Monday, 2015-08-24

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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elmikoanyone around for sec-doc meeting?17:02
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tmcpeaksicarie: ^17:03
elmikolooks like folks are trickling in ;)17:04
pdesaihi guys17:04
elmikohey pdesai17:04
elmikoso far, just you and me17:04
pdesaihi elmiko17:04
pdesaioh :)17:04
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pdesaihi elmiko, i was having some issues with creating launchpad bugs from ehterpad17:05
*** sicarie has joined #openstack-security17:05
* sicarie sneaks in17:05
elmikopdesai: yea, i saw you got some of them going17:05
elmikowhat was the issue?17:05
elmikohey sicarie17:05
sicariehey all, sorry for being late17:06
pdesaias the old content is no longer available, have to jump to older commits17:06
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elmikoah, ok17:06
pdesaito actually compare and list what is missing17:06
elmikoit looked like you got off to a good start though =)17:06
sicarieSO yeah, as you guys can see, I’m totally prepared for this week17:08
* sicarie is not17:08
elmikohaha, no worries sicarie, we were just starting to get rolling17:08
sicarieMy family decided to come in town, and with the whirlwind that is relatives I was more than a little distracted17:08
sicarieI did managed to jump into the docteam meeting and check on the paper book publishing17:08
sicarieThey publish from the PDF, and cna do so at any time17:09
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sicarieSo I’m going to sit on the next change that comes in and see how long it takes to propagate to the PDF, and we can decide on when to push the new leaf version17:09
sicarieI’m mostly happy with th esec-guide as it is now17:10
sicarieI’d really like to get the Compute/Network chapters updated - I’m working on container stuff as well17:10
sicarieBut does anyone have anything they’d really like to make sure gets pushed into the new paper version?17:10
sicarieSomething tha’ts not yet merged?17:10
elmikonothing from me17:11
elmikoi will have some data processing changes coming, but i need to see what lands in liberty first17:11
sicariepdesai Daviey shelleea007? ^17:11
pdesainothing from me either, i will continue filing bugs from ehterpad17:11
sicarieelmiko: good stuff17:12
pdesaiand if i get some bandwidth, will start checklist17:12
sicariepdesai: awesome, thanks!17:12
sicariepdesai: I think container security will lend itself well to that, initially17:12
elmikocontainer security could end up being a big topic17:13
sicarieThe stuff outside the CIS benchmarks may be easily shown in that form17:13
sicarieelmiko: yep, for the moment it seems the CIS benchmarks are the way to go, that’s what the docker security team is embracing, but they’re already 2 versions behind17:13
sicarieStaying on top of that in the beginning is going to be rough17:14
sicarieThey’ve already had 2 version releases since June17:14
sicarieBut that’s why OpenSTack pays me the big bucks….. wait….17:14
* sicarie is in it for the bytes17:15
* Daviey cant engage right niw.. in call.17:15
sicarieno worries Daviey - light week anyway17:15
sicarieI’ll look at what is out there right now and the ‘current state’ after the RST migration, and we’ll decide what has to make it in the leaf version, and push it before Tokyo17:16
sicarieNext week I’m going to have it ALL figured out :)17:16
sicariei hope17:16
shelleea007sorry I am multitasking, issues with something17:16
sicarieno worries17:16
sicarieSo yeah, unless pdesai or elmiko has anything, I think that’s a wrap17:16
pdesainope nothing from myside17:17
elmikonothing from me, i need to grab a bug or two17:17
shelleea007i plan on being able to contribute more.17:17
shelleea007which chapters still should be reviewed?17:17
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elmikosounds like compute/networking?17:17
sicarieI think networking needs a neutron resource17:18
elmikoah, ok17:18
sicarieI’m going to reach out to Edgar Magana again - I touched base with him at the Summit17:18
sicarieI think HP might have someone on that project17:18
* sicarie isn’t 100% sure :)17:18
sicarieMan, I had two cups of really strong coffee this morning, I feel like Hammy from over the hedge17:19
shelleea007ok i will check that out17:19
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shelleea007is it more content17:19
sicarieCompute is everything17:19
shelleea007or grammatical/lackluster wording17:19
sicarieI have an open etherpad on content17:20
sicarieI need to see what else should be in there17:20
sicarieI think a general section on FIM and another on MAC (SELinux/AppArmor/GRSecurity)17:20
shelleea007ok. I have been meaning to do that but, you know... craziness with audits and other fun activitie17:20
shelleea007ill ping you for that later sicarie17:20
sicariesounds good17:20
shelleea007cool deal, i have nothing else17:20
sicarieCool, then with that - thanks all!17:20
sicarieCatch you next week!17:21
elmikoi'll be traveling during this time next week, fyi17:21
elmikowill be headed your way sicarie ;)17:21
sicarieawesome, you’re cominginto the mid-cycle?17:21
sicarieshould be a good collaboration17:22
elmikobut my flight leaves here at noon, so if the wifi on the plane is good i'll be here, but who knows17:22
elmikoyea, i'm looking forward to it17:22
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openstackmariofv: Admin, Bugtracker, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User17:26
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juzocomo estan?17:57
tmcpeakjuzo: please speak english here17:57
juzosoy nuevo17:57
tmcpeakprobablemente hay otros canales que son mejores para hablar español17:58
juzodime uno ok ;-)17:59
juzoaca todos hablan español????:-/17:59
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juzoo ingles?18:00
elmikotmcpeak: whoa, full court press...18:01
juzono hablo ingless18:01
tmcpeak#espanol es un mejor canal para usted18:02
juzook gracias compa18:02
tmcpeakde nada18:02
tmcpeakelmiko: :)18:02
elmikodude, that was epic18:02
tmcpeakgoogle translate FTW18:03
elmikoi hope this means we're going out for tacos and margaritas next week =)18:04
tmcpeakelmiko: that is guaranteed18:04
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juzosayonara =)18:07
tmcpeakjuzo: adios18:08
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juzotmcpeak en #espanol todos son bot valeeeee18:14
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elmikoyour move tmcpeak ...18:20
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tmcpeakelmiko: I'm folding :P18:28
juzotmcpeak dime otro chat donde la gente hable español y  que no sean bot¬¬18:31
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elmikoQué quieres charlar sobre OpenStack?18:35
juzotodos son bot aca?18:35
juzoelmiko tambien hablas español?18:36
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elmikojuzo: no, traductor de Google18:37
juzoelmiko ok18:37
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juzohow are you?18:47
elmikoEstoy bien, ¿tienes una pregunta sobre OpenStack?18:49
elmikojuzo: este canal es para discusiones OpenStack18:53
elmikowhy do i have the feeling that i am helping to build some sort of complex machine learning model...18:54
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elmikosorry, it's kinda slow right now :/19:09
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elmikogood ole juzo, we'll miss you19:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Adjust URLs for admin-guide-cloud
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openstackgerritwilliam snow proposed openstack/security-doc: Corrected security group documentation
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openstackgerritwilliam snow proposed openstack/security-doc: Corrected security group documentation
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