Thursday, 2015-05-07

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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/bandit: Update the README file
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tmcpeakbrowne: I've managed to undo your move of -> README.rst :16:42
browneha, ok, np16:42
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tmcpeaknkinder: ping18:05
nkindertmcpeak: hey hey18:05
tmcpeakhey there18:05
tmcpeakyou get anywhere with that OSSN->RST?18:05
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nkindertmcpeak: no.  I need to push it up to github.  Been swamped with regular work stuff + summit prep18:06
nkinderI will get it up there before the summit18:06
tmcpeakahh ok cool18:06
tmcpeakgmurphy: ^18:07
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tmcpeakdstufft: around?18:57
dstuffttmcpeak: sup19:01
tmcpeakdstufft: curious about the state of PyPI security.. been reading a bit on signed packages and similar things19:02
tmcpeaksome of this looks fairly old though19:02
tmcpeakdstufft: currently picking my way through this thread on TUF… and went through most of the PEP you contributed to for integration with TUF19:03
dstuffttmcpeak: the state is we rely entirely on HTTPS right now, though the state of pip is that if you're using a new enough pip you'll _only_ get stuff from PyPI not random hosts from around the world19:03
tmcpeakdstufft: ok, I also noticed that not many packages on PyPI are signed by the authors19:03
dstufftit's not really useful to gpg sign packages19:04
dstufftI mean, theortically some distros verify those signatures19:04
dstufftbut pip doesn't nor does anything else that I'm aware of19:04
dstufftlong term TUF is, I'm pretty sure, the answer19:04
tmcpeakdstufft: but if the packages are signed, we can do a gpg verification manually before we install them with PIP, right?19:04
dstufftbut I haven't gotten around to doing that, I'm focusing more on replacing the horrible codebase that powers PyPI first19:05
dstuffttmcpeak: sure, if you can figure out what keys to trust anyways :)19:05
dstufftI don't really consider that a very useful thing though, because if it's not done automatically and it's not something we can require then it's not super useful19:06
dstufft100 singed packages and 1 unsigned package and you're still hit19:06
tmcpeakdstufft: ah, ok… the reason I'm bringing this up is because I was picking at an idea of getting OpenStack components and dependencies signed, then having a list of the keys that should have signed them, then at least providing code to check those signatures19:06
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tmcpeakdstufft: it just makes me exceedingly nervous that security of all of OpenStack is depending on the integrity of 250 bits of code, most of which aren't signed19:07
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dstuffttmcpeak: I mean, you can sign them. Some distros might use them but not much else will. Probably not many people will bother19:08
tmcpeakdstufft: yeah, at least having the option of checking signatures seems like it would be a benefit19:08
tmcpeakat least from where I stand19:09
tmcpeakgiving people the option19:09
tmcpeakto validate if they want… I know most people will just "pip install -r all_the_things" and be done with it19:09
tmcpeakdstufft: you're right though, all it takes is one unsigned, and what does signed even mean if nobody is checking the quality of this stuff19:09
dstuffttmcpeak: Yea, well I mean fundamentally PyPI is never going to be more than "make sure you get the bits that the author uploaded", whether those bits are "safe" or "ok" is an exercise left to the reader19:11
tmcpeakdstufft: what's the deal with warehouse?19:11
dstuffttmcpeak: PyPI 2.019:12
tmcpeakdstufft: anything good to read there? is it solving any security problems?19:12
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dstuffttmcpeak: PyPI legacy (aka what's running PyPI right now) was written in like... 2003, before the rise of things like web frameworks or unit testing, and it's mostly two 3000+ line files with spaghetti code and stuff wound all around. It was never designed to be a permanent thing. It was a proof of concept that never got replaced and has had various people of various skill levels indescminately adding things over time19:13
dstufftso Warehouse is "let's rewrite from scratch with modern components and practices"19:14
tmcpeakdstufft: I feel like I've heard this story before19:14
dstufftRight now warehouse isn't trying to do much of anything that PyPI itself doesn't do (other than have a sensible implementation)19:14
tmcpeakahh ok cool19:15
dstufftthe goal is to get warehouse to feature parity, then drop it in as a repalcement, deal with the fallout, then move forward on making improvements19:15
tmcpeakcool — did you guys get anywhere with PEP-0458?19:15
dstufftit's stalled, largely because it's a large block of work that needs someone familar with both cryptography/security and PyPI/pip to review it and implement it19:16
dstufftand I think the set of people who fit that is.. well me.19:17
tmcpeakdstufft: makes sense19:17
tmcpeakdstufft: any last words of advice regarding jumping headfirst into a quest to push OpenStack requirements to all be signed by their authors?19:17
dstuffttmcpeak: nothing that comes to mind! Happy to review anything you write or do for it though19:18
tmcpeakdstufft: awesome, thanks for your time!19:20
gmurphy= security guidance -> ossa -> security.o.o19:21
tmcpeakgmurphy: sweet!19:21
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gmurphyi think we should nit all the docs on this review and get things up to an ok standard in one go19:22
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tmcpeakcool, I'll take a pass19:22
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tmcpeakbrowne chair6 elmiko gmurphy nkinder tkelsey — you've been chosen (victimized) completely randomly (probably not) for your valuable input on this:
tmcpeakplease take a stab at reviewing… our goal is to make these developer friendly guidelines written in simple language.  I know you're all busy, but please take the time to review a few19:41
elmikotmcpeak: ack, i'll take a gander19:41
tmcpeakdave-mccowan, dstanek, dwyde, erw, jraim, redrobot, sdake, singethink, sweston, voodookid19:41
tmcpeakmore random victims ;)19:41
dstanektmcpeak: np19:42
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voodookidlet me take a look19:42
tmcpeakelmiko, dstanek, voodookid: thanks!19:43
tmcpeakthis one is the quintessential good example:
tmcpeakwe'd like them in that voice, casual, etc19:46
voodookidhow would you like the comments to be made? Within gerrit?19:52
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gmurphyso i think initially we should just do this via review comments for the current patchset.20:46
elmikogmurphy: +120:47
gmurphythen we can figure out how to split it up or i can just address all the suggestions.20:47
elmikoit is a large patch to review. lots of reading, i wonder if it would be more efficient to review them as individual docs?20:48
gmurphyhmm could be.20:49
elmikoi dunno, just my first reaction as i'm starting to read these.20:49
gmurphymaybe i should abandon change.20:49
elmikosome of them seem like they would be accepted with little compaint20:50
elmikotmcpeak: any thoughts on this ^^20:53
elmikogmurphy: don't rush to abandon just yet. let's see what others think. i may be alone in this.20:53
gmurphyno i agree it would probably make things easier.20:54
gmurphyi guess i could drop all the ones that got comments from the next patch set and push them up separately for individual review20:55
gmurphyi dunno!20:56
gmurphytmcpeak: thoughts?20:56
elmikoyea, given the call to review and the number of comments it might be best to just charge ahead at this point20:57
elmikocall it a learned lesson for next time ;)20:57
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tmcpeakgmurphy, elmiko: yeah, let's charge ahead21:00
tmcpeakprobably easier to get one review through than a bunch21:01
tmcpeakgmurphy, elmiko: so where did we get to? we'll just push ahead?21:01
elmikotmcpeak: i think so21:02
elmikoespecially given all the comments that are rolling in21:02
tmcpeakyep, ok sounds good21:02
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gmurphyalso fwiw you can also check the html output ->
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elmikogmurphy: nice, thanks21:28
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