Friday, 2015-10-16

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ttxdhellmann: oh and while I think about it Task 4 would be to enable the periodic jobs on stable/liberty, once we get all the branches ready and the ACLs are restored08:03
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openstackgerritJulia Varlamova proposed openstack/releases: Stable/kilo Keystoneclient release
openstackgerritJulia Varlamova proposed openstack/releases: Stable/kilo Keystoneclient release
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SergeyLukjanovttx, I think we can merge it
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sdaguettx: is there a reason not to run periodic stable jobs way earlier in the process?11:06
ttxsdague: not that I can think of11:24
ttxI think we do it after release so that we have one less thing to do pre-release (and the branch is exercised enough prerelease11:24
sdaguesure, that's fair11:24
ttxsdague: btw I'm leaving today for one week vacation, so don't count on me too much. dhellmann takes release-related matters and thingee takes design summit matters11:25
sdaguettx: no worries11:25
sdagueflaper87 has all the creds needed for the cross project sessions, right?11:25
ttxsdague: yes and thingee too11:26
sdagueI might want to update a bit of wording on a few of those11:26
sdagueok, cool11:26
sdaguettx: vacation in jp? or just time off locally11:26
ttxyeah, I wanted to update the one on documenting the openstack way so that we can include further discussing how to make following dev news more convenient11:26
ttxleaving for Japan on Sunday11:26
* ttx adjusts wording now11:27
ttxsdague: does "Documenting and keeping up with OpenStack development" sound ok to expand the scope of the "Documenting the OpenStack way" session ?11:28
ttxok pushed11:31
ttxI fixed a number of etherpad links too11:38
ttxI'll remove my -2s from reviews on stable/liberty so that nothing gets blocked11:44
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ttxok done11:55
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sdaguegreat, thanks11:56
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gordcttx: is there something required from ceilometer to clean up stable/liberty branch? seems like it's blocking it becuase of semvar issue12:42
ttxgordc: sorry I haven't been following that, maybe dhellmann knows12:42
gordcttx: kk. i'll wait for dhellmann12:43
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sdaguegordc: that's the drop of your setup.cfg line13:13
sdaguegordc: this is the next patch you have to land
sdaguewhich looks like you are going to have to squash requirements updates into that13:14
sdaguebecause those didn't get landed13:15
gordcsdague: we can't land that patch because it's not in global-requirements.13:16
dhellmanngordc: see my email thread about this
gordcour gate is also blocked because oslo.messaging 2.6.x are broken.13:17
sdaguegordc: right, you're going to have to squash that patch with the requirements update which is missed13:17
sdaguegordc: ok, I guess tonyb updated the patch incorrectly with requirements bits that weren't in gr13:19
sdaguesorry, took me a second to wrap that all13:20
dhellmannnikhil_k: we need travis because he's the only one with permission to add anyone to the group13:20
sdagueis the o.m block on stable/liberty proposed13:20
gordcsdague: right. (i was googling what i needed to squash)13:20
dhellmannttx: ack on task 413:20
jokke_Anyone planning to change the stable/liberty acls to stable-maint anytime soon?13:20
sdaguegordc: can you squash these 2 down -
sdaguedoing that as 2 patches is just more races that can hurt us13:21
sdagueoh, neat, those are blocked on ceilometer13:21
gordcsdague: yeah... it's a circular block.13:21
nikhil_kdhellmann: ack. if you need me to update anything I am available.13:22
gordci believe the oslo.messaging bug is actually fix so maybe it's easiest to just release oslo.messaging 2.6.313:22
sdagueso... the thing that went wrong is that ceilometer cut a release in this state13:22
ttxdhellmann: about to leave for Paris now, anything urgent ?13:22
dhellmannI think the o.m release came after that, didn't sdague ?13:22
sdaguewhich I guess is a non tested construct13:22
dhellmannttx: no, I'm just coming online but I think I can catch up from sdague13:23
gordcit's really because oslo.messaging is uncapped so the last few relesaes broke it13:23
dhellmannsdague: are constraints not working in the stable branch?13:23
openstackLaunchpad bug 1505730 in Ceilometer "oslo.messaging 2.6.1 breaks ceilometer unit tests" [Undecided,New]13:23
sdaguedhellmann: it's a unit test failure13:23
dhellmannlet me start over13:24
dhellmanncan we land the patch to cap or exclude oslo.messaging in stable/liberty?13:24
dhellmannin the global requirements13:24
dhellmannok, what's blocking that?13:24
dhellmannwhat's the failure?13:24
sdaguenot having landed the setup.cfg change13:24
gordcdhellmann: semvar13:24
dhellmannso we have a patch in ceilometer after the stable branch was cut and that patch did not remove the version from setup.cfg?13:25
sdaguewe can no longer land any stable/liberty requirements until ceilometer (and possibly other projects) land those setup.cfg changes13:25
gordci think if we release oslo.messaging it should clean up ceilometer gate (assuming the bug is actually fixed)13:25
sdaguedhellmann: that patch is out there13:25
sdagueit can't pass tests13:25
sdaguebecause the oslo.messaging that gets installed breaks unit tests13:26
dhellmannthe log you just pasted, what is that testing?13:26
sdagueglobal requirements13:26
sdagueadding the != 2.6.1 o.m bit13:26
sdague - requirements patch blocked on ceilometer13:27
dhellmannok, the failure there is a semver error in ceilometer, which should not be an issue if we are testing at the branch point where the tag and version line match, so how did those get out of sync?13:27
dhellmannbut that's a patch to a different repository13:28
sdaguebecause post-versioning patch didn't land -
dhellmannbut there are no other patches in stable/liberty on ceilometer, so the version numbers for post and pre should match13:28
sdagueour requirements integration ensures that the requirements for each project install13:28
sdagueright, but can't land in ceilometer, because ceilometer can't pass unit tests13:29
sdagueso  was updated to include requirements changes which would let it pass unit tests13:29
dhellmannstop stop13:29
sdaguebut then it fails not having the requirements in sync13:29
dhellmannthe patch to global requirements should be using head of openstack/ceilometer, right?13:29
*** dansmith is now known as superdan13:30
dhellmannthat patch has tag 5.0.0 and setup.cfg containing version=5.0.013:30
dhellmannso pbr should not be complaining about semver when it tries to install that13:30
dhellmannso why is pbr complaining in that job?13:30
dhellmannare we not testing head?13:30
dhellmannis something being added to the local repo?13:31
dhellmanndoes that log have a sha of what's being installed for ceilometer?13:31
sdagueit's getting a requirements sync13:31
sdagueso, that triggering it?13:31
sdaguebecause we're not installing master, we're installing master + attempted sync13:32
dhellmannI would have thought pbr would only look at the commits, not pending changes13:32
dhellmannmaybe it's not doing that13:32
dhellmannlet me try that locally13:32
sdagueI do not know13:32
gordc this was merged...13:33
gordcnot sure if it affects liberty branch though13:33
dhellmanngordc: it shouldn't13:34
dhellmannsdague: ok, if I sync requirements I can run "tox -e py27" in the ceilometer stable/liberty branch and it works as long as the change is not committed13:36
dhellmannwhich means the ceilometer code is installable in that state13:36
dhellmannhowever if I commit it, then I get the semver error13:37
dhellmannsdague: does the requirements sync commit the change locally before testing the installation?13:37
sdagueit installs it13:37
sdaguecan you sync the requirements and then install the code?13:38
dhellmannyes, as long as I don't commit the change13:39
dhellmannwhere is that code in devstack? is it part of d-g?13:39
sdaguerequirements repo i believe13:39
dhellmannwhat runs the sync script, though13:39
sdaguethe requirements integration script13:40
sdagueand yes, it appears to commit it -
dhellmannok, so that's bad13:40
dhellmannI'll try a patch that removes that step and we'll see what breaks13:42
sdagueyou'll have to redo the clones later13:42
dhellmannyeah, I'm seeing that :-/13:42
dhellmannit's not expensive to redo the update, so I'll repeat that I guess13:43
sdagueyeh, that seems reasonable13:43
sdagueit would be nice if there was a pbr permissive mode where it wouldn't explode under these circumstances13:44
dhellmannI hate this feature entirely, but haven't been able to convince lifeless to remove it13:45
sdaguedhellmann: I am with you in hating this feature13:47
sdagueit has only caused pain13:47
dhellmannsdague: this is the liberty script change:
dhellmannif that passes, I'll post one to  master, too, and we can commit them in the right order13:48
sdaguedhellmann: yeh, honestly, as long as they are both in flight, order doesn't hugely matter13:49
* gordc doesn't understand the magic being discussed but wfm13:50
dhellmanngordc: pbr tries to help you not mess up your version numbers by looking at what you're declaring the version to be and what the commit is13:51
dhellmannin this case, we have 5.0.0 in the commit at the branch point, and then the requirements test script is syncing a change and committing it13:51
dhellmannwe also have a tag at the first commit of 5.0.013:51
dhellmannpbr wants you to update the version after the tag, but setup.cfg prevents that, so it's complaining about the conflict13:52
gordcah... yeah i would've never found that.13:52
dhellmannthe clue was that ceilometer was blocking the requirements update, but no changes to ceilometer should have been in that test environment13:53
gordcyeah i did find that strange... thanks for the explanation13:53
sdaguedhellmann: I think the second var is wrong in that script13:55
sdagueoff to get breakfast13:55
SergeyLukjanovdhellmann, should we merge already?13:56
sdagueSergeyLukjanov: yes13:58
*** sigmavirus24_awa is now known as sigmavirus2414:13
dhellmannsdague: ack, thanks, fixing14:14
dhellmannSergeyLukjanov: yes, you need to merge that before anything else will work in stable/liberty -- you may have to squash other fixes into it14:15
SergeyLukjanovdhellmann, ack, thx14:21
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openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: mitaka: release python-novaclient 2.32.0
mriedemdhellmann: liberty is out the door so can we drop the -2 here ?14:54
mriedemthat was a thing the nova team wanted to see released ^14:54
mriedemjohnthetubaguy: sdague: ^14:54
openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: Juno: release python-glanceclient 0.14.3
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thingeesdague: need some wording update for cross project sessions?15:12
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sdaguethingee: yes, but probably next week. brain not so good at english on friday15:14
notmynamethingee: FYI my plan is to do summit scheduling late today15:14
bknudsondoes openstack/requirements stable/liberty require setup.cfg change?,n,z15:15
bknudsonoh, never mind15:15
bknudsonlooks like takes care of it15:15
sdaguebknudson: yes, all the yeses15:15
sdagueoh, right, there is that issue as well15:16
thingeenotmyname: ack15:16
sdaguebknudson: we're about 10 minutes from an answer on if that fixes it for us15:16
thingeesdague: excellent. I'll be in UTC+08:00 next week, but email me with updates and I'll get them going.15:17
sdaguethingee: ok, no prob15:18
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sdaguedims_: so upper constraints failed again, I think because was approved and got in first15:43
dhellmannmriedem: I'll remove my -2, but it would be good to get the requirements issues in stable/liberty resolved before we go wild with more new releases15:48
mriedemdhellmann: this is not stable/liberty though, but i guess it's a crap shoot b/c u-c doesn't apply to unit test jobs15:50
dhellmannmriedem: right15:50
sdaguedhellmann: the liberty patch needs a recheck15:54
sdaguewe ended up on a corrupt node in rax15:54
sdaguethat was having filesystem errors15:54
dhellmannsdague: I'm looking over that log now15:54
dhellmannah, yeah, rechecked15:55
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openstackgerritBrant Knudson proposed openstack/releases: Release keystonemiddleware 2.4.2
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openstackgerritBrant Knudson proposed openstack/releases: keystonemiddleware 2.4.2
sdaguedhellmann / dims_ do either of you know how to generate the upper-constraints.txt manually? because I've failed on that front, and we're massively behind on that16:26
sdague it's a 105 line change at this point16:27
sdagueI'll just guess that my merge resolution is right16:29
dhellmannsdague: I think there's a tox env to do that, but I haven't ever tried it on my own16:41
sdaguedhellmann: so if I call tox -e generate, it complains it can find no pythons16:41
sdagueif I call it with the params in the README, it errors on me16:42
sdagueafter 30 minutes or so16:42
dhellmannthat's a long wait for an error message, do you have a log somewhere?16:43
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dims_sdague: reading backlog now, had taken the morning off :)16:58
dims_sdague: so anteaya helped me last night to track down the job for the bot and the logs for the bot and all was well, the bot runs once a day only and i asked lifeless if we could run it twice a day at least. lifeless felt once a day was working ok and did not want to change that17:00
dims_sdague: dhellmann: should we temporarily bump it to 3-4 times a day till the dust settles?17:01
dhellmanndims_, sdague: we've been putting off approving constraint updates during the release period, which may explain how far behind we are. would running the bot more often help?17:02
dims_dhellmann: i'd think so, especially if a single run failed because of a transient issue17:03
dhellmannI'm not sure we have anyone looking at failures of the patches that bot creates, so as soon as jenkins fails it's more or less blocked17:03
dims_dhellmann: only data point i have is that the run from bot day before yesterday was good. let me find the one from last night17:04
dims_so last nights run succeeded17:05
dims_and looks like sdague already +2A'ed it -
dims_ok i am going to watch zuul jobs for 23132717:06
dhellmanndims_: I don't have a problem running the job more often, it just wasn't clear that would actually help us17:09
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dims_dhellmann: let's day the bot proposed a change in uc, then we approved a bunch of requirements changes (legitimate) and when the bot proposed is about to merge it finds out that the bunch of requirements changes invalidates the bot proposed review then we have to wait another day for another bot proposed revew17:11
dims_and so on17:11
dhellmannyeah, that makes sense17:11
*** mriedem_lunch is now known as mriedem17:15
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dims_sdague: 231327 is now paste check into gate.17:44
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lifelesssdague: whats the error you get ?18:52
lifelessdhellmann: which feature do you hate?18:53
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*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-relmgr-office19:05
lifelessdhellmann: ah.19:07
lifelessdhellmann: so - if we can find a sensible behaviour, I'm not attached to this one19:07
dhellmannlifeless: can we make that a warning instead of an exception?19:07
lifelessdhellmann: what version *should* pbr choose in that case?19:08
lifelessdhellmann: (ignoring that the warning won't be seen by anyone and other pragmatic questions)19:08
lifelessdhellmann: [because pip hides build output if the build succeeds]19:08
dhellmannwell, it's clearly not 5.0, so I guess 5.0.0.devsomething19:08
lifelessdhellmann: thats *less* than 5, so it would be rolling the clock backwards19:09
dhellmannok, 5.0.1.devsomething19:09
lifelessdhellmann: so the version = line in setup.cfg would be ignored?19:09
dhellmannyeah, if this condition is detected19:10
lifelessdhellmann: I think thats a backwards compat break from the definition of version that pbr's had for ages.19:10
lifelessdhellmann: we could add a new version-hint key or something and transition to using that19:11
dhellmannhow old is this error handler?19:11
dhellmannI want us to stop using pre-versioning entirely, so if that's the answer this is just another reason to push that ahead19:11
lifelessdhellmann: the error came in in 0.10 IIRC19:11
lifelesspossibly 0.1119:11
dhellmannok. we're seeing more and more cases where unintended situations get us into the error state when it really doesn't matter, so it's becoming more annoying19:12
lifelessso, I agree that its disruptive; I am certainly ok with a system where we hint at the version we want and then roll past it seamlessly; my concern is the existing definition of version as 'the version we're working to' which pbr has had since ~forever19:13
lifelesswe didn't have the error in way old versions because we ran the clock backwards19:13
lifelesswe've *never* generated a version higher than that in setup.cfg19:13
dhellmannso we'd use a different key in setup.cfg?19:13
lifelessso I think the choices are:19:13
lifeless - change the definition in-place hope that nothing and noone gets actually broken by it19:14
lifeless - add a new key with a nicer definition and let folk opt-in [and we can mass opt-in openstack projects]19:14
lifeless - do nothing and just stop using version= in setup.cfg's19:14
lifelessat least, thats all that I can think of19:15
dhellmannoption 3 doesn't really work, since at the point we have a new stable branch we have 2 branches competing for the next post-version number. ttx's suggestion to get around that was to use pre-versioning on master just until the next release there to force the version higher than what the stable branch would compute. If we combine that with a new key that lets us roll past the version, I think that gets us to a nicer spot all around,19:16
dhellmann since we can mostly use post-versioning and we can use pre-versioning just during the period after a branch.19:16
lifelessI really don't have a good estimator for the risk of the first choice19:16
dhellmannI agree that option 1 is not great19:16
lifelessI don't see th problem with two branches competing for the next version19:16
lifelessActually cutting releases that conflict would be a problem19:17
dhellmannpatches on stable/liberty and patches on master right after stable liberty might be different but would generate the same version numbers19:17
dhellmannI thought for CI/CD that would introduce confusion19:18
lifelessthere are three users of those versions that I know of19:18
lifelessdevs, CI/CD, and redistributors19:18
lifelesswe expect CI/CD folk to pick a branch and stick to it19:18
lifelesswith pivots between branches (if they're not on master) around beta time19:18
lifelesswe don't expect redistribution of non-releases on master19:19
dhellmannI'm describing the proposal on line 53 of -- could you add comment there explaining why it's not needed?19:20
dhellmannbecause if we expect those cases not to matter, it would be good to go with the simpler solution19:20
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lifelessyeah, thanks for the c-p19:39
lifelessjust making C breakfast19:39
lifelessalso I've fixed up a couple of nits in the draft - e.g. postN vs devN19:39
*** mriedem has quit IRC19:50
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dhellmannlifeless: cool, thanks19:57
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cp16netdimsum__: does the recheck not work for the patch creater?
dimsum__cp16net: when you recheck you should be able to see it
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tonybsdague: Yeah I deleiberately had stuff in my ceilometer fix that wasn't in g-r.  I've never tried to circumvent the requiremenst stuff so I didn't really know what the gate-requirements jobs did.21:53
tonybsdague: dhellmann has set us on the right path21:53
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cp16netdimsum__: omg... i was looking for the wrong project... my bad22:13
cp16neti think i have a case of the fridays...22:13
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: update history import tools for liberty
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: import liberty versions for unmanaged projects
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