Monday, 2015-07-13

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openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed openstack/anchor: Return CA for a given instance
openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed openstack/anchor: Update project location for reviews
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openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/bandit: Install word_list, log and exit if cannot find
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Update .gitreview file for project rename
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Davieytkelsey: Hey, have a specific exception in mind?10:27
tkelseyhey Daviey, no I dont, feel free to create one for that plugin, or just use Exception10:30
tkelseythe intention is simply that bandit should acknowledge the error but not quit completely since other plugins can run10:31
Davieytkelsey: I kinda felt that the world should end if the word-list cannot be found10:32
Davieyie, to avoid people seeing green-balls and being happy.10:32
tkelseysure, but its only one plugin that is none-functional, all the rest can run just fine10:33
tkelseyhaving some coverage is better than nothing, the error will be reported in the output, if people don't read it, well that cant be helped10:33
Davieytkelsey: Do you read the output of green pep8 jenkins jobs?10:35
DavieyAn enabled plugin with a _declared_ dictionary logging an error, but continuing as PASS feels like an exit worthy error to me.10:36
tkelseyif something catches my eye, sure, but to be fair I normally don't. Perhaps we need bandit to fail if a plugin errors out10:36
tkelseythat way if any plugin fails for some reason it fails the test10:37
Davieytkelsey: Funnily enough, this is something that your "except: pass" change might have caught :)10:39
tkelseyhehe :) did you see Rob Clark's comments on that change btw?10:40
Davieyno.. looking10:40
tkelseyah kk,let me know what you think :)10:40
Davieytkelsey: Yeah, i think i agree with hyakuhei.. such that it could be OK for a scoped exception to be ignored, with additional flow control afterwards10:42
tkelseycool, I am also in agreement. I'll make the change later today10:42
Davieytkelsey: Shall i change my branch to simply log a warning, then open another bug as a general-treat-test-internal-fails-as-exit-error, that may well touch other plugins?10:44
tkelseyDaviey: yup, sound good. By log a warning do you mean throw an exception?10:44
Davieyerr, I'll say yes.. (but it is a lie).10:45
tkelseylol :P10:45
tkelseywell the for sure thats a good bug10:45
tkelseyerg, cant type today, need more coffee10:45
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openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/bandit: Install word_list, log and exit if cannot find
openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/bandit: Install word_list, log and exit if cannot find
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tkelseyhey hyakuhei12:20
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fletcher_tmcpeak: did something happen to the bandit repo?15:50
fletcher_fatal: repository '' not found15:51
elmikoweird, its still up here
tkelseyfletcher_: we are openstack now15:54
Davieyit moved namespace, from stackforge to openstack15:54
fletcher_ah i see, should the project page be updated?15:54
Davieyfletcher_: Sounds like you just volunteered :)15:55
fletcher_Sure, i can update it15:57
fletcher_whoever made this change, probably should've updated the docs, fwiw :)15:57
tmcpeakfletcher_: yeah.. solid point15:58
tmcpeakI knew it was going over, should have updated it myself :)15:58
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Davieyfletcher_: Well it was 'done' by infra' - and they don't know all of our references.. at least they did go .gitreview files :)15:59
tmcpeakyeah, that one was mandatory… ;)15:59
DavieyReading -infra channel, it seemed that they are just getting around to formalise the steps to rename a project anyway.16:00
fletcher_cool, updated project page16:00
tmcpeakfletcher_: awesome, thank you16:01
fletcher_yerp, np16:01
tmcpeakI think maybe we have to do bandit readme too16:01
DavieyAnyone else getting spammed by "dowlesbu" (from this channel)16:01
tmcpeakno, but I'll fix it16:01
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Davieytmcpeak: +b16:04
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Changed chapter order as proposed
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Dashboard in Security Guide Bad Sentence
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Davieyoh hai.17:02
sicarieDaviey elmiko pdesai dg_ sec-guide?17:02
elmikohi all17:02
elmiko(sorry, dealing with a minor email disaster)17:02
pdesaihi everyone17:02
sicarieelmiko: no worries17:02
elmikohad a bad filter that caused me to miss about 2 weeks worth of mails lol17:03
elmikoi'm good now though =)17:03
sicariegood as in the filter’s gone or you’re finally caught up?17:03
sicarieor both?17:03
elmikofilter fixed, catching up ;)17:03
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elmikoso, lets talk security docs =D17:04
sicarieSo let’s start witht he RST conversion, and then I’ll move on to general structure at the end (mostly because if it rolls over I have to send an email anyway)17:04
sicariepdesai: care to start?17:04
pdesaiwe have the security-specs repo now setup for writing a bp, i have started composing a bp for migration, should have a first review by end of this week17:05
dg_good work, send a mail out when its good to review17:06
pdesaisure i will send am email17:06
sicariewow, very easy17:07
sicarieThanks for the good work on this pdesai!17:07
Davieypdesai: Sorry, the bp for migration will be ready for review EoW.. or first RST sample will be?17:07
pdesaiDaviey, bp17:07
Davieypdesai: Okay, looking forward to it.. thanks17:07
pdesaii am also working on a sample along with bp17:08
pdesaibut dont want to promise anything yet17:08
Davieysounds reasonable17:08
pdesaithanks guys, i will be creating a new folder liberty/ under security-specs17:09
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pdesaiall the bps can go under that folder for this release, thoughts?17:09
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Davieypdesai: Probably should check with hyakuhei?17:10
sicariepdesai: is there a folder structure we can reference? IIRC that would exist under a security-guide folder?17:10
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pdesaispecs has different folder structure17:11
dg_i beleive hyakuhei was going to create the folder structure, following last weeks meeting, but hes afk for a couple of weeks now17:11
elmikoi thought we had talked about a release/project structure for the specs?17:11
DavieyIt is easy enough to move it around on code review... So i'd JFDI and allow discussion on the review.17:11
elmikoso like specs/liberty/security-guide17:11
Davieydg_: he did create a review for the structure17:11
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sicarieelmiko: I think that’s what I was thinking of17:12
DavieyBUT, it isn't clear if everything under security remit should be under liberty/* or liberty/{security-doc,anchor,bandit} etc17:13
pdesaiRob has a review request for dir structure17:13
DavieyOh wait, it is clear.17:13
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elmikoyea, we'll have to move the templates later, but for a start it helps with the structure17:14
Davieypdesai: If you make your commit Depend on that one, then it should be ok.17:14
sicarietmcpeak: can you review ^17:14
pdesaiyup will create it under liberty/security-guide17:15
tmcpeaksicarie: looking17:15
tmcpeakyou want mergies?17:16
Davieysicarie: Whilst talking about organisation, are you happy if i push up a change to get it on the calendar ?17:16
sicarieYeah, let’s go for it - rob proposed, and everyone else is for17:17
Daviey(this meeting)17:17
elmikotmcpeak: yea17:17
sicarie(that’s what I was going ot end with :)17:17
sicarietmcpeak: thanks!17:17
sicariepdesai: so that’s merged you should be good to go!17:17
Davieysicarie: Channel/Room clash17:17
Davieysicarie: Sorry!17:18
pdesaisicarie: this review does not show bps on the html generated output17:18
pdesaii can fix it17:18
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sicarieexcellent - that would probably be helpful17:19
pdesaithere should be a separate sections for each project or release at least17:19
sicarieYeah, I’d say follow hyakuhei’s format on that for now - we can always change it around later17:20
sicarieOr if something is more intuitive then we can post that and compare17:20
dg_lets go with what this for the moment17:20
sicarieThat’s my first inclination - keep things consistent17:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-specs: Adding initial layout for project specs.
sicarieI like the layout - I’m assuming the content will be updated for the security project17:23
sicarieAnd that’s probably as good a segue as any into the other update17:23
sicarieI have filled in details on the specialty team wiki:
sicarieand posted a change to get us into an official meeting room:
elmikosicarie: awesome!17:24
sicarieUnfortunately there is a time conflict with #openstack-meeting-alt17:24
Davieysicarie: I looked at alternative, and the official rooms only seem to be available every other week17:24
sicarieDaviey: thanks!17:25
Daviey-meeting, -alt, -3 & -4 are all full :(17:25
dg_theres a -3 and a -4??17:25
dg_everyday is a schoolday17:25
sicarieI’m not a huge fan of bi-weekly as I forget17:25
sicariebut we definitely could17:26
sicarieDaviey and dg_ you are both EU region, correct?17:26
Davieysicarie: I am not a fan of bi-weekly, as it translates to different things in different versions of Engrish17:26
Davieysicarie: Queen's English here.17:26
sicarieDaviey: i hate it when i words out17:26
sicarieelmiko pdesai and shelleea007 are all US (elmiko is the outlier here :))17:27
dg_sicarie yep I'm UK based17:27
sicarieSo our options are bi-weekly in the morning or keep spamming the security room17:27
sicarieOr utilize another form of communication17:27
sicarieI noticed the HA guide does a Google Hangout17:28
dg_is spamming the sec room an issue?17:28
elmikoi like this time, i could see us continuing to spam but it would be nice to get meetbot17:28
tmcpeakdg_ yes, why?17:28
tmcpeakwho's doing it?17:28
sicariethis meeting17:28
tmcpeakoh, lo17:28
DavieyTwo other meetings on the schedule use their own room.. So it isn't outrageous, and at least a bit of an improvement on the current situation17:28
tmcpeakthat's what I get for paying 10% attention17:28
dg_tmcpeak sigh17:28
sicarie+1 to meetbot17:28
sicarieWe can request that, though17:29
sicariecontainers room has it17:29
elmikoso, maybe we could talk to infra about setting up our own meetbot for here?17:29
elmikoah, nice17:29
sicarie+1 I can take that as an action17:29
elmikocool, thanks17:29
sicarieas Theirry announces he’s going on vacation… :(17:29
sicarieSo for now I’ll update that change to show #openstack-security17:30
sicarieall complaints can be sent to tmcpeak17:30
sicarieand unless anyone else has anything, we’ll meet next week, hopefully with a bp for RST migration17:30
tmcpeakyeah, for sure.. I have autoforward everything negative sent to Nathaniel anyway17:30
sicarieDaviey: did you want to ask about the storage chapter?17:30
Davieysicarie: could do17:31
Davieysicarie: what part of it? :)17:31
sicarieSo anyone who needs to run can, but Daviey posted a question I just wanted to float about object and block storage chapter locations17:31
DavieyI think since the last meeting, we had a new Block storage chapter land \o/17:31
DavieyI did that shortly before the meeting17:32
elmikoDaviey: \o/17:32
DavieyThe object section was moved to be after networking.. and i kinda thought it made sense for the two storages to be next to eachother17:32
DavieyOkay, i'll bump the Block storage to be later on17:32
DavieyBut whilst talking about Storage,
DavieyThe problem with this content, is it is strongly Ubuntu centric as that is the knowledge the SME was able to provide me.17:33
DavieyAndreas isn't happy about it (which is reasonable), but personally it feels OK to land it and improve on it if/when extra knowledge is known17:34
elmikoi thought the ubuntu stuff was pretty clearly marked. i can attempt to find someone with knowledge of fedora/centos to comment as well17:35
Davieyelmiko: Super!17:35
sicarie+1 to leveraging elmiko, nkinder, et al if we can17:35
* elmiko adds it to personal #action list17:35
DavieyYeah. I'd rather not block longer than necessary, so if it is looking like it will take months to get the answers.. i'd try to urge on incremental improvements, personally17:36
sicarieelmiko: should we give it a few days and then merge and file a bug for RH additions if we can’t ifnd it easily?17:36
elmikoi'm ok with merging as is, and adding the other stuff later.17:36
elmikoi'll make a remark on the review17:36
Davieysicarie: Sorry, to bust your agenda.. but I am happy to take the action of trying to get the meetbot here?17:37
elmikoi guess, if we merge without suse/fedora/centos info we should make a bug?17:37
sicarieDaviey: sure if you want, please feel free17:37
sicarieelmiko: yes please!17:37
elmikok, i'll try to keep that in memory ;)17:37
pdesaialright guys, heading back to Symantec, see you next week17:38
DavieyI can't remember, but is talking about OSSN's scope for here - or the main meeting?17:38
sicariethanks pdesai!17:38
Davieypdesai: o/17:38
elmikoDaviey: main meeting, i think17:38
DavieyOK, thanks17:38
sicarieDaviey: if you have a question though I think elmiko, dg_ and I have all done one17:39
sicarie(at least one)17:39
Davieywell, i was just going to mention that i'd quite like a first pass review of my first OSSN..
elmikocool, added to the queue ;)17:40
dg_oh no worries17:40
sicarieAwesome, well I have to run - sorry for keeping everyone 10 after17:40
sicarieThanks and see you all next week!17:40
dg_sicarie np17:40
Davieyo/ thanks17:40
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openstackDaviey: Error: A meeting name is required, e.g., '#startmeeting Marketing Committee'21:03
Daviey#startmeeting foobar21:03
openstackMeeting started Mon Jul 13 21:03:40 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is Daviey. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:03
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'foobar'21:03
Daviey#endmeeting foobar21:03
openstackMeeting ended Mon Jul 13 21:03:47 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)21:03
openstackMinutes (text):
elmikovery cool =)21:08
Davieyelmiko: Do you want to change the channel name in your irc-meetings change?21:13
DavieyWe may get some pushback, but worth a try.21:13
DavieyOh wait, it is sicarie21:13
elmikonot sure about that21:14
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openstackgerritJamie Finnigan proposed openstack/bandit: Add tool for reporting Bandit OpenStack coverage
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