Friday, 2015-09-25

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mesteryttx: Neutron should be ready to go now, all the patch in openstack/neutron I was waiting for have merged now:,n,z00:39
mesteryttx: Go ahead and tag and release when you wake up! I'll ping you in channel in the morning in case there are issues. Thanks!00:39
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ttxSergeyLukjanov: we'll need to merge an open-mitaka commit first.07:05
ttxSergeyLukjanov: proposed at
ttxmestery, jroll: will do this morning07:10
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release ironic 4.2.0
lifelessttx: so, are we deleting the version= lines from setup.cfg's?08:01
ttxlifeless: yes for intermediary-released projects, not yet for meilstone-driven ones. To be discussed at summit08:02
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lifelessttx: ack08:03
ttxbrainstorming in progress at -- bit stalled since we are in the release / design summit org tunnel right now08:03
lifelessttx: speaking of -
ttxjroll: 4.2.0 all set at and stable/liberty cut from it. I'll let you announce it08:09
ttxlifeless: yes, on my TODO list08:09
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AJaegerlifeless, ttx: babel 2.1 got uploaded today and breaks all of horizon ;(09:47
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/releases: releases python-gnocchiclient 1.0.0
AJaegerNot sure about all of horizon, just noticed it in most recent import09:49
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/releases: releases python-gnocchiclient 1.0.0
johnthetubaguyttx: I am thinking we should create RC2 milestone for nova, since we will need it for translations anyways09:52
johnthetubaguyttx: does that make sense?09:52
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: yes we'll need it, but creating a RC2 milestone generally sends a "stop testing RC1" signal09:58
ttxI'd rather let the weekend pass and create those Monday09:58
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/releases: releases python-gnocchiclient 0.1.0
johnthetubaguyttx: ack, good point11:18
dhellmannttx: I made a new release dashboard with a mitaka section
dhellmannttx, lifeless : what do you think about this tempest-lib requirements update?
ttxdhellmann: any idea how many req updates that would likely trigger ?12:00
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ttxif it doesn't touch things we already branched I'd say that is safe12:00
dhellmannttx: grep says 3612:01
dhellmannttx: although none of those projects have tempest-lib capped12:01
ttxdhellmann: hmm, not sure I like the idea of triggering all those and having to merge them into 36 projects stable/liberty branches12:03
dhellmannyeah, same here. I'll -2 it for now12:04
AJaegerttx, dhellmann: The horizon issue (also in aodh, cinder noticed) with broken babel needs a requirements update - see
dhellmannAJaeger: that's going to trigger a ton of requirements updates. Is there no other way to fix it? (I don't know any details about the issue)12:19
AJaegerdhellmann: I haven't looked closer at it and won't have time for that - but just looking at the log files, it seems the only other alternative is bugging babel for an updated release12:20
dhellmannAJaeger: I'm curious to know what's special about horizon12:20
dhellmannthat is, are they doing something unusual, is there a weird string, or is it something else that causes the failure12:21
dhellmannand why has this only just come up12:21
AJaegerdhellmann: babel 2.1x got release this morning ;(12:21
mesteryttx: Checking in on the neutron tagging before I take off for the day :)12:22
mesteryttx: Any issues this morning?12:22
AJaegerdhellmann: see or any of the other linked reviews from there.12:22
AJaegerthre meaning
ttxmestery: nope, all done12:23
mesteryttx: \o/12:24
dhellmannAJaeger: have you reproduced the problem locally? that's a weird error message.12:24
mesteryttx: Thanks! I'll check back later today, hope you have a nice afternoon and weekend!12:24
AJaegerdhellmann: I haven't - let me try...12:25
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dhellmannAJaeger: I'm doing that now12:25
dhellmannAJaeger: the pep8 job for horizon passed for me locally but I only got babel 2.012:26
dhellmannAJaeger: I no longer see babel 2.1 on pypi, I wonder if they pulled a bad package12:27
AJaegerseems that was done - let me recheckc the changes and comment in the requirements review.12:27
AJaegerdhellmann: I'll get back to you - for now ignore this ;)12:27
dhellmannAJaeger: ack12:28
AJaegerdhellmann: babel 2.1.1 got released properly and does not seem to have this problem12:41
dhellmannAJaeger: crisis averted!12:41
AJaegerdhellmann: Yes, I hope so...12:42
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AJaegerthe retriggered jobs use 2.1.1 and passed the previously failing test...12:43
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jrollttx: thanks \o/12:59
mugsiedhellmann: what is the process to get requrements in for liberty? - is needed by designate stable/liberty13:01
dhellmannmugsie: why is it needed?13:02
ttx" zigo noticed that the designate unit tests fail with 1.0.0 + liberty."13:02
mugsiethere is a new driver in designate that can use another designate as a DNS server13:02
mugsieit needs the v2 api bindings, which are only in 1.5.013:03
dhellmannlanding that will trigger requirements updates in 6 projects13:05
dhellmanndo all of those need to be backported?13:05
mugsiedepends on the 613:05
mugsiejust designate, and maybe searchlight - let me check what the code in searchlight uses13:07
dhellmannwell, when we branch the requirements repo all of those other projects are going to end up being updated as well, so we should just assume they'll all be updated13:07
dhellmannmugsie: when was all of this stuff added? how new is this feature?13:08
dhellmann1.5 was just released a few days ago13:08
dhellmannhow can anything be relying on that, weren't you in feature freeze?13:08
mugsiesearchlight will need it. they may not need 1.5.0 though.13:09
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mugsiedhellmann: ok, looks like the code was actually in 1.313:11
mugsieI can update the review to use 1.3.0 instead?13:11
dhellmannwhy wasn't the requirement updated in june when 1.3.0 was released?13:11
mugsieIt must have slipped through the cracks, I am not sure why we didnt13:12
dhellmannttx: what do you think here? if we update the requirement, we'll have to update those 6 projects to stay in sync. We expect RC2 for most projects because of translations, right?13:17
dhellmannwhat's the downside to saying no? we're not correctly expressing our requirements for this project13:17
ttxdhellmann: some projects don't have translations, so this would trigger updates for them13:17
ttxI'd block it until we branch, then land it in master and consider it for stable/liberty13:17
ttxby that time we might have several such "slips"13:18
ttxand it will be easier to assess the benefit/drawback13:18
dhellmannyeah, it makes sense to deal with them all at once13:18
dhellmannmugsie: so we're going to wait until we have the stable/liberty branch for requirements updated. I'll leave a comment on the patch.13:19
mugsiedhellmann: cool, thanks13:19
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ttxdhellmann: about I'm wondering if it would not be better to just update project-team-guide then just send an email to the pTLs pointing to updated relevant sections13:22
ttxrather than write a summary and then duplicate or lose the work13:22
ttxI think you suggested that too13:23
dhellmannttx: yeah, I thought the etherpad was a place to collect notes for the updates we needed to make to the guide13:24
dhellmannttx: hence my recent patch related to liaison responsibilities,n,z13:25
dhellmannttx: that etherpad will make a good basis for the email, too13:25
ttxdhellmann: re: Mitaka release schedule, are you still up for a 5-week post-FF pre-release period instead of 6 ?13:27
ttxwe would communicate that as well13:27
dhellmannthat was option 6 from right?13:28
dhellmannI thinking having the extra week between M1 and M2 makes sense because of the holidays13:28
dhellmannalso, I Englishing badly13:30
dhellmannthe alternative I guess is something like option 413:31
dhellmannttx: what are the yellow days on that calendar?13:32
dhellmannsome look like holidays, but I don't recognize the others13:32
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ttxdhellmann: some are my holidays13:36
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ttxdhellmann: I kinda like option 613:37
ttxI think the long period encourages slacking and FFEs13:37
dhellmannyeah, that's what we agreed on before and I don't see a compelling reason to change13:37
ttxwas useful when projects had a long backlog of RC1 bugs to go through, but this time they basically shoretened the time between all-FFE done and all-RC1-bugfixes-in13:37
ttxI was actually surprised that being late for FFEs didn't translate to being late for RC1s13:38
dhellmannI suspect it's going to mean a buggier release13:38
ttxso if we make clear that FFEs are a bad idea in Mitaka the 5-week should work well13:38
ttxdhellmann: it's likely to mean lots of RCs13:39
dhellmannI think you're right about stressing the fact that we should discourage ffes13:39
ttxdhellmann: but I don't really mind RCs as long as we have one to fall back to13:39
ttxit's easy to say "too late for another RC" and fall back to the current RC13:40
ttxyou can't do that if you don't have any :)13:40
dhellmannso what happens to the patches in the branch if it's too late for another RC?13:40
ttxdhellmann: that's the trick. You're not supposed to have patches in the branch if you don't have a RC window opened13:41
ttxi.e. we should -2 them13:41
ttxsome sneaked in before I watched though, like defaultbranch changes13:41
ttxdhellmann: the process is... you pile up fixes in master, then discuss the opening of a RC window and its contents, when granted you file all the backports and we get them all in13:43
ttxthat reduces the time the RC window is opened (which is generally a time when nobody tests the tag since it's already "old"13:43
ttxit also makes the RC window "closable"13:43
ttxsince you already have the fixes and know they can merge13:44
dhellmannah, I see13:44
ttxlast thing you want is an open-ended RC window (like targeting a bug without a fix)13:44
dhellmannI keep conflating RC and normal stable branch processes13:45
ttxit was clearer when the branch did not have the same name13:45
ttxwhich is why I resisted the renaming all this time13:46
dhellmannthat makes more sense in retrospect13:46
ttxrules are different but the branch is called the same13:46
ttxoh well13:46
ttxthe cost is to pay attention to stable/liberty changes and apply -2 there liberally13:46
ttxbut most people still think it's a free-for-all13:48
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dhellmannI guess before the cost of renaming the branch was somewhat a hassle?13:53
ttxdhellmann: more the dev-side cost of it13:53
ttxi.e. people tracking proposed/liberty having to switch to stable/liberty13:53
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ttxnotmyname: ping me when around, re: next swift release ETA14:23
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dhellmannttx: mtreinish is looking for a requirements change for tempest-lib Since tempest is branchless, this is blocking their ability to start doing mitaka work, but it's also apparently blocking some work that would be used for liberty14:53
dhellmannwhat have we don there in the past?14:53
mtreinishdhellmann: heh, if you want to get super precise it'll also be used on juno and kilo... :)14:53
ttxdhellmann: it probably got caught in other requirements late updates last time14:54
ttxwould have been better to have that update 4 days ago14:54
dhellmannmaybe we should start requiring release requests to come with requirement update patches14:55
ttxthe trick is, the master change won't trigger updates to already-cut stable/liberty14:55
ttxprobably will when the requirements stable/liberty branch is cut14:55
dhellmannyeah, the first time the job runs after the branch is cut we should see the update14:55
dhellmannthat's a lot of updates on the stable branch14:56
ttxRight now I fear that will delay the last RC1s14:56
ttxsince it will result in that extra sync for those projects that are on master14:56
ttxand they are actively pushing the open-mitaka change right now14:56
dhellmannso wait until rc1 is done and requirements are branched and then accept this on master?14:56
ttxso if that could wait till Monday that would be swell14:56
dhellmannmtreinish: what do you think? ^^14:57
mtreinishyeah it can wait until Mon14:57
dhellmannI'll make a note of this discussion in the review14:57
ttxmtreinish: I have to check Swift ETA, but since they don't consume requirements that much I bet we can branch requirements while swift is still on master14:57
ttxlet me think about that for a minute14:58
mtreinishttx: heh, ok14:59
ttxdhellmann: in theory we said "branch requirements when all stable/liberty branches are created"14:59
ttxso that means wait for the swift liberty release candidate14:59
ttxwhich will probably be sometimes next week (have to check with notmyname)14:59
ttxBUT maybe we can branch requirements before swift has a stable/liberty branch.14:59
ttxsince they don't sync requirements anyway15:00
dhellmannwell, they do, but they don't have very many15:00
ttxtrying to remember why we need to wait for all stable branches to be created... but I don't have enough brain juice left to focus15:01
ttxbeen a long week15:01
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dhellmannyeah, at this point I'm doing it because when we all worked out the plan that's what we agreed on and I trust my past self more than my current self to reason about it15:03
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ttxdhellmann: so... the risk would be that we merge a master requirements after the branch point, that gets synced to swift, which is then branched and diverges from the others stable/liberty requirements15:04
ttxif swift just ignores the master req bump anyway (and has different requirements anyway) I think it's safe15:05
dhellmannyeah, that makes sense15:06
ttx... or maybe there is an issue with the stable/liberty->master fallback15:06
dhellmannwhy is swift on a different schedule from the other projects? ironic just did their final release, right?15:06
ttxi.e. stable/liberty requirements needs styable/liberty swift or it will fail15:06
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ttxdhellmann: ironic just did yes, but they could have done it next week15:07
dhellmannah, ok15:07
ttxMy original request was "before end of month"15:07
ttxwhich is why I want to sync with notmyname15:07
dhellmannok, so that's until tuesday15:07
dhellmannor wed I guess15:07
ttxI should have synced earlier but was deep into rc1-and-ffe-chasing15:08
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ttxdavid-lyle: ping15:08
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ttxSergeyLukjanov: ping15:08
ttxredrobot: ping15:08
SergeyLukjanovttx, pong15:08
dtantsursorry for interrupt, do I get it right that NOT release:managed projects with branches are expected to create stable/liberty today?15:08
ttxdtantsur: no15:09
ttxdtantsur: you should, but you don't have to :)15:09
ttxSergeyLukjanov: you need to approve the open-mitaka changes15:10
dtantsuryeah, I see :) we planned on yesterday, but then we got 2-days-long gate breakage....15:10
SergeyLukjanovttx, going to do it, sorry, just woke up15:10
dtantsurand now it's Friday evening for me15:10
ttxI'll pick up Sahara RC1 at the other side of that tunnel15:10
ttxdtantsur: Monday is fine15:10
david-lylettx: o/15:11
ttxdavid-lyle: quick check on ETA for that last change of yours. Later today ? More Monday ?15:12
SergeyLukjanovttx, approved15:13
ttxSergeyLukjanov: thx!15:13
SergeyLukjanovttx, thx!15:13
ttxSergeyLukjanov: sorry I should have put those up earlier15:13
david-lylettx: not ready today, we could do RC-1 without it15:13
david-lyletag as rc2-potential15:13
david-lylewe released kilo with the same bug, but it would be nice to fix15:13
david-lylebut the current patch needs work15:14
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, so not a new thing15:14
ttxdavid-lyle: sounds good, push it off RC1 and approve the open-mitaka change ?15:14
david-lylebasically it means horizon requires cinder v1 to manage cinder15:14
david-lyleeven though API calls are made to v215:15
ttxbah ideally we'll get it into a RC2 if you can get it fixed in pmaster next week15:15
david-lylettx the last thing I needed to do before RC1 was make sure Daisy had a translation branch ready for liberty15:17
david-lylebut I don't see her online15:17
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david-lylettx: traveling and wifi keeps failing15:21
david-lyledo you know anything about translation branches?15:21
david-lyleI thought I saw something in infra yesterday for a stable liberty branch in zanata15:21
ttxyou're in the list of branches that they will update post-RC115:22
ttxso they should have you covered15:23
david-lylettx: ok, great15:23
david-lyleso I just need to approve the Mitaka patch on master and you will create the stable branch?15:23
ttxdavid-lyle: yes15:24
david-lylettx: approved15:25
david-lylewill take a bit to propagate I assume15:26
ttxit will15:26
ttxI'll probably do that on Saturday15:26
david-lylesounds good15:26
ttxdavid-lyle: should I untarget bug 1415712 ?15:26
openstackbug 1415712 in OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) ""Volumes" tab doesn't show up if cinder v1 isn't registered" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Akihiro Motoki (amotoki)15:26
david-lylettx: working on that now15:27
david-lyleadding tag15:27
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david-lyleok, updated15:27
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, you're all set15:28
david-lylethanks ttx15:28
AJaegerdavid-lyle: I'll take care of Zanata15:28
ttxredrobot: ping15:28
david-lyleAJaeger: thank you!15:28
AJaegerdavid-lyle: With the switch to zanata it's all new to us but we have a plan now, let's hope everything works.15:28
AJaegerdavid-lyle: the proposal bot will propose translations for liberty as well on horizon and a few other repos.15:29
ttxredrobot: looks like is ready for approval, and once that merges, you can approve ?15:29
david-lyleAJaeger: ok will look for those in horizon15:29
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ttxredrobot, notmyname: last ping before weekend16:06
redrobotttx o/16:07
redrobotsorry just got out of my morning meetings16:07
ttxredrobot: looks like is ready for approval, and once that merges, you can approve ?16:07
redrobotttx I'm going to hold off on merging the Mitaka CR until later today... there's one more bug that I may pull in if our contributor can have a patch up today.   If not I'll get it merged before EOB today.16:08
ttxredrobot: thx16:08
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notmynamettx: yo16:57
notmynamettx: current target for us is one week from now to have everything landed16:57
notmynamettx: stuff we're tracking is
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dhellmannnotmyname: we were hoping for something by the end of september to line up with the other projects17:58
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notmynamenext wednesday? I don't see how that's possible. I'm going to be really really happy if we get these landed by next friday18:05
dhellmannnotmyname: ack18:15
notmynamehonestly, I'm currently expecting to work on everything through next friday (ie one week from now of dev time) and then babysit the gate and send you a SHA on the weekend18:32
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dhellmannnotmyname: is that for rc1 or final?18:39
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lifelessso babel wasn't protected by constraints?18:40
notmynamedhellmann: well, it's pretty much the same thing, since we aren't doing rc tags any more18:40
dhellmannnotmyname: ok, that's what I thought. I think that'll keep you more or less on the same schedule as the other projects18:41
dhellmannlifeless: not in the pep8 jobs18:41
notmynamedhellmann: and AFAIK that gives us the following week (through the 9th) for any follow-up things that show up at the last minute18:42
dhellmannnotmyname: yeah, I think that will be ok. we've been trying to push for projects to finish a bit earlier this cycle, in part because the window after FF and release next cycle will be a little shorter18:45
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Move instructions from readme to published docs
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Add instructions for linking a requirements update to release request
lifelessdhellmann: replied on the proposal18:57
dhellmannlifeless: "the proposal"?18:59
lifelessdhellmann: the tempest-lib minimum raise18:59
lifelessdhellmann: ah yes, pep8 job constraints are coming19:00
lifelesswe're just discussing with holger19:00
lifelessthe tox change19:00
dhellmannI've reviewed a million things today, so I wasn't sure which you meant :-)19:00
lifelessde nada19:00
dhellmannlifeless: yeah, I think the issue isn't so much that we think it's a bad change just that the timing is bad because we have a bunch of projects with stable branches already, but the requirements branch isn't cut19:01
lifelessdhellmann: well, we don't want fire drills ever19:03
lifelessso :/19:03
dhellmanndoes the plan of waiting a few days until we can do the backport not address that?19:04
dhellmannbranch requirements; land this; land a backport; merge into projects that need it for a new rc19:04
mtreinishdhellmann: heh, although I think the only project that needs it is tempest, which won't require a backport :)19:06
dhellmannmtreinish: nevertheless, with all of those other projects depending on it, there will be automatically generated patches :-/19:06
lifelessdhellmann: sorry, I'm confused. I was talking about the pep8 / babel thing since I said 'ah yes, ...19:06
mtreinishwell only if you backport it to liberty reqs19:06
mtreinishit's not actually a requirement19:06
lifelessdhellmann: but it sounds like you're talking about tempest-lib now19:07
dhellmannlifeless: oh, sorry, I was still talking about the tempest-lib thing19:07
* mtreinish probably shouldn't have overloaded requirement there :)19:07
lifelessdhellmann: so I don't mind either way on the tempest-lib thing. Its not going to break anything no matter what19:08
lifelessdhellmann: *except* folk, if any, that packaged 0.8.0 rather than 0.9.019:08
lifelessdhellmann: for whatever reason19:08
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dimsum__“The constraints system no longer automatically introduces new versions of libraries” << This just happened?20:53
dimsum__dhellmann: lifeless ^^20:53
dimsum__what about for external python libraries?20:53
dimsum__am reading,cm20:53
dhellmanndimsum__: badly phrased, the bot still introduces them, but releasing a library doesn't cause it to be used20:55
dhellmannI'll work on that wording20:55
dimsum__thanks dhellmann20:55
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Add instructions for linking a requirements update to release request
dhellmanndimsum__: try that ^^20:59
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: import manila-ui history
dimsum__dhellmann: reads better, in the "Prepare an update to the openstack/requirements" we should somehow say that upper-constraints.txt is definitely needed, but g-r is needed only when you need features from the library for active use. it talks about u-c after g-r so that message is lost a bit.21:04
dimsum__Also we have to say somewhere that the requirements/repo patch will only work after the releases patch is merged signifying that the release has been made21:05
dimsum__they should not assume that if they filed both reviews, somehow it would magically test the new release even before we cut it21:06
dimsum__thanks dhellmann. very important additions21:06
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Move instructions from readme to published docs
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Add instructions for linking a requirements update to release request
dhellmanndimsum__: updated (and rebased)21:11
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dimsum__awesome thanks!21:23
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Move instructions from readme to published docs
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add instructions for linking a requirements update to release request
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