Friday, 2015-09-04

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release python-novaclient 2.28.0
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ttxok, tagging glance now06:35
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Script to release cycle-with-intermediary
ttxdhellmann: I think we can start approving the release tag changes10:16
dhellmannttx: "release tag changes"?11:31
dhellmannoh, in governance?11:31
ttxthe oens where we have PTLs+1 should be good to go11:32
ttxdhellmann: I propose we have a quick meeting in a few hours since Monday is a US holiday11:33
dhellmannsounds good11:33
ttxwe can reviewx them there11:33
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sdaguettx: hey, is it possible to give me bug supervisor on grenade - - I realized that projects is in weird permissions orphan land11:41
sdagueso no one can really do much with the bugs11:41
dhellmannsdague: looking11:41
ttxsdague: it's owned by dtroyer11:42
dhellmannsdague: I don't have any permissions on the project. Is dtroyer around today, he can change the ownership11:42
ttxI can't help there11:42
sdagueok, no prob11:42
sdagueshould it be set to owned by some other openstack entity?11:42
sdagueso that you guys can make changes in the future?11:43
dhellmannyeah, let me find the doc11:43
sdagueI'll then work with dtroyer to get it sorted11:43
sdaguecool, thank you11:43
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: add external links
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johnthetubaguydhellmann: ttx: his just wanted to check about stringfreeze, are we still following the same process this release?13:07
ttxjohnthetubaguy: yeah, maybe doublecheck with Daisy and Lana how strictly they want it13:10
johnthetubaguyOK, we were assuming the same as normal so far13:11
ttxobviously the cost for them is not the same today and in a month time13:12
dimsdhellmann: good morning. took care of python-novaclient last night was had broken stuff (interop)13:13
dhellmanndims: thanks! I was offline by the time all of that was ready13:13
dimsdhellmann: no worries13:14
dimsy it was very late. i was in mountain view this week so was working west coast time13:14
dhellmannah, good, I was wondering what might have kept you up so late :-)13:15
dimsdhellmann: i was listening to the folks from Akanda talking at OpenStack SFO meetup at the HP building when i cut the release :) - yes, they did mention you in the talk!13:15
ttxdhellmann, dims: how about we do a release meeting in 13min ? (to replace Monday's)13:17
dhellmannttx: wfm13:17
ttxliberty-3 postmortem and next steps13:17
dimsttx: +1 i can listen in13:18
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ttxwe can occupy #openstack-meeting, nobody there at that hour13:29
jrolldhellmann: just wanted to make sure you saw this and are good with the plan
dhellmannjroll: I'll look after this meeting ends13:49
jrollyeah no rush :)13:54
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ttxdhellmann, sdague: any fancy dashboard or should we just take the default view ?14:08
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dhellmannwe have a lot of jenkins failures right now, so my dashboard query is pretty empty14:08
dhellmannI'm looking at,n,z14:09
ttxyep same here14:09
ttxbottom to top? top to bottom ? random order ?14:09
ttxbottom to top is useless, lots of -2 stalled ones there14:10
dhellmannyeah, top to bottom14:10
ttxdhellmann: we should focus on master ones14:10
dhellmannthe ironic client change is fine except they didn't fix the constraints file, too14:11
ttx is being rechecked14:11
dhellmannshould I take that over and correct it?14:11
ttxdhellmann: good idea, then we can approve it14:11
ttx is an automated constraints bump -- we can freeze before or after it14:12
ttxafter is probably nice since it's been blocked for a couple days already14:12
ttxIt has a weird keystoneauth1===2.0 --> keystoneauth1===1.0.0 change14:13
dhellmannthat's odd14:13
dhellmannI updated with the constraints file change14:13
ttxthe rest sounds mostly sane14:13
dhellmannthe bootswatch change in seems ok, I'll approve if you agree14:14
ttxkeystoneauth1 is without a constraint on global-req so the plot deepens14:14
dhellmannmorgan: what's the story with keystoneauth's dist name? ^^14:15
ttxpip certainly doesn't have 2.0.014:15
dhellmannwe just released 1.0.0 this week14:15
ttxhmm, could have been an error in efee994 where it was introduced14:16
ttxit was set to ===2.0 by the commit introducing it14:17
ttxso I think ===1.0 makes sense14:17
ttxok, I'll +2 it14:17
ttxone of you can do the final nail in the coffin and +2/approve14:18
sdagueI'm working a couple of other threads atm, so ping me if there is a concern. Honestly, I'm more concerned that most of these are jenkins -114:18
dhellmanna lot of these failures are because of the missed addition of liberty in the allowed branches in d-g, so I'm rechecking them14:18
ttxsdague: there was an issue with the cross-check job and they all failed14:18
ttxsdague: also the cross-check job basically means they need to pass the tests twice in parallel to succeed, so that's a magnet for non-related test fails14:19
dhellmannI'll look at the merge conflict on 21671014:19
morgandhellmann: the keystineauth1 bit?14:21
ttxI'm adding +2s on those that seem sane to me, even if the tests are being rechecked14:21
dhellmannmorgan: yeah, we have an automatic constraints update trying to change keystoneauth1==2.0 to keystoneauth1==1.0.014:21
morganSo ksa1 should never exceed 2.014:22
morganBut whatever14:23
morganAnyway. 1.0.0 should be fine14:23
ttxwow, mimic brings twisted ? what sort of a test framework is that14:23
morganThe name keystoneauth1 is correct. It is supposed to be named for the major/stable release14:23
morgandhellmann: is that breaking jenkins somehow?14:25
dhellmannmorgan: no, we were just confused about why the version # was going so far down and how it could have been working before14:25
dhellmannI guess if there is a constraint but no range in g-r.txt we ignore the constraint14:26
morganWe probably should make it >= 1.0.014:26
morganBecause pre 1.0 was beta and definitely wont work14:26
sdaguefwiw, we've got a fix for the largeops job coming14:27
ttxsdague: cool -- how hard does it hit us ?14:28
dhellmannsdague: is that failing consistently, then?14:28
nikhil_kttx: hi, thanks for tagging l-3. just wanted to bring to your notice that we've in pipe and will go in rc1 . Hope it doesn't bother people as it's experimental API anyways!14:29
ttxnikhil_k: ack14:29
ttxdhellmann: - why is it not necessary ? (so that I know)14:29
dhellmannttx: when I rebased it, there were no changes to merge14:30
dhellmannmaybe I missed something, I'll look again14:30
ttxdhellmann: oh ok14:30
jrollttx: mimic is literally an API server that mocks various openstack things14:30
jrollyou can actually use HTTP calls against it14:31
ttxjroll: shouldn't that be in test-requirements ?14:31
dhellmannttx: it looks ok now that david-lyle updated it14:31
jrollttx: yes, don't test-requirements need to be in g-r?14:32
sdaguettx: it seems to be on some set of the failures14:32
sdaguefor requirements14:32
sdagueI think it's about a 25% fail right now14:32
ttxsdague: ok, must be the one I noticed earlier14:33
ttxjroll: hmm14:34
ttxdhellmann: do you know if we add test requirements to global-requirements or some other file in openstack/requirements ?14:34
dhellmanniirc, everything goes into global-requirements.txt14:35
dhellmannttx, sdague : I think those are all of the ones that are in a state to be approved right now14:37
sdaguettx: everything in g-r14:38
ttxdhellmann: shouold we recheck ?14:38
ttxok my bad14:38
dhellmannttx: done14:39
ttxyeah, I think we are covered14:40
ttxdhellmann: You can probably approve and let it stall in tests if not ok14:41
ttxand maybe ^14:42
dhellmannttx: cleaned up query,n,z14:42
dhellmannttx: I expect merge conflicts on that, but we can resolve those14:42
ttxack and we can say it's frozen / requires exceptions once we purged that backlog14:43
ttxdhellmann: if you +2/aprv we have our backlog full14:43
ttxI'll send an email to requirements-core warning about the freeze14:44
dhellmannttx: do we want to add a new thing for functional tests right now?14:44
dhellmannI was mostly focusing on changes that updated versions of existing dependencies at this point14:45
ttxlet me see when that was proposed14:45
dhellmannsep 314:45
ttxSep 3.. yeah I guess that could be mitaka material14:45
dhellmannok, I'll -2 it for now14:45
sdagueprobably should -2 all the WF -1 ones, people sometimes flip those bits when you don't expect them14:46
dhellmanngood idea, I'll do that14:46
ttx,n,z is our approved backlog14:46
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ttxhmm, maybe it's a good time for a requirements-core cleanup14:48
* ttx looks up reveiw stats14:48
sdagueso, honestly, it's also probably time to abandon older stuff in there14:49
sdaguebecause stuff is merge conflict after a couple of months14:49
ttxsdague: agreed.. it's just that jeblair freaks out when you abandon someone else's work14:50
dhellmannyeah, I can do that for anything older than what, july?14:50
ttxpersonally I'm all for the cleanup14:50
dhellmannI waffle on that point, but in this repo clarity of intent is important so I'm OK with doing it.14:50
dhellmannHow old do we want to go?14:50
sdagueolder than july with a jenkins -114:50
sdagueI think that's a fair criteria14:51
ttxok, zul didn't do a single requirements review in liberty, I think he can be removed (won't even notice it)14:51
dhellmannsdague: what's the label search for jenkins -1?14:52
dhellmannhow's this for the list to be abandoned?,n,z14:53
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ttxdhellmann: returns empty for me14:57
dhellmannwell, I abandoned them all :-)14:57
dhellmannwe have several sort of old changes for kilo:,n,z14:58
sdagueshould this be kicked as well -
dhellmannactually most of those are pretty recent, but they're still for kilo14:59
dhellmannyeah, that will be resubmitted by the bot if needed14:59
sdagueshould we abandon it, or will that break the world?14:59
sdagueit seems weird to leave it out there in an unmerged state15:00
dhellmannI abandoned it15:00
dhellmannI assume the bot is smart enough to resubmit, or make a new one15:00
ttxdhellmann, sdague: do those guidelines make sense:
dhellmannnicely summarized15:01
ttxbeen going back and forth on the upper-contraints automated thing15:01
dhellmannwe should put text like that in the readme for the repo so we can reuse it15:01
ttxbut I think it's fine15:01
sdagueI would leave adding things to projects.txt as in the OK bucket15:01
sdagueso move line 12 -> 915:02
sdagueotherwise, seems fine to me15:02
ttxsdague: that's fine by me15:02
ttxdhellmann: ?15:02
dhellmannthey're only risk in that they can break the auto-update job sometimes if we don't notice that they don't have the check-requirements job15:02
dhellmannI should try again to automate that15:03
ttxok sent15:03
ttxcc you15:03
ttxok, I think we have this requirements thing under control. Thanks guys15:04
dhellmannok, I'm going to run an errand, bbiab (~1hr)15:05
ttxok, if I don't see you again, have a good labor day15:05
dhellmannttx: it might be worth sending a similar email to the -dev list so folks know what to expect if they submit requirements reviews15:05
* ttx will use his Monday to finish up the successbot15:05
dhellmannttx: thanks, have a good weekend!15:05
ttxdhellmann: I kinda did with the l3 announcement pointing to
dhellmannah, true15:06
ttxI'll update the wiki with what's in the email15:06
ttxsince it's a bit outdated15:06
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notmynamettx: dhellmann: I saw some references overnight.... today i'm working on anything final for the next python-swiftclient release15:29
notmynamettx: dhellmann: is monday too late to send a patch for a release? does it have to be done today?15:30
notmyname(I can probably make either work)15:30
ttxnotmyname: great. We need one relatively recent to cut the stable/liberty branch from15:30
ttxmonday is fine, we are a bit late15:30
ttxand monday is labor day so I don't expect much movement15:30
notmynameok. there's one more I want to land today/this weekend (to move to a manual authors/changelog like swift does). I'll sent the release patch asap15:31
notmynameoh yeah15:31
notmynamefun that a non-american is reminding me about US holidays ;-)15:31
ttxnotmyname: I'm on a weird holiday schedule15:49
nikhil_kttx: -- would that be something workable for rc1 ?16:29
dhellmannjroll: that plan for ironic releases sounds sensible16:46
jrolldhellmann: cool, I'mma do it then :)16:47
dhellmannjroll: ++16:47
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/releases: Release 1.7.0 of keystoneclient
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morgandhellmann: ^ i meant to publish that yesterday16:49
morgandhellmann: but my laptop crashed and i didn't resubmit.. was confused why that hadn't shown up on the gerrit page16:49
dhellmannmorgan: I thought I remembered you saying you were going to do it, and then it didn't show up and I thought you might have something you were waiting for16:50
dhellmannok, I'll take care of it today16:50
morganno rush from my side :P16:50
morganbut yeah. yeesh :P16:50
morganstupid laptop crash16:50
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dhellmannmorgan: that release leaves out 2 changes, was that your intent?
dhellmannbetter link:
morgandhellmann: oh must have 2 more landed since i did that17:08
morganlet me respin.17:08
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/releases: Release 1.7.0 of keystoneclient
morgandhellmann: , ^17:09
dhellmannmorgan: ack17:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release 1.7.0 of keystoneclient
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openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: Release python-novaclient 2.28.1
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/releases: python-neutronclient: Release version 2.6.1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release python-novaclient 2.28.1
dhellmannmestery: did you see my comments on
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/releases: python-neutronclient: Release version 3.0.0
mesterydhellmann: I did, and I just pushed ^^^ to address them. Thanks for the help!19:03
mesterydhellmann: I agree with you on the need for a 3.0.0 version given the backwards incompatible changes we made19:04
dhellmannmestery: I hesitate to release backwards-incompatible changes before a 3 day weekend. Tuesday?19:04
mesterydhellmann: I am +1000 on that idea, lets hold off.19:05
dhellmannok, I'l go ahead and WIP it19:05
sdaguedhellmann: how full of rage will you be if I kick out the upper contraints change?19:20
sdaguebecause everything behind it on ceph is failing19:21
sdaguedhellmann: ok, well I kicked it, this was about to wedge nova, glance, cinder for the long weekend19:25
dhellmannsdague: not a big deal, I sort of expected merge conflicts with that one anyway19:26
sdagueyeh, it wasn't merge conflicts19:27
dhellmannsdague: were those changes causing ceph failures, then?19:27
sdaguewell, the debug is still happening19:27
dhellmannyeah, I would much rather we just manually update the things we know we want to change at this point19:27
dhellmannbecause I'm not entirely certain we have enough test jobs tied to that repo to expose issues like the one you seem to be encountering19:27
sdaguehmmm... it appears that upper-constraints may have completely invalidated all our library forward testing -
sdagueit's friday, so just need to call it a day. However that seems to indicate that all our library testing is no longer happening because upper-constraints trumps it19:34
dhellmannsdague: is that a gate job for the library?19:34
dhellmannoh, yeah, I see that in the url now19:35
dhellmannwow, ok19:35
sdaguethat has correctly specified libs_from_source19:35
dhellmannlifeless: ^^19:35
dhellmannI wonder if glance-store is special because of the dash19:35
dhellmannlike some pattern match thing isn't working19:35
sdagueI can find another example and see19:35
dhellmannbecause I swear I remember at some point specifically seeing a place where we remove the lib under test from the constraints19:36
sdagueit might be19:37
sdague glanceclient seems fine19:38
dhellmannyeah, the name of the thing according to setuptools in the glance_store repo is "glance_store" but the constraints file has "glance-store"19:39
dhellmannpypi translates glance-store to glance_store transparently19:40
dhellmannI'll update the constraints file19:40
sdagueok, cool19:40
sdaguewe also still know that the new glance_store is bad, but hopefully that will expose it back on glance_store jobs19:40
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* dhellmann cowers from mriedem 19:43
sdaguedhellmann: ok, I'm going to fast +A that, because it's very straight forward, and the current behavior is obviously wrong19:43
dhellmannsdague: wfm19:43
sdaguedhellmann: thanks for getting to the bottom of that. I'm going to call it a weekend for real. enjoy it19:45
dhellmannsdague: have a good weekend, tty tuesday19:45
mriedemwould be nice if the glance channel wasn't dead when you say the gate is broken in there19:46
dhellmannmriedem: it seems glance is succumbing to a tragedy of the commons problem lately19:47
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mriedemblock glance-store 0.9.0 in g-r I31ba6473fc2be9e45783c71728f2529ca26b269120:34
dhellmannI'm going to disappear for the weekend now20:35
mriedemthanks, later20:36
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lifelesssdague: dhellmann: sorry, playing catchup. Whats up ?21:11
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