Wednesday, 2015-10-14

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dimslooks like the gate has calmed down00:51
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armaxttx: the gate seems relatively ok now04:38
armaxttx: these are ready to roll if you fell clement: and
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ttxarmax: those are the only two needed ?06:37
ttxfor all of neutron*06:37
ttxfeels like it06:44
ttxok, let's do this06:44
ttxarmax: rc3 opened with above patches in06:52
* ttx goes fro breakfast06:52
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sdaguemorning folks09:26
sdaguehow's the release looking, and is there anything I can do to help?09:27
ttxsdague: morning! finalizing the Neutron respin09:27
ttxthat should be the last one09:27
ttxwe still have a potential ironic point release09:28
ttxhaven't heard from jroll so not sure they can make it today09:28
sdagueprocedural question, why is the .gitreview not updated until after the release?
ttxsdague: mostly an oversight. we pushed most of them already09:32
sdagueok, gotcha09:32
ttxI blocked it to reduce the load09:32
sdagueyep, no worries09:32
sdagueI just went around in circles for about 10 minutes building that omnibus patch, until I realized git review was rebasing to master on push :)09:33
ttxI'm surprised it fell through the cracks, ISTR Doug pushed all of them at once09:33
sdagueyeh, I went looking for an extant review before I pushed it09:33
sdaguedidn't see one09:34
dims_good morning sdague and ttx10:02
dims_ttx: saw this from jroll
ttxdims_: yeah, he is supposed to fix an upgrade issue too before unW-1 his releases patch10:03
ttxbut time is running out10:03
dims_ack thanks ttx10:04
ttxmaking direct releases is all efficient and agile, but you better have decent QA to back those up10:04
ttxif you don't, stick to RCs and the test of time10:05
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Revert "Fix docs build by blocking bad oslosphinx version"
ttx#success No more Liberty RCs in the pipe. Phew.10:06
openstackstatusttx: Added success to Success page10:06
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ttxsmcginnis: looks like could use some extra love11:59
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smcginnisthingee: ^^ Did you have anything prepped for that?12:21
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jrollttx: so, we're going to skip the upgrades fix. there's going to be a break either way, and the current break is easier to understand/fix downstream13:12
jrollttx: it was a break in our driver API behavior for out-of-tree drivers, not sure of a great way to test that in CI...13:12
jrollso all that is to say, once those patches you +W'd land, we'll be good to release13:12
* jroll assumes release notes don't need to go to stable branch13:13
ttxjroll: do you need a new release if you skip the upgrade fix?13:24
* ttx looks up the changes in the queue13:24
jrollttx: yeah, we had a couple fixes in there13:24
ttx would be the only significant change and it doesn't even have a proper bug :)13:25
ttxor maybe you have more from where it came from13:25
jrollalso, translations13:25
* ttx checks the log13:25
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jrolldoesn't have a proper bug?13:26
ttxhmm 4.2.1 then ?13:26
ttxoh,n that Related-Bug should be Closed-Bug13:26
ttxok then13:26
ttxjroll: just push the openstack/releases change when things merge and i'll make that happen13:27
jrollttx: yep, will do13:27
ttxwe might want a 4.2.1 page in LP13:27
* ttx creates that13:27
jrollit's a related-bug because that code is transitioning to ironic-lib and also need a fix there :)13:27
jrollsomething like that, anyway13:28
ttx if you want to target bugs to it13:28
* jroll feels bad for not seeing that earlier13:28
jrollthanks. will do.13:28
jroll(oh, that referred to the same bug. sigh.)13:30
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dhellmannttx, sdague : did I miss a .gitreview patch?14:20
dimsdhellmann: this one?
dhellmanndims: yeah, I think that's what they meant14:22
dhellmannthe branch script should be submitting those automatically, I wonder why nova didn't get one14:23
dhellmannI don't remember if I made the nova branch or not14:23
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sdagueyeh, I don't know, I noticed it when trying to build that rc3 patch14:34
sdagueand I did a gerrit search and didn't find any outstanding patches that did the same thing14:35
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dimssdague: dhellmann: all nice and quiet on zuul :)14:50
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dhellmannttx: are you a moderator for openstack-dev?15:15
dhellmannttx: apparently my email coping all PTLs is held because of too many recipients15:16
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: release keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware
ttxdhellmann: i approved it already15:18
* dhellmann looks at the archives again15:18
dhellmannttx: clearly I need more tea today15:19
stevemar_dhellmann: i got your email15:19
ttxdhellmann: I also created skeleton etherpad for relmgt sessions at the summit15:19
stevemar_dhellmann: dims releases to unwedge the keystone gate:
dhellmannstevemar_: good, t hanks15:20
dhellmannttx: ok, good15:20
dimsstevemar_: cross my fingers :)15:20
dhellmannstevemar_: ack - dims are you doing those?15:21
dimsdhellmann: no, please go ahead. was just commenting :)15:21
* dims has broken enough for this week!15:22
dimsdhellmann: heads up, we were close to getting a fix out for oslo.messaging, mdbooth had some concerns, working through that now. (ceilometer unit test failure)15:23
dhellmanndims: ack on both15:23
armaxttx: thanks!15:24
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ttxdhellmann: we may have a late ironic 4.2.1 to tag later today15:25
ttxif the patches made it through gate15:26
ttxdhellmann: we don't really have a script to do point release for services from stable branches yet15:26
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ttxthe is a bit optimized for tagging and closing bugs on master15:27
dhellmannstevemar_: can you go ahead and submit the constraint updates for those releases and link them in a comment in the release request?15:27
stevemar_dhellmann: i can15:27
dhellmannttx: the intermediate script doesn't work there? I guess maybe it does things to milestones that we don't want?15:27
ttxso it may require a bit of manual work15:27
ttxyeah so I expect it to (1) tag on master and (2) turn fixcommitted bugs into Fixreleased (which we don't want since that would catch extra bugs)15:28
dhellmannstevemar_: thanks, I just sent an announcement about that new policy to the ML15:28
dhellmannttx: yeah, the library script skips the bug step on stable branches15:28
dhellmannttx: another thing that gets simpler when we move to reno15:29
ttxgiven the depth of the queue, if those ironic things merge it will be very late today and i'll be gone15:29
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: release keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware
stevemar_dhellmann: and it's in the commit msg15:30
stevemar_of the releases change15:30
ttxdhellmann: which I guess raises the question of release collision. How late can we accept the ironic point release and make it part of "the release"15:30
dhellmannstevemar_: ty15:30
ttxdhellmann: are we ok with tagging it tomorrow ?15:31
ttx(it's a new case, never happened before)15:31
dhellmannttx: yeah, the big bang release is fuzzy with intermediary projects15:31
dhellmannwhat are the down sides to accepting it today or tomorrow? distros might not pick it up right away?15:32
ttxdhellmann: hmm, no15:32
ttxdhellmann: the only drawback I see is that if it's completely crappy we have to room left to respin15:32
ttxi.e. we included utter crap in "the release"15:33
ttxso it's a limited risk15:33
dhellmannand I guess it's hard to say "use an older version"15:33
dhellmannhow critical is the fix in the queue?15:33
ttxif the alternative is to issue the point release on Friday... it's not really worse basically15:33
dhellmannyeah, I was originally ready to do it asap but I think waiting for friday is the right move to make it clear it's a point release15:34
dhellmannwe may want to formalize that in the example release schedule15:34
ttxno, my point is.. tagging Thursday or Friday is equivalent on the "oh we released crap" front15:36
ttxso we can retag on Thursday15:36
dhellmannstevemar_: oh, you didn't need to update the commit message, a comment on the review would have been fine.15:36
dhellmannttx: hmm. I guess with it so close together, that's true.15:36
stevemar_dhellmann: meh, as long as you're OK with it, i like that it appears in the history15:36
dhellmannstevemar_: either way is fine :-)15:36
ttxthe ironic changes are around 234389,3, #21 in gate15:37
bknudsontox -e py27 doesn't use the constraints file?15:37
dhellmannbknudson: not yet15:37
dhellmannbknudson: lifeless and Nakato are working on it15:38
bknudsonso the py27 job should work as soon as ksc and ksm are released15:38
ttxso I don't think they will make it through before tomorrow anyway15:38
bknudsonor fail in a different way15:38
ttxjroll: which TZ are you on ? How late can you babysit those patches tonight ?15:39
dhellmannttx: that seems likely, given the depth15:39
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: release keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware
dhellmannbknudson: yes,that's true15:39
jrollttx: I'm west coast US, I'll be around until 00:00 or so15:39
ttxI'll be up and running at 07:00 utc15:40
* ttx does tz math15:40
jrollttx: I mean 00:00 utc15:40
stevemar_bknudson: good point!15:41
bknudsonalso, this is why stable/liberty will fail / be fixed in the same way, no caps15:41
ttxjroll: hmm, and how early are you starting tomorrow ?15:41
jrollttx: I could be online as early as 1300 utc15:42
ttxjroll: basically there is no way your patches will make it before 00:00 utc. And the release will be mostly completed by 13:00 utc15:42
jrollttx: I could have a euro counterpart handle things, what needs to be done, just the releases patch?15:42
ttxjroll: yeah, releases patch and sign-off15:43
ttxalso babysitting/retrying the patch between 00:00 and 07:00utc15:43
ttxIf you have an australian available that would work well15:44
ttxIdeally I would sync with that person at 07:00utc and hopefully tag then15:44
jrollttx: yeah, so I could delegate to an aussie. I'm reading back and trying to figure out what the difference is between rushing it like this and $the_other_option?15:44
ttxjroll: so, the alternative is to release a point release on Friday15:45
ttxthe difference is limited. It feels less like you discovered an issue after release day and issued an emergency point release the next day15:45
ttxit's mostly an image/communication issue rather than a technical one15:46
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ttxtechnically it's not the last bug nor the last point release you'll make on the liberty series anyway15:46
dhellmannbknudson: do you anticipate a problem with these releases in liberty, or are you speaking generally?15:46
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ttxbut it feels more serious to not issue a point release the day after the general release :)15:47
ttxjroll: it all boils down to how usable 4.2.0 is15:48
dhellmannttx: since we need a new ironic release, would you approve the fix to the release script for their lp name?
ttxjroll: if it's downright unusable or dangerous to use, then pre-release-day sounds better15:48
jrollttx: right, so 4.2.1 only includes new translations and fixes for running in japanese locales, honestly15:48
ttxok, feels like it's not worth engaging warp 715:49
jrollttx: so it would be great to include them but I don't think it's worth a heroic effort15:49
ttxI have so little faith in my free time tomorrow that I prefer it out of the way tbh15:49
jrollso from an image standpoint... trying to think of when a good time for 4.2.1 is15:49
bknudsondhellmann: stable/liberty keystone tox -epy27 is failing for me the same as it did on master. not that that should hold up the release.15:49
dhellmannjroll, ttx: given those fixes are for japanese locales, it would be good to do the release before the summit15:49
jrollttx: yeah, that's totally fair, I agree :)15:49
jrolldhellmann: yeah exactly. the new translations are japanese as well15:50
ttxjroll: next Tuesday would be good I think15:50
jrolland also our first translation afaik15:50
dhellmannbknudson: will the releases fix the problem?15:50
jrollttx: excellent, that wfm15:50
dhellmannjroll: nice15:50
ttxjroll: cool, thx for your understanding15:50
* jroll makes a note15:50
dhellmannjroll: cool, I'll watch for that next tuesday15:50
jrollttx: yeah, it's no problem at all, I know how valuable your time is :)15:50
bknudsondhellmann: we'll also have to backport from master to work with the new oslo.policy release.15:50
ttxit feels totally fine from an image perspective to say that you do an early point release on the liberty series pre-summit to enable full JP support15:51
jrollttx: dhellmann I'll bug y'all tuesday, thank you both so much and good luck with wrapping up the final stuff :)15:51
dhellmannbknudson, stevemar_ : should I wait to do the releases until you have that patch, or do you need the release for that patch to be landable?15:51
bknudsonthe releases of keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware should fix the problem... unless there's something else being hidden by the reqs issue.15:51
ttxjroll: I'll be lost in Kyoto on Tuesday. Ask dhellmann :)15:51
bknudsonwe're waiting on the ksc and ksm releases then I'll make sure works15:52
dhellmannbknudson: ok, I'll start those releases now then15:52
stevemar_dhellmann: oh we definitely need those releasez15:52
dhellmannstevemar_: yep, just trying to make sure I was making things better not worse :-)15:52
thingeesmcginnis: FYI, I'm the only one who has added anything to the release notes. This has always been a team joint effort.15:52
thingeesmcginnis: I recommend bringing it up in the meeting today15:53
bknudsonIf I'd known the webob cap was going to cause problems I wouldn't have proposed the releases yesterday15:53
dhellmannstevemar_: do you want to block 2.4.0 in that g-r patch?15:53
dhellmannbknudson: np, unintended consequences15:53
bknudsonbut it didn't show up in my local testing... not sure how to test locally15:53
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stevemar_dhellmann: bknudson i don't think 2.4.0 and 1.8.1 need to be blocked15:54
stevemar_err 2.4.0 and 1.8.015:55
bknudsonwell, they are causing problems15:55
dhellmannno? I thought with the bad webob dependency installing those caused breakage? or is it just the order of installation?15:55
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bknudsonbug 150599615:55
openstackbug 1505996 in Keystone "requirements conflicts causes keystone fail on keystone-all command" [Critical,Confirmed] - Assigned to Aswad Rangnekar (aswad-r)15:55
bknudsonso blocking might help15:56
dhellmannif that's only a problem because of the way we install things, it might not matter so much15:56
dhellmannwe can add the block later, so we can carry on with the release for now15:56
stevemar_by the time we release something i think we'll bump up the reqs15:57
dhellmannmakes sense15:57
stevemar_to probably install >2.4.0 and >1.8.0 anyway15:57
stevemar_historically speaking we've done that15:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware
dhellmannok, now to actually release them :-)15:58
bknudsonI thought it was magic15:58
stevemar_me too15:58
dhellmannstevemar_: is there a bug to target to this milestone?15:59
dhellmannpay no attention to the man behind the curtain :-)16:00
dhellmannwe hope to have it fully automated by the end of mitaka16:00
bknudsonI'll propose the change to block the 2.4.0 and 1.8.0 releases.16:00
dhellmannstevemar_, bknudson : those releases are tagged now16:04
bknudsondhellmann: stevemar_: here's the change to block the releases
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bknudsondid a recheck on the keystone fix for oslo.policy change --
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bknudsonif that passes then we're good and can go on to fixing stable/liberty16:06
dhellmannsounds good16:09
dhellmannI'm going to grab some lunch while we wait for those jobs to run16:09
bknudsonoops, must take a while to show up on pypi16:10
stevemar_bknudson: yeah it's not super immediate16:11
stevemar_bknudson: ksm is showing 2.4.116:11
bknudson$ .tox/py27/bin/pip install -U "keystonemiddleware>2.4.0" -- says Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement16:12
stevemar_bknudson: that's cause tox hates you16:13
* ttx drops for a few hours, Will be back to check on things later16:15
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bknudsonthings are looking good now, tox -e py27 worked locally16:25
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dimsdhellmann: too early to remove procedural -2's on requirements repo?17:06
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Better pointer for docs in README.
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Update requirements
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: provide download links
dhellmanndims: let's get through tomorrow17:19
dimsdhellmann: ++17:21
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mriedemseems odd that we got the oslo.db 3.0 thing fixed in all other projects except heat (on stable/liberty):
dhellmannmriedem: timing?19:52
mriedemyeah it was posted today19:52
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TravTttx are you around?22:18
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openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/releases: Release ironic 4.2.1
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jrollttx: dhellmann ^ that's a thing if you do decide you want to do that tomorrow... going to -1 until tuesday but feel free to override :)23:36
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