Wednesday, 2015-08-26

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yumCe ne suno09:14
openstackyum: Error: "start" is not a valid command.09:16
openstackyum: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.09:16
openstackyum: Error: "comand" is not a valid command.09:16
openstackyum: Error: "command" is not a valid command.09:17
openstackyum: Error: "command" is not a valid command.09:18
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michaelxinbucknerns: hi16:14
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michaelxinhi, guys, as we mentioned in our last week's IRC meeting, we make our PoC for API fuzzing/security testing tool available.16:23
michaelxinYou can check it at
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michaelxinAt this time, we have not added lots of security checks yet.16:24
michaelxinWe want the feedbacks from you all first16:24
michaelxinIf you have anything, please feel free to ping me, or nathan (bucknerns) or mvaldes16:25
michaelxinThanks bucknerns for his hard work on this PoC16:26
tmcpeakmichaelxin: awesome!16:28
tmcpeakbucknerns: sweet!16:28
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bucknernsI'm most proud of the autocomplete16:31
michaelxintmcpeak: Thanks. It is still in early stage. We want the feedbacks from the community and contribution from the community. Together, we can make it a great tool.16:32
michaelxinbucknerns: I know you love autocomplete16:32
tmcpeakmichaelxin: yeah, awesome, I'm excited to check it out!16:33
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tmcpeaknice touch:
bucknernsIn that example it would fuzz the domain ID and the headers including the auth token.  No body fuzzing since it doesn't have a body.16:40
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bucknernswhile fuzzing the headers the domain id would default to the string in the braces16:41
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tmcpeakyeah for sure, makes sense16:42
bucknernsif for instance you didn't want to fuzz the auth token you could add ACTION_FIELD: in front of the key x-auth-token:16:44
tmcpeakcool - I've got to carve off an hour or so and give it a proper play16:44
bucknernsthe reason we went with this syntax instead of adopting something exactly like burp is because we are iterating through the body/header object recursively and fuzzing the values.  It makes for better fuzzing because an object like <tag a=5 /> can be fuzzed to <tag>some fuzz string</tag>16:47
tmcpeakmakes sense16:48
mvaldesdefinitely proxy it through Burp to get a good view of what it happening behind the scenes16:48
tmcpeaksomething that would be cool is request logging16:49
bucknernsI wouldn't mind input on the object fuzzing vs string replacement fuzzing sometime16:49
bucknernsthey are all logged16:49
tmcpeakoh cool16:49
mvaldesi forgot to include the logging details in the readme!16:50
michaelxinmvaldes: Please add it now16:50
michaelxinmvaldes: it is a cool feature16:50
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mvaldesworking on it now :)16:53
tmcpeakmichaelxin, mvaldes, bucknerns: you guys going to midcycle?16:55
tmcpeakwould love to see a demo at midcycle and get some hacking on it16:55
michaelxintmcpeak: Sure16:55
michaelxintmcpeak: I will be there.16:56
bucknernsi made a gist of a run.  I did a keyboard break16:56
bucknernsbut I showed a log and an ls of the log dir there16:56
tmcpeakvery cool16:56
tmcpeakif you can drop a link to that output in readme or something?16:57
bucknernsI will do one with a demo user and a smaller run so we can see the output at the end of the run.  It prints the failures, unittest style.16:59
tristanCmichaelxin: great work :)17:04
michaelxintristanC: Thanks. bucknerns and mvaldes worked hard on this. I just do leg work and lip work.17:08
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tristanCwell thanks you guys for making this opensource17:09
michaelxinOh, I forgot arithx too17:10
michaelxinmy bad17:10
elmikomichaelxin, bucknerns, thanks!17:31
elmikotmcpeak: you missed some fun this morning,
tmcpeakbad link17:32
tmcpeakspammers again?17:32
elmikominoks chewing on the power cables again...17:33
tmcpeakit looks like they are trying to control a bot17:33
elmikoyea, or something17:33
michaelxinelmiko: Glad to help. Thank you.17:37
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