Monday, 2014-07-14

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bdpayneOSSG mid-cycle meetup is happening now16:36
bdpayneKicking off the morning with some basic intros to each of the efforts that are happening this week16:37
bdpayneStarting with gate tests16:37
bdpayneMore details are here, for those that may want to follow along at home...
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bdpayneMoving on to a intro on the threat modeling efforts16:56
chair6Done with threat modelling (thanks shohel!), bdpayne just did an overview of the ongoing Security Guide efforts, and now we're talking OSSNs before lunch.18:45
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hyakuheiLunch break - Free skittles for OSSG members at the Seattle HP office :D19:44
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elo1Hi. Online now20:36
bdpayneelo1 hi!20:36
bdpaynewe're just getting going with the book work20:37
bdpayneI assume you'd like to be working on the networking sections?20:37
elo1I'll do my best from across the pond...20:43
erwbdpayne: how is that working? Just submitting code-reviews for the book’s evil-xml-format? ;-)20:51
elo1first time in ireland… it's almost 10pm and sunset is about to begin… kinda of like it...20:52
openstackgerritSriram Subramanian proposed a change to openstack/security-doc: modified:   ch_case-studies-identity-management.xml Fix for Bug: 1317215 Nonsencial sentence in Chapter 22. Case studies: Identity management in OpenStack Security Guide
elo1reviewing now20:59
bdpayneelo1 So I think the approach we are trying to take is to (1) file bugs for the updates / problems we see, and then (2) start working on the fixes.21:04
bdpayneBy doing it in 2 passes like this, it will make it easier for others to get involved and help make the changes that are needed to the book21:04
bdpayneerw Yep, we are learning to love docbook :-)21:04
erwbdpayne: is there a secret to that?21:06
bdpaynenot really21:06
erwbdpayne: just vi or emacs and the pain of xml, or are you successfully using some other editor?21:07
erw(these are serious questions, not trolling — I really do find docbook painful)21:08
bdpayneoh, heh21:09
bdpayneso using oxygen xml editor is useful21:09
bdpaynebut it doesn't come for free, unfortunately21:09
bdpayneotherwise, just a nice text editor and some patience is all I've found to help21:09
erwI did have one of the foundation’s floating licensing at some point, but it expired and I suppose it got claimed by someone else. TBH, it was better, but not world-changing.21:10
elo1it looks like pycharm has a plugin for docbook21:12
bdpayneoh nifty21:13
erwelo1: all I see is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA?21:15
elo1not sure how useful it is...21:15
elo1if you have the pro… you can generally use the plugins for the IDEA21:15
elo1i did this for the puppet files21:15
openstackgerritSriram Subramanian proposed a change to openstack/security-doc: Grammar/Style changes to OpenStack Security Guide
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bdpayneelo1 You familiar with the bug filing process for the book?  And also are you familiar with the new location for the book sources?21:39
openstackgerritMike Lange proposed a change to openstack/security-doc: ISO 27K standard updated for 2013
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bdpayneelo1 Here's the doc where we are splitting up the chapters for initial review / bug finding
bdpayneelo1 I'm just writing your name next to the networking stuff :-)22:28
elo1I have the git repro for the book source.. getting up to speed on the bug filling process22:30
bdpaynewe just found that if you go to the html version of the book, there's an icon you can click on for filing a bug on a given page (reg bug in upper right)22:43
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elo1ok. reviewing the section documentation...22:49
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elo1Byran, are we adding sections for other shared services added into Icehouse, e.g. Heat, Trove, and Ceilometer?23:21
elo1one more question and using consistent nomenclature from the various openstack documentation23:24
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