Wednesday, 2015-01-14

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* elmiko waves at bdpayne 21:00
bdpayneelmiko and sicarie Now still work for you guys?21:01
* sicarie tips hat21:01
elmikoworks for me =)21:01
bdpayneok cool21:01
bdpayneso... hi :-)21:01
bdpayneso perhaps we should start by chatting a little about what you guys are currently working on wrt the book21:01
bdpayneelmiko you want to start?21:02
elmikoi'm working on putting together a chapter for the book on the Data Processing service21:02
elmikois where i'm collecting ideas and some draft text21:02
elmikoi'm really hoping to get this in during the Kilo cycle21:03
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elmikoi also work on the sahara team, so i've got all that stuff going on too =)21:03
bdpaynekeeping busy is important :-)21:03
bdpayneelmiko, I know I gave you lots to think about in that etherpad... did it all make sense?21:04
elmikobdpayne: yes, it was a great help. i went back and tried to refine the intro text based on your comments.21:04
elmikoi'm a little worried about getting too detailed in the wrong places21:04
bdpayneit is a challenge21:05
bdpayneand a bit or an art21:05
elmikoi'm also meeting with some of the sahara team next week to discuss this at greater length21:05
bdpayneif you don't have enough detail, people's eyes glaze over21:05
elmikoain't that the truth lol21:05
bdpaynebut too much, and your writing it out of date next week21:05
bdpayneand you also lose readers in the "weeds"21:06
bdpaynewe have found that using running examples works pretty well in this book21:06
elmikoi do wonder what the default assumptions for our readers will be, as i'd like to not recover material they already understand21:06
bdpaynethat's a good question21:06
elmikore: examples, yea i'm trying to create opportunities for little examples sprinkled throughout21:07
bdpaynegenerally we are assuming cloud admin types that know openstack but that don't know much about securty21:07
elmikoyou had some questions about whether things were in the cloud or not, and i was a little confused about how in-depth i should get when describing something like the controller node21:07
bdpayneI'd suggest just calling out places where you are saying something that may be deployment specific21:08
elmikothat makes sense21:08
bdpaynebut those kinds of details are probably a good thing21:08
bdpayneok, great21:09
bdpayneso sicarie, could you share a little about what you're doing with the book these days?21:09
sicarieI started doing general editing and bug filing21:09
sicarieFigured that would get me familiar with the contents to be able to better look at the big picture later21:10
sicarieI'm reviewing the document conventions now as there are things that always bugged me that I'm not sure if they're 'allowed' or not21:10
sicarieor good style21:10
bdpayneon that point... we use the ibm style guide for a lot of those decisions21:10
sicarieFiled a few bugs, I think I'm up through ch4 now21:10
bdpayneI have a copy of that guide21:10
sicarieI'm looking at this:
elmikobdpayne: is it available online?21:11
bdpayneso if you guys ever have questions, just shoot them my way21:11
bdpayneyeah, that's a good resource as well21:11
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bdpayneunfortuately not, the IBM style guide is purchase only21:11
bdpaynebut you can get it for kindle, for example21:11
elmikook, cool21:11
elmikomaybe we have one available internally21:11
bdpaynein general, the link about should be your first resource21:12
sicarieYeah, so I'm curious about uses of 2nd/3rd person21:12
sicarieLots of you and we21:12
bdpayneif it isn't answered in there, then check the IBM guide21:12
elmikosicarie: good question21:12
bdpayneI think that's ok21:12
bdpaynethe problem is that if you don't do that... then it gets hard to read21:12
bdpayneand starts to sound more like an academic paper21:13
elmikoi've been following the "we" pattern a bunch21:13
elmikoespecially as i try to write recommendations21:13
bdpaynewe recommend blah... ?21:13
bdpayneyeah, I think that's nice21:13
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elmikoi thought so too, and i agree it makes the doc easier to digest21:14
bdpayneok so thanks sicarie21:14
bdpayneso sicarie has been doing a pass on the existing book21:14
bdpayneand elmiko is working on adding a new chapter21:14
bdpayneso you guys are both bringing different background to the table21:15
bdpaynewhich is part of the reason that I thought it would be great to have you both involved21:15
bdpayneplease lean on your personal experiences there to help us make this better for all21:15
bdpayneI have a few thoughts on next steps for us21:15
bdpaynebut first wanted to see if you guys had any pressing ideas on what we need to be doing21:15
elmikoi think getting the terminology in-line with the official terms would be nice21:16
elmikoe.g. many uses of tenant21:16
bdpayneso we should probably file tickets for those items as we find them21:16
elmikoshould we file them by chapter or section?21:17
bdpayneif you don't know, you can easily file a ticket by clicking on the bug on the webpage version of the doc21:17
elmikoooh, that's nice21:17
bdpaynewhatever works... chapter, section, etc21:17
bdpaynestep 1 is to create the tickets for the work we need to do21:17
bdpaynestep 2 is to actually triage those tickets21:17
sicarieYeah, I've been doing them individually to allow for new contributors to come up and snag a simple commit21:18
paulmo3) Profit! :)21:18
bdpayneI'm thinking that we should use this meeting (in future weeks) to do some ticket triage21:18
elmikosicarie: +121:18
bdpaynewho is this paulmo guy? ;-)21:18
paulmoWhere is he!?!?21:18
elmikobdpayne: sounds good to me21:18
bdpayneyeah, small scoped tickets is nice21:18
bdpaynepeople do tend to pick them up21:19
bdpaynewhich is both great and surprising21:19
bdpayneso I think that (1) and (2) are really the bread and butter21:19
bdpayneperhaps we should get good at those first21:19
bdpayneand then we, in future weeks, we can explore creating larger milestones / tasks for the group21:20
elmikook, i can put some time aside to create some tickets this week. i'll probably focus on terminology to start with.21:20
bdpaynesounds great21:20
bdpayneanything else for today?21:21
elmikonothing from me21:21
bdpaynenext week we can pick up with ticket triage and see where that takes us21:21
sicarienothing from me either21:21
elmikosounds like a plan =)21:21
bdpayneok, so thanks to both of you for helping out with this21:21
sicarieThanks bdpayne!21:21
elmikoyea, thanks for organizing21:21
bdpaynego team!21:21
bdpaynenp, cya later21:21
elmikotake care21:21
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elmikosicarie: side note21:22
elmikosicarie: i replied to a bug you picked up in barbican about the bit_length stuff21:22
sicarieOh, cool21:22
elmikoi started looking at it and found a bunch of stuff, so i tried to capture it in my reply21:22
elmikohopefully it'll help =)21:22
sicarievI was off trying to set up a barbican vm so I can actually test my fix21:23
sicariebefore submitting21:23
sicarieSo yeah, greatly appreciated elmiko21:23
elmikono prob, you beat me to the punch!21:23
sicarieSorry - I'd been trolling launchpad for a few months looking for a good 'starter' bug to get me moving21:24
elmikonah, no apologies necessary. i had been doing a little bit of the same =)21:25
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