Monday, 2015-07-20

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritRainieLin proposed openstack/security-doc: Allow metadata proxy running with nobody
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tmcpeakDaviey: you around?13:45
Davieytmcpeak: always13:45
tmcpeakhaha sweet13:45
tmcpeakso I'm not sure we want install to etc13:45
tmcpeakthat generally requires sudo install, right?13:46
Davieytmcpeak: yeah13:46
tmcpeakI'd like to avoid sudo install if possible13:47
Davieytmcpeak: but we already install bandit to /usr/local/, which requires root13:48
tmcpeakDaviey: hmm, does it? and do we have any other choice? at least on a mac I'm not sudo installing13:48
Davieytmcpeak: Hmm.. it isn't /etc , but etc/13:48
Davieytmcpeak: can you try my branch and see what it does?13:49
tmcpeakDaviey: sure13:49
tmcpeakyeah etc/ should be fine, I'll give it a whirl13:49
Davieytmcpeak: We also now install the wordlist with pip install to, /usr/local/share/bandit/wordlist/default-passwords13:51
tmcpeakyeah, that looks like it might require sudo also13:51
DavieyOn a mac, where is that put?13:51
tmcpeakDaviey: good q13:52
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tmcpeakDaviey: ok, so it did install bandit to /usr/local/bin, which on a Mac doesn't seem to require special privileges14:03
tmcpeakand config went to /usr/local/etc/bandit/bandit.yaml, which also didn't require privs14:04
tmcpeakok, this appears to be some homebrew thing14:07
tmcpeakok - so /usr/local is not a system folder on OSX - I'm fairly sure that isn't true for other nix's though, so we probably currently have a situation where sudo is required to install on other nix but not on OSX14:10
Davieytmcpeak: But where do linux users install the library part?14:11
DavieyI mean, pip and easy_install both install to site wide (root required) locations14:11
tmcpeakgood question.  What are you running?14:11
tmcpeakahh ok14:11
DavieyUbuntu & Debian.. Have some RHEL, but not for this.14:12
tmcpeakok, so you're saying we already require either venv or elevated privs?14:12
DavieyThat is how i understood it14:12
tmcpeakok cool14:12
tmcpeakDaviey: change looks good and appdirs gets around the strangeness we had last time we tried to do this14:13
DavieyHow i do it locally is, python sdist # create tarball14:13
Daviey$ pip install dist/bandit-0.12.1.dev23.tar.gz14:13
DavieyOSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bandit-0.12.1.dev23.dist-info'14:14
tmcpeakbtw: what's this: os.environ['XDG_CONFIG_DIRS'] = '/etc:/usr/local/etc'14:15
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Davieytmcpeak: That stops it using /etc/xdg/bandit/14:16
tmcpeakwhat's xdg?14:16
Davieytmcpeak: But do test what the branch does on your system.. i've only tested it on Debian and Ubuntu14:18
tmcpeakok cool, I'll play with this a bit14:19
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sigmavirus24tmcpeak: Daviey why not `pip install --user bandit`?14:41
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sigmavirus24Also data_files won't write to /etc/ iirc14:42
tmcpeaksigmavirus24: ahh14:42
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sigmavirus24dstufft: can confirm what data_files does w/r/t where it installs stuff but people will likely be using Bandit on more than just linux14:42
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Davieysigmavirus24: I've never used that.. I always use either venv or global14:43
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tmcpeaksigmavirus24: use it for more than Linux like… ?14:44
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: e.g., installing bandit on OSX or (*shocked face*) Windows14:45
DavieyBut JFYI, on linux it installs to ~/.local/etc/bandit/bandit.yaml14:45
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tmcpeaklol, windows14:49
tmcpeakI wonder if Bandit even works on Windows14:49
elmikoif you have a python env setup is there any reason it wouldn't?14:50
elmikofor the record, my windows python experience is very limited14:51
DavieyAnd TBH, unless we have tested it - we have to presume it doesn't work14:51
DavieyAnyone think Stan would mind if i helped nudge along a config related branch by pushing a new revision ?14:52
tmcpeakDaviey: I can ping him14:53
Davieytmcpeak: he's on silly o'clock?14:53
tmcpeakyeah, but also hacker hours14:53
Davieytmcpeak: don't worry, i'll just do it14:53
tmcpeakok cool14:53
DavieyIf he minds, then my bad.14:54
tmcpeakok cool, yeah he probably wouldn't mind14:55
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sigmavirus24So given our limited dependencies, if bandit doesn't work on Windows, I'd be thoroughly shocked15:12
sigmavirus24And regardless of what we advertise supporting, someone will try to use it on Windows, I guarantee it15:13
tmcpeakyeah, most likely15:13
DavieyIf i get bored, i might give it a try15:14
tmcpeakI'd be curious, but not enough to do it myself :D15:14
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Davieytmcpeak: If i test it on windows, do you want to test it on Plan 9?15:17
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sigmavirus24Daviey: yes15:20
sigmavirus24plan 9 users should be our target demographic15:20
tmcpeakI dont' even know what that is ;)15:20
* tmcpeak googles15:20
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: how old are you?15:20
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tmcpeakold enough I should know15:21
sigmavirus24Okay. I think you're young enough to not have to know15:21
elmikoDaviey, sigmavirus24, lol to plan9 support15:21
sigmavirus24elmiko: 2016 is the year of plan 9 on the desktop15:21
sigmavirus24I'm calling it right now15:21
tmcpeaklooks like they killed it in 2002, so I probably should have heard of it at some point15:22
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: there are still people supporting plan 9 is things15:22
elmikosigmavirus24: if you are correct, i'm buying the cervezas in barcelona ;)15:22
tmcpeakloool, why?15:22
sigmavirus24wmii is a linux window manager that uses a virtual plan 9 so that you can control the environment with file descriptors and stuff15:22
sigmavirus24it's fun15:22
sigmavirus24(that's the real reason that I @ 24 know what plan 9 is)15:23
elmikoi want to know if bandit will work on my haiku installation?15:23
elmiko(probably yes)15:23
tmcpeakwow man, you're young15:23
sigmavirus24the real test is if it works on bsd15:23
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: if I feel old, does that count for anything?15:23
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tmcpeakyou're ahead of the curve for sure - I wasn't doing anything productive anywhere close to 2415:24
sigmavirus24depends on your definition of productive =P15:25
elmikoi was writing o/s layer drivers for a custom arm asic15:25
elmiko(at 24, that is)15:25
tmcpeakthat counts15:25
sigmavirus24Sadly I've never done anything that interesting15:26
elmikothat was a lifetime ago though lol15:26
sigmavirus24The closest I can come to that is saying that I've written code for pyca/cryptography15:26
elmikosigmavirus24: which is pretty cool imo15:26
tmcpeakalso counts15:26
sigmavirus24yeah, I was pretty ecstatic to get that merged. it's a cool project15:27
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elmikoi'm actually blown away by how many changes you guys have been putting into bandit recently, big thumbs up from this side of the keyboard =)15:27
tmcpeakyeah, cryptography is a great project15:27
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tmcpeakelmiko: thank you (although not my work) I'm very happy with the Bandit community15:28
Davieyelmiko: Perhaps if your thumbs were on the keyboard, you'd be more productive :)15:28
* Daviey imagines elmiko trying to type with his thumbs elevated 15:28
elmikoDaviey: haha!15:28
elmikotyping with thumbs up is like drinking tea with pinky finger raised ;)15:29
DavieyHow British15:29
elmikoneeds more finger sandwiches though15:29
DavieyOver the weekend, i packaged bandit for Debian and Ubuntu.15:29
sigmavirus24Daviey: you can type with your thumbs up on
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tmcpeakDaviey: sweet!15:30
elmikodude... that is nutty15:30
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sigmavirus24(without all the referrer crap)15:31
tmcpeak^ WTH15:31
sigmavirus24I've seen a keyboard like that with adjustable wrist rests builtin15:31
sigmavirus24so your arms aren't hanging there15:31
sigmavirus24also, I'm a keyboard ... enthusiast, having built 2 already15:32
sigmavirus24just FYI15:32
tmcpeak*built* ?15:32
tmcpeakI didn't even know that was a thing15:32
sigmavirus24soldered, etc.15:32
sigmavirus24Yeah, kind of like
tmcpeakI'm a big fan of nice keyboards, although I've never gotten with the ergo stuff]15:33
sigmavirus24it's super comfortable15:33
tmcpeakI like loud clicky keyboards15:33
elmikosigmavirus24: nice, one of the guys here at red hat is totally into building kb's too15:33
Davieysigmavirus24: nice find15:33
sigmavirus24As a guitarist for over a decade, I need ergonomic keyboards for all of the typing I do15:33
sigmavirus24elmiko: awesome. Keyboard building is a very welcoming but small club15:33
elmikoseems like it15:33
tmcpeakso how do you feel about the MS keyboards?15:34
Davieysigmavirus24: You... build.. keyboards?15:34
sigmavirus24I used to really like them tmcpeak15:34
sigmavirus24Daviey: these are F/OSS keyboards (at least the design/software are)15:34
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: assuming you mean the MS naturals15:35
Davieysigmavirus24: Which mech' switches?15:35
tmcpeakI should probably really learn to type on an ergo keyboard, but… my productivity would take a huge hit while getting used to it15:35
tmcpeaksigmavirus24: yeah, those are the ones15:35
sigmavirus24Daviey: I have one keyboard with blues and one with clears15:35
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: not really. it's a short hit15:35
elmikoi really want to try this,
*** marzif has joined #openstack-security15:35
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: that is what I used for a good 10 years15:35
sigmavirus24elmiko: the kinesis design is the basis for the ergodox except it's not based on really old tech with a ps/2 to usb connector15:36
sigmavirus24er ergodox design is based on the kinesis15:36
tmcpeakthat looks like it could be awesome15:36
elmikoi'm just really curious about the typing experience15:36
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: the thing with the MS Naturals is there are rubber domes which means every time you press the key you have to bottom out15:36
sigmavirus24which causes RSI over time15:36
sigmavirus24So while it's more comfortable for my wrists, I still get finger/hand pain15:36
sigmavirus24ergodox allows for wrist comfort and I don't have to bottom out to type15:37
DavieyI've been meaning to learn Dvorak myself.15:37
tmcpeakdo they have any ergo, mechanical, loud keyboards? I'd probably be willing to try an ergo but *will not* give up my mechanical15:37
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tmcpeaklol @ Dvorak15:37
sigmavirus24Daviey: Dvorak is good but you still have a problem where one hand may type more letters than another so you have more stress on one hand15:37
sigmavirus24My friend actually made his own layout so he could avoid digraphs on the same hand15:38
sigmavirus24^ The wonders of F/OSS software15:38
Davieysigmavirus24: I just spend my day copy and pasting from stack exchange, so it isn't that bad TBH15:38
sigmavirus24This same friend just built a sumo wrestling robot and stuff which I have yet to see15:38
sigmavirus24Daviey: A+15:39
sigmavirus24sharing that with my team at work now15:39
Davieysigmavirus24: You interact with your team?  You really need to outsource that.15:39
sigmavirus24Daviey: no joke15:40
DavieyThis changed my life,
tmcpeaklol, oh yeah - this is classic.  There was actually a guy that got busted for doing this15:41
tmcpeakhe got caught because he company noticed somebody hitting the VPN from like Russia or something, it turned out it was the guy he had outsourced his job to15:42
tmcpeakand he also had like 2 or 3 jobs15:42
DavieyYeah, they found a peculiarly large amount of VPN connections coming from India.. He even shipped them some RSA dongles.15:42
DavieyRussia, China, India.. All the same, right15:43
tmcpeakas chair6 would say15:43
tmcpeakliving the dream15:43
tmcpeak"It's possible that he is missed, though. His performance reviews were impeccable, and his company considered him the best developer in the building."15:44
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DavieyA Friend recently took a 6 month sabbatical from their job, and was informed that due to their recent improved performance they were getting a promotion.  Yes, they were better at their job by being absent.15:47
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openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Adding sample RST format
openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Adding sample RST format
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elmikowas just checking out pdesai patch =)17:00
pdesaihi everyone17:00
sicarieping Daviey17:01
*** AJaeger has joined #openstack-security17:01
AJaegerHi, is Priti around?17:01
sicarieAJaeger: welcome!17:01
sicarieand yes17:01
sicarieelmiko: link?17:01
AJaegerpdesai: I just saw your security guide RST patch - let's continue with mine instead, please17:02
AJaegersicarie: thanks!17:02
elmikooh, oops17:02
sicarieAJaeger: I believe you may be here to discuss ^17:02
*** shelleea007 has joined #openstack-security17:02
AJaegerelmiko, pdesai : yes, 203725 duplicates what I did last week in 202917...17:03
sicarieshelleea007: welcome!17:03
*** dg_ has joined #openstack-security17:03
elmikoAJaeger: thanks for the update17:03
dg_hey people17:03
pdesaii didnt notice we already have a patch17:03
pdesaithats awesome17:03
Davieysicarie: hey!17:03
sicariedg_ we’re taking a look at
sicariewelcome Daviey!17:03
AJaegerpdesai: sicarie added you to it ;)17:03
AJaegerpdesai: I suggest to go with my version, yours is slightly suboptimal.17:04
sicarieYep, I believe I added everyone here to it17:04
pdesaiyup checking, glad to know, i was in right direction :)17:05
AJaegerpdesai: could you review mine and ask if you have questions...17:05
pdesaiAndreas, yup lets go with yours17:05
AJaegerpdesai: There's no need to import the glossary, this can be done differently...17:05
AJaegerpdesai: This syncs the glossary:
DavieyAJaeger's is a foundation, most of it will be changed immediately after merge... I think it should just be merged asap17:06
AJaegerDaviey: you shouldn't need to change anything, you build on top of it and add other files.17:07
AJaegerDaviey: Or where do you see the need for changing (besides updating index.rst)?17:07
elmikoif we can agree, should we just merge now?17:07
DavieyAJaeger: No, I wasn't clear.. I just mean - yours is the basis to build on.17:08
AJaegerok, Daviey !17:08
sicarieelmiko: I’m for merging now as well17:08
AJaegerBtw. I've also updated
sicarieAJaeger: thanks!17:09
DavieyOnce we have finished with migration to RST, can we think about going full circle and going back to LaTeX?17:09
shelleea007hi, i am paying attention, I assure you that I am.17:09
elmikounless there are objections, i'm adding +A to the rst patch17:09
AJaegerDaviey: send patches ;)17:09
AJaegerDaviey: I doubt that the Jenkins slaves have LaTeX packages installed17:09
DavieyAJaeger: Oh, well - THAT issue couldn't be fixed :)17:10
sicarieelmiko: we have a low “pending” number (there have been a few that are stale I need to push or propose against), let’s get a +/- from pdesai and dg_17:10
sicariebut I think we should be able to shortly17:10
elmikosicarie: agreed, i wanted to give them chance to say something17:10
dg_so this looks good to me in principal, are there specifics that you are looking for a +/- on?17:11
AJaegerit builds locally, should publish to docs.o.o/draft/security-guide-rst and should follow the setup we do for other RST guides...17:12
sicariedg_ do you have any concerns about this? Anything that should be addressed before +1 workflow?17:12
AJaegerdg_: If you spot anything, please ask17:13
sicarieawesome +1 from pdesai17:13
sicarieand just a reminder as to the overall process:
pdesaiyup, +1 from me, as long as its published somewhere17:14
dg_so, +1, provided - a) the workflow is documented so noobs, or people who dont touch it everyday can contribute, b) someone relatively independant has tested it17:15
dg_Im happy to step through the process and test it builds, but Im guessing you guys have already done that a lot!17:15
AJaegerpdesai: Once it's up on I'll send a patch for - that's our secret index for draft documents ;)17:15
AJaegerdg_, pdesai: tox -e docs will only build the RST guide, tox -e checkbuild will build both DocBook and RST.17:16
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC17:16
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-security17:17
pdesaigot it17:17
AJaegerWe use in the gate "tox -e checkbuild", tox -e docs is the shortcut we tell contributors for only building RST guides17:17
DavieySo the conversion happens in the shadow of drafts, then when complete we flip the switch.  Sounds good.17:18
pdesaiaah, i noticed openstack-manuals also has install-guides as one of the env.17:18
pdesaiwhich was helpful17:18
AJaegerbtw. I also send two cleanup changes for the specs repo, nothing urgent... - see,n,z17:18
DavieyThe only question is, in the interim - do we ask contributors to write for both formats concurrently ?17:18
sicarieDaviey: I think we should declare a freeze until we ‘flip the switch’ to RST17:18
AJaegerDaviey: That's what we do with other guides. As soon as there is an RST file, we ask to get both changed.17:18
AJaegersicarie: that's an alternative. If you're quick with the conversion, I suggest going down that road...17:19
sicarieAJaeger: I thought only one would exist after the conversion was validated?17:19
sicarieAh, gotcha17:19
DavieyAJaeger / pdesai: typically, how long has it taken other projects to convert ?17:20
AJaegersicarie: Currently both documents get published. Once you finish the conversion, you need to delete the old guide from the repos, publish the new guide to a non-draft location, setup translations for the new guide.17:20
elmikoi'm +1 for cranking on the conversion, all engines burn =)17:20
* AJaeger can help with the translation setup17:20
pdesai+1 from me too17:20
AJaegerDaviey: The first project two guides took long but that was also due to it being new (2 months?)17:20
DavieyAJaeger: Which raises the question of translations, are all the previous ones voided?17:20
AJaegerI see us moving forward...17:20
sicarieelmiko pdesai: do you have spare cycles this week you can validate? I should have some, but I won’t know how many until Weds17:21
AJaegerDaviey: We lost 10-20 % of strings with the user guides due to different markup.17:21
* Daviey has NFI what the current translation coverage is17:21
AJaegerDaviey: But with User guides I was able to recover the rest with some tricks17:21
elmikosicarie: just to be clear, we are talking about validating the converted docs?17:22
sicarieyes, the RST17:22
AJaegerDaviey: - not sure if this works if you're not logged in17:22
AJaegerBasically: Japanese 76 %17:22
AJaegerNext best: Chinese with 8 %17:22
sicarieso that we can declare a freeze, validate the RST, move RST in, delete docbook, ask all current & future changes to be RST17:22
AJaegerSo, you really only care about Japanese...17:22
elmikosicarie: ok, looks like it's empty in that patch. i'm a little confused, is there an automated converter from xml to rst?17:23
elmikoor am i looking at the wrong thing17:23
AJaegerelmiko: conversion from DocBook to RST has to be done file by file manually!17:23
elmikoAJaeger: ok, thought so17:23
elmikosicarie: i'm certainly willing to start converting =)17:23
AJaegerelmiko: see which explains the process17:23
elmikoAJaeger: thanks!17:24
AJaegerIf you have any questions, ask on #openstack-doc17:24
elmikowill do17:24
sicarieSo do we have volunteers to spend some time converting docbook to RST?17:24
elmikook, so just to be absolutely clear. we approve this first patch, then start putting up reviews for converted patches, then profit =)17:24
elmikosicarie: yea, i'll certainly grab a doc or 217:25
sicarieelmiko: +117:25
DavieyHow are we coordinating this?17:25
dg_elmiko +117:25
pdesaiyup me too17:25
dg_i should have some cycles this week17:25
AJaegerI suggest you have some kind of document to sync who works on what - let's avoid duplicated work like pdesai and my did.17:25
elmikoDaviey: maybe an etherpad17:25
sicarieDaviey: I’m looking to see if we have enough interest to do a sprint (bug freeze), and then work on the best way to divvy up the work17:25
sicarieelmiko: my thoughts exactly17:25
elmikosicarie: you want to set it up?17:26
AJaegerFor the manuals, we used the Migrate wiki page I referenced, but you can also use this etherpad since it has some structure already:
* Daviey votes for sicarie to arrange splitting up the work17:26
* AJaeger doubts you do it in one week but likes to be proven wrong ;)17:26
elmikowell, AJaeger does have all the chapetrs broken out already in that pad17:26
AJaegerelmiko: that wasn't me...17:27
pdesai+1 to etherpad17:27
DavieyGreat, that is half of the challenge.  Almost finished17:27
sicarieGreat, I’ll take a look at filesizes, probably do things like hand identity to pdesa, sahara to elmiko, etc… and document it in that etherpad, following up with an email when we have enough to start on17:27
elmikowell, <insert kind being> does have all the chapters broken out already in that pad ;)17:27
pdesaithat was me :)17:27
sicarieMay have been pdesai’s work?17:27
* elmiko bows to pdesai 17:27
sicarieyes, this is definitely very useful17:28
sicariewell 2 min left17:28
sicariewe have no pending bugs to traige17:28
AJaegerelmiko: did you just +Workflow my patch? Give it at least a +2, otherwise Gerrit is not happy...17:28
* Daviey slaps sicarie to fix
elmikoshould we just put our irc nick at the end of the line we are working on?17:28
elmikoAJaeger: done17:28
elmikoAJaeger: do i need to toggle workflow again too?17:28
dg_sicarie Im happy to take a couple of chapters17:29
AJaegerelmiko: hope not, let's wait - otherwise anybody can +workflow...17:29
sicariewe did have a change submitted, but I was going to -1 it anyway, so I’ll explain we’re going into a freeze17:29
sicariedg_ awesome thanks!17:29
dg_please add the links above to the etherpad!17:29
sicarieLast note is that the new proposed time for an official #openstack-meeting room failed so I’m going to take one last look at times, but probably request it stays here17:29
* AJaeger just adds +workflow to unconfuse gerrit ;)17:30
sicarieWith that, I will update the ehterpad and send an email to all of you17:30
elmikoawesome =)17:30
Davieysicarie: +1 for keeping meeting here17:30
pdesaithanks guys17:30
sicarieDaviey: that would be ideal, but infra doesn’t like to have meetings outside the -meeting* rooms17:30
sicarieThey talked about a possible exception, so we’ll see what they say17:31
AJaegerbtw.: You might get many merge conflicts since each of you adds to index.rst17:31
Davieysicarie: Did you have an additional conversation, or is this based on the one i had?17:31
AJaegerOne suggestion: Create a first patch that creates all the chapters and add them to index.rst17:31
sicarieAJaeger: thanks! I will definitely take that note17:31
elmikoAJaeger: good idea17:31
AJaegerAnd then each of you enhances an existing file but does not need to touch index.rst - so no merge conflicts....17:31
sicarieDaviey: it was discussed in the comments of the change17:32
sicarieCool, thanks everyone - I will be in touch shortly!17:33
pdesaiI have done some work on creating ch. i will take that up17:33
sicarieAJaeger: thanks for joining! It’s greatly appreciated!17:33
sicariepdesai: awesome, I will note your will be the first commit and be watching for it17:33
pdesaiyup sure17:33
Davieysicarie: Just to be clear... sec-guide is now frozen17:34
DavieyDoes that include already inflight changes?17:34
sicarieDaviey: yes17:35
elmikogood question, we don't want to lose bug fixes17:35
AJaegersicarie: you're welcome...17:35
sicarieelmiko: I did take a look, there are two by new contributors, and I will reach out to them and help them with their changes17:35
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Setup RST Security Guide
elmikosicarie: awesome, thanks17:36
sicarieI have a pending change I forgot to touch up, and Daviey has two in-flight :(17:36
AJaegerWhy not quickly review and merge them?17:36
elmikoyea, that's a good idea17:36
elmikoDaviey, links?17:36
sicarieah, one of Daviey’s is an OSSN
sicarieThe other is:
sicarieand mine is:
sicarieI’ll push updates to mine now17:38
elmikooh, 199231 is gonna take more conversation i think17:38
sicarieI think the effort might be better spent on converting and waiting to get that info right17:39
DavieyOne of mine is blocked on being too single vendor centric17:39
elmikothat's the one we were talking about17:39
Davieyi'll drop the docbook and restart it in somethign which doesn't make me want to make a bad life choice17:39
elmikoDaviey: lol!17:40
Davieydg_: Are you going to the London event tomorrow?17:41
dg_Daviey unfortunately not, we heard about it at too short notice to sort out funding17:42
AJaegerHere's the patch for draft-index:
Davieydg_: sad4u17:44
DavieyAJaeger: You are a machine!17:44
dg_daviey tkelsey and i will try and get to the next one17:44
DavieyAJaeger: Oh, i take that back.. I thought that was the full index.17:45
Davieydg_: great!17:45
elmikoi think pdesai is doing the index, no?17:45
AJaegerDaviey: no, didn't sign up for that patch ;)17:45
pdesaiyup i will setup index17:46
elmikoAJaeger: does this draft get published somewhere?17:46
*** lexholden has joined #openstack-security17:47
openstackgerritNathaniel Dillon proposed openstack/security-doc: Adding hypervisor and issue handling section to compute chapter
sicarieelmiko Daviey pdesai dg_ ^ (if it passes tox)17:47
elmikoyup, reading now17:48
elmikothanks pdesai17:48
AJaegerelmiko: once from the location that pdesai gave17:50
*** elo has joined #openstack-security17:50
elmikoAJaeger: ok, yea, i was just wondering where they end up =)17:51
* sicarie adds fixing tox on his local system to his ‘to-do’ list17:57
AJaegersicarie: you can build without tox as well...17:58
sicarieAJaeger: is that the maven build stuff?17:58
AJaegersicarie: for RST there's no need to maven17:59
sicarieYeah, that fix I’m trying to push through I forgot a </link> tag17:59
AJaegersicarie: you even with maven, you do not need tox - it's just a bit more comfortable17:59
AJaegersicarie: let's do it again ;)17:59
sicarieit’s added now, but if I can check before pushing this update, that woudl be preferred17:59
AJaegertox -e checksyntax is the quickest way for that18:00
*** pcaruana has quit IRC18:00
sicarieyeah, I updated something, so now I’m getting Interpreter not found errors18:00
AJaegersicarie: let jenkins test it ;)18:01
sicarieAJaeger: done :)18:01
openstackgerritNathaniel Dillon proposed openstack/security-doc: Adding hypervisor and issue handling section to compute chapter
AJaegersicarie: LGTM, let's hope Jenkins is happy as well. Thanks!18:02
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
sicariepdesai elmiko Daviey dg_ I have updated the etherpad18:11
sicarielooks like we should each have 4 or 5 sections18:12
*** lexholden has quit IRC18:14
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
*** tkelsey has quit IRC18:33
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Adding hypervisor and issue handling section to compute chapter
*** lexholden has joined #openstack-security18:40
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Davieypdesai: Hey, did you make an index?20:44
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC20:47
*** pdesai has quit IRC20:48
openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/security-doc: Initial conversion of Compliance chapter to rst
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-security21:09
*** jmckind has quit IRC21:11
*** pdesai has joined #openstack-security21:15
openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/security-doc: Initial conversion of Management chapter to rst
*** shelleea007 has quit IRC21:23
Davieypdesai: around?21:23
pdesaiDaviey: yes21:28
Davieypdesai: I was just thinking about AJaeger's concern of getting the index.rst done first... I am guessing this is to avoid too many inflight branches fighting with merge conflicts..21:29
DavieyIf it is a PITA to pre-plan all the filenames.. does it make sense to have a long lived index.rst branch that is multiplayer, that the rest of us can Depend on, but also edit it as we need?21:30
elmikothat could work too21:30
pdesaiyeah definitely,21:30
pdesaiit shouldnt take me longer than tonight to add index.rst21:31
Davieyok super21:31
pdesaii was planning to add reference to all ch. files and create empty ch. files21:32
elmikooooh, that's nice21:32
Davieyok, that can work aswell.21:32
*** hyakuhei has quit IRC21:57
*** sigmavirus24 is now known as sigmavirus24_awa21:58
*** dg_ has quit IRC21:59
pdesaiDaviey: there?22:09
Davieypdesai: always22:09
pdesaii can not add empty ch. files, as it not a valid rst format :(22:12
pdesaiso i am converting each ch. (without its sections) into rst22:13
Davieypdesai: hmm, ok22:14
Davieypdesai: That does mean we are likely to have to merge crap, rather than doing a proper review22:14
pdesainope, once i create ch. rst files with minimal content, we can work on individual chapters independetly22:17
*** edmondsw has quit IRC22:19
elmikopdesai: might be quick/more efficient to just create each chapter's rst with the title only in the body?22:36
*** dwyde has quit IRC22:38
elmikocool, i might have misunderstood what you were planning. unless it was a hackathon of epic proportions ;)22:49
pdesai:) i am just adding titles, i did endup converting each ch_ xml to rst but it has to formated carefully, just pandoc conversion is not sufficient,22:50
elmikook cool22:51
*** viraptor has joined #openstack-security22:51
elmikopandoc is so useful22:51
pdesaisince index is a blocker right now, will just add minimal required content22:52
elmikosounds good22:52
DavieyYeah, that sounds much better22:53
DavieyI was worried we'd have to merge crap.22:54
*** viraptor has quit IRC22:55
*** viraptor has joined #openstack-security22:56
elmikonah, pdesai wouldn't do that to us ;)22:57
*** viraptor_ has joined #openstack-security22:59
openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Setting up Index of Security Guide in RST format Index entries are same as in docbook format.
*** viraptor has quit IRC23:01
*** viraptor_ is now known as viraptor23:01
openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Index in RST format Setting up Index of Security Guide in RST format Index entries are same as in docbook format.
pdesailets wait for build results from
*** voodookid has quit IRC23:03
viraptorDaviey: you were looking for me before, I heard?23:03
viraptor(stan, hp)23:04
*** bknudson has quit IRC23:04
pdesaielmiko, Daviey, signing out for now, will check tonight if i have to apply any changes to the patch for index, have fun23:09
*** pdesai has quit IRC23:09
*** sigmavirus24_awa is now known as sigmavirus2423:12
Davieyviraptor: hey, i wanted to make sure you didnt mind me helping your openatack/requirements branch along by pushing another rev23:12
Daviey(i disagree with idea of arbitrary lower versions, totally).. bu the version i added is > than supported distros)23:19
viraptorDaviey: sure, thanks for speeding it up! - it really drags on...23:20
*** bitblt has joined #openstack-security23:20
*** jhfeng has quit IRC23:32
*** pdesai has joined #openstack-security23:37
*** pdesai has quit IRC23:44
*** sigmavirus24 is now known as sigmavirus24_awa23:58

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