Friday, 2015-04-10

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Kennanhi :tmcpeak?00:14
Kennanor :nkinder there?00:15
nkinderKennan: I'm here.  What's up?00:15
KennanI followed your
Kennanand download keystone code00:15
Kennanand issue command like this00:15
Kennantox -e bandit00:16
Kennanbut it exception as such mesg00:16
KennanValueError: ('Expected version spec in', 'bandit~=0.10.0', 'at', '~=0.10.0')00:16
Kennan:nkinder do you know what's wrong with keystone set with bandit ?00:16
nkinderKennan: let me see if that occurs for me too00:16
Kennandeps = bandit~=0.10.000:17
Kennancommands = bandit -c bandit.yaml -r keystone -n5 -p keystone_conservative00:17
nkinderKennan: yeah, I get that too.  It doesn't like that version dependency00:22
nkinderKennan: I removed the "~=0.10.0" portion and pip installed bandit in a virtualenv, and it runs00:23
Kennanso you mean keystone set wrong with 0.10.0 that ?00:23
nkinderKennan: I'm not sure yet00:24
KennanOK. then you know, :nkinder I am working for magnum, and we thought keystone works with bandit,00:25
Kennanbut seems keystone not work well with bandit00:26
nkinderIt does, but I think the version specifier is messed up00:26
dave-mccowanKennan, tmcpeak put new instructions up
nkinderKennan: what version of pip are you using?00:27
dave-mccowanKennan, he now recommends a different method for specifying version00:27
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Kennan:nkinder I tried that command tox -e bandit in ubuntu 14.04 system00:28
Kennan:dave-mccowan Let me check your link00:28
nkinderKennan: Ok, but it seems like something isn't liking the ~= version specifier from PEP 440 (
KennanOK. :nkinder I am not sure if keystone folks make wrong change or not00:29
Kennan:dave-mccowan use tox.ini to specify that bandit version00:30
nkinderKennan: for example, try "pip install bandit~=0.10.0"00:30
Kennankeystone folks :dave-mccowan00:30
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Kennan:nkinder so you mean pip version not match ? or pip not support such ~= as version00:31
nkinderKennan: I think it doesn't find a "compatible version", which is what ~= means00:33
nkinderpip shows that 0.10.1 is in PyPi00:33
nkinderI'm guessing that whatever needs to be defined to list it as "compatible" was missed, which broke what Keystone is doing in tox.ini00:33
nkinderso this is a problem in bandit, not Keystone I think00:34
tmcpeakok what's up?00:34
tmcpeakjust getting caught up here00:34
nkindertmcpeak: keystone uses bandit~=0.10.000:34
nkindertmcpeak: that fails now00:34
tmcpeakit should use bandit==0.10.000:34
tmcpeakI don't know what ~= means00:34
nkindercompatible version (see PEP 440)00:34
Kennanbut is 0.10.100:34
tmcpeakbandit==0.10.0 is what will be in upstream (because of version pin)00:34
tmcpeaklet's set that00:34
KennanI think ~= means find 0.10.* like that ? or00:35
Kennannot sure00:35
tmcpeakyeah, so we want to keep updating Bandit, but don't want to break anybody's stuff00:35
tmcpeakso let's pin versoin00:35
tmcpeakbandit==0.10.0 should work as expected00:35
Kennanif we specify 0.10.0 could it find in
Kennanit seems bandit is 0.10.1 in pip00:35
tmcpeakboth are in pip00:35
tmcpeakpip install bandit==0.10.0 should work fine00:36
nkinderKennan: it's compatible version -
tmcpeaknkinder: I'm surprised it would work before and not now00:37
Kennan:nkinder yes, just not sure why can not work with compatible version00:37
tmcpeakwe have not pushed any new tagged bandit version00:37
nkinderand that's why I wonder if this is newer and the pip version matters00:37
dstufft~= is new00:37
dstufftin pip 600:37
dstufftand setuptools 800:37
nkinderyeah, that's what I'm getting at00:37
tmcpeakwell we're not implementing any method of defining compatible releases yet, so pip would have no way of knowing what that means00:38
nkinderI'm on F20 right now, which is a bit older00:38
tmcpeakdstufft: ah, is it?00:38
Kennantest@magnum-VirtualBox:~/keystone$ pip --version00:38
Kennanpip 6.0.6 from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (python 2.7)00:38
nkindertmcpeak: no, it would00:38
Kennanmy pip is 6.0.600:38
Kennanstill not work00:38
tmcpeakif we release 0.10.2, how does it know whether that is "compatible"00:38
dstuffttmcpeak: if you do ~=0.10.2 it'l match anything in 0.10.* that is >= 0.10.200:39
KennanI just not know why they not set it like >= or something else , but ~=00:39
tmcpeakKennan: at any rate, please set bandit==0.10.0 in your project.. you'll get the expected behavior00:39
tmcpeakahh ok00:39
dstufftif you do ~=0.10 it'll do anything in the 0.* series that is >= 0.1000:39
tmcpeakso it will automatically take any new versions00:39
tmcpeakthat's not the behavior we want for gates00:39
tmcpeakwe want to stay at a known stable version, so bandit updates don't introduce unforseen consequences in everybody's gate00:40
dstufftthe idea behind it is, for projects that use something semver-esque, you can define a range of acceptable versions based on that projects stable version policies00:40
tmcpeakdstufft: ah ok, makes sense00:40
dstufftyea, if you want pinning you want ==00:40
KennanOK. So guys, what's the proper way to do that ? why ~= not work now, I am confused00:41
dstufftKennan: define not work00:41
dstufftwhat does it do00:41
tmcpeakKennan: we want to pin to a specific version.  I'm not sure why 0.10.1 is causing problems, but we have tested extensively for 0.10.0, so that's what we are trying to pin to00:41
tmcpeakpinning to a specific version means setting: bandit==0.10.000:41
tmcpeakI'd never seen that ~= thing before, but now with an understanding of what it does, I can say that is *not* the setting we want for gates right now00:42
tmcpeakbknudson: you around?00:42
nkinderKennan: just set it to ==, or use >= if you want00:42
nkinderIt's a single character tox.ini change00:42
bknudsontmcpeak: where would I go?00:42
KennanOK. :tmcpeak, I would do that first ==, if anyone solved ~= issue, pls let me know00:42
dstuffttmcpeak: dec of 2014 is when pip released that had ~=, so it's real new00:43
bknudsoneveryone loves ~=00:43
tmcpeakbknudson: lols, ok.  Kennan is saying bandit~=0.10.0 is causing problems.. from my understanding of the ~= behavior from dstufft, we want to set bandit==0.10.000:43
tmcpeakso we don't automatically pull new Bandit versions00:43
tmcpeakwe want to be using the extensively tested version in the gates00:43
bknudsonthat's what the global-requirements change is proposing, ==00:44
bknudsonso use that.00:44
bknudsonpip should support ==00:44
tmcpeakbknudson: can you update the keystone example, Bandit is pointing people to that00:44
tmcpeakyeah, == is fine00:44
bknudsontmcpeak: update the example where?00:44
KennanI just execute tox -e bandit00:45
Kennanit failed with ~=00:45
tmcpeakoh… this is getting updated anyway, isn't it?00:45
bknudsony, the change is
tmcpeakahhh ok00:46
tmcpeakso this will be cleared up anyway once this patch goes through00:46
bknudsonwhich uses bandit==0.10.000:46
Kennanok. That sounds good00:46
Kennan:bknudson it would work for that00:46
bknudsondec 2014 is like a year ago in dog months.00:47
tmcpeakok cool00:47
tmcpeakthis seems sorted, thanks Kennan, dave-mccowan, nkinder, bknudson, dstufft00:47
tmcpeakKennan: if you have any issues reach out to one of us, we'll get it figured out00:48
Kennanthanks :tmcpeak00:48
Kennanand all guys00:48
bknudsonthere's an 0.10.1 release?00:48
bknudsonwhy aren't we proposing that for global-requirements?00:48
tmcpeakyeah, 0.10.0 didn't include a config file, which doesn't affect gates, but makes it a pain for people that want to pip install and run it00:49
tmcpeakbknudson: actually yeah, we probably should00:49
brownei can update to use 0.10.100:49
tmcpeak0.10.1 should be the same00:49
tmcpeakbrowne: yeah, please do00:49
browneok, will do00:50
tmcpeak0.10.1 has all the same bandit goodness 0.10.0 had, plus better config file checking00:50
tmcpeakbrowne: awesome, thanks!00:50
Kennan:tmcpeak do you suggest we use bandit in client check ? like glanceclient keystoneclient ?00:51
brownestill has a -2 until liberty is open00:51
tmcpeakok cool00:52
tmcpeakKennan: I think that Bandit can be useful in most/all projects, as it will at least point out insecure coding practices, regardless of the impact00:52
tmcpeakallright, I'm off.. catch you all tomorrow :)00:53
Kennanok. Thanks00:53
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