may not (and I hope it is not) the final release we do for liberty16:15
dhellmanndevananda: oh, right16:15
dhellmannwell, we will have the notes for an entire series in one file16:15
dhellmannmultiple versions16:15
devanandawhy not one file with a history of all releases16:15
devanandathat indicates which ones were which coordinated names?16:15
dhellmannwe may end up doing that, too16:15
devanandathat is what swift does, fwiw16:15
dhellmannyeah, I have to look at their notes16:16
dhellmanndevananda: ok, do one big file in doc/source/releasenotes/index.rst (we may have other, non-rst files in that directory eventually, so you don't want to call it doc/source/releasenotes.rst)16:18
dhellmanndevananda: and if anyone on the ironic team wants to chime in on that email thread, that's a better place to discuss the design than the review for one project16:19
ttxdhellmann: trying to unblock a few reviews... you pointed me to an out-of-date setuptools, that's definitely possible. I thought tox would pull updated things from pip for me, but i guess that doesn't work for setuptools. How should I fix that ?16:19
ttxI'm probably using Ubuntu's system one16:20
dhellmannttx: This is a bit cargo-culty, but what I do is globally, "sudo pip install -U setuptools" then the same for virtualenv then the same for tox.16:20
dhellmannoh, you probably want pip, too, so put that after setuptools16:20
dhellmannoh, and don't use any of those tools from system packages16:21
dhellmannat least not on a development system16:21
ttxI bet that was imported for me at some point.16:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: add 'most recent' table to each page
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: show version history from most new to old
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: clean up 'most recent' table
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: tighten up the tables within each deliverable section
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: tighten up the tables within each deliverable section
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: update copyright
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release openstack-doc-tools 0.30.1
devanandadhellmann: new patch uploaded to
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Document library release process
dhellmanndevananda: +117:01
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add doc requirements to venv
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dhellmannhi, spzala19:27
spzaladhellmann: Hi Doug!19:28
dhellmannso, first question, some of the other heat projects are managed -- does the heat team want the tosca-parser repo to be managed, too, or do you want to do your own releases?19:28
spzalaHmm... can you please tell me the difference? managed vs. own release? Sorry, newbie question.19:29
dhellmannno problem19:30
dhellmannas a managed project, we would do the releases for you19:30
dhellmannthere's a process for requesting them, but we take care of the tagging and we help you make sure the bug tracker is updated, etc.19:30
dhellmannas an independent project, you do that stuff without as much guidance from us19:30
dhellmannwe'll help, but we're less hands-on19:30
dhellmannheat and heat-client are managed right now19:31
dhellmannthis may be a question for the full heat team to answer together, so we could treat it as independent right now, and change it to managed later19:31
dhellmannthat way you won't be blocked19:31
spzalaOK, yup that' what I was thinking and you answered it - that sounds perfect.19:32
dhellmannso then the next question is whether you want to use the release tools yourself, or do things by hand19:32
dhellmanntagging the release is easy by itself, but the tools do some work for you in launchpad to track release history19:33
dhellmannthey also generate the release announcement emails19:33
dhellmannall of that is in the openstack-infra/release-tools repo, and the readme file there explains a bit about what each tool does19:33
dhellmannyou want to look at for creating this release19:34
spzalaOK, I see, that's nice. Well, for the first one let me go with by hand. and then I would start using release tool.19:34
dhellmannok, does the project have its own launchpad page? I think looks like it's the thing?19:34
dhellmann*same thing19:34
spzalasure, I think once first release is out that will give me more time to learn release tool.19:34
spzalaYes, that's true19:34
spzalaI will be modifying the launchpad to add OpenStack log and association but since release is priority I pushed that little.19:35
dhellmannthe basic steps for creating the release are to create a *GPG signed* tag using "git tag -s" and to push that to the gerrit repo using something like "git push gerrit $VERSION"19:35
dhellmannlet's make sure your project is set up with the right jobs to handle the release...19:36
spzalaPerfect, thanks!19:36
dhellmannhmm, no, I don't see them, so you'll need to set that up first19:36
spzalaI was actually looking at and then ran gpg --gen-key and tried gpg --list-keys to make sure I have the key19:37
spzalahmmm.. OK, did I miss something? I followed
dhellmannyou should go through that whole document and make sure the relevant steps are done before you actually tag a release, otherwise you'll end up with a tag but no tarball19:37
spzalasetting the permission for openstackci etc.19:38
dhellmannyou need "pypi-jobs" as described in
dhellmannoh, wait, you have those19:38
dhellmannwhat was I looking at?!19:38
spzalayes, I set up pypi under
dhellmannyep, I see that now, I think I noticed that you didn't have openstack-publish-jobs and got confused19:39
dhellmannok, I think with that and the ACLs cleared up you're all set to release by hand19:39
spzalaOK,  I see. :)19:40
spzalawell, so the problem I ran into is this
dhellmannfwiw, here's the semver doc on picking versions:
dhellmannis the email you have set up in git and the email in the gpg tag the same?19:41
spzalaYes they are19:41
spzalagpg: skipped "spzala <>": secret key not available19:41
spzalauid                  spzala (Sahdev Zala) <>19:41
dhellmannI have at the top of my ~/.gitconfig to set which key to use19:42
dhellmanndo you have something like that?19:42
dhellmannI think you would use C1705103 as the key id19:42
spzalaopenstack@ubuntu:~/toscapypi/tosca-parser$ sudo cat ~/.gitconfig19:43
spzalaemail =
spzalaname = spzala19:43
spzalaI do not see key in my  ~/.gitconfig as you have19:44
spzalamine only has email and name19:44
spzalaoh so I should set it up?19:44
dhellmannthat may make it work19:45
dhellmannsince the uid doesn't match exactly what git is searching for19:45
spzalaI see, so19:45
spzalagit config = C170510319:45
spzalais that right command?19:45
dhellmannI'm not sure, I just edited the file directly19:46
spzalaOK, sure, that works19:46
dhellmannindent it the same way as the name field and it should be fine19:46
dhellmannI think you'd need a --global on the git config command otherwise19:46
spzalaOK, sure, let me try it out quickly19:46
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spzalaYAY, that worked like champ :-) :-)19:50
spzalaI am going to run "git push gerrit 0.1.0" now19:50
dhellmannspzala: sounds good19:51
spzaladhellman: OK, I ran into an error  Should I replace gerrit with something?19:54
dhellmannoh, do you have the gerrit remote set up?19:54
dhellmanntry "git review -s"19:54
dhellmannI have a call starting shortly, so I'm going to be disappearing in a few minutes19:55
spzalaOh, no :(19:55
spzalahow come? I was able to publish patches etc. for review so thought I have it19:55
dhellmanndid you check out a clean repository?19:55
spzalaYes I did19:56
dhellmannwhat does "git remote" show you?19:56
spzalaOh so that's why19:56
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spzaladhellman: OK, I fixed it,  THANK yo so much!!! It went well this time.19:57
dhellmannspzala: good!19:57
spzaladhellman:  s/yo/you19:57
dhellmannspzala: your tag is there, but zuul looks pretty busy, so I haven't seen it start the release job, yet19:58
spzaladhellman: cool, thanks for confirming!! I will wait on it. Sorry but after your meeting when you get chance - to use the 'release' tool in future, if you can point me to a doc I will check it out.20:00
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dhellmanncheck the README in the openstack-infra/release-tools repository20:01
spzaladhellman: Prefect. Thanks again! This was big help! :)20:01
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dhellmannspzala: it's queued now20:03
spzaladhellman: Nice20:03
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openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/releases: keystoneauth 0.4.0
morgandhellmann: ^ that should be good for 0.4.023:18
morganand we should be able to look at 1.x once we've verified 0.4.0 is solid and doesn't need massive further work23:18
SergeyLukjanovdhellmann, ttx, hi, do we probably have dates for the liberty stable branches creation for clients?23:36

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