Thursday, 2015-09-10

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ttxdhellmann: is still very much Lacunhpad-tied and assumes you communicate chnages through LP rather than through email, so you should have your milestone already created, and you would use the Lp page to communicate changes07:38
ttxbut I can see how that could change in the future07:38
ttxsdague: I'm traveling until end of week so I'm unlikely to be present when you need me07:39
ttxhappy to answer questions asynchronously if you send me an email07:40
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sdaguettx: see rootwrap & libraries ML thread10:41
Ramanjaneyamestery: ping11:07
ttxsdague: ok I will11:54
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mesterydhellmann: Can you point me to your release scripts? I'd like to look at using them for some networking sub-project releases. Thanks!13:24
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mesteryttx dhellmann: I've noticed that when I push tags for networking sub-projects to gerrit, the release jobs aren't running, even though they have pypi jobs in project-config. Any pointers before I ping anyone in infra?15:30
mesteryttx dhellmann: NM, looks it just took a while for the job to showup, it's there now.15:33
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dhellmannmestery: have a look in the openstack-infra/release-tools repository16:54
mesterydhellmann: aye aye :)16:54
dhellmannmestery: I think you want if those projects use neutron's lp project16:54
dhellmannmestery: and yeah, it can take a while for the release jobs to trigger. I've had to learn patience. :-)16:55
mesterydhellmann: :)16:55
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morgandhellmann, ttx: what is the method to get a new feature branch these days?20:11
dhellmannmorgan: ask here20:11
morgandhellmann:  oh cool, then python-keystoneclient can we have a v2.0 branch based on current master?20:12
dhellmannyou want that as a feature branch?20:12
morganwe're going to drop the keystone_auth branch eventually (soon) because it has extra cruft in it20:12
morgandhellmann: yeah, we are dropping CLI, middleware, and integrating keystone_auth20:12
morgandhellmann: there is a bunch of work to do that we can't break the 1.x series20:12
morganunless you would rather just push on the 2.x series after liberty is forked20:13
dhellmannyeah, that's what I was just going to propose: wait for the stable branch, and then do that work in master20:13
dhellmannfeature branches have some expense in terms of getting the right tests set up, so if you can afford to wait a bit things will be simpler in the long run20:13
morgandhellmann: yeah20:15
morgandhellmann: works for me20:15
dhellmannmorgan: great, and if it starts to turn into an issue let me know and we can discuss again20:16
morganit'll just mean some of the KSA stuff will be slow(er) to land20:16
morgansince we are looking to drop the session code from ksc20:16
morganless places to keep track of20:16
dhellmannmakes sense20:17
morganand since 2.0 and the session interfaces are compatible, no wonky compat stuff20:17
dhellmannis that stuff hidden or will there be an upgrade dance?20:17
dhellmannoh, sounds good20:17
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openstackgerritMike Perez proposed openstack/releases: Release for python-cinderclient 1.4.0
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