Friday, 2015-10-09

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flaper87dims: that's quite a bump, +1 (I'm not core in requirements)06:03
flaper87dims: ttx that's the stable backport for the request's version skip06:08
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ttxflaper87: unfortunately that one would trigger tons of RC respins, so I'm not sure we can afford it at this time. Will discuss with dhellmann07:13
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flaper87ttx: mmh, but liberty gate is broken :(07:21
flaper87ttx: I thought that should07:21
flaper87I thought that should've been capped but I'm missing something07:21
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johnthetubaguyttx: thanks for all the help with the RC2 push, glad zuul got there :)08:12
ttxflaper87: how close is a new requests release that fixes the regression ?08:23
flaper87ttx: no idea, tbh. I know a patch landed upstream already so I'd assume it is not far08:24
flaper87sigmavirus24_awa: ^08:24
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AJaegerttx, we have kept the translation jobs for liberty, Daisy will talk with stable-maint team whether to include translations at later time - until RC1 of Mitaka09:12
ttxAJaeger: yeah, it's a bit of an open question09:22
AJaegerttx, yeah - Daisy and myself argued a bit (I wanted to close down the branch but understand here) and I drafted the following proposal: - now Daisy needs to get buy-in for that one and refine it ;)09:24
AJaegerttx, so don't feel you need to take any of these changes now. If there's an RC3, feel free to take what you have but IMHO those changes can also go into stable later if Daisy and stable-maint agree on that process...09:24
ttxThis is a test:09:25
ttx#success The successbot is now up and running, ready to record snippets of OpenStack successes!09:25
openstackstatusttx: Added success to Success page09:25
ttxwowowow awesome.
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* ttx watches page for spam now09:46
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sdaguettx: nice11:18
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nikhilttx: awesome note on successes , here's your second one !!13:59
ttxnikhil: yay14:00
ttxdhellmann: around today ?14:01
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sigmavirus24flaper87: there are two problems, the one we fixed yesterday and one in urllib3 that neither of us have tracked down appropriately14:07
sigmavirus24the latter one is going to take me until at least sunday to get free time because: A) I can't work on it at work. B) I have a full day of other things tomorrow so either way the earliest I can get to it is Sunday14:07
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smcginnisNewbie question. How do I update python-cinderclient to have mitaka as the current development focus?15:29
smcginnisttx, dhellmann ^^15:34
ttxsmcginnis: you should have a small pen icon next to that15:38
ttxhrm, that project perms are set up weird15:38
ttxsmcginnis: fixed the perms, you should be able to fix it yourself now15:39
smcginnisttx: I was able to create the series, but I don't have the little yellow edit button next to the dev focis.15:39
smcginnisttx: Thanks!15:39
smcginnisttx: One other oddity - there is a 1.2 milestone under liberty that was never marked released, but we have 1.3.1 and 1.4.0 released.15:40
smcginnisttx: Should I just mark that released to clear it out of there? Or just leave it?15:40
ttxsmcginnis: if nothing is attached to it, you should delete it15:41
* ttx checks15:41
ttxsmcginnis: you should move the bugs out of it first15:41
smcginnisttx: OK, just retarget those to the 1.3.1 release, then remove it?15:42
ttxThe FixCOmmitted ones should probably be FixREleased and targeted to 1.3.115:42
smcginnisttx: Perfect. Thanks for your help!15:42
ttxOnce all the bugs are removed you can delete the milestone15:42
ttxsmcginnis: oh and btw, please read if you haven't already -- and let us know where it's lacking15:43
smcginnisOK, I think I skimmed through at one point, but I should definitely read again. Thanks for the pointer!15:43
ttxand suggest it to other PTL friends when you do a support group15:44
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dhellmannttx: had some personal stuff to deal with this morning, so I'm starting late (catching up on scrollback now)18:26
dhellmannflaper87: what's going on with requests?18:31
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dimsum__dhellmann: version skips for requests and jsonrpclib went in last night -
dhellmanndimsum__: flaper87 had something for the liberty branch, too, and that's the one I was worried about. Are we blocked up there? ttx pointed out that changing that dep would trigger a bunch of updates to projects18:38
dimsum__ah i see that
dimsum__dhellmann: flaper87 is probably being defensive as the upperconstraints is still 2.7.0 -
dhellmanndimsum__: ok, the constraint helps with d-g jobs, but not unit tests, so that's probably why he proposed the exclusion18:42
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: release oslo.cache 0.8.0
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